12 Best CCTV Cameras in India (2021) for Home, Shop and Office & FAQs

During the olden days, people hung the signs and used the old methods to keep the thieves away. But today in these advanced technological times, we have alarm systems and CCTVs for that matter. So, to be safe, you might need cameras for your home. Thus, we bring you the list of the Best CCTV cameras in India.

Best CCTV Cameras in India

You can install CCTVs in different places in your house. But mainly on the entrance facing inside and outside the house to get the better angels. Further, this will give you the information of someone entering or wandering outside your home with bad intentions.

We have also included the Buyer’s Guide to give you an insight into the different aspects of the cameras. And this will further help you in choosing the best product as per your requirements.

Now, let’s explore the various CCTV cameras that we have picked for you. The list contains the best-in-class cameras produced by popular brands.

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Best CCTV Cameras in India

1. Mi 360, Wi-Fi, Smart Security Camera, Resolution- 1080p

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This model from the recognized brand features amazing features that are perfect for the appliance of this niche. Thus, making it the best in the market. Also, it gives you the full HD resolution, which will give clear quality videos. Hence, providing you with the best security so that you can comfortably sleep without any further worries.

MI Wi-Fi 1080p Full HD 360° Viewing Area Smart Security Camera


– It has a complete 360-degree vision feature

– Gives you quality and true colours in low light

– Talkback feature

– Nice rotating base

– Support for NAS (Network Attached Storage)

– Also features a Multiple view facility

To explain, this model comes with 360-degree vision. Because of which it is able to rotate and give you a wider angular view. Hence, increasing the safety, and decreasing the chances of anyone dodging it. Also, the amazing Picture-in-Picture mode will make help do multiple tasks along with the live footage running simultaneously.

Furthermore, the amazing talkback feature is a great positive. Particularly, it will let you talk through the camera capturing the voice. Also, that low light vision helps give you true colors in the dark. And eliminates the chances of getting bad quality infrared images. It has a nice rotating base which makes easy rotation and captures a large area of the vicinity.

Lastly, you can also watch the recorded videos on your mobile, laptop, tablets, etc. without any problems. Thus, making it easy to keep watch from anywhere you want.


– Night mode is an amazing feature

– Talkback is convenient to have

– Camera record videos without internet


– NO more than a 64 Gb card for storage is supported

– Always needed a power source

2. Qubo Smart Security Camera, (by hero group) Wi-Fi, Resolution- 1080p

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Qubo brand by Hero group is one the most popular brands in India, if we talk about security cameras. This camera is an amazing product. Especially, the Artificial Intelligence technology included in this makes it a breakthrough product.


– Crystal clear video of 1080p resolution

– The two-way talk feature

– Features face recognition tech

– Baby-cry alert is also a commendable addition

– Q-eye AI is excellent

– The protected data streaming of Q-crypto

This camera is capable of producing quality videos of full HD resolution to make it easy to recognize the people in the footage. Also, that amazing two-way talk included feature ensures you can talk from the camera and the Qubo app on the smartphone. Hence, an easier way of communicating through the camera is an appreciated feature.

It also has the night mode, due to which we can easily see the clearer footage captured at the later hours. Furthermore, the alert system of Baby-cry is an innovative feature of this mode from Qubo. And this feature will help you get your attention towards your baby if he/she starts crying. Moreover, this CCTV camera also comes with Bluetooth functionality. And lets you stream the music through its speakers that are inbuilt in it.

The amazing Q-crypto security provided with the camera helps stream the video through a safe route. Furthermore, it helps protect the hacking into software or any other malware malfunction possibilities.

Thus, we included this in the best CCTV camera in India for the year 2021.


– It is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa

– Baby-cry alert is useful

– It has partnered with Qualcomm


– Speaker is of lower quality

3. TP-Link Wi-Fi CCTV camera, Cam Pan Tilt, Model No. – Tapo C200

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TP-link is known to provide some excellent quality devices. This CCTV camera has smart features along with top-notch security. Further, this camera has the functionality of motion detection, privacy mode inbuilt, etc. Hence, altogether these features make it an ideal choice for Indian houses.


– High Definition 1080p recording

– It has support for the application called Tapo Camera

– Amazing Baby Care feature

– Wide Range Horizontal-360 degree; Vertical – 114 degree

– Supports 128 Gb memory card

– Live- View feature

To explain, the camera has a card slot that supports 128 Gb of Micro SD card of any company. Thus, providing you with ample space to store the camera footage. Furthermore, you can easily configure it by downloading the Tapo Camera application and thereby setting it up.

It also features the capability of providing you with high-quality video recordings. So, that you can discern the objects and humans, animals, etc. in the recorded media. This will prove to be very useful in preventing the potential robbery or catching the perpetrators. Also, it helps in keeping watch on the child’s activities through its live view feature. Along with that, the Babycare feature will alert you in time if something happens and your child starts crying.

Further, it has an efficient night vision feature. It will ensure the capturing of clear videos at night also. Moreover, the picture is captured at a distance of 30 feet. Lastly, the two-way communication functionality is a welcoming feature. As it allows us to talk through the camera and vice versa. Particularly, it is due to the presence of a decent microphone and speakers. Hence, we can say the camera is a worthy competitor of the best CCTV camera in India to go for.


– Wi-Fi connection is automatic

– Records while disconnected from Wi-Fi

– Easy set up with the application


– No cloud storage

– Might face problem in customer service

4. Qubo Full HD Indoor and Outdoor camera, 2MP, Wi-Fi

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As we know, so many Indian households are wary about the security of their house. This camera is a perfect choice for them, as it will provide essential security functions. No need to worry about the brand as it is pretty known for around 5 years now. Hence, with all those features it has, it can be said to be the best CCTV camera in India for 2021. Let’s discuss the features.


– Face-detection feature

– Baby-cry feature is really useful

– Wide-angle reach of around 110 degrees

– Two –way comms along with echo cancellation

– Sensor of 3-micron pixel size

– IP-65 protection from rough weather

– Alexa compatible

– AES128 encryption feature

The striking feature of the camera is the AES128 encrypted script which allows the secure transmission of the data. Hence, provide you security from data theft, hacking, and other malware. Furthermore, it has the functionality of placement, i.e., you can install the device inside or outside the house. Moreover, it can be fixed on the ceiling, wall, table, etc.

Subsequently, this CCTV camera from Qubo records the quality video from its 3-micron pixel sensor and full HD resolution. Also, it has the capability to survive in rough conditions like snow, rain, hot summer winds, etc. Because it has the IP65 rating of weather resistance. Further, the cloud storage system is based on the PKI. So, secured storage of your recorded footage is promised.


– 128 GB storage is a commendable feature

– It supports free cloud storage for 60 days.


– Only works with mobile, No desktop support

– Necessary to subscribe to cloud storage

5. D3D Wi-Fi CCTV Camera, Home Security, Smart Pan Tilt

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It is a world-renowned brand for CCTV camera manufacturing. It gives some best quality cameras loaded with various amazing features. Subsequently, some features like Alexa compatibility, the home automation functionality. And further, it is very easy to set up with the application.


– Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa

– AI to efficiently detect the faces

– Inbuilt mic and speaker

– Feature to trigger the alarm if your baby cries

– Motion detection

– D3D secured cloud storage is useful

– 2-way talk functionality

This CCTV camera features a function of 8 times Digital Zoom that further magnifies the image and videos decently. Also, the effective 340 degrees’ vision horizontally and 120-degree vision vertically provide you with a larger picture to record. Additionally, the Artificial Intelligence embedded in the camera will further enable it to detect the moving things in the camera. Further, track the person or thing moving and provide you with more information in the form of imagery. Because of these amazing features, it is worthy of the title best of best CCTV camera in India (2021). 

The PIR sensor of this CCTV camera is able to detect and trigger alerts in your phone. Also, the flexibility to place on a table, walls, etc. also increases user-friendliness.


– Supports cloud storage of four terabytes (4 TB)

– It is easy to install

– Outstanding night vision


– Might lag sometimes

6. Sricam Wireless HD, Security Camera, SP Series-005, Wi-Fi

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If you are looking for an Indian brand, this might be the one to consider once. It comes with various features to fit the Indian houses and is ideal because it’s easy to use and install. It can be effortlessly operated with Wi-Fi and the Mobile phone using a specific mobile application.


– Listed in the PTZ category

– Includes Inbuilt Mic and speaker

– High Definition resolution of 720p

– Motion detection

– For Night, it comes with an Infrared sensor

This is featured in the PTZ category due to which it can be set up anywhere. You can place it anywhere like in a room, on the table, hang it on the wall or ceiling. The microphone included will provide you with the talks and sounds clear. Hence, it might be useful in keeping watch on your children or pets. 

Furthermore, the Sricam application is easier to install and set up the camera for a seamless experience. Easily login into your mobile and see what’s happening in your home or outside the house. Moreover, multiple users are allowed to use the app at once. Also, the camera has motion detection features. Which will further help in detecting the burglars and other unwanted people in the night too.


– Budget-friendly

– Control from anywhere

– Installation is easy


– Needs pretty strong internet

– Only works with Alternating Current (AC)

7. EZVIZ (Hikvision), Full HD resolution, Wi-Fi, IP66 rating camera

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EZVIZ is known for producing some innovative products. Moreover, when it comes to CCTV cameras, it provides the unique and commendable features. This brand is by Hikvision company and produces some excellent images and videos of unmatched quality. 


– Night vision for clear vision

– Finely clear 1080p resolution

– IP66 certified for weather resistance

– Hi-Fi audio quality along with inbuilt Mic

– Compatibility with EZVIZ application for easy installation

– Both wireless and wired connections are possible

Moreover, this camera can survive the rain, snow, etc. conditions of weather. Because of the IP66 certification, it possesses. Also, it contains the LAN port, which further ensures the use of a wired connection to the internet. And also has Wi-Fi, which ensures the wireless connection. 

To be precise it has the All-in-one security capability to make you safe while you are asleep or not at home. Hence, due to those features, it can be considered the best CCTV camera in India.


– Sturdy build

– It can survive the harsh weather conditions

– 1080p resolution


– Might become warm and lag sometimes

– No return policy

8. Hikvision kit 2Megapixel camera combo, 4 Dome and 4 Bullet cameras

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This Security kit is fully packed with cameras to meet your requirements for a safe home. It comes with eight cameras and a decent HD DVR. Every camera is of 2Megapixel. You can place the dome cameras on the sidewalls and bullet ones on the ceiling. Setting up efficiently throughout the house can cover your whole place easily.


– High resolution of 1080p High Definition

– Total of eight cameras for efficient coverage

– Includes 1 Terabyte HDD

– Also supports cloud storage for extra storage

– HIkvision app is available for easy control

– Use in Office or Home

Usually, we need a technician to install the CCTV cameras. But here we might need a professional for the whole wiring and installation. Moreover, to ensure the efficient coverage of a large possible area, smart placements are necessary.

Further, the camera is compatible with the Smartphone application available on windows and android. Hence, it makes it easier and convenient for you to access from anywhere. The included wire is 90 meters, which will be sufficient for the installation. It includes the 1 TB hard disk but the maximum capacity is 4TB.


– Eight cameras more coverage

– Storage is more than enough i.e., 4TB

– High-quality resolution


– Installation cost is not included in the price

– Absence of a 2-way feature

9. ThinkValue security camera, Wi-Fi, Wireless, Resolution HD, T8855

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This model by ThinkValue is a value for money product. And it comes with a wide range of amazing features. To explain, the main selling point to focus on for this camera is the convenience it provides while installing it.


– Easy setup through Wi-Fi

– Uses a user-friendly application

– Inbuilt rotating motors

– Supports a memory card of 128 Gb

– Infrared functionality for night time

– High Definition (720p) resolution

This CCTV camera comes with the amazing functionality of inbuilt motors. These smoothly rotate the camera to cover a wider area by increasing the Field of view. Also, it has the striking features of alarm recording. Thereby, it starts the recording automatically whenever it detects the motion.

That said, the Motion detection sensors are a great addition. These detect any movement in the vicinity and start recording the footage if required so. Besides, a notification is sent to you through the Smartphone application of this camera, whenever a motion is detected. Hence, alarming you of any suspicious activity. Owing to these features, it can be considered the best CCTV camera in India.


– Commendable features

– Excellent feature of Motion sensing

– Particularly, you can control it remotely

– Infrared image gives clear imaging in pitch dark


– Less storage space

10. D3D security camera, Wi-Fi enabled, HD resolution, Indoor, D8810, Wireless

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There is something unique about this in terms of performance. It has been awarded as the best security camera in a particular year. Further, this camera supports secure cloud storage and gives it ample space to store the data.


– Cloud storage on FTP server

– Motion detection functionality

– Supports the night-view

– It has the two-way audio transmission facility

– Includes Mic and inbuilt speakers

The storage is based on the cloud and is stored on the FTP server, hence keeps the data safe. Even if the camera breaks or someone steals it. Also, the excellent function of Night Vision helps it to capture the events happening in the dark or later hours of the day. 

Furthermore, it features a Motion detection sensor, which is capable of alerting you in time. If any suspicious activity happens and it detects, it notifies you straight through the specific application.


– Convenient control from anywhere through application

– Inbuilt microphone for talk through the camera and sound recording

– Storage through FTP server


– You can access the camera only through a specific app

11. D3D CCTV Camera, Security, Alexa compatible, Motion

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D3D is a world-renowned brand that manufactures some quality CCTV systems. It is known because of the amazing features it offers in its devices. Consequently, a feature like Alexa compatibility, the home automation functionality. And further, it is very easy to set up with the application.


– Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa

– Amazing feature to trigger the alarm

– Motion detection

– D3D secured cloud storage is useful

– 2-way talk functionality

This CCTV camera features a function of 8 times Digital Zoom that further magnifies the image and videos decently. Also, the effective 340 degrees’ vision horizontally and 120-degree vision vertically provide you with a larger picture to record.

Additionally, the Artificial Intelligence embedded in the camera will further enable it to detect the moving things in the camera. Further, track the person or thing moving and provide you with more information in the form of imagery.

Moreover, the unique sensor of this CCTV camera can detect and trigger alerts in your phone. Provided placement flexibility to place on a table, fit on ceilings with stands, etc. also increases the user’s convenience.


– Easy installation

– Supports cloud storage of four 4 Terabytes. 

– Outstanding night vision


– Customer service is delayed sometimes

12. Finicky security camera, HD resolution, Dual Antenna, Model – V380, Wireless

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This model from Finicky is manufactured for places like shops, offices, factories, etc. Moreover, installing and operating this model from Finicky is easy. And the amazing wireless functionality keeps you from problems with the wiring system.


– Dual Antenna for better reception

– Specific Smartphone Application

– Supports a 64 Gb memory card

– Infrared sensor for dark area surveillance

– High Definition video recording

– Two-way audio function

As mentioned, it has support for a mobile application, which makes setting up and further operating easy for anyone. Also, the videos and images can be supported directly into the local memory of up to 64 Gb.

This camera features an IR vision to produce sharp black and white footage of the pitch dark areas. Furthermore, it has a striking two-way audio feature because of which talks through a camera is possible.


– HD resolution of videos and images

– Infrared sensor is a nice addition


– 64 Gb is the low storage capacity

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a CCTV camera system and installing it in your house is not a common thing. Hence, you should know the significant details while purchasing a CCTV camera system.

Therefore, we will discuss the different aspects of a CCTV system that you might come across while selecting and purchasing the same. Everything is explained in very simple words and easy to understand tone for you. This guide will help you choose the best CCTV camera in India that meets your requirements effectively.

Let’s dive into the aspects.

Cost & Budget

Particularly, investing in a CCTV security camera system is like a one-time thing. Therefore, it should be done carefully and taking into account the different factors. Here is the list of the several factors that you should put your mind to.

1. No. of cameras required

2. Size of an area that you want to secure

3. Surveillance nature

4. Indoor or/and outdoor security

5. Potential cost of installation and maintenance

6. Choice of Brand

7. Type and quality of cameras

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Types of CCTV cameras

In the market, there are several kinds of cameras available at different prices accordingly. Let’s get down to the details of different kinds.

Iris based cameras

Firstly, the iris of any camera is the visible ball, that looks like the eyeball of the camera. And it is responsible for the focusing part on the objects that are in the range of the camera.

Iris-based cameras can be further divided into two types.

  1. Manual Iris

These are the cameras in which the Iris or focus is set to the required focal length manually. Moreover, these cameras sport a focusing system that remains fixed on the particular area until changed manually. So, whenever you need to change the focus point towards another area, it is done manually.

It is mainly used on traffic lights, bus stations, banks, etc. Particularly in banks towards the cash counter for strict surveillance. 2.

2. Auto Iris

As the name suggests, these do not need any manual intervention to change the focus point. Additionally, these cameras cover a wide area as compared to manual ones. These cameras are capable of changing the angles automatically. Moreover, these keep on moving at certain time intervals hence providing the information for the larger area.

Auto Iris is present nearly everywhere and is very common. Mainly they are in the households, office cabins, Government offices with modern infrastructure, banks, etc. 


Here the cameras are classified based on their location. These include indoor and outdoor, and both of them are useful in accordance with their features.

  1. Indoor cameras

Usually, these cameras are used indoors and have good low-light performance. Also, these are not of much high resolution. Furthermore, these come with a manual iris. 

And these are mainly installed in cinema halls, factories, restaurants, etc.

2. Outdoor cameras

These are installed in the open like in traffic lights, Railway stations, outside the banks, parking, etc. Further, these cameras usually cover larger areas, because of their viewing angles. Moreover, outdoor cameras have auto-iris functionality that further increases the viewing area.

Shapes Based

There are several types of cameras having shapes for different purposes to fit the location, wherever they fit. Some of them are bullet cameras, dome cameras, box cameras, board cameras, etc.

Miscellaneous types

Low lighting cameras

These types of CCTV cameras are perfect for darker places. As they can produce pretty decent and clear images in the dark. Mainly they are installed in the basements or are useful at night.

Resolution based

Well, if you looking for a CCTV camera system and by chance purchased a low-resolution camera system. This system is like wasting your money for getting nothing. So, always go for the resolution like Full HD(1080p) or at least HD(720p) to produce feasible videos.

Infrared cameras

These cameras are very useful where there is pitch-black darkness. Here these cameras can use their infrared images to produce accurate black and white images. Further, these are useful at the borders, forests, etc. 

Plus-points of having CCTV camera system

– Foremost is the security these cameras provide to the houses, offices, traffics, etc.

– These help in providing the information of thieves like when they entered, how they look, etc.

– Also, these alert the user on time, of any problematic activity in the house or its vicinity.

– This helps the businesses to keep track of employees and the working environment.

– Keep close checks on the shops like jewelry ones where the rush is more and safety is required.

– Provides a sense of safe environment for the customers.

– It is useful in checking the traffic violations at traffic lights. By capturing the number plate and vehicle type for further necessary action.

– Useful in hindering the potential crimes on the street. As burglars and perpetrators may hesitate in front of cameras.

In brief, the main aim of CCTV systems is to deter unlawful activities. Therefore, enforcing law and order.

Minus-points of having CCTV camera system

– Maintenance cost is high overall in the longer run

– There is a constant need for manual monitoring for preventing potential harmful actions in time.

– These can be tampered with easily, especially by children.

– Operating and installing both require the special assistance of a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does the CCTV come with an inbuilt SD card slot or not?

Ans. Usually, the new models mostly have the functionality for SD card support. They come in various memory support of 32GB, 128GB, 1TB, etc.

Q2. What is the PTZ feature of CCTV cameras?

Ans. To explain, it stands for the Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature. Further, it can move to change the field of view anywhere. No manual intervention is required. There are inbuilt motors embedded that help the cameras to rotate.

Q3. How many days does a CCTV camera system record?

Ans. Usually, it depends on the amount of storage capacity available for the CCTV security camera system. On average it can record from 20 to 50 days for a 1TB system and Full HD quality.

Q4. Which is better for recording a bullet or a dome camera?

Ans. Well, that’s the matter of your requirement. A bullet camera can record the videos for longer distances. On the other hand, a dome camera is for recording the wider view of the vicinity. Hence, it totally depends on what you need.

Q5. Can we record in the dark with a CCTV surveillance system?

Ans. Yes, today these systems come with either Night vision functionality or Infrared sensors. Thereby, these are efficient to give you videos and images that are pretty clear in dark areas.

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