Best Cold Press Juicer In India 2021 – Slow, Masticating Juicers

Summer Season is around the corner. And you will surely crave for fruit juices to quench your thirst. And for this, you will need the best cold press juicer in India to help you make different fruit juices. It will be worth investing in the juicer. Besides, you will get juices instantly without any hassle.

Best Slow Juicer In India

List of best Cold Press Juicer In India

Nowadays, many of the brands in India sell slow juicers in the market. You will find them equipped with various features and perform different functions. Therefore, we have come up with a list of slow juicer for you. Also, you can get all the details about these juicers and their operations.

Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow JuicerCheck Price on Amazon50
Kuvings Evo-Series Professional 240W Cold Press Whole Slow JuicerCheck Price on Amazon70
Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press JuicerCheck Price on Amazon55
Hurom Watt Cold Press JuicerCheck Price on Amazon70
Balzano ZZJ827M Cold Press Slow JuicerCheck Price on Amazon55
Borosil Health Pro Cold Press Slow JuicerCheck Price on Amazon70

1. Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

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A slow juicer squeezes the fruits to extract fresh juice. It guarantees to preserve the nutrients of fruits, thereby enhancing the taste.

Extract Different Juices: The broad mouth of about 76 mm enables you to add all vegetables, fruits, and greens comfortably. Besides, you can extract nut milk from cashews, almonds, dates, and even coconuts. 

No Need To Add Preservatives: Without adding any preservatives, you get the highest quality of fruit juices. You will not have to add any food color to it as it helps to get natural fruit juices.

Design: The Slow Juicer is robust, and its sleek design appeals to people. Moreover, it also saves room on the top of the kitchen counter and cabinets.

Cleaning Technology: Another highlighted aspect is the proprietary cleaning technology that comes with this juicer. By placing the filter inside the juicer and cleaning brush, it allows you to clean the residue. Also, by twisting the meeting, you can clean the blades easily.

Robust Cap: This juicer comes with a bright cap that stops any juice leakage. It also helps you to combine two or more juices easily.

Safety Lock: This juicer is an extremely safe one because it has a safety lock. Besides, it ensures that the juicer works only when the body and the drum are connected precisely.

Less Noise: The in-built low-noise design ensures that your fruit juices extract without causing any noise pollution. This architecture guarantees less vibration and therefore reduces the noise level.

Wide Tube: The 76mm a wide feeding tube is a perfect tool. This juicer enables you to insert an entire apple quickly.

A wide-mouthed feeder that, before feeding, does not require you to chop fruitFrequent cleaning is necessary due to the accumulation of pulp around the blade.
100 percent BPA freeHeavy Machine
Easily cleanable juicer.Quite costly
High-quality materials such as auger and strainer for the manufacture of components
Better juice

2. Kuvings Evo-Series Professional 240W Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

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This slow juicer of Kuvings is known as ‘The Rolls Royce of all Juicers’ in the market. Because of its incredibly silent operations, it deserves this kind of recognition. It comes with excellent features and is known as one of the Best Cold Press Slow Juicer in India today.

Motor: This Slow Juicer consists of a powerful 240W Brushless AC motor. Therefore, termed as one of the best slow juicers in its category in India.

JCMS Technology: The patented JCMS technology ensures 10% extra juice compared to other juicers.

Feeding Tube: This cold press juicer’s outstanding characteristic is its large feeding tube. It allows you to drive whole fruits inside the appliance. It reduces nutritional loss, besides reducing preparation time.

Cleaning Tool: The Kuvings cleaning tool is an outstanding one. As it dramatically increases the degree of comfort.

It helps the user to extract fruit and vegetable juice to a large extent. Besides, you can remove delicious nut milk from almonds, cashews, and soy. 

Silicone Free Juice Bowl: The proprietary Silicon-free juicing bowl of the 5th century increases the overall reliability. Thereby making it easy to install and clean the apparatus.

ULTEM Auger: For faster and convenient juice extraction, this juicer features an improved ULTEM auger. 

Bright Cap: This Slow Juicer comprises a smart cap and pulp socket. It is also an excellent device for blending. The small cut in the pulp outlet allows faster washing.

Ideal for extracting juice from nearly all fruits and vegetablesBefore putting fruits into the juicer, you have to cut the larger fruits and vegetables
Assures outstanding consistency and nutritional valueExtract seeds from the fruits and vegetables before putting them inside the juicer
Strong engine with less noise

3. Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

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The nutrient retention in the cold press juicers is more as compared to the Centrifugal ones. With no air bubbles at all, the Hestia Nutri-Max produces dense fruit juices. Therefore, no oxidation is present, which influences the juice’s taste. Also, the fruit juices remain fresh for a long time.

This Cold Press juicer of Hestia ensures the highest vitamins, nutrients, phytochemicals, and trace minerals.

In contrast to centrifugal juicers, you get more juice from this cold press juicer as it leaves the pulp bone dry after the juice extraction.

100% Free From BPA: Each section of the juicer comes into contact with food products. Hence, it would help if you upheld high levels of hygiene. Each of this juicer’s bits is 100% free of BPA.

Material: To make the auger, the manufacturers use Ultem Plastic (spacecraft material). The bowl of the juicer uses triton plastic. The filters made from grade 304 use stainless steel and Ultem plastic.

Easy to Clean: It is quick to clean the juicer, as it does not take more than a minute to do so.

Feeding Tube: The juicer comes with a feeding tube that is wide enough to accommodate an apple or orange filling.

60 RPM Speed: The auger comes with large proprietary knobs to extract the fruits’ last drops of juice. Besides, larger augers and the 60 RPM high speed allow extracting juice from the fruits.

Addition: This juicer consists of separate strainers and premium attachments for fruits, smoothies, and frozen fruit gelatos.

Extract Fruit Juices effectivelyIt includes plastic elements, thereby making it challenging to manage rich fruits such as amla, etc.
Big feeder tubeAfter the cold-press process, the juice also extracts some fiber
Moreover, it has used high-quality materialHeavy as compared to other juicers
Both sections are 100% BPA-free
Quick to clean

4. Hurom Watt Cold Press Juicer

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Remove the last drop of juice from your fruit and vegetables. And for this, the Hurom cold press juicers use second-generation squeezing technology.

Design: This product culminated in over four and a half decades of experience and skills in engineering. The lightweight juicer fits with the smallest of kitchens beautifully and enhances its overall appeal.

Speed: This juicer’s impressive highlight is its slow squeezing speed. Besides, it reduces nutrient loss due to frictional heat exposure.

Material: Its delicate and coarse strainer is another highlight. Moreover, it helps to efficiently filter out solid particles and different fresh juice from the fruits. The difference in the strainer’s external and internal size wonderfully facilitates the straining process. Also, it uses rigid, stainless-steel, and polyetherimide.

It is an easy task to install and disassemble the Hurom cold press juicer. You should insert the screw at any angle and click on the new bottom structure to finish.

Easy to Clean: It is simple to clean this cold press juicer. Also, the innerspring brush rotates during juicing to clean the chamber and the filter. Moreover, it eliminates clogging and thus increases the efficacy of juicing.

It comprises two blades to pull down the fruits gently. And it compresses them properly, similar to the first-generation Huron cold press juicers. Moreover, it ensures the natural taste of fruits.

Motor: Besides, it comprises AC motors. Also, it is robust, thus guaranteeing the long life of these juicers.

You can extract juice from berries, fruits, and leafy greens using the Hurom cold press juicer. Although, extracting milk from nuts has never been so easy.

The slow velocity ensures maximum nutritional valueThe inlet is small, and you have to chop the fruits and vegetables
Light and compact in weight
Materials of food-grade consistency

5. Balzano ZZJ827M Cold Press Slow Juicer

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Just as Bosch brings the best German technology, Balzano presents the Indian kitchen with Italian craftsmanship and designs. Besides, Balzano has a century-old history of making special appliances for the home.

Customer Service: Balzano is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service. Also, it offers incredible home appliances. 

As it prevents oxidation, it also decreases nutrient loss and makes your juices taste better and healthier. Balzano’s cold press slow juicer is a fantastic product.

Effective Extraction: The Balzano juicer is equally effective in crushing fruits, berries, and leafy green veggies. The slow process of juicing brings the most out of these foods and gives your body the optimum nutrients.

The Juice max technology compresses the foodstuffs and extracts the juice.

Less Noise: Silent working is one of the stellar qualities of this Balzano juicer. Moreover, the aluminum body and the slow-motion motors significantly minimize the amount of noise.

Intact Nutrients: This juicer extracts the fiber from fruits and gives you crystal clear juice to drink. Moreover, it is the nutrients of the fruits and veggies.

It is one of the best cold press juicers for extracting milk from nuts such as almonds and cashews. 

This elegant-looking juicer occupies pride of place in your kitchen. And, the Italian technology improves the atmosphere of your kitchen.

For the removal of the pulp and juices, the Balzano juicer has two separate jars. Therefore, they don’t have to clean every time to make different juices at the same time.

The Balzano cold press juicer performs well on the safety front. Moreover, it does not start until you assemble all the parts correctly. 

The build quality of the machine is outstanding and robustIt can be a challenge to get original spare parts
Appliance ensures the highest standards of protection
Besides, this appliance is well ahead of the cheap and inexpensive machines in the market on the performance front

6. Borosil Health Pro Cold Press Slow Juicer

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We addressed the cold press juicer versions of the Italian, Korean, and German brands. In this group, India also has its products made indigenously. The Borosil Health pro cold press slow juicer is India’s entry into this list of the best juicers available in the world. 

Affordable: The impressive highlight of this unit is that it provides stellar efficiency at the same standard as foreign models. Moreover, it provides the products at an affordable price of less than Rs 10,000.

Retain Nutrients: The easiest way to remove fruit juice is to use the slow squeezing juicing method. It allows for optimum extraction and retains all the nutrients required. This appliance does not allow oxidation, thereby ensuring that all the goodness is packed into the fruit juices.

For feeding whole fruits and vegetables, this juicer features a large 80mm mouth. However, it is advisable to cut the fruits and extract the seeds before pushing them in. However, it works well for vegetables.

The reverse feature is an excellent arrangement. Because if it sticks to the blades, it helps you to clear the pulp.

Less Noise: This juicer runs on a low-noise engine and, thus, is favored by homemakers. 

Addition: An exclusive 600ml pulp and juice cup container comes with the unit.

The appliance is equipped with an overheat protector because it protects the engine from damage. Moreover, you will get fresh juice without any added preservative and food color. Besides, you can use it anytime and carry it along with you. 

Safety Lock: The safety lock ensures that the system does not start running if you have improperly installed the parts.

This cold press juicer works perfectly fine for extracting juice from both hard and soft fruits and vegetables.

This juicer comes with outstanding safety characteristicsIt isn't as easy to clean this juicer as it is with some other versions
The method of slow squeezing ensures optimum preservation of nutrients
Ideal for extracting fruit juices and vegetables

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