11 Best 32 inch Smart TV in India (2021) | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

If you are looking for a 32 inch Smart TV in India, you have to do a lot of research. Furthermore, to save you from all the trouble, we have come up with a list of the best 32 inches smart TV. 

Nowadays, many smart TVs are available in the market. Moreover, they are becoming smarter and less expensive than before. 

best 32 inch smart tv

You can easily buy a 32-inches smart TV under Rs 15,000. Besides, they also consist of features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth compatibility, FHD, etc. You can call them “Smart TVs.” 

Find below the list of best 32-inches smart TVs available in India.

List of 11 Best 32 Inches Smart TVs

TV BrandView
OnePlus Y Series 32 inch LED Smart Android TV 32Y1Check Price on Amazon
LG 32 inch HD Ready Smart LED TVCheck Price on Amazon
Samsung 32 inches Wondertainment Series LED Smart TVCheck Price on Amazon
Mi TV 4A PRO 32 inch Android LED TVCheck Price on Amazon
Sony Bravia 32 inches Full HD LED Smart TVCheck Price on Amazon
Onida 32 inches Fire TV Edition Smart IPS LED TVCheck Price on Amazon
Kevin 32-inches HD LED Smart TVCheck Price on Amazon
Kodak 32-inches Android LED TVCheck Price on Amazon
TCL 32-inches Certified Android LED TVCheck Price on Amazon
Samsung 32-inches LED TVCheck Price on Amazon
eAirtec 81cm 32-inch LED TVCheck Price on Amazon

1. OnePlus Y Series 32 inch LED Smart Android TV 32Y1

Click here to buy at Amazon

You are making a mistake if you think that smart TVs are costly, just like OnePlus TVs. The OnePlus Y Series smart TV is termed as one of the best 32-inches smart TVs available.


  • HD Ready (1366x768p) Resolution
  • 60Hz refresh rate 
  • LED Panel Display
  • Gamma Engine 
  • 20W Dolby Audio Output sound
  • Android TV 9.0 
  • OnePlus Connect 
  • Four ports connectivity

In this Oneplus TV, you will get a wider colour gamut of 93%. It gives an authentic cinematic experience. The TV consists of a Gamma Engine which produces unmatchable visual quality alongside real-time optimisation. 

It consists of features like: 

  • Noise Reduction
  • Dynamic Contrast
  • Anti-Aliasing 
  • Colour space mapping

Audio: TV gives rich, robust audio quality through its 20W speakers, which has the Dolby Audio enhancement. Therefore, making it easy for you to get a theatre-like environment with better visuals and acoustics. 

Design: The TV has a screen body ratio upto 91.4% to make you feel euphoric and give a fantastic experience. In addition, One Plus TV consists of connectivity ports along with two HDMI and USB ports. Therefore, you can easily connect with other smart devices.  

Voice Command: Another smart TV feature of the TV is Android 9.0, that allows you to give voice commands using Google Assistant. Moreover, you can access various entertainment apps from PlayStore. 

The Google Assistant is available in languages like English, Hindi, and eight other Indian languages. Thus making it a comfortable option for Indian families. Gone are the days when people used to call the TV an idiot box.

Connectivity: One of the highlights is the OnePlus connectivity feature. You can connect your OnePlus smartphone with your OnePlus smartphone and can make the TV dance on your fingertips. 

Another essential feature is that you can share photos and images from your smartphone Album and can see the pictures on the large screen whenever you want. 

OxygenPlay: It enables you to use your favourite content. Thus you don’t have to spend the time searching for things on TV. Also you get an expansive library of premium content and thereby get an entertainment experience. 

Content Calendar: What makes it different is its content calendar feature. You can stay updated with the new shows, and you can never miss any of your favourite shows. It also has an automatic reminder feature which is just a blessing. 

Excellent picture quality with plausible sound outputYou may face Wi-Fi connection problems.
Call it the finest models on display
Worth buying

2. LG 32 inch HD Ready Smart LED TV

Click here to buy at Amazon

LG has some fantastic products in its bag. LG’s LM Series smart TV consists of great features and thus comes in the category of being called the best smart TV under 20000.


  • HD Ready (1366x768p) Resolution 
  • 50 Hz refresh rate 
  • Active HDR Display
  • 10W Output Sound 
  • DTS Virtual X 
  • WebOS smart Tv 
  • In-built Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Three ports connectivity

Picture Quality: LG LM Series 32-inches TV is a smart TV which gives breathtaking picture quality and vibrant colour combinations. 

WebOS: This smart WebOS feature provides unlimited entertainment better quality. You have access to all the trending online apps. Indeed, apps like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5 are just a click away. 

Stellar Feature: With the stellar feature, you get colour enhancer which gives you a fantastic experience. Furthermore, It consists of an advanced image processor. With the help of which you can adjust colour output to give clear images. 

HDR Format: Another feature is the HDR format, and it ensures the vibrant colour combination and gives better visuals than any ordinary TV. 

Likewise, it consists of multi-HDR format with HDR10 and HLG, combined amazingly with LG’s Dynamic scene-by-scene adjustment technology and thereby converting any video content into HDR quality. 

Speaker: Its 10W speaker output is not of excellent quality. But on the other hand, it features DTS Virtual and gives better sound quality.

For instance you can experience multi-dimensional audio along with Dolby audio on the built-in speakers which gives theatre-like experience. 

HDMI Port: You can connect it with an external soundbar using the HDMI port. There are options available for connecting a home theatre system, as well. 

Quad-Core Processor: Last but not least, another aspect of LG LM Series TVs is that it comes with a quad-core processor that reduces the picture noise and enhances colour combination. It gives better resolution and vivid images.

LG brand gives High-quality pictures Average audio system
IPS screenNo Bluetooth connectivity
Great viewing anglesNo remote magic feature
Wi-Fi connectivity

3. Samsung 32 inches Wondertainment Series LED Smart TV

Click here to buy at Amazon

Samsung Wondertainment Series smart TVs are no less than other smart TVs. You can turn it into a personal computer and a Virtual music system.

But it can be used as a PC up to a limit. Also, you can efficiently work from the cloud, use it as your laptop, and use your office computer remotely.


  • HD Ready (1366x768p) resolution 
  • Refresh rate 60Hz 
  • LED Panel Display
  • PurColour 
  • 20W Output Sound 
  • Dolby Digital Plus 
  • Three ports connectivity

Screen Mirroring: You can use your smartphone or your laptop on the big TV screen. It is easy to access it whenever you want. Therefore, you can use the screen mirroring option.

Try to scan the photos, videos, and other content on the big TV screen. But this feature is beneficial only for Samsung smartphones.

HD Quality Display: This 32-inches TV gives great HD quality image and video quality. Get vivid and crisp details in HD resolution. Apart from this, the TV is compatible with HDR.

Therefore, great for you to have a fantastic spectrum of colours and visuals even during the dark scenes. 

Smart TV: Talking of the smart TV feature, this Samsung TV is equipped with all the features which a smart TV should have.

The Content Guide will show the option of popular TV shows, and according to your preference, you can have access to the shows. You can enjoy more, without spending your time searching for things on the internet. 

PurColour Feature: With this feature, you get advanced quality of images and videos.

The theatre experience will make you feel amazing. The extraordinary colour range delivers optimal picture performance and fantastic viewing experience. 

Samsung TVs are known for giving distortion-free images. The Wondertainment Series TVs use better algorithms to analyse original content. Therefore it delivers the best pictures without any distortion.

Exemplary picture quality Bluetooth connectivity not available
Decent acoustic performanceNot so good customer service
Consists of all the smart TV features
Attractive designs

4. Mi TV 4A PRO 32 inch Android LED TV

Click here to buy at Amazon

One of the least costly of all is the 32 inch Mi TV. Does not need any introduction, one of the trusted brands, you can find Mi products and smartphones in every household.


  • HD Ready (1366x768p) Resolution
  • 60Hz refresh rate 
  • LED panel Display 
  • Vivid picture engine 
  • 20W Output Sound 
  • Dolby Or DTS-HD 
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 
  • Five connectivity ports

HD Picture Quality: This 32 inch Mi TV is an HD-Ready Android TV with unique features. The HD-ready display enables you to watch your favourite TV shows and movies in advanced picture quality. 

Colour Combination: Mi TV offers an outstanding balance of contrast and brightness and thus ensures to present exemplary clarity. It offers a great viewing experience. 

PatchWall 3.0 feature: You can access a wide range of apps on your home page. It includes Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar. One of the fantastic features of PatchWall 3.0 consists 

  • Deep integration from apps
  • One-click play
  • All-new Mi Lanting Pro font
  • New animations. 

Android 9.0 version: This 32 inch Mi Tv works on Android 9.0 version. Android OS is the easiest to use. Thus it makes a decent entertainment experience. Therefore, you find it way too easy to watch, play, and do everything on this Mi TV. 

Data Saver- What else you need from a TV that saves data. It enables users to have access to the smartphone’s hotspot. In addition, you can watch movies and watch up to 3x more videos stored in your phone media on your Mi TV. 

In-built Chromecast Feature: It allows you to watch your favourite movies, videos on Mi Tv with the help of your smartphone. 

Google Assistant:  The services of Google assistant are available on this Mi Tv. The Google assistant recommends things according to your mood. On the other hand, have access to other home appliances alongside.

Better picture qualityYou have to download Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.
Decent audio performanceNot capable of choosing default TV input
The facility of Android TV with Chromecast
Amazing Wi-Fi compatibility

5. Sony Bravia 32 inches Full HD LED Smart TV

Click here to buy at Amazon

The Sony Bravia is the only 32-inches TV that features Full HD resolution. 

Meanwhile, it delivers better picture quality. You can call it the best 32inch TV in India due to its beautiful features.


  • Full HD (1920x1080p) Resolution 
  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • HDR Display
  • Smart Plug and Play 
  • 30W sound output 
  • Four connectivity ports

Sony Bravia W672G Series: This series gives a complete entertainment package. It gives FHD pictures enhanced by the magic of X-Reality PRO and powerful audio with the help of a built-in woofer. 

FHD experience: Another feature of this Tv is the FHD experience it provides to the users. No doubt, it gives exceptional clarity in every image. Moreover, FHD reduces picture noise. The 1080p screen resolution is no less than a treat to watch.

X-Reality PRO engine: It’s pro engine upscale every pixel for great HD clarity. It checks each frame to catch up with the extensive database, and it refines the image and cancels noise. 

Besides, you can watch the darkest of scenes in horror movies. Sony Bravia gives access to live telecasts due to its compatibility with HDR. Therefore, giving your TV images a better dynamic look. 

In-Built Woofer: Sony Bravia’s 32 inch TV comes with the in-built woofer. It produces deep bass and gives a better entertainment experience of another level. 

ClearAudio+ Feature: It finetunes the TV sound and thus gives an immersive and wonderful experience and offers surround sound of the most excellent quality. Therefore, you can hear the dialogues and music. 

Smart Plug and Play feature: Greatest qualities of this Sony Bravia Smart. Watch images, videos, and short clips from your smartphone on TV’s large screen. 

Internet Connectivity: You can have better internet connectivity options. At the same time you can easily connect your smartphone with the help of a USB cable. You can recharge your smartphone at the same time.

Highest order performanceIt is quite expensive as compared to other Smart TVs
Great sound output
Attractive appearances

6. Onida 32 inches Fire TV Edition Smart IPS LED TV 

Click here to buy at Amazon

Supporting the ‘Made in India’, Onida is one of the best manufactured TVs in India. It gives better picture quality with amazing features and thus comes in the category of smart TVs in India. In addition, Its Fire TV Edition smart TV consists of unique features and is, therefore, one of the Best 32 inch TVs under Rs 20000.


  • HD Ready (1366x768p) Resolution 
  • Refresh rate 60Hz 
  • Built-in Fire TV OS 
  • 16W Output sound 
  • DTS Surround 
  • Dolby Digital Plus 
  • Four connectivity ports 
  • Three HDMI ports

HDMI Port: Normally, we insert a FireTV device into the HDMI port to convert a standard LED TV into a smart TV. This Fire TV Edition of Onida is one step ahead as it has a built-in Fire TV OS for streaming online content and apps like Netflix, Zee5, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube is just a click away from you. 

Lucent Picture engine: It offers unexceptional viewing experience and gives fantastic picture quality and colour combinations.  

Communicate with TV: Apart from having access to online streaming apps. This Onida TV gives you features like voice command and assistant Alexa and therefore you can communicate with your TV and other connected devices with the help of these voice commands. 

Launching Apps: You can easily search for titles on the 32 inch Onida TV. You can give voice commands, and the TV will follow your orders.  

In-Built Speakers: It consists of In-built speakers and gives theatre-like sound quality. With the help of Dolby and DTS Surround Sound compatibility, you can enjoy a lot. Thus, you get a theatre-like experience.

Screen Mirroring: This Onida TV consists of four connectivity ports, including three HDMI and one USB, to connect to different devices, you can easily watch videos and images from your smartphone on the big screen.

Great picture qualityThe speakers could have been better
Amazing acoustic experienceBluetooth connectivity not available
Perfect connectivity ports
Voice Command compatibility

7. Kevin 32-inches HD LED Smart TV

Click here to buy at Amazon

Kevin TVs is known in the market for delivering high-quality performance at extremely reasonable rates. As a result, from the TVs we have discussed above, Kevin 32 inches HD ready LED smart Tv is of the lowest price. 


  • HD Ready (1366x768p) Resolution 
  • Refresh rate 60Hz 
  • HRDD Technology Display
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 
  • Android OS 
  • 20W Output sound 
  • Music Equaliser 
  • Four connectivity ports 
  • Two HDMI and two USB

Kevin is a prominent manufacturer of LED TVs. Kevin’s 32 inch TV consists of CineWall along with Android 8, thereby offering unlimited entertainment. 

Kevin Smart TV enables you to watch your favourite TV shows from its official cloud apps for TV. It includes TV apps like Voot, SUN NXT, Zee5, Jio Cinema, Disney+ Hotstar, Sony LIV, and others.

It offers more content of movies, music, videos, TV shows, cookery videos, and there is a big list of apps for entertainment.  

Routine OTA Updates: This feature shows the updates regularly, and it is there to fix firmware issues, Thus keeping the freshness of the apps, software, and interface and ready to give an extraordinary performance.

Content Discovery Engine: It allows you to search for things faster. The TV searches for the needed content through the different content available; you can get access to various curated content from different online streaming applications. 

HRD Technology: It gives you a fantastic viewing experience because it brings picture quality to life and makes the TV work effectively and efficiently. 

Movie Box App: You will get a Movie Box App for free for your entire lifetime. It consists of 15,000 movies, short films, and documentaries in 15+ regional languages, therefore making your Sundays even more happening. 

Screen Mirroring: This feature enables you to use the smartphone content on the big screen with the help of various connectivity options available.

Amazing Wi-Fi compatibilityDisplay not an ideal one
Better sound performanceInstallation issues
Soundbar not requiredUnsatisfactory customer service
Inbuilt apps

8. Kodak 32-inches Android LED TV 

Click here to buy at Amazon

Kodak 7X PRO series introduced New York’s most sufficient technology in India. Moreover, Kodak TV is the most OK TV manufactured in India. 


  • HD Ready (1366x768p) Resolution 
  • 60Hz refresh rate 
  • A+ Grade Panel Display
  • Android TV 
  • 24W Output Sound
  • Five connectivity ports
  • Three HDMI
  • Two USB ports

Apart from high-quality visuals, the Kodak 7X PRO TV is known for giving better sound quality. Kodak TV has 24W output speakers assures the users with enhanced sound quality. 

Android 9.0 OS: It is one of the best in the market. It gives you an experience of full capability with features like Bluetooth connectivity, impactful hardware, automation, and various apps and shows for entertainment.

Kodak TV is for the gamers as it provides an incredible visual experience. You can enjoy various levels of contrast and a fantastic image depth. Kodak TV offers at least 5000 apps and games for the entertainment of the most excellent quality. 

Cortex A53 quad-core processor: Kodak TV consists of A53 quad processor, and Mali450 GPU aids the TV to work at astonishing speed and thus make your experience pleasing. 

The range of connectivity ports allows you to plug in your TV comfortably. The connectivity options are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI. 

Unique configurations at this pricingNo pre-installed Netflix
Better picture quality supportedThe build quality could have been better
Excellent sound performance
Bluetooth connectivity

9. TCL 32-inches Certified Android LED TV

Click here to buy at Amazon

TCL is one of the least costly models available. Therefore it proves that TVs have become of minimal rates than they were a few years ago. Hence, the advancement in technology is a fundamental reason for it as it allows you to get some of the finest 32-inches TVs in India under Rs 15,000.


  • HD Ready (1366x768p) Resolution 
  • 60Hz refresh rate 
  • 178-degree viewing angle 
  • A+ Grade HD Display Ready Panel with HDR10 
  • Android OS 
  • 16W Output Sound
  • Four connectivity ports

The TCL P30S TV series has a wide range of unique features. A+ Grade FHD panel assures the user with a high level of clarity and enhanced picture quality.

 The HD Ready resolution gives a fantastic viewing experience.

This TV fits with HDR10 that enables the users with high-quality HDR content due to its perfect combination of both light and dark shades. 

The IPQ engine enhances the picture quality, in contrast, brightness, and colour to make sure that a high level of the viewing experience is delivered to users. 

Micro Dimming feature: It analyses the TV content in 512 zones and therefore adjusts the darkness and brightness separately and gives a sufficient viewer experience. 

This TCL TV makes maximum and effective use of AI as it lets the users enjoy the benefits of Android 8.0 and Google Assistant. 

Apart from giving you the TV functions, the Google Assistant is beneficial in controlling other home appliances connected to it. 

High-quality processor to make multitasking easySound quality needs improvement
Excellent range of apps to choose fromThe Bluetooth connection troubles with pairing and unpairing every time
Incredible performance

10. Samsung 32-inches LED TV 

Click here to buy at Amazon

The Samsung 32 inches HD ready TV cannot be called a smart TV, in addition, it has connectivity ports that enable the user to connect devices like Amazon FireTV Stick and make it work as a smart TV.


  • HD Ready (1366x768p) Resolution
  • LED Panel Display
  • Not a Smart TV
  • 20W Output Sound
  • Three Connectivity Port

Performance: If we talk about the performance, only a few TVs are a bit close to the more excellent picture and better sound quality delivered by this Samsung TV. It is the perfect TV fit for your drawing room.

HD Ready: This feature indeed gives high-quality resolution and is perfect for HD content viewing.

Another quality of this Samsung TV is Wide Colour Enhancer as it enhances the image quality and unravels the colour details to come up with a sense of realism to the environment. It presents the colours on the screen as they are meant to be. 

Its high-quality speakers give 20W sound, and therefore there is no need to buy separate speakers. It gives the most immersive acoustic experience to users. It makes your drawing room a theatre with its sound quality. Another highlight of the TV is its slim design. It adds to the beauty of your living room.

Fantastic performance on the audio and visual frontNo mobile internet hotspot connectivity
Available at an affordable priceCannot be called a smart TV
Chromecast feature was available

11. eAirtec 81cm 32-inch LED TV

Click here to buy at Amazon

This HD Ready TV is included in the list of least expensive TVs of 32-inches LED TVs in India. It comes under the price of Rs 10,000 and is one of the best TV under 20,000.


  • HD Ready (1366x768p) Resolution 
  • The refresh rate of 60Hz 
  • A+ Grade IPS Panel Display
  • Not a smart TV
  • 20W Output sound 
  • Virtual Surround Sound 
  • Five connectivity Ports 
  • Two HDMI 
  • Two USB 
  • One VGA port

It comes under 20,000, and the eAirtec TV has some fantastic features such as A+ Grade IPS panel. It enables the users to watch smart TV from the widest of angles. 

The IPS panel ensures broad visibility and better visual effects angles as deep as 160/178 degrees, and it does not compromise on the quality of the picture. 

Box Speaker System delivers rich and more enhanced sound quality, and it depends on what genre you are watching either sports, music, or daily soaps. 

The HD Ready resolution consists of LED technology with the A+ Zero Dot panel to give better picture quality to increase your viewing pleasure.

Furthermore, this smart TV has a vivid range of connectivity ports that allow the users to connect devices like gaming consoles, laptops, and even your PCs.

This 32 inches TV comes with two HDMI ports to connect to home theatre systems or even an internet use device like Amazon FireTV Stick. 

LED-backlit TV has a dynamic contrast ratio of 200000:1 and ensures a brightness of 300 nits. Therefore, it contributes to the screen’s ambience without hurting your eyes. 

OSD (on-screen display) Feature: It is user-friendly and thus gives. Therefore, people from different parts of India can use it properly and adjust the settings accordingly. 

Ergonomic design The sound quality needs improvement
Great performanceNot a known brand
Can be used as a monitor while playing games
Affordable Price

Things to keep in mind before buying a TV

The 32-inches TVs available in the market make our work easy because we can exclude specific features such as 4K, OLED, HDR formats, etc. that are available only in the higher-end models.

Here are some of the features which you must look at before buying the TV.


Usually, the 32-inches TV comes with HD Ready resolution. Indeed the brand Sony Bravia is the only TV on the list that has the feature of FHD Resolution. Before moving forward, you must also know what the difference between HD and FHD resolution is. 


HD and FHD are the terms used to describe the TV screen resolution. The TV screen resolution tells the number of pixels a display has in width x height format. Specifically, the higher the number of pixels, the sharper the image. 

Full form of HD is High Definition and is also denoted by 720p. The older TV has a HD resolution of 1280x720p. In the case of PC and TV screens, HD stands for 1366x768p. It is also known as HD Ready.

Similarly FHD is known as Full HD resolution. In other words, it is known as 1080p or 1920x1080p resolution. The screen can accommodate around 1 million pixels in HD resolution TVs. In comparison FHD, it can accommodate around 2 million pixels. 

FHD resolution is better 

More pixels the TV screen accommodates, the larger the display size images display, and that too, without any picture degradation. 

Smart TV 

What are the features that make a TV smart? Smart TV easily connects to the internet, and it also provides streaming video and services on the TV. You can easily connect the smart TV to the internet by using your home Wi-Fi network and a lot of applications work on it. 

In Smart TVs, you get different options, for example, Google Home or Alexa, and you can access the TV and other home appliances easily with it.

Also Read:


We have mentioned all the details and features of the smart Tv sets available in the market. You can choose one for your home accordingly. The TVs mentioned above are 32 Inches and one of the best under 20,000.

The features these TVs hold are far better than the idiot-box we used to watch in the 90’s and early 20’s. After years, TVs got advanced technologies and features, but on the other hand, the price of the TV sets reduced. 

The TV sets have less features and not so good picture quality were sold in the market for thousands. Perhaps, the price of TV sets are less as compared to the features they are offering. You can decide for yourself, which one is suitable for your living or drawing room.

In addition, you have a complete list from which you can pick one. The Amazon links are also mentioned to make the buying process easy for our readers. 

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