10 Best ACs under 35000 in India – Buying Guide and FAQs

With the onset of the Summer Season, the demand for Air Conditioners (ACs) is rising. Hence, we bring you the reliable list of best ACs under 35000 in India. The Split ACs are in more demand as of their style statement for your home for which we are providing you with the best options under your budget.

Best ACs under 35000 in India

It is worthwhile to consider Split ACs. Considering their advantages over Windows ACs such as:

  • Better Cooling
  • Consuming Less Power (saving money)
  • Very less Noise
  • Better aesthetics

Best ACs under 35000 in India

1. Whirlpool 1.5 ton 5-Star Inverter, Magicool Pro 5S, Split AC 

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The company whirlpool holds a rapport for the best quality Air Conditioners. As these are capable of effectively cooling your Indoors when it is 50 to 55 Degree Celsius outdoors. This Whirlpool brand AC has a 6th sense FastCool technology. Therefore, turning your home instantly cool and amazingly comfortable.

Its Multi-Port Fluid Injection technology encourages rapid heat exchange to ensure enhanced cooling capacity.

This AC has Intellisense Inverter Technology which intelligently makes your power consumption as low as possible. Above all, adapting to your needs of cooling, making you feel no unwanted hot environment at home.

No need to worry about the voltage fluctuations as it comes with a very convenient Voltage range of 145V to 290V. Another Sleep Function will make your work easy. Even after, you asleep, you can just set the timer to adjust the various sleeping condition and left it to adapt automatically.

The R32 refrigerant included is one of the amazing refrigerants as it is the most Eco-friendly in the whole industry.

R32 an Eco-Friendly RefrigerantExtra Charge for Installation
Low Power ConsumptionOutsourced Servicing and Installation
Instant Cooling and Long Lasting Compressor

2. Sanyo 1.5 Ton Dual Inverter 5-Star Wide Split AC – SI/SO-15T5SCIC

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This Japanese brand is actually among the top brands if you are looking for quality performance. This Sanyo AC includes dual cool inverter technology. It ensures you high comfort while consuming less electric power saving you some bills. Also, its compressor gas has two independent motors which are highly efficient in providing faster and seamless cooling.

The included “Copper” made coils and condensers results in efficiently quicker heat transfer. Subsequently, the metal Copper has better resistance to corrosion in contrast to the other Aluminum ones.

Moreover, this AC acts as an Air Purifier as it features PM2.5 and PM10 anti-dust filters which filter out the allergens like pollen, dust, etc.

The Hydrophilic fins will provide AC with the resistance to Rust and salt damage. Consequently, giving it a longer lifespan.

This Sanyo AC is embedded with several modes to meet your needs that change with Humidity and Weather. One Such is Glacier Mode that gives the cooling as the requirement arises. Moreover, the Eco function is there to optimize the performance of your AC resulting in Excellent Energy Efficiency.

It is one decent product for any Bedroom/Dining room. Some of the features are Backlit Remote, Timer function, Auto Restart, in addition to, Sleep Function (Enable to make your AC auto adapt to the environment), and Self-Diagnosis.

Copper wiring coils for better Corrosion ResistanceIncludes Short Power Cords
Various Modes for ConvenienceRemote Control is average
Energy Efficient

3. LG 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC 3-Star, 2021 LS-Q18PNXA

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ACs of the LG brand are extra powerful and make your hot itchy summer days ultra-cool. Above all, allow you to enjoy the comfort of the excellent features present in them. The stand-out feature of 4-in-1 convertible cooling is something that cannot be found out in any other AC brand.

The Dual Inverter compressor is the reason for changing the rotational speed of the motor as the need arises. Which in turn, gives you high-quality cooling along with tremendous power savings. The available facility of 4-in-1 convertible cooling is unique as four different types of cooling capacity levels are found in these from 40% – 100%. Furthermore, depends on your personal requirements. 

The Condenser and Evaporator components comprise 100% copper(Cu). Further, coated with Ocean Black Fin Protection Layer, which is anti-corrosive in nature. As a result, this layer protects the inner critical components from damage. Thus, increasing the lifespan of the AC.

The R32 refrigerant included has helps reducing Global Warming. It also shows remarkable zero-ozone depletion capability. So, it saves energy with its smart technology and helps protect the environment. It is among the safest refrigerants that are available in the industry and also occupies less volume.

Special Features:

A more helpful feature HI-grooved copper interiors of the condenser tubes in the AC serve a dual purpose. Firstly, this ensures better heat dissipation saving the AC from future Heat damage. Secondly, these provide better oscillatory movement (to agitate the refrigerant).

Its Super Silent operation makes this AC appropriate for the bedrooms. Whenever you come from work or outside from the scorching summer, you just need to turn ON the Himalayan Cool feature that instantly gives you cold air and makes the surroundings extremely comfortable for seeking relief.

LG AC has a low gas detection feature that makes it so easy for you to take action in time by alerting you of the LOW GAS. And giving you enough time to refill and enjoy uninterrupted cooling. In addition to this, its Smart Diagnosis feature contact the service engineers available nearby automatically. Further, ensuring the repairs in time whenever and however needed based on your needs.

One more tantalizing aspect is the Stabilizer-Free operation. In short, it shuts this AC off whenever the input voltage, somehow, is not in the range of 120V to 290V. Moreover, protecting the damage to the components smartly and efficiently.

4-in-1 convertible coolingInstallation charges applicable
Low Gas alert on timeNo Backlit Remote
Stabilizer-Free operation

4. Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC- IC318QATU

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The Blue Star company’s superior cooling and elegant design make it one of the renowned companies in the Market. Besides, its ACs are among the best Power Efficient ones with decent price tags.

This Blue Star AC has an amazing Precision Cooling Technology to prevent the fluctuations of the temperature inside the Home. Subsequently, assuring you of the comfortable cooling experience.

Its various modes are highly handy and provide you with the sublime experience you need. The TURBO COOL feature in extremely hot conditions makes sure you get the top-class faster Cooling. Furthermore, has the potential to provide uninterrupted cooling by adjusting the temperature according to the Room Temperature at night owing to its fuzzy logic feature.

The provided 2-way auto swing ensures your soothing environment and uniform cooling throughout the room. On the other hand, the hidden light-up display embedded in AC is much easy on the eyes at night and clearly visible in the light.

The ACs ability also includes a Smart Detection Technology that helps the unit to self-diagnose the errors in the system. Consequently, helping with the effective maintenance of it.

In addition, it has Anti Corrosive Blue fins that help facilitate maximum heat dissipation and resisting corrosion, furthermore, increasing the lifespan. One more mind-boggling feature is its self-cleaning mechanism. This new feature decreases the amount of moisture accumulating on its surface that keeps the unit clean by letting dust sticking to it.

This Blue Star model also includes an inbuilt sensor in the AC’s remote ensuring the desired comfort for the user.

Quick Cooling with 2-way swingInstallation charges
Excellent Smart Detection Technology
Inbuilt light display

5. Voltas AC 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC, (3-star)

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One of the most popular brands of AC, Voltas is known for the excellence and providing excellent cooling. This Voltas AC is known for delivering the finest cooling out there. Even if, the outside thermometer is touching the 51 Degree Celsius.

It equally features a multi-stage filtration process that not only removes harmful allergens from the air but also provides cooler and fresher air. This process also makes sure that your Room gets rid of all the foul odors and smells just amazing as it should.

Another superb feature of this AC is the Active Dehumidifier. That can all the way sense the uncomfortable Humidity levels and actively control it. The efficiency of the AC is further enhanced by the Copper Condenser coils.

It contains a 4-way auto louver mechanism which uniformly cools throughout the room. The R32 refrigerant included helps protect the environment as it is non-ozone depleting. Additionally, the Stabilizer free operation particularly makes it safe from damaging voltage fluctuations and saves money in the future bargain.

Along with being environment friendly this also has the Steady Cool Compressor which maintains ideal room temperature and optimized power consumption.

Dehumidifier in Monsoon is all excellenceRemote is average
Suitable for Bedroom—low noiseVertical swing not up to the mark
Environment friendly

6. LG’s 1-Ton Inverter Split AC, MS-Q12YNZA, (5 Star)

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LG (Life’s Good) for a reason is the utmost favourite of Indian households. Certainly, because of the outstanding features and rapport it has created.

One such stand-out feature is 4-in-1 convertible. In which you can easily adjust the fan and compressor’s speed all depending on your personal requirements.

Whenever you come back home from the scorching summer. The Himalayan Cool Technology always guarantees instant and optimum cooling at the moment you switch on this AC. And the dual rotatory motor with a dual Inverter compressor saves you the energy while cooling the way you want.

This AC has hi-grooved copper tubes that enabled oscillatory motion. These agitate the R32 refrigerant better for further efficient heat dissipation. The Ocean Black Fin offers the vital safety to the internal components of the AC from micro-particles. For example, the harmful dust, smoke, chemicals, and other allergens that persist in the environment.

Refrigerant R32 is the supreme refrigerant in the market. It is extremely efficient and coolant along with the drastically low potential for causing Global Warming. Also, the AC includes the Low gas detection feature which always keeps you up to date about the low gas excluding the inconvenience caused due to maintenance.

The stabilizer-free operation present in this AC protects it from the severe voltage fluctuations that can cause serious damage. Over and above, the Smart Diagnosis system in it alerts the nearest service center or engineers available. For solving your problems as soon as they are detected by its system.

ISEER value is 4.7No remote backlit
Excellent heat dissipation and quick coolingFilters are small to a cleaned properly
Superior Silent working

7. Midea Inverter Split AC, 1.5 Ton, MAI18SR5R30F0 (5-star)

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This Midea company supplies high-quality products that are no less than that of other top-notch brands. It promotes healthy living, maximum comfort possible, and outstanding quick cooling. Furthermore, making it an appreciable brand and choosing it cannot go wrong.

Among many other the powerful air-throw feature is actually wonderful feature of this AC. One of its 2 Ton models has the capability of airflow of up to 36 feet as of ideally. And this model which is affordable too has impressive statistics to exhibit.

As you have already heard the other ACs showing off their quick cooling capability. However, this AC climb a notch ahead and purifies the air using a dual filtration technique.

This has the ability to efficiently cool your Room even with high temperatures of up to 52 Degree Celsius outside. Thus, making this AC an appropriate choice for you to consider.

The electrostatic dust filter removes the micro pollutants more effectively than any other usual filter. The Sleep Mode is one ideal and exactly needed feature in your AC. As, it increases the temperature by one degree every hour for two hours and then keeps it steady for the night. Adapting to the suitable temperature and making you comfortable.

The Silver Nano filter is an amazing bacteria/virus resistant feature. It keeps your vicinity pathogen-free by inhibiting their further growth. To set your preferred fan and temperature settings My Mode is a perfect feature. Follow Me option included in AC concentrates all the air towards the active remote inbuilt sensor.

100% Copper made components are an added flavor that makes it energy-saving. Above all, This AC always cleans the dust particles and water from the condenser tubes. That too, after every usage for clean and pure air all over the Place.

ISEER rating- 4.6Additional Installation Charges
Easiest to install and user friendlyNew Brand in market
Impressive air throw
Superior energy savings

8. LG 1.5 Ton Wi-Fi Inverter Window AC, 2020 model, JW-Q18WUZA, (5-Star)

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LG is one of those unconventional Brands that make sure that the inverter compressor is also available in the Windows AC. LG’s a recognized brand had made this clear that evolution is inevitable. So, they provide this Inverter Compressor Window AC.

The Dual Inverter compressor is responsible for different rotational speeds of the motor as you need. Which in turn, gives you high-quality cooling along with amazing power savings. Besides, these perform better, have a longer lifespan, and operate silently.

This AC’s Wi-Fi compatibility stands this one out as it is compatible with the LG ThinQ smartphone App. With which you can easily control the AC by giving voice commands.

The presence of the Copper condenser and evaporator tubes along with the significant Ocean Black Protection Layer. This Ocean Black layer prohibits the other contaminant chemicals in the environment to react with the AC’s Copper components. Furthermore, increasing the life of the appliance/AC.

The LG company’s “Smart diagnosis” feature helps troubleshoot the problems and errors very easily.

It allows you to directly communicate with the service center about the persisting issues. Further, ensures repairs and maintenance for the appliance you asked for.

It has this Clean Filter Indicator which alerts you on time if the filter’s cleaning is needed reducing further inconveniences. The broad design makes sure that you get the highest possible airflow and uniform cooling throughout.

Its super silent feature never lets you get disturbed during important meetings or sleeping. The easy installation process makes it the most suitable choice.

Super silent and dual inverterSplit AC is more efficient than Window AC
5-star energy efficientNot as wide air-throw as split ACs
Smart Diagnosis

9. Godrej Inverter Split AC 1 Ton, (5 Star)

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This Godrej AC comes with its latest compressor technology with a wider rotational range. That gives you amazing quick cooling without creating any pressure on the Motors. It can become one of the reasons for liking summer with its user-friendly and pure air throw technology.

Its excellent Green inverter technology makes it environment-friendly AC in the market by saving more electricity. Being 1 Ton it can easily take care of medium-sized rooms.

It is counted in one of the best ACs in the area of energy efficiency. As, it only consumes 586.17 units of energy in a whole year.

Its inverter compressor consists of a variable speed compressor. Therefore, it very efficiently modulates the power required by AC depending on the heat load. Its motor also makes it non-interfering as the noise produced by the AC is inaudible.

Being a popular and customer trusted brands it provides great after-sales services. That’s why it is easy to avail of the warranty provided with the appliance. Further, by buying it you get to be Environment friendly because of the ISEER value being 4.65.

Energy efficientOnly 1 ton, not suitable for big rooms
Environment friendly and ISEER value is 4.65Installation not easy

10. Amazon Basics 2020 model 1.5 Ton, Inverter Split AC, (5 Star)

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Amazon itself manufactures a lot of products nowadays under the Brand “Amazon Basics” which are pretty decent. One of the best products is this AC mentioned above which ranks best among its niche of 1.5-ton AC.

Its Inverter compressor always allows you to save maximum power. Because the motors incorporated in it spins as per the requirements.

This Amazon AC features High Airflow technology which helps the Cool air reach out to every corner of the room. Thus, making it more effective in cooling.

As many people feel suffocating and unhealthy that most ACs just circulate the same air inside the room. However, its four-stage filtration system is among the best that filter the air before releasing.

The 3Ms Micro Dust anti-bacterial filters are fitted inside which don’t allow the pollutants. Like small microorganisms, dust, and particulate matter as small as 0.3micron to pass through itself.

It’s Blue Fin protection coating of the AC components, protects them from corroding. The Sleep Mode is optimized for the night where it cuts of the excessive cooling at night. And provides you a comfortable and cool environment.

The Energy Saving mode helps save energy by adjusting the temperature and the fan of AC. Due to the use of 100% copper in condensers, the heat exchange is better. Fungal Formation is discouraged by the auto-clean function that keeps the tubes dry.

Excellent energy savingRemote is average
Very efficient and quick in coolingInstallation process is sometimes not satisfactory
ISEER value is 4.6
Modern looks

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Useful Features you should always Consider

If you are on a tight budget of 35k and want an excellent performer along with excellent Power savings. Finding an AC is not an easy task, whatsoever. For this, you have to look for smart features, your comfort, capacity, and the Brand to go for. The Brand, which gives reliable service support and a longer lifespan of high-quality ACs.

Just concentrate on the range of ACs in your budget excluding all the top-end choices. Invest some time and get what you want.

The Capacity of the AC

For considering the Capacities and Tons of an AC you want to buy. Just simply go for the 1-1.5 tons ACs because more than that are more energy consuming and highly space consuming. Over the top, these can easily go out of your budget.

In short, going into the technicalities will only make you more confused and hopeless.

Various Modes in ACs

As the technology is boosting day by day and improvements over these are tremendous. The ACs under the budget are also equipped with various modes embedded according to your comfort levels.

Some modes like constant cooling mode, dehumidifying mode, auto mode, power-saving are common. Otherwise, some have fancy names like The Himalayan Mode, Glacier mode, Smart Power Saving, etc.

Some of them adjust the fan speed by lowering/increasing the speed than normal. Some run according to the ambiance and saves power, while, others are just straight cooling. There are modes that can change temperatures automatically as planned by the user for later.

The majority of the Indian Households experience power fluctuations. So, stabilizer-free ACs are better to look for. As they comfortably work in the voltage range of 145V to 290V. Auto-restart mode will let your AC remember the last setting at which it was turned off. And then, starts at those same suitable settings that you have set earlier.

Self-diagnosis is also one important and highly convenient feature. Since, it helps in better product maintenance and saves time, besides, increasing the lifespan of the AC.

Significant Environment-Friendly Refrigerant

As of today, different refrigerants are present in the Market. Some of them are R410A, R32, R2, etc. But the eco-friendliest choice would be R32 Refrigerants that have low Global Warming causing potential. This refrigerant also emits almost no greenhouse gases. Thus, making it the best choice for Environment preservation.

Carefully check Installation procedure and Cost

Just be careful about the space available where you want to Set up the AC. Considering the size is an important aspect. Also, the installation is not that a problem, you just need a space at the top near the ceiling. So, you won’t be needing any significant changes. Just some adjustments and a hole in the wall for connecting pipes.

Checking for the included installation charges in your purchase is a sure step.

Look for the inverter compressors

As for your budget, you can easily own an AC with an inverter compressor. It will help your AC in saving energy as it contains dual motors and rotatory compressors. That, consequently, enhance the overall efficiency.

AC’s Remote Control

As of the Split ACs internal unit’s position does not allow to easily control it with a display or ON-AC buttons. So, the remote control becomes the most significant part of the ACs.

Always consider the Backlit feature in remotes as you will need it while lights are turned off or at night.

Some Important FAQs

1. What is the average life of a split AC?

It’s about 15-20 years on average.

2. Can a split AC be used without the regular service?

If your AC is working well and is in good condition overall. It won’t be needing a service if was off continuously for just a few months.

3. Can we use ACs for 24 hours?

If your Air Conditioner runs straight 24 hours a day. It would drastically increase the consumption of your Energy two to three folds. Thus, making your Electricity Bills too much high. Only high-energy efficient ACs can work.

4. Is AC servicing required every year?

Yes, every appliance on usage undergoes natural wear and tear. So, it definitely needs regular maintenance to deliver optimal functioning. You use it or not, in a year your ACs filter accumulates dust particles and other pollutants. So the maintenance and cleaning service becomes important. Just remember to always call a professional. Don’t try yourself, if you don’t know anything about it.

5. Which AC consumes less power?

A 5 star is the highest in energy efficiency thus consuming less power. 5-star Windows AC consumes as much power as 4-star Split AC. Hope this helps.

6. How fast should AC cool?

A properly functioning central AC unit can lower the temperature by 10 Degree Celsius of a 4-bedroom Home. But the cooling capability of your AC depends on the capacity, ratings, the quality of the components used, and the age of your unit.

7. Does Split AC provide a fresh area from outside?

No, they just suck the air inside the room and cool it before releasing it. Some ACs might have Ambient infiltration that cleans the air but no fresh air is provided from outside. You should always let some air let in from the outside once in a while. That same circulated air has a higher percentage of Carbon dioxide. Thus, making it unhealthy for you to inhale.

8. Do split systems need Regassing?

Actually, the split system Air Conditioners are sealed units. So, this means there is no need to do that unless of course you somehow detect a leak.

9. How many hours should an AC run per day?

You should run your AC frequently for at least 5 minutes in winter so that it works perfectly in summers. Almost always on hot days to keep you cool and comfy.

10. Is it Ok to sleep with the air conditioner on?

According to the experts, it is pretty safe to sleep while AC on but not at a very low temperature. On the go, some actually recommend a slightly cooler temperature is optimal for sleeping.

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