5 best hand mixer in India 2021

A hand mixer makes the job simple and a lot more effective, whether whipping egg whites or daily baking needs.

Daily, we need to do a lot of kitchen work, which requires mixing and whipping. Therefore, instead of using a mixer grinder, the hand mixer works fine. You can keep it anywhere because it occupies less space.

best hand mixer in India

Also, they are effortless to handle. For this, we have done a lot of research and come up with a list of best Hand Mixers in India. 

By assessing a few of the best hand mixers in terms of their strength, attachments, features, and more, we help you make your decision. To find the best match for your kitchen requirements, go through the buying guide and list of mixers mentioned below.

List of best Hand Mixer in India

TV Brand View
Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer Check Price on Amazon
Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000 Check Price on Amazon
Bosch Comfort MFQ22100 375-Watt Hand Mixer Check Price on Amazon
Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender Check Price on Amazon
Morphy Richards HBCP 400-Watt Hand Blender Check Price on Amazon

1. Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer

Check price at Amazon

In India, Philips is a familiar brand known for its consistency and honest pricing. This hand mixer is a perfect tool for mixing, whisking, and pounding, living up to the standard.

Design: With an ergonomic design, robust construction, and superior finish in black, the Mixer seems to be aesthetic. For comfortable handling, it is also compact and lightweight.

Strip Beaters: The Mixer packs two sets of strip beaters, a pair of dough hooks and a 5-speed setting, and a turbo from mixing to baking to kneading that takes care of many kitchen needs. The beaters have a cone shape that makes every batter fluffier faster because more air per minute adds to it.

Easy to Use: As they make a sound when fixed, it is easy to connect and remove the beater and hook. With a press, ejecting them is also quite simple. You can easily clean it because of the stainless steel body design. The simple-to-use knob makes it easy for you to change speed.

Power: The Mixer’s smooth exterior makes it easy to wash and rinse with water. Hand mixer uses 300 watts of power, therefore makes it energy efficient and an excellent product. At 1.2 meters, the cord length is relatively long, and the cord clip allows easy storage. You can use the Mixer for a long time with no problem, thanks to its non-slip grip.

Weight: The Mixer can handle small to medium-jobs on the flip side. But not a good option for bulky or heavy ingredients. When used continuously for about 20 minutes or more, your Hand can ache, as it is a lot heavier than other hand mixers with comparable features.

Use a deep container, so the batter does not splash out of the container. It also heats up and vibrates slightly for quite a while when used at high speed.

Price: The rates are a little expensive. But it is a highly versatile mixer that offers reliability and flexibility with a two-year warranty.

You can go for its smaller model, the Philips HR3700/00 200-Watt Hand Mixer, which consumes 200 watts of energy and comes with 3-speed settings for those with lower requirements.

2. Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000

Check price at Amazon

If you’re looking for a more powerful mixer, then look no further than this Inalsa mixer that can work in your kitchen like a mini food processor.

Design: First of all, you will undoubtedly be happy with the great look made of pure stainless steel and the trendy black plastic cover. A lightweight device and which makes it easy to carry and store. For easy hanging and fast use, while working, it also has a hanging loop.

Attachment: This one has a chopper attachment, a whisker, and a measuring beaker, unlike most hand mixers. All tasks are performed with ease and fewer efforts due to the ergonomic design and easy removal and attachment of pieces. With the Mixer, you can beat eggs, cut, blend, mix, whisk, and do several other chores.

Multitasking: The Mixer’s versatility is truly remarkable. With it, you can mash baby food, make vegetable gravies, puree vegetables, and even prepare egg batter. Its strong motor utilizes 800 watts of power.

Speed: The Mixer works with the help of a push-button. With an LED light and a turbo option, two-speed settings give you all the options you need. This hand mixer consists of removable blades. Besides you can clean it easily with water. 

Price: The prices are fair and come with a two years warranty. You will get a sleek design hand mixer with multiple attachments. You can use it for multiple works, like mixing, whisking, and making a smooth batter. Although using it for more than 20-30 mins can result in an annoying noise from the hand mixer. Overall it is one of the best deals for you. 

3. Bosch Comfort MFQ22100 375-Watt Hand Mixer

Check price at Amazon

Bosch has a reputation for delivering healthy homes and skilled appliances, and this hand mixer in our list is no exception. 

Comfortable Grip: It has a firm and comfortable grip thanks to its ergonomic and stylish style. This Bosch Hand Mixer is lightweight and made of plastic that is free from BPA. Easy to clean, store, and maintain because of its smooth body and various attachments.

Made up of stainless steel: The device is made up of high-quality stainless steel that is rust-free. With its powerful motor of 375 watts, four-speed control options, and a pulse mode, you can easily do all kinds of whisking, mixing, kneading, beating, and various other kitchen jobs. The eject button makes it easy to remove the attachments.

Air Ventilation Mechanism: Its highly structured air-ventilation mechanism is a remarkable feature of the Mixer. So, without it getting heated, you can run this Mixer for a long time. It allows fast mixing with the minimal splashing of large quantities of ingredients. The process is also pleasantly quiet.

Accessories: You can easily clean this hand mixer just like standard mixers with water. Here, you also have the option to buy a bowl and stand that will provide you with hands-free service.

Cons: It has a short power cable, which on several occasions is inconvenient. Nor is the customer service too satisfactory. 

Overall, it is one of the best options available in the market, with a two-year warranty and brand value from Bosch.

4. Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender

Check price at Amazon

Another gem on the list, Philips Daily Collection Hand Mixer. Enough to take care of all your kitchen needs; the appliance is sturdy and flexible.

Design: First and foremost, for fast working and washing, the blender has a unique and ergonomic grooveless body design. It is made up of high-quality stainless steel. And also consists of removable blades that are rust-proof. It takes care of your kitchen needs, along with comfortable cleaning. Besides, it consists of a bracket for safe storage and hanging of the blender.

Power: It is a beast for blending, whisking, and whipping hot or cold ingredients. It can churn moderately but cannot chop. Maybe you need a different appliance for it. Using 250 Watts of electricity, the trigger press button and two blades mix all kinds of food with a single press button. Without getting overheated, it can work for 20 minutes.

Cons: As an add on, you get the speed controller. In service, it is also noisy and can overheat sometimes. More pressure from your side is also needed, which can be challenging to handle. 

Warranty: But with Philips’ two-year warranty and brand value, it can be a good option for you all in all. 

5. Morphy Richards HBCP 400-Watt Hand Blender

Check price at Amazon

Morphy Richards is a highly reputable company. And if you are looking for a reliable, durable, and efficient multipurpose kitchen tool, you can buy this hand mixer without giving it a second thought.

Design: The lightweight, slim, and ergonomic style make it easy to handle. It comes in white color and has a grooveless body design. Not only does its steel shaft provide its strength, but it helps you to work with ease with both hot and cold food products.

Power: The machine absorbs 400 watts of power and operates at a set of 2 speeds. While it does not have removable blades, it has a removable leg with a simple locking system. This system allows you to clean it quickly and without fear of shock.

Multiple usages: You can efficiently perform simple kitchen jobs such as beating eggs, churning juices such as shakes and lassi, whisking, blending, etc., the blender comes with a measuring beaker as well as a chopper attachment. 

Cons: Looking at the negative, consumers complain about lousy customer care facilities and easy accessory breakage, such as the glass jar.

Warranty: With a two-year guarantee, fair pricing, and excellent customer feedback, you can purchase this blender with total confidence.

Buying Guide for a hand mixer


Your best hand mixer in India should be easy to use and comfortable to hold. Because you need to work only by using your Hand, you must ensure the hand mixer’s weight. And this should be one thing you should keep in mind before buying any hand mixer in India.


While low speed best hand blenders are suitable for mixing and whipping ingredients. On the other hand, high speed is good for beating egg whites and other food items. It would help if you tried to look for a variable speed hand mixer to control your hand blender’s speed as per your need. 


The power of your hand mixer will decide the number of ingredients it can handle in one go. You should know that the weight and density of your ingredients increase when wet. So, a more powerful hand blender would work well for you. At the same time, the less powerful may overheat and trip. You may also need to rest your hand blender, leading to an increase in preparation time. 


Most of the hand mixers of prominent brands come with standard attachments, i.e., beaters, whisk & dough hooks, etc. However, you must look for at least two attachments with your electric hand mixers, i.e., an electric cake beater and dough hook.


The hand mixer should be easy to carry and handle. And it would help if you had full control over it while working on it. It has an ergonomic design expected from any of the best electric hand mixer brands in India.


Last but not least, it’s always a challenge to clean your appliance after usage. The best hand mixers in India with removable blades are much easier to clean. Therefore try to get the hand mixer model, which has removable blades.


In the above article, we have mentioned all the details about hand mixers, their buying guide, and features. It also consists of 5 Best Hand Mixers in India. You can go through all the details and choose the best one for you. 

In the buying guide, you can find all the details to help you in the buying process. It will clear the clouds of confusion. Comfort, Speed, Power/Wattage, Attachments, Controls, and cleaning are some of the critical points which you must remember before you buy the hand mixer.

In today’s time, you can find a wide range of home appliances in the market. It is not easy to choose the right product, so we have mentioned all the essential points. And after doing all of the research, we have come up with the list of Best 5 Hand Mixers in India. In addition, you have complete information to get along well with the decision process. 

We have also mentioned all the features, pros, and cons of every hand mixer in the article. When you buy a product from the market, you go through all the details. You even ask the people who have used the product before to be double sure.

And when it comes to buying home appliances, you become extra cautious because home appliances are the things you buy daily. So, avail yourself of the details and information we have mentioned and choose the right-hand Mixer for you. 

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