​10 Best Air Cooler Under Rs 5000 – Buyer’s Guide & Faq​s

Summer is almost here and the heat has started to build up slowly. The most hateful thing about the summer season is the sweats and getting away from fans or coolers is not bearable. Hence, we researched for our customers and came up with a list of the 10 best air coolers under 5000 rupees.

Best Air Cooler Under 5000

We reached this idea because not everyone can buy an air conditioner. Moreover, India accounts for the highest number of middle and lower-income families, so we thought why not bring something for them. We have curated this list and have mentioned the features, pros, and cons. In addition to that, all the air coolers are under Rs 5000. (They were under Rs 5000 when we had found them, e-Com websites can increase or decrease the price based on the sale of the product).

Now let’s jump to the below-mentioned products and check them out, how they differ from each other and what benefits they provide.

List of best Air Cooler Under 5000

1. Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24-litres Personal Air Cooler

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Bajaj is the name that we all must have heard. Yes! It is the leading brand in electronic and electrical appliances. In other words, Bajaj is an Indian brand and is giving tough competition to international brands.

For the summers, Bajaj introduced this 24-liters Personal air cooler to beat the heat. It comes with features like high air delivery and a big water tank. We found this product to be top-rated and had good reviews and thus started with this.


The company launched this project with Hexacool technology, in other words, delivering maximum cooling with minimum water consumption. Further, it has inbuilt Turbo Fan technology which makes sure that customer receives the efficient circulation of air.

In addition to this, it has three side honeycomb pads for maximum cooling and a powerful air throw to reach long-distance of up to 18 feet. In addition to that, it has a three-speed control feature to cover an area of up to 150 sqft.


– Comes with Urban design with Ultra-modern looks

– Auto water level indicator

– Backwater inlet for the refilling of water

– Equipped with castor wheels for easy mobility

– Cool air due to the design


– Maintenance required for the next season as mentioned by some customers

– Cover up to 150sqft. Not suitable for big rooms

– Service centers not available at all locations

– High cost at many offline stores

If you’re looking for a personal cooler for your study room that runs continuously for up to 6-7 hours, this product will meet your needs. This cooler is sufficient for 2-3 people.

2. HAVAI Nano Personal Use 7 Litre Air Cooler with Shining ABS Body

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HAVAI products are unique and some of us may not have heard about them. But the products are top-selling and continuously remain in demand.


The product comes with a three-speed motor with a thermal overload protector which protects it from overheating and making the motor malfunctioned. Apart from this, it uses honeycomb pads for greater cooling i.e air from smaller holes is cooler than the normal ones.

The water inlet has been given with additional facility of Icebox. In other words, the inlet can be used as an Icebox as well as a water inlet, and using them both at the same time, makes the water colder and increases the air cooling.

Moreover, it comes bundled with a 3 pin power cord to ensure the plugs do not come out from the socket. To keep the looks durable and simplified, it uses shining ABS plastic to ensure that it does not lose its color over a period of time.


– Powerful cool air

– Perfect tabletop cooler

– Good air throw up to 4 feet.


– First, it is only 7 liters which is very less because it needs a recharge after every 2 hours of continuous usage.

– Secondly, it is not helpful in cooling a full room.

– Cannot be used for more than 1 person

– Noise level is quite high

If you’re looking for a cooler that must be for a single person and provide powerful cooling, then this product meets the needs. But make sure, you’ve water storage near you for filling the tank as running it without water for long may damage it.

3. Kenstar LittleDX 16L Personal Air Cooler

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Kenstar is a brand that is most famous among us and we can’t deny that. Most of the advertisements are about the Kenstar brand. This product comes under the mid-range category with the water capacity sufficient for all needs. Secondly, the power consumption is under control and saves money on the electricity bills. Let’s jump over to the features.


This personal air cooler is for a 150sqft area with 3-speed settings and an air throw capacity of 32 ft. It has castor wheels for free movement of the product from one place to other.

In addition to that, it comes with an ice chamber to be used with water. It has a mosquito net as well so that insects and flies do not enter the water tank inside. In addition to that, it comes with a dust filter which is much required during summers. Above all, these filters can be cleaned with ease and do not require any heavy maintenance.


– Comes with a water level indicator

– Suitable for 2 persons

– Powerful air cooling with sufficient air throw

– 3 Speed settings


– We didn’t find any cons except small height.

Moreover, this brand is pretty much famous with people and is among the top brands. As per our research, this product solves the purpose and meets the need for a powerful air throw for 2 people. If you’re looking for a product that fits into a small room and satisfies two people, then you can certainly go for this product.

4. Crompton Ginie Neo- Personal Air Cooler 10 L

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Crompton is a big name in electrical appliances and has retained the top spots every year. It is a dynamic, young, and innovative brand. The company itself said that their coolers are crafted with deep insights to find the cooling solution in the scorching summers.


Crompton personal air cooler has been designed with keeping the Indian homes in mind and the scorching summers of India. The heat during the daytime becomes unbearable and thus, the powerful motor comes to the rescue.

It comes with Honeycomb pads for superior cooling. The advantage being, it retains the water for a long time and cools the air. In addition to that, to avoid overheating and overloading, it comes with a motor overload protector. This will ensure the longevity and durability of the motor and cooler.

To prevent the spread of disease, it comes with mosquito nets for health and hygiene. In addition, it comes with an inverter compatible feature which is a necessity, if you live in higher power cut areas.

In addition, to give relief to everybody in the room, it comes with a 4-way air deflection feature which is more than its competitors.


– Ice Chamber is included in it

– Water level indicator present, so that you do not overfill.

– Water Drain plug is available. It is helpful as you do not need to clean it regularly.


– Only suitable for a room area up to 80 sq ft.

– Water tank capacity only 10 liters

– Heavy noise while it remains in operation and this has been confirmed by users.

Crompton coolers have a compact size and focused air features to make the air cooler suitable for residential and personal spaces. If you’re looking for a branded personal air cooler, then you can definitely have a look at it.

5. Symphony Ninja 17-Litre Air Cooler

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Beat the summer heat with the most famous Symphony’s Ninja. As Ninja performs a swift operation, the company claims this device keeps your body temperature cool throughout the day. Symphony coolers are in this industry for a long now and they have expertise in it. We found this cooler suitable for the under 5000 categories.


It is a compact cooler and comes with multi-directional wheels which lets you move it across rooms or office spaces. It comes with advanced dura-pump technology for the pump’s longer life and a heat absorption facility for effective cooling. In addition to that, it has a powerful air throw and auto-swing facility that pushes the air up to a distance of 33 feet.

Further, symphony takes the cleaning drive seriously and thus it provides a filter net that prevents insects, mosquitoes, and dust to enter the tank, thus this keeps the tank clean and safe to the users. Secondly, it has a drain plug to exclude the unused water.

Moreover, it is useful for rural areas as well, as it uses less electricity and works with an inverter which seems perfect during power cuts.


– Castor wheels available for easy portability

– Three-speed levels

– Overflow indicator present to avoid wastage of water

– Low power consumption of 105 Watts

– Honeycomb pads


– Requires cross-ventilation always

– Only white color is available

6. iBELL COOL PLUS Air Cooler 22-Litre 3 Speed Inverter

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iBell has a powerful cooler with international styling in the personal cooler range at an affordable price.


It is an elegant, slim, and stylish 22L of water tank capacity personal cooler. It has been designed for the customer-centric requirements I.e it comes with 3-speed control and swing options. To provide more air per second, the product comes with a wider and larger window.

It comes with honeycomb pads for effective cooling, which also helps in retaining water for a long time. In addition to that, it comes with motorized vertical louver movement. The company provides an auto-fill ice chamber with the product.

Moreover, the product is inverter compatible, this way your inverter will be safe as well as cooler. It also comes with in-built castor wheels.


– No trolly required

– Powerful surround cooling system

– 22 Litres of tank capacity

– Low noise

– 18 months warranty, better than others who give only 12 months.

– Water level indicator present


– High power consumption.

– Price changes rapidly and repeatedly.

iBell has all the capabilities to meet the user requirement except the high power consumption. If you’re comfortable with the new brand and a little high power consumption, then you can go with this product, definitely worth checking.

7. Cello Tower 15 Ltrs Tower Air Cooler

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Cello personal coolers are the perfect answer for indoor surround cooling. It can cater to large spaces like banquets, lobbies, and restaurants.


Cello Tower personal coolers come with innovative honeycomb cooling pads which provide effective cooling that meets international standards. It comes with in-built castor wheels, thus saving money on the trolley, this will help in easy movement of product from one location to another.

In addition to that, it comes with a 3-speed motor having air delivery of 1800m3/hr and powerful air throw up to 35ft. During this tough time, it has been embedded with a mosquito net that is sturdy and durable. This net helps in trapping small insects and mosquitoes from entering the cooler’s tank, thus preventing the growth of larvae.

It is also compatible with the inverter; thus it won’t lose its speed when there is a power cut.


– Easy movement

– 3-speed control

– Sufficient tank capacity

– Long air throw

– Turbo cooling system provides efficient cooling.


– High noise when it is set up at low settings

– Issues with customer care.

– Cross Ventilation is a must for this cooler, else it won’t work.

Cello towers are the highest-rated personal air coolers and have proved their mettle. Buying this cooler will certainly meet your needs, but you need to first check its service center in or around your city. Though it is a famous brand, it does not have service centres everywhere. Apart from this, the product is worth your money.

8. Singer aviator 10 L Room/Personal Air Cooler

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We found this product to be the best budget personal air cooler. It comes at a low cost with all the necessary features that we have discussed below. But this product is only for a single person which is more than sufficient as compared to other coolers. To tackle the summer days with heat and humidity, this Singer Aviator mini room cooler provides a chilled atmosphere in your living space.


The aviator comes with 10 liters of tank capacity which is sufficient for this cooler. It is an exception in this budget range because it provides air delivery at 450 m3/hour. In short, this air delivery covers a good area in less time. Moreover, it comes bundled with inverter compatible technology which is a must during power cuts.

It comes with a compact and stylish design, which can be placed anywhere in the room. Like other coolers, it has 3-speed levels which help in adjusting fan speed as per your needs. Additionally, it has an ice chamber and honeycomb cooling pads providing cooling that may you have not experienced. As per the users’ review, it provides a cool breeze under low mode.


– Suitable for 1 person and keeps the room cool.

– Price of this product, which is competitive in the market.

– Weight is only 5 kgs

– A mosquito net is in-built in this product

– Auto Louver movement I.e you can easily move the horizontal plates of the cooler

– Oscillating function is available.

– Overflow indicator is present


– No castor wheels, thus restricting mobility.

– Air throw distance only 15 feet.

– No empty tank alarm

– Can be used only indoors.

– Cannot be used for longer periods.

Singer is an amazing cooler brand with the support of many functionalities, thus making this cooler the perfect go-to option for buyers in this hot and humid season.

9. Voltas 10 L Room/Personal Air Cooler

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Voltas is a leading brand in air conditioning and cooling. It is very old and has expertise in this area. Mostly, all companies and office spaces use Voltas AC for its durability and longer life.

We wanted to add at least one Voltas product to the list that comes to the rescue in this scorching heat. Below are the few features of the product.


This water cooler comes with a tank capacity 10L personal air cooler with an advanced honeycomb cooling pad that gives relief from the scorching heat and retains water for long in the pads. These pads are more durable and provide uniform cooling. To keep the water in check, this cooler comes with a water level indicator. Further, it has an oscillating swing feature which keeps the air spread in different directions. The dust filter inside the cooler prevents the dust from going inside the cooler. It is also helpful in restricting insects.

The cooler is capable of air throw up to a distance of 3.35m and comes with 3 speed controls – Low, Medium, and High. And for easy movement, it has been embedded with castor wheels.


– Water level indicator

– Dust filter and overflow indicator

– Mosquitoes net and Ionizer

– High RPM compared to others


– No Ice chamber provided when all others provide in the same range.

– No empty tank alarm

Voltas is capable of providing good quality products at low price points. This product also is quite good in terms of durability and the service it provides.

10. Usha Atomaria 9AP1 9-Litre Personal Air Cooler

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People know Usha fans and their durability in the market and thus to expand their market, it came into Personal air coolers categories. For this reason, this product is useful for a single person living alone in a PG/Hostel, and as per our research, we found that many students living in Delhi often buy this product.


The compact Atomaria is a convenient air cooler that comes with 9L of water tank capacity and honeycomb pads to cool the warmest days. Further, it also has the auto swing feature to ensure everyone gets uniform cooling. The dust and mosquitoes filter to keep the product clean and the people healthier. It is a low maintenance product as the filters do not allow dust or any other insect and thus there is no need to cleaning it every now and then.

Additionally, it comes with an Icebox compartment, and with castor wheels, it is easy to carry in different rooms. Moreover, this has a water level indicator and compatible with inverters. Compatibility with an inverter is required because if it is not compatible, then the motor will get damaged and it will start producing lots of noise.

The company claims that it has airflow of 500m3/hr and air throw of up to 10 feet.


– Water level indicator

– Caster wheels come installed with it.

– Installation is simple and easy.


– Negative reviews by few users.

– Heavy noise while it is in operation.

– Covers small area

– Higher price for the features mentioned.

– Fan speed is low

The weight of this product is around 3 kgs and it is easy to carry. In terms of features, it has almost everything for one person. If you’re looking for a personal air cooler for a small room, then this product is definitely worth checking. However, before buying the product, make sure you know the service centers in the city, the product will not be delivered faulty but it is good practice to know about such things.


When summers approach, people often go to the market and buy whatever they get because they get confused with different varieties of coolers. But as we understand, every cooler is unique and designed to meet certain requirements. To resolve the doubts and give users sound knowledge, we have added a buyer’s guide in this post.

Below is a summary of how you should choose the right cooler as per your requirements.

1. Usage

Do you want a cooler for the outside area or indoors? Moreover, do you want a cooling solution for yourself or multiple people? Thus usage is an important criterion that brings you to the correct category.

If you’re looking for outdoors, large rooms, Terrace, or backyards, then you must choose the Desert coolers as they have higher air throw capabilities and large storage capacities.

2. Climate

Though the companies mention that you can use personal air coolers for any condition, it’s always not the case and it differs sometimes. For instance, personal air coolers should be used for humid areas whereas dry areas require desert coolers.

3. Cooling Element

This is one of the most important factors in a cooler and you should know what you’re buying because this is one of the things that matter. Personal air cooler primarily uses a blower for cooling i.e it just takes the air from outside and throws it on the other side.

But, on the other hand, the desert cooler uses a fan for cooling and it is much more powerful than the former.

4. Noise levels

Some coolers can be very noisy and you do not come to know about this until you bring them home. So make sure, you know the noise levels in advance and anything between 40-55dB is sufficient.

If you buy the cooler from offline stores, then try running the cooler at maximum fan speed.

5. Cooling Pads

These are some of the most important parts of a cooler and thus there are different types of cooling pads available. You will find common ones to be wool wood, aspen pads, and honeycomb pads.

Honeycomb pads have captured the market and offer long-lasting cooling and require low maintenance.

Some of these are the important factors to be considered while buying a cooler. Now coming to the frequently asked questions, as it is also important to know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To provide end-to-end knowledge all at once, we have kept this section for users’ doubts. In this section, we will answer some of the questions posted by the users.

1. How should I know; how many liters of tank capacity is perfect for my room size?

There are different room sizes and corresponding personal air cooler tank capacity. And they depend on how much time you use the product. We have mentioned some room sizes and the tank capacity, that should be the ideal case.

Room SizeSmall up to 150 sq ftMedium up to 300 sq ftLarge up to 600 sq ft
Storage Capacity15 Litres25 Litres40 Litres

The above-mentioned are not fixed and vary from environment to environment. For instance, if you live in south India where the temperature goes above 40 or 45 degrees Celsius, then for a small room you need a high storage capacity cooler with an inbuilt ice chamber.

2. How to choose the right air cooler for my requirement? What are other factors to think about?

All air coolers are different and have been designed and built for different room sizes. Thus, the foremost thing to note is you should think about the place where you are going to install that.

It’s always recommended that you always go for a size larger than your requirement. This is done so that you can run the machine effectively on the lowest setting resulting in less noise and less energy compensation as well.

The second thing to note is the height and the distance from the ventilation. Make sure you keep the room properly ventilated and keep it near the windows.

3. What should be the basic features that a personal air cooler must-have?

We would say, low power consumption, good quality cooling pads such as honeycomb pads, dust filter and most importantly is – it should be inverter compatible.

Other additional features you could look for are remote control, auto-fill function. But you must know, with every feature the price increases.

4. How do I care for and maintain the air coolers?

Maintenance is important if you want your cooler to run for a longer period of time and be with you for many seasons. Some of the below tips you can follow.

– Refill – Make sure you never run your cooler without water. Thus keeping an eye on the water indicator and refilling it, will keep the motor running for a long time.

– Drain – If you stop using the cooler for more than 10-15 days, make sure you drain all the water and dry it before storing it.

– Change – Replace the pads if you get any pungent smell.


We have provided you a list of the best air coolers in India with all the necessary features, pros, and cons. Make sure you go through the buyer’s guide at once and decide which cooler is best for you as per the requirements.

We hope that you buy a good product and maintain it so that you keep yourself safe in this scorching heat. In case of any questions, you can drop us a comment.

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