5 Best dehumidifier in India for Home & Office

The humidity levels drop above 50 percent, and the area becomes the favorite breeding ground for dust mites, mold, and mildew. And also, it causes allergies and other health problems. A dehumidifier will help you get out of this condition.

Best dehumidifier in India

A dehumidifier is an important instrument that helps to maintain the levels of humidity in the air. The humidity level should be about 30-50 percent to build a safe and relaxing atmosphere. However, the details given below will assist you in purchasing a dehumidifier for your house.

List of best dehumidifier in India

Dehumidifier Brand View
Power Pye Electronics Dehumidifier Check Price on Amazon
Crane Dehumidifier Check Price on Amazon
White Westinghouse Dehumidifier Check Price on Amazon
Hysure Dehumidifier Check Price on Amazon
Ansio Dehumidifier Check Price on Amazon

1. Power Pye Electronics Dehumidifier

First on our list is the 20-liter dehumidifier from Power Pye electronics. An area as large as 280 sq ft to 380 sqft worked up and dehumidified. Besides, you can even use it for air purification.

Saves Electricity: This dehumidifier monitors a room’s temperature and humidity and thereby decreases air conditioning costs and gives you a low electricity bill.

Inbuilt Air Filters: Apart from deterring excess moisture present in the air, this dehumidifier also gives you more relaxed and healthy air to breathe inside your house. To upgrade the device’s purification, you can buy additional HEPA filters.

Clothes Dry Mode: There is also a dry laundry mode on the unit that helps you to dry your clothes with great ease inside your own home.

LED Display: The large LED monitor gives a good picture of humidity levels in a room. And enables you to adjust the temperature levels accordingly. The dehumidifier also provides a timer that allows you to set the time. 

Memory Function: In cases of power outages, it has a memory feature pre-built within it that is super helpful. The dehumidifier not only shuts down automatically if there is a power outage but remembers the power state it was in before shutting down. It resumes on its own to its previous working mode when the power comes back.

Auto-Frost Technology: The system also has auto-frost technology. It is ideal when the evaporation could get your dehumidifier frosty on cold and damp on rainy days.

Coils: This device’s operation is very regular. There are two coils in the appliance; hot and cold. It heats up as the fan takes in the air from the space below. Then it passes on to the cold coil that condenses the air. While the air comes back to the original temperature and released back into the room, the water produced is deposited in the dehumidifier’s tank.

Reservoir Tank: The reservoir tank has a capacity of 5.5 liters, and the LED panel lets you know when to empty the tank. Overall, the unit has an air dehumidification capacity of 20 liters in total. Also, to avoid gas leakage, make sure to keep the device in a vertical position before use.

Performance: Winding up, Powerpye’s branded model efficiency is fantastic and better used in a home, workplaces, vehicles, and public areas. You can use it to regulate the levels of humidity and purify the air. It is also considered the most potent 3-in-1 air purifier and dehumidifier system that uses 320 watts of fuel. It also comes with an onsite warranty for two years.

Pros Cons
Clothes dry mode Heats up quickly
Amazing LED display Gas leakage or liquid emissions are not part of the Warranty
Auto-frost technology
Power Supply of 320-watts
Water tank capacity of 5.5 liters
The oscillating function of 45˚-90˚
2-years warranty
Temperature display range of 1˚-35˚C
Perfect for room size up to 280-380 sq. ft.

2. Crane Dehumidifier

Compared to most high-capacity luxury dehumidifiers, the Crane Plastic Dehumidifier is suitable for even 350 sq ft space. It comes with aesthetically appealing looks and an affordable price.

Compact Size: You can conveniently position it on a bench, under the furniture, or even in the corner of space because of its small size. The Crane dehumidifier comes with a holding tank of 2.6 liters. And a capacity of 12 liters for dehumidification.

Automatic Timer: You can set the clock to the appropriate time developing with a 24-hour automatic timer and leave it. It immediately shuts down and you can also turn it on as the temperature in the room increases. The computer can recall its past power settings in situations of a power failure.

Humidity Control Range: The dehumidifier’s humidity control level remians  between 40 percent and 80 percent. The fan has an oscillating capacity of 45 to 90 degrees, making it easier to reach virtually every inch of the room.

Clothes Dry Mode: There is also a dry clothes mode. You can dry your clothes inside the room on a rainy day. The auto ensures to remove frost produced during its working. 

LED Screen Display: The buttons are a little thin, but the LED panel is comprehensive and well illuminated. There is also a child lock option to compensate for that. And to protect the system from the child pushing any random buttons.

Warranty: It is fair to assume, with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year, that this is a worthy commodity for small and medium-sized homes. But bear in mind that no solvent or gaseous contaminants comes under the Warranty.

Performance: Shortly after getting the product out of the packaging, make sure that you put the device in a vertical position for around 5 hours. For better results, clean the air filters and the tank once every ten days.

Pros Cons
Compact and elegant in form Warranty does not include fluid or gaseous emissions
Silent while in service No proper air purification as compared to other dehumidifiers
Room size of 350 sq ft
20-liter capacity
Storage space of 2.6-litre
Automatic Shutdown
Auto defrost
Child Lock Feature
45-90 degree fan oscillation for great coverage of the whole room

3. White Westinghouse Dehumidifier

The White Westinghouse’s quiet plastic house dehumidifier is suitable for large rooms of 300 sq ft. Thanks to its vast 6.5-liter water storage tank, it works pretty great for very long periods.

Tank Capacity: There is also a continuous drainage option, in addition to the regular 6.5-liter tank. It merely means that you can empty the tank and place a pipe directly into the toilet that pumps out all the stored water.

Performance: The dehumidifier also comes with a performance power of 30 liters. Therefore, no matter how humid your town, room, cupboard, bathroom, or clothes are. You can manage it with utmost care.

Display: With six separate toggle buttons, the dashboard comes with a large LCD monitor that handles functions such as frosting, fan level, regulation of temperature, and humidity.

Maintains Humidity Level: The system will retain the relative humidity in the room from 90% relative humidity to as low as 30% relative humidity.

Auto Frost Technology: While the automatic humidistat takes care of the moisture in the room, during service, the auto frost takes care of any frost that forms inside the unit. The maximum noise limit is lower than 45 dB, with the guarantee of quiet activity.

Warranty: The system operates with a 1-year manufacturer’s Warranty as an air purifier, dehumidifier, and clothes drier. Notably, any fluid or gas leaking is not in the Warranty.

Pros Cons
Tank Capacity of 6.5 Quite Expensive
Working Capacity of 30 Litre 300 Sqft for coverage (expected higher content for such a heavy-duty product)
Max Noise- 45 dB
Big LCD Screen
Minimum humidity of 30% humidity, and maximum humidity of 90%
Automatic Humidistat
Auto-defrost Technology
1-year Warranty

4. Hysure Dehumidifier

The Hysure portable dehumidifier pumps up a volume of around 250 ml/day. But it can operate in about 10-20 square meters of space, considering the compact and lightweight nature of the unit.

Maintains Humidity Level: The dehumidifier will push the humidity up to 80% RH at an optimal 30 degrees Celsius, which is a fantastic feat for such a compact and lightweight unit.

Compact Size: The maximum noise produced by the Hysure dehumidifier is less than 37dB when in operation. The appliance is incredibly versatile in function, never takes up too much room on any surface.

Performance: It is so quiet and handy that you can use this system for babies and toddlers to sleep in peace. And also keep the space humid and damp clear. Place it on your desk, in a dark, damp, and mold-free setting, beside or below your bed and sleep/work.

Automatic Shut-off: There is also an automated shutdown that, when the tank is full, powers the unit down (it gives you a full light indicator cup). You can empty the tank, and you can need to open the cup once every two days, at max.

Saves Electricity: It hardly costs you any energy, considering the dehumidifier’s scale because it uses just 21W of water. It does not use any additive materials and is a device that is environment friendly.

Warranty: A 2 year extended warranty that you can purchase at the manufacturer’s website 

Pros Cons
Compact in size Covers just about 10-20 sq ft of room
Quiet It does not specify the manufacturer's Warranty, but users can purchase an extended warranty
Seamless in function
250ml tank capacity
Can remove up to 80% Rh
Consumes just 21W of power
Automatic Shut Off

5. Ansio Dehumidifier

Ansio electric is a compact mini dehumidifier that can purify up to 250 ml a day and has a tank size of 500 ml. A personal dehumidifier and one of the most economical models.

Compact Size: This dehumidifier is highly compact and portable and is ideal for college students, bachelors, and even small storage spaces. To keep your clothing, photographs, or electronic equipment dry, always put it inside a clothes cupboard. Place it on your research desk or by your bed to get some fresh air to breathe.

Removes Moisture: It can remove moisture and humidity from an area of about 40 sqft in your closed quarters. Power it up, and you can run it for up to 4 hours or so. You can conveniently put this in your small-compact bedroom in rainy towns like Kolkata or Mumbai, or Bangalore and can get a dry space when you arrive.

Maintains Humidity Level: Ideally, the system achieves its dehumidifying potential of almost 250 ml when set at 30 degrees C. It would mean pulling down the room’s humidity to about 80 percent, depending on the air’s humidity in the room.

Auto Shut Off: If the tank reaches full capacity or consistently reaches its maximum dehumidification capacity of 250 ml, the system’s automatic shut-off mechanism would turn the device off.

Warranty: The manufacturer is giving a 2 Years Warranty on the product.

Pros Cons
Compact Economic Tad bit noisy
Automatic Shut Off Minimal capacity (250 ml tank)
Perfect for small rooms and closets and it keeps your clothes and electronics dry
Saves up on electricity
Two years manufacturer's Warranty

Types of dehumidifiers in India:

Compressor (Refrigerant), Thermo Electric (Peltier), and Desiccant are the three forms of dehumidifiers. Refrigerant and Thermo Electric dehumidifiers are the most common ones available on the market.


Want to get rid of your home’s humidity level? Using a decent dehumidifier is the best solution to these issues. Based on efficiency and customer feedback, we have also listed the best dehumidifiers available in the market. Taking into account the changing climate conditions in India, all these options work well.

However, keep in mind a few essential considerations before making a buy.
  • Dehumidifier types
  • Room size vs. dehumidifier size
  • Water tank volume
  • Power usage
  • Washable filters and 
  • Smart features
  • Timer
  • Whisper quiet technology 
  • Auto-restart
  • Defrost
  • LED indicators.

We have mentioned all the details vital for you to make a decision. All three dehumidifiers are quite affordable. Every one of them comes with great features and Technologies. Other functions such as Humidistat, Auto Restart, and Auto defrost also play a significant role in evaluating the dehumidifier’s efficiency.

You can read the pros and cons of each one of them and then decide for yourself. Although choosing one is not a big task, all you have to do is check your requirements. 

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