10 Best Dishwashers in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

In today’s fast pacing world where almost everyone is hell-bent on focusing their goals and straining their every nerve in accomplishing great heights and pursuing their career, people are very unlikely to perform household chores especially kitchen tasks.

Best Dishwashers in India

If we take into account the tasks that are to be performed in the kitchen then that includes cooking, chopping, baking, and dishwashing. Among these chores, the most daunting task is the dishwashing that hardly anyone wishes to perform. 

Let us discuss the ten best Dishwashers in India one by one.

This clause helps you in finding the best dishwasher that you can buy as here we will divulge into all the features, good and bad about ten Best Dishwashers in India. 

List of best dishwasher in India

1. IFB Neptune VX, Fully Electronic Dishwasher

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This particular dishwasher has many captivating hallmarks that one can avail of. The key feature to look at is that it is a 12 place setting dishwasher. It grants a free-standing installation type that makes it handy and convenient to use.

The material used in its fabrication is Stainless Steel and therefore is heat resistant. As far as its performance is concerned, it is remarkably A++ Energy Efficient. It is very eco-friendly and the Energy consumption is also not large.

The energy consumed in (KWH) is 0.94. The consumption of water is nearly around 9 liters per cycle of dishwashing. As discussed above it is very environment friendly hence the Noise level is also poised and that is 49db.  The inbuilt Basket Material is also proffered with stainless steel and nylon coated galvanized Iron which makes it immune to heat.

The additional key features that make counts it among the best dishwashers in India – 

It has a unique spray action readied with Triple arm spray that makes it incomparable. The device is loaded with an inbuilt water softening system that prevents the dishes from getting stained with the pernicious effect of hard water. 

The complete system is fitted with intelligent sensors that reduce our involvement in this which is certainly peace-giving. The Drying system in the machine is also active which dwindles the burden of making dishes desert.

It has some other captivating features too such as a Child Lock to prevent the reach of children, Error detection if appears any, Overflow, and protection from leakage, etc.

If we speak about its space availability, it is satisfyingly capacious. The rooms available are – Cutlery racks4 Mug shelves on the upper basket which are foldable. Plate racks that are installed are also foldable present on the lower basket and the upper basket is adjustable even if it is fully loaded.


– It is highly energy-efficient and fully automatic.

– low noise level similar to that of a ceiling fan.

– Essential safety models are preinstalled.

– Profoundly adjustable and capacious and worth the money.


– Quick wash programs are not up to the mark

2. Voltas Beko, 8 Place Settings, Tabletop Dishwasher

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VOLTAS is one of the leading brands in the manufacturing of electronic gadgets. So, the Voltas Beko dishwasher is one of the best dishwashers in India. Now, let us consider all its specs and key features.

This dishwasher contains 8 place settings that wash almost 96 utensils at a time securing it ideal for a nuclear family, which contributes to saving our time. It can wash different types of dishes right from stainless steel wares to delicate glass wares as it is primed with 6 washing programs.

It also has 30 Mini programs that help in getting rid of the adamant greasy and oily smudges stained on the utensils which are difficult to remove by hand. The Two spray levels available wash the dishes scrub the dishes easily and simultaneously in the upper and lower racks of the dishwasher making it a fast processing machine.

Furthermore, it also has an Accelerated 70-degree celsius program that maintains the security of hygienically cleaned dishes making it the best dishwasher in India. Additionally, the noise level of this machine is a bare minimum that stands at 45db nearly unreachable to the ears.

This dishwasher is so handy and convenient to use that anyone in the family can load the dishes in it and operate easily. It is Eco-friendly too and uses a fewer amount of detergents, water and electricity as well.

The Voltas Becko 8 Place dishwasher is installed with foldable racks and baskets that can be shifted creating more rooms for different genera of utensils. It can accommodate all the wares whether they are crockery, pans, tall glasses, heavy “tawas” whatnot. It consumes 8 liters of water per wash cycle. Hence reduces water wastage.

The Power consumption of Voltas Becko is also not huge thus making it an efficient power-saving device. Various sensors are also placed on the machine that can be efficiently operated.

For all the excellent performance and features it is one of the best dishwashers in India.


– Is available with a front-load system and hence easy to operate.

– Power saving appliance and is environment friendly too.

– Adjustable with all kinds of dishes.

– Heat resistant.


– In the era of noise-free dishwashers it is comparatively noisy.

– Large utensils cannot fit in it.

3. Bosch Dishwasher, 12 Place Settings, SMS66GI011

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The company Bosch is a renowned name in the electronic market in India. This model by Bosch comes with a 12-place setting feature, that makes it a unique one to consider.

This dishwasher is the one to choose, if you want nicely cleaned, germ-free, and effectively dried utensils. Also, it features the 6-wash programs embedded in it.

It comes with this intensive Kadhai program, which is ideal for the effective cleaning of the oily kadhais. This function easily cleanses the masala and other stubborn utensil stains. Also, it has the Hygienic Wash feature that heats the water around 70 degrees Celsius. Further, killing 99.99% of the bacteria and other microbes.

For the whole job it uses up to 9.5 liters of water, on the contrary, while washing manually you might waste up to 50 liters for the same. There is this Express sparkle program which easily cleans and dries the dishes in an hour. That’s why made it to the list of best dishwashers in India.

It also has this amazing Half Load feature. This will help save energy, time, and water. The amazing product also has this preactivated Vario speed which ensures great wash results in much less time. Therefore, saving your precious time.

It also includes this Aqua Sensor setting in it. It makes use of the beam of light and makes required adjustments in the use of water.

Further, this dishwasher has a powerful cleaning program to clean too many dirty utensils effectively.


– Careful handling of your kitchen crockery.

– Amazingly save water and power.

– Multiple useful programs


– No stand included. You need to bend to put the utensil

4. The Siemens iQ500 12 Place Setting Dishwasher

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With high technology standards and engineering masterpieces, you can avail the benefits of a siemens dishwasher. The amazing product comes with preactivated Vario speed which ensures great wash results in much less time. Another one in the list of best dishwashers in India.

And in modern times the hygiene standards are of quintessence for any consumer and when it comes to healthy, hygienic cleaning of dishes this particular dishwasher is the ideal choice as it boasts of its capability of eliminating 99.99 percent of bacteria and germs.

It also comes with six smart washing programs for seamless untiring and efficient dishwashing performances every time you want. The SpeedMatic dishwasher technology-enabled machine with improved wash programs can be an ideal helper in daily dishwashing in every household. 

The modern dishwasher is also loaded with an Aqua-sensor that uses a light beam for detecting how dirty are the dishes and using a precise amount of water ensuring less water wastage and efficient cleaning at the same time.

It comes with a cutlery basket and foldable racks to arrange the dishes making it a viable option in the range of dishwashers available in the market. While buying a dishwasher one should always look for the capacity of the dishwasher and the number of programs available in the machine, as they come in different capacities called as a place setting and the number of programs in the machine, this machine comes with 12 place setting and six wash programs suitable for a family with many members too.

Siemens’ machine also has half loads which clean the dishes without having the machine be fully loaded and wear-free iQdrive motor is very efficient, quiet, long-lasting, and durable again making it an easy consumer’s choice.


– Energy efficient

– Suitable for family with 4-6 member

– 6 wash programs


– Energy consumption is a bit high which may lead to an increased electricity bill.

– No child lock feature

5. FFSD 8PR 14S FABER Dishwasher

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Here comes another dishwasher in the range of best dishwashers in India. Let us know all the ins and outs of this particular dishwasher. It is another example of advancement in technology. As the name suggests 14S hence it infers that this dishwasher has the capacity of 14 place settings.

When we talk about any machine then the primary thing that comes to mind is its material from which it must have been made. So, this Faber dishwasher is made up of stainless steel making it heat and rust-resistant. 

There are many electrical appliances that we use in our homes to make our work easier Dishwasher is also such an appliance. So, when we talk about electrical appliances the most important factor that which we pay heed to is Energy consumption.

The Faber dishwasher is very energy efficient with A++ ENERGY EFFICIENCY. It amasses energy while not just cleaning but also during wilting of the dishes. It is installed with 8 programs that aid in washing the dishes very easily and conveniently.

The 8-program system includes (eco, normal, 90minutes, glass, rapid, soak (pre-wash), auto wash, and intensive). Many machines work with making a lot of noise but dishwasher makes hardly any noise. The noise level of this dishwasher is 44db well-nigh negligible.

The trait of AUTO WASH makes this machine very handy to use which is liked by the consumers a lot. It automatically detects the amount of water and the time required for cleansing the dishes, thus cleaning the dishes in very little time effortlessly.

A special feature of the child lock system is also contained by this machine hence one can work without any tautness about the children altering the program by pressing any button.

It has a DUAL-ZONE WASH SYSTEM which cleans the utensils in the selected wash zone either upper or lower.

The special feature of Intensive wash care makes it remarkable. Most dishwashers have a heating frontier of 65-degree celsius whereas Faber dishwashers can heat up to 69-degree Celsius owing to which cleanses the ware(s) efficiently.


– Environment friendly, and works so silently that cannot be perceived by the ears easily.

– Energy-efficient and reduced electricity consumption.

– Smooth use and concentrated cleansing property differ it from the rest.

– It is loaded with three spray arms that work with flexibility.


– The cleaning period is quite lengthy that may last for a few hours.

– The upper racks can only be fitted with bigger plates or bulky utensils.

6. LG Dishwasher, 14 place settings, Wi-Fi – DFB424FP

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As a long known brand in the world of electronics, LG has always provided the best appliances. Here, we discuss the dishwasher that has marvellous features to meet the demands of any common household kitchen. The amazing design and durability are a plus point this dishwasher model offer.

Also, there is a wide range of settings available in this, which is 14 place settings. Also, it features a True Stream function which makes it sure that only hot water gets to the dishes and other utensils thoroughly. Further, you always get shining and clean utensils after the wash.

It comes with nine different wash programs. These provide a variety of ways to make it more convenient to clean the utensils for you. Furthermore, there are some other outstanding features like easy height adjustmentmulti-directional arms, and foldable tines.

The amazing Quad Wash function makes washing an effective task. As it cleans the utensils from every corner and angle possible. Also, the multi-motion spray arms along with high-pressure jet streams included help clean the utensils you put in without any dirt or food residue left. These unique features are the reason it made to our list of best dishwashers in India.

As mentioned, this appliance comes with 14 place settings that give you the flexibility to put in utensils of various shapes and sizes. Hence, making it easier to clean every utensil on the go. Therefore, eliminating the multiple washes and saving the water. Loading and Unloading all your utensils are very convenient on this LG machine.

Moreover, the working is on the type of motor which is efficient and secondly, makes the noise that you can hear without concentrating. Whereby, it does not interfere while you work.

One unique feature that makes it stand out is the compatibility with the LG’s ThinQ smartphone application. This dishwasher connects to the app through wi-fi and easily lets you control it easily.


– Included a wide range of washing programs

– Ideal for Indian household

– Saves water


– A bit costlier

7. Faber, FFSD 6PR, 12-place settings Dishwasher

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This model by Faber is embedded with features that make it a suitable choice in the dishwasher category. It not only saves water but also the time that is wasted in manual washing.

It has an excellent six washing programs. These programs are designed to make washing a quick and easier task for you. Some of the included programs are 90 minutes, EcoGlass, Intensive, etc.

Also, this dishwasher ensures the saving of water. As, it only uses about 10 to 15 liters of water in the whole process, while doing it manually around 60 liters is used.

It includes this half-load feature, which starts the work with the half-loaded feature. Therefore, making the cleaning process easier for you. Another interesting function is Delay Start where the timer can be set easily, to start it whenever you want. So, if you want to add the other dirty utensils at that time. Whereby, this is a convenient option.

Further, it comes with the hot water cycle option. This keeps the temperature of water at around 70 Degree Celsius for the cleaning process. Thus, making the process most reliable and hygienic at the same time. As a result, this dishwasher terminates the bacteria and other microbes in the washing process.

The amazing energy-saving feature is also given in this mode. It further, make this appliance a worthy choice to go for. Because not only it makes the washing and cleaning effective but also energy-efficient at the same time.


– Idea for Indian kitchen

– Energy saving is commendable

– Water saved


– Some problem in customer service

8. Godrej Dishwasher EON, VES SI 13Z DWF

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When it comes to Indian households, Godrej is one of the preferred brands in electronics. This model comes with some excellent and unique features. Moreover, the design is sleek and smart, and the engineering is mainly done by keeping in mind the Indian environment. It certainly caters to the requirements of the Indians.

This Godrej Eon dishwasher is capable of handling the crockery with delicacy. It can take care of the sticky grease and other dried stains and residue of the food on the utensils. It makes sure to clean the utensils with utmost effort. Hence, giving you the spick and span work.

Further, Godrej made sure of the hot water cycle option. This keeps the temperature of water at around 70 Degree Celsius for the cleaning process. Thus, making the process most reliable and hygienic at the same time. As a result, this dishwasher terminates the bacteria and other microbes in the washing process.

Also, it includes the Smart Wash technology. It has turbidity sensors in it, which identify the amount of particle matter in the water. Thereby, adjusts the various parameters of the washing and cleaning process like temperature, quantity, time duration, etc.

It is fitted with the amazing BLDC inverter motor for the Energy-efficiency. It performs the cleaning process without any audible noise. Along with saving time, water, and energy. While considering the European standards, these machines hold the position of the highest rating in Energy-efficiency. 

This machine also has an anti-bacterial filter that removes any probability of amassing the bacteria and other microbes. This has an amazing capability of 99 percent prevention. On the other hand, it comes with a 14-minute jet Wash feature. This is for the people in a hurry, who wants their utensils to wash in less time.

Lastly, this model from Godrej has Auto Door Open feature. This feature opens the door of the dishwasher while drying utensils in progress. This lets the hot temperature cool down inside and enables the flow of air more effectively. Hence, speeding up the drying process.


– Timer is a unique touch

– 14-minute washing is useful

– Alert automatically to fill the salt


– Servicing may be inconvenient sometimes

9. Voltas Beko Dishwasher, DF14S, 14-Place Settings

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The Voltas brand holds the rapport of being energy efficient along with the durability they provide. This appliance from Voltas comes with the 14 Place Settings, providing more flexibility to keep the utensils.

This Volta’s model comes with the six wash programs. These programs are programmed to perform the cleaning process intensively and effectively. Furthermore, it comes with the unique feature to take care of your delicate ceramic crockery. For this, it features some of the modes like Quick and Shine and Glass care.

Furthermore, it also has an excellent 70-degree celsius program that maintains the security of hygienically cleaned dishes making it the best dishwasher in India. Additionally, the noise level of this machine is a bare minimum that stands at 45db nearly unreachable to the ears.

The motor included is one of the eco-friendly options in the industry. Thus, saving your utility bills which can be heavier at other times. The Eco Wash system included in this appliance adds up to the saving of your power consumption.

The Fast Plus function can prove to be a saviour. It makes the washing of utensils quick, which actually can take a long time otherwise. This function is excellent for people in hurry. It is large enough with enough space. It might require some separate space to place in your kitchen. But the top part can be used as a slab for keeping other stuff. 


– Noise is minimum

– Ideal for a medium family of 6 members

– Fast Plus function is handy


– Not enough racks

– No auto timer

10. Amazon Basics Dishwasher, 12-Place Settings

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Amazon is a well-known name for online shopping. But it is also making effort to get into the other markets as well. Hence, this dishwasher from Amazon is good value for the money. It is amazing with a modern design which can prove to be the best fit in the Indian household’s kitchen.

It features the 7 wash programs, which are useful in fulfilling the different needs of washing the vessels in your kitchen. Also, the 12 place settings provided make it easier for the consumer to easily place the different shapes and sizes of utensils. Hence, providing more efficient washing by saving multiple cleaning shifts.

The Included Eco Wash program provides excellent working and cleaning with less power consumption. The features like Glass Wash and Rapid Wash come in handy frequently. These are capable of handling the crockery delicately and with care. Any stained utensils can be easily cleaned with these as these perform the long soaking in water. Thus, catering to the basic requirements of the Indian kitchens.

Its operation and control are convenient and simple because of the presence of the Button Control feature. Also, the embedded water softener slot in the dishwasher effectively softens the hard water. Thereby, making the cleaning process more efficient.

The included LED in the dishwasher just the cherry on the cake. It makes everything visible and just adds to the modern factor of the machine. Also, the Child Lock feature comes in handy for the safety of small and curious children.


– Great choice for Indians

– Excellent features and power savings

– Pricing is great with respect to features


– Sometimes customer service may irritate

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Now, after seeing some of the best dishwashers in India, let us move to the detailed explanation of features they have. As we go to buy something and spend money on that we get wary of whether we are buying the thing that is worth spending money on or not and we often get the things that do not meet the standard according to the money spent and then we have no other option but cry over a spilled milk.

Consequently, before purchasing anything whether purchasing from e-commerce sites or shops we must know all the ins and outs of that particular article or thing, weigh all the pros and cons, and then only we should buy that.

Other important features

Safety features

Today, in the advanced world, companies are adding smart features and technology. One is Child Lock features which make the Dishwasher safe and sound for the children that are active and curious.

Hard Water compatibility

As the hard water is like present in most of India. It becomes important for the washing to soften the water first and then cleaning the clothes and utensils. This is taken care of by some brands which have separately have the compartment dedicated to softening the water. These contain the salts that dissolve the impurities causing hardness. Furthermore, saving excess use of detergents by the dishwasher.

Auto Restart

The frequent power cuts in most of India make it helpful to have this function. As the name suggests, it automatically restarts the Dishwasher when it stops due to power cuts or other problems. Hence, becomes a handy feature and enhances the provided experience by the appliance.

Dishwasher types

Under Counter Dishwasher

You can easily find these in the households more frequently. Most common and you place these types of dishwashers under the kitchen counter permanently. No connection to the sink faucet, therefore, the sink is free while the dishwasher is in use.

Great appliance to go for if you live in your house.

Freestanding/Portable Dishwasher

These are easy to carry and easy to place in other places. As these dishwashers are portable. Most importantly, a good appliance for the people who frequently change their house. 

You can easily drag them to the sink connect them to the faucet when using, otherwise, just place them in any corner.

The countertop provides extra space to keep the other kitchen items.

Countertop dishwasher

These have a similar use as the portable ones. Just these are to be kept on the countertops of the kitchen. Thus, taking up the extra space. Thereby, connecting these to the kitchen faucet. You can use them as usual.

Wash Cycles

Nowadays, the dishwasher comes with several features and functions to make the work easier for the user. These have various cycles as listed below:

Delayed wash

In this, you can set the timing for the washing of the utensils and crockery any time later. You can conveniently set it from one hour to 24 hours as needed.

Rinse and Hold

It is useful in rinsing and consequently eliminating the bad odour of the food. This is done without the use of detergent too.

Quick Wash

These washing cycles are available with different names like Rush wash, etc. It makes the cleaning and washing of the vessels and other utensils quicker, even in half the time.


This is the mode in which the dishwasher increases the temperature of the water. Additionally, this hot water helps kill bacteria and germs effectively.

Water usage

Well, that revelation will astound you. It saves 50 liters of water rinse per cycle as equated to washing your dishes or utensils by hand under running water. This saved water could give you enough water for TWO extra baths every week! Isn’t it amazing that besides making your mechanical effort easier it is also aiding in the preservation of water dissipated unnecessarily? Unquestionably, it is.

Hence it can be quoted in the pretext of “Cooking can be rewarding when it is a choice and no longer the onerous duty of the person especially a housewife.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What maintenance does the dishwasher need?

Ans. It will mainly take about 10 or fewer minutes every month or two. It just needs the filter and other dirt to be removed if gets stuck. Some dishwashers can automatically clean filters. Otherwise, you need to take the filter out and clean it every two months.

Q2. It is OK to use a dishwasher daily?

Ans. There is no rule there to run the dishwasher daily. If it is not fully loaded, you can always leave the utensils and run it on the next day when it is full. Hence, saving you water and electricity at the same time.

Q3. What are the problems that can happen with dishwashers?

Ans. Several problems like not drying dishes, not draining water properly, stopping in between, not cleaning the dishes properly, etc.

Q4. What should we know before purchasing a dishwasher for our kitchen?

Ans. Several aspects should be considered. Like capacity, types, Energy-efficiency, washing cycles, racking and spacing, Hard water compatibility, etc. And also consider our list of best dishwashers in India.

Q5. Is it wasteful to use a dishwasher?

Ans. Certainly, you need a lot of water to manually wash and clean the utensils. In fact, if you manually use 27 gallons for washing, it is comparable to 4 gallons of washing by a dishwasher. Using a good energy-rated dishwasher always saves time, water, and electricity.

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