10 Best Geyser Water Heaters In India 2021 (Instant, Storage) with Buyer’s Guide

It’s that time of the year again in the country, and this time, slightly more extreme than the others! Yes, we are talking about the winter season. It is only logical that you find the best water heater in India for yourself to combat the cold.

best water heater in India

One of the worst things to do on a chilly winter morning is to wake up and prepare yourself for a bath. Let’s not even get started on the time you have to wait for the water to heat up.

Fortunately, we can put an end to all these woes with the best geyser in India that blazing heats up the water, cutting down on the wait time.

List of best water heaters in India

Let’s learn everything about the best water heaters in India in 2021 that will allow you to enjoy bath on a cold winter day. Read on:

1. AO Smith HSE-SES-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater

AO Smith 15-Litre Water Heater

A.O Smith, despite being a company from the U.S, perfectly understands the needs of Indian audiences. Therefore, the geysers that come out of this brand to the market perfectly suit Indian weather conditions.

One of the best amongst them is this 15-litre water heater. It has glass-coated heating elements that prevent sedimentation and build-up scales.

The most promising feature of this geyser is its Blue diamond glass-lined inner tank that keeps the geyser corrosion-free. This, in turn, lends a long lasting element to the water heater.


  • It is immensely energy-efficient
  • Very useful for hard water
  • Stores water for longer periods
  • The temperature control ranges from 25-75 degrees Celsius
  • Can manage pressure up to 8 bars


  • The product does not include plumbing fittings and pipes

Warranty- 7 years on inner tank + extended 3 years on glass coated heating element + 2 years comprehensive

2. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Ltr Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Ltr Vertical Water Heater

If you want a water heater best for use in Indian winters, look no further! The Bajaj New Shakti Storage Vertical Water Heater is the answer to all your winter woes. Furthermore, it is a great product and also very cost effective.

Firstly, it is touted as one of the safest water heaters in India. It can handle up to 8 bars pressure, making it an ideal choice for people living in high rise buildings.

As per the latest guidelines by BEE, it is rated 4-stars, and also has an inner glass coating to prevent corrosion and any damage to the geyser.


  • The safety system protects the geyser from over pressure, over heating, and dry heating
  • The inner glass lining ensures product durability
  • The same geyser model is available in 3 variants to suit the needs of customers
  • Equipped with PUF insulation to retain hot water for longer periods
  • Energy saver with consumption of only 2000 watts
  • BEE 4-star rating


  • Does not come with installation accessories
  • Additional installation charges

Warranty- 2 years on product + 5 years on the heating element + 2 years on inner tank

3. Racold Pronto Neo 6 Liter

Racold Pronto Neo 6 Liter

Probably the best water heater in India, the Racold Pronto Neo 6 Litre is a great item for people looking for geysers with a smaller capacity.

It has a 3000-watt heating element, which makes the heating quicker than all other water heaters.

It can withstand high pressures, making it ideal for not only houses but also high-rise buildings.

In contrast to the other heaters, the most prominent feature for Racold Pronto is its auto cut-off feature and no back flow of water to avoid dry heating. It also has three levels of safety to avoid pressures against higher temperatures.

It comes with PUF Insulation that retains internal heat and temperature. This makes sure the hot water is stored for longer, thus, in turn, reducing electricity bills and saving more energy.


  • It comes with an adjustable thermostat
  • The product ensures quick water heating
  • Anti-syphon system to prevent dry heating


  • No solid corrosion protection system
  • Shock protection also unavailable

Warranty- 2 years on the product + 2 years on the heating element + 5 years on tank

4. V-Guard Sprinhot 10 Litre Water Heater

The most noteworthy of all water heater geysers, the V-Guard Sprinhot is a quick and rather useful water heater for some of the coldest cities.

Handling pressure bars of 3.5, the geyser comes with a PUF insulation to make it energy efficient.

It comes with a 5-star BEE rating and a standing loss of 0.365 units/24 hours. The water heater has penta protection system for a safe thermostat, thermal cut-off, and a pressure valve.

To ensure maximum safety operations, there is a penta protection system. That includes a thermostat, thermal cut-off, Pressure Release Valve, Non-returning valve, and a fusible bag.

It also has a long-life heating element for superior performance. 


  • Superior quality heating quality to ensure durability
  • Rust proof ABS material for a sturdy internal tank
  • 3000 watts power consumption for quick heating


  • No available earth leakage protection
  • An adjustable thermostat not available

Warranty- 5 Years inner tank + 2 years product

5. Usha Misty 25-litres 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater

Usha Misty 25-litres 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater

Seems like the best geyser in India, Usha Misty has won the hearts of all users across India. This storage water heater is BEE 5-star rated.

Because of its inner glass lining, it has great corrosion-free protection.

Handling high-pressures up to 8 bars, this water heater is good for houses and even high-rise buildings.

The geyser comes with an adjustable thermostat and a low standing loss. It also has a glass inner lining to protect corrosion and also a magnesium anode for superior protection.

Furthermore, it also comes with five safety features that protects against high temperatures.


  • Protection against hard water
  • Whirl flow technology for better heating
  • Magnesium anode to prevent corrosion
  • Five-safety feature to protect from many elements amongst dry heating
  • The copper heating element serves better in saving energy


  • Does not offer quick heating unlike other water heaters with 3,000 watts

Warranty- 7 years on tank + 3 years on the heating element + 2 years on product

6. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-25 Litre Storage Vertical Water Heater

AO Smith Vertical Water Heater

One of the top geyser manufacturers, the AO Smith comes in two capacities- 15 L and 25 L. The outer body is made of metal and the inner body is lined with a Blue diamond coated glass to avoid corrosion and make the product more durable.

Even more exciting about this water heater geyser is the thermal cut-out feature and a multi-functional safety valve. The storage water heater comes with a manual, and mounting screws.

The internal Blue Diamond glass tank prevents corrosion, making the product long-lasting and highly durable.

Need more reasons to make your choice? Here are the pros and cons.


  • Can handle up to 8 bars of pressure
  • It is corrosion resistant 
  • Double protection with the cut-off feature
  • BEE 5-star rated
  • Advanced PUF Technology for Power Savings


  • Comparatively bigger than other geysers
  • Does not provide installation

Warranty- 7 years on the inner tank + 3 years extended warranty on glass coated heating element + 2 years comprehensive

7. Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater

Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater

Another best water heater in India, the Crompton Solarium DLX comes with a stainless steel inner tank. It also has a Nano Polymer coating to keep it corrosion-free. Consequently, it has a bar handling capacity of 6.5, which works well for high-rises. 

A very durable model, this water heater has a rust proof body. The glass wool insulation in the heater expedites the heating process. 


  • Fast heating due to 3000 Watts energy usage 
  • Ability to handle high pressures
  • Faster heating because of glass wool insulation
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Saves time since it is an instant geyser


  • No adjustable thermostat
  • No shock protection
  • BEE star rating not available
  • Does not provide installation. That can be an added expense

Warranty– 2 years on the product

8. Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser

Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser

A rust-proof ABS plastic body, Havells Instanio protects you from electric shocks. Likewise, the stainless steel inner tank is of 304 grade and conserves heat.

It handles pressure up to 6.5 bars and is really popular among people living in the cities.

Unlike many other water heater geysers, this one has a copper heating element for the water to heat quickly and provide people with an instant water heating solution.

The LED indicator tells you when the water is hot for use so you don’t use extra energy. The geyser comes with flexi pipes and other elements of installation.


  • LED indicators to inform about heating
  • Rust-proof body
  • Retardant power cord for safety
  • ISI marked and certified
  • It comes with wall mounting accessories and 2 flexi pipes 


  • Uses more power compared to other best geysers in India
  • Cannot store hot water for longer durations

Warranty- 2 years on product + 5 years on condenser

9. Morphy Richards Lavo EM Storage 10-Litre Vertical Water Heater

Morphy Richards Vertical Water Heater

First of all, let us tell you how iconic this water heater storage is.

Not only is it beautiful looking, but it also has a magnesium anode to prevent corrosion and balance the pH levels of water.

Another interesting that makes this water heater best is the climate control setting. This allows a user to pre-set the temperature for quick heating.

The water heater can handle pressures up to 8 bars making it ideal for cities with high-rises.

It comes with a 5-star BEE rating ensuring it is a power-saving device. The PUF insulation also cuts down the costs of electricity.


  • Glass lined inner coating to avoid corrosion
  • Has a 5-star BEE rating
  • Has climate control settings
  • Comes in various capacities ranging from 6 to 25 litres
  • Can withstand high pressures
  • Comes with installation pipes and other elements


  • Will have to pay separate installation charges
  • Some users are not fans of its post-sales services

Warranty- 2 years on the product

10. V-Guard water heater Victo 15-litres

V-Guard water heater Victo 15-litres

One of the best water heaters, the V-Guard is a top-rated product in the geyser category.

Due to this reason, it is also one of the most bought water heaters in India. It has a robust stainless steel body and an anti-corrosive powder coating.

This lends a long-lasting quality to this appliance.

There is no leakage due to the single welded tank. Alongside this, there is a glass-lined inner lining to prevent the insides of the geyser from corrosion.

The best part about this water heater, though, is that it has a 4-layered security system.

This includes a thermostat, a thermal cut-off, a sacrificial anode, and a multi-functional valve. It also has a PUF insulation to prevent heat loss.


  • 5-star rated water heater
  • A safety system with four layers
  • Steel body with an anti-corrosive powder coating
  • Installation accessories available with the product


  • In comparison to other heaters, this takes longer for the water to heat

Warranty – 2 years on the product

Things to keep in mind while buying a geyser:

According to reports, the ideal temperature to bathe is 35-37 degrees Celsius. Most water heaters come with a built-in geyser valve, whose temperature goes up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, it is not advised for a person to not bathe under direct water from a geyser. Even the best water heater in India, needs users to add cold water to the one from the geyser to bathe in an ideal temperature set-up.

Now, how much energy your geyser consumes is greatly dependent on these 5 factors. These include:


The more the consumption of water, the more the electricity bill. These two are directly proportional to each other.

Input water temperature

The larger the amount of time taken by the water to reach the thermostat, the higher the electricity bill. Colder water takes more time. Thus, colder regions like the northern part of India will have a higher electricity bill compared to the hotter states. 

Thermostat temperature

Set up to 60 degrees, you can change this temperature only in heaters that give you external control. However, this temperature is ideal and offers maximum power savings,

Standing loss

The amount of heat the water loses is known as standing loss. BEE has a different definition of it. They define standing loss as the energy consumed by the water heater when no one has used the heated water in it. However, either of the two plays a crucial role in saving energy.

Material used inside the geyser

The internal material of the water heater makes a big difference in the heating time and energy the application consumes. For example, geysers with PUF insulation retain more heat and quickly heat up the water, thus, saving energy consumption in that case.

Points of consideration while buying a geyser

So now you know all about the best geyser in India in 2021 that you can invest in. Certainly, there are many other things one should consider while buying a water heater.

We have a full-blown water heater buying guide for you to make things easier. Let’s find out:

These are the parameters you should keep in mind while buying a geyser:

  • Ability to heat up: How quickly the water can heat up in the geyser 
  • Power and electricity consumption: This is primarily dependent on the make and usage of the geyser
  • Capacity: How much water can the geyser heat up in one go.
  • Geyser material: What material is used inside and outside the geyser to heat the water.
  • Compactness: The size of the geyser and the space it will take up on the mount.
  • Price: Dependent upon the size and features of the water heater
  • Warranty: The amount of time up to which a user can exchange or fix the product
  • Pre and post-sale services: How does the brand of water heater you choose help you before and after buying the geyser. 

Water Heater/ Geysers Buying Guide

There are two types of water heaters

1. A storage tank geyser

A geyser used for storing hot water for longer times is a storage tank geyser. This water heater geyser is sold in larger quantities because it is used for the purpose of bathing.

Storage heaters are also ideal for people who use showers while bathing. The geyser takes 10 minutes to heat up the water after switching on.

2. Instant geysers

While storage geysers take time to heat up, instant, much like the name, provides instantly heated water.

Instant water heaters are also compact, smaller in size. So this makes them ideal for fitting on washbasins to supply hot water continuously while washing hands.

For people living alone, these water heaters are ideal.


A very important parameter in deciding what capacity of water heater to buy is dependent upon the number of people using it.

There are many capacities available in the market but here’s a way you can find out which one is ideal for you:

Geyser CapacityUsage TypeFamily Size
1-3 litersWashing utensils4 to 8 members
6 litersBucket Bathing4 to 8 members
10 to 15 litersShower Bathing4 to 8 members
15 to 25 litersShower + Bucket Bathing4 to 8 members

Therefore, the larger the family size, the bigger the geyser capacity. So find out which water heater best suits your needs and demands.

Tank Material

Water heater geysers in India are primarily found in 3 different kinds of materials. These include copper, stainless steel, and thermoplastic. Here are the important features of all three.

  1. Copper: Heats quickly but more prone to corrosion
  2. Stainless Steel: Good insulator and a successful conductor of heat
  3. Thermoplastic: Most corrosion-resistant but the average insulator

Other than the external material, internal material plays a big role in judging the geysers you should buy. Due to this, here are a few things you should consider:

  1. Glass coating: Prevents corrosion but gets damaged over persistent use
  2. Vitreous Enamel Coating: Prevents hard water scaling and is more durable

As a result, it is a smarter idea to choose vitreous enamel coating over the glass one in the internal material of a water heater.

Geyser Size

There is no one parameter that defines the best water heater in India. However, one important parameter is defining your needs and then deciding the size of the geyser.

If you live in a family of 2-3 people, a 10-15 liters geyser should suffice for the purpose of bathing, whether showering or bucket bathing.

Similarly, if you are looking for a geyser for washing utensils, 1-3 liters will suffice.

In most cases, the geyser size is directly proportional to its capacity. So a bigger capacity geyser will take up more space as opposed to a smaller one, which will be relatively compact.


Some brands have more economical water heaters, best used by people looking to buy a geyser on a budget. On the other hand, some are costlier, coming with multiple features.

Whether you want to choose a cheaper water heater or one with more features, is a choice a person needs to make. This choice depends upon your personal needs.

Consequently, as much as possible, companies try to bring all these elements together at one place.

Keeping in view the price of the geyser along with its features, companies have developed many geysers with different variations.


The most noteworthy of all elements while buying a water heater is the warranty.

There are many companies that offer up to 7 years of warranty but some have basic 2-year protection. Hence, depending upon your use, you should choose a geyser with the right kind of warranty.

To elaborate even more on which geysers are best in different capacities, we have listed them down for you. Check it out: 

Top 5 water heaters in India in the 6-litres category:

  1. Usha Aquagenie 
  2. Usha Misty
  3. V-Guard Sprinhot Plus
  4. Racold Classico Swift
  5. AO Smith HSE-SAS-006

Top 5 water heaters best in the 10-liter category:

  1. Ferroli Caldo.10V
  2. Bajaj Calenta 10L
  3. V-Guard Iris 1
  4. Havells Adonia Spin 10
  5. Venus 10R

Top 5 water heaters in India in the 15-liters category:

  1. V-Guard Sprinhot Plus 15
  2. Crompton SWH 1715
  3. Koryo KWH15GL5S
  4. Hindware SWH 15A-2 M-2
  5. Orient Electric SWAP15VMGM2

Top 5 geysers in India in the 25-liter category:

  1. Bajaj Calenta Digi 25L
  2. MARC Neo-Classic 25
  3. Havells Quatro 25
  4. USHA Aquagenie 25L
  5. American Micronic AMI-WHH-25LDx

Please note that this choice is based on BEE rankings and data from standing loss.


There are a few things one should keep in mind while buying water heaters in India. These basics are essential to make an informed choice.

Furthermore, it gives you the right perspective to make the best judgment about your geyser choice.

  • Bathing with water of extremely high temperatures is not good for the skin. If your skin comes in contact with such high temperatures, there could be burns. So be mindful of using such hot water. In an ideal situation, you should mix some cold water to the hot water. 
  • It is a known fact that if the water heaters have unused hot water in their storage tank, it wastes electricity. So make sure you switch the appliance immediately on and off when using the geyser. 
  • Essentially, a smart choice is to buy a geyser with a thermostat. Water heater geysers have heating capabilities of 60 degrees usually. If that is the upper limit, it means the geyser will heat water up to that temperature. 
  • How much energy your geyser consumes is directly dependent on your usage. If you are in a colder region, probably a North Indian state, it will use more energy. In contrast, if you are using geysers in a Southern state, the energy consumption will be much less.
  • If you will be in a place where there is more hard water, you need to be careful. The chances of your water heater getting damaged are much higher. It is advised during this time to buy a geyser, which is corrosion resistant. There are also some water heaters that damage a geyser. To avoid that, you can install a water filter to soften the hard water, allow the water to soften before getting heated. This drastically reduces the chances of corrosion.

So which one according to you is the best water heater in India? Share with us! 

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