12 Best Inverter AC in India 2021 (1.5 ton, split) Buyer’s Guide and FAQs

The Inverter ACs are more effective than the Normal ACs. Because they consume less power about 30-40% of electricity. Also, they have a feature of a shifting speed motor. As it can adjust the speed of the AC according to the need. So, we present you with a list of the Best Inverter AC in India for the year 2021.

Best Inverter AC in India

In addition, the AC buying guide at the end of the article has all the knowledge of the latest Best Inverter ACs in India. So you are recommended to go through it for a detailed study of the ACs. Because one should not directly buy any AC. Indeed, the buyer should know about the ACs before buying them. 

Here’s is a list of The Best Inverter ACs in India. Also, we provide you with a detailed study of the Best Inverter ACs of 1.5ton in India. Furthermore, they have a BEE rating of 5 stars to 3 stars. So, let’s have a look at them!

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List of best Inverter ACs in India

1. Blue Star Inverter Split AC, 5-star rating, 1.5-ton, Model – IC18DBTU

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This Blue star AC gives you the effect of fast cooling and saves huge energy. And it fits in a room of 120 and 170 sq. feet area. It has an excellent appearance with an instant cooling effect.

Also, this AC has a dust filter that eliminates the dust particles from the room. It benefits people with allergies. Furthermore, Dehumidifiers are present in this AC which help people leaving in coastal areas. It keeps the room humidity-free.

This AC machine has an R32 refrigerant. It plays less role in global warming. In addition, this machine has zero ozone depletion potential. As a result, the machine is counted in the environment-friendly category.

Therefore, less annual expenditure occurs on this AC. Also, it has coils of Copper. This increases the AC’s durability. As a result, the heat dissipation of this machine is better. 

Further, the outlook of the AC machines merges with the ambiance of the room.


  • Dust filter
  • Dehumidifiers
  • R32 refrigerant
  • Zero ozone depletion potential
  • Use of Copper coils
  • Warranty condenser – 1 year and compressor – 10 years

In addition, this machine has an ISEER value of 4.53. This indicates that it consumes little more than 70 units of power.


– A model with a 5-star rating 

– This AC is ideal for Indian rooms nowadays

– Produce less noise due to Brushless DC motor

– Dual user setting is an important feature


– Air throw is poor due to the absence of lateral swing. 

Overall, this AC falls on the list of the best Inverter AC in India.

2. LG Inverter Split AC, 1.5-ton capacity, 5-star, Wi-Fi, (2021), Model No. – MS-Q18SWZD

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LG has expanded its market recently. 

This 1.5-ton Inverter AC from LG has a feature of 5 in 1 cooling. This allows the AC to run at varying capacities. Also, the range varies from 40% to 120% in spite of consuming less power.

It also features an Ocean black protection layer that is over the copper condenser coil. By this, the occurrence of corrosion is minimum. Hence, this AC is ideal for coastal areas.

In addition, it has the best ISEER value of 4.73 in its niche. This AC consumes about 820 units per year. Hence, this saves energy.

The AC also has a Wi-Fi facility. Thereby, it allows you to control it even without a remote. Also, we should mention the voice assistant facility. 

Additionally, the air filters inside the AC filters the air to make it allergen-free. Therefore, it gives purified air inside the room.

Also, the smart diagnosis feature helps to detect the abnormalities in advance. The auto-clean feature allows cleaning the AC automatically. Thus, you have low maintenance expenditure on this AC.


  • 5 in 1 cooling
  • Ocean black layer protection
  • Wi-Fi Compatibility
  • Voice assistant facility
  • Air filters
  • Smart Diagnosis Features
  • Compressor warranty of 10 years, PCB warranty of 5 years, and 1-year warranty of the product 

The 5 in 1 cooling feature is not present in any other AC.


– Energy efficiency is high and has low noise creating problems

– Excessive voltage range doesn’t affect its work

– In addition, low gas detection allows you to replenish the gas level in time


– Needs Wi-Fi broadband for features like Wi-Fi and Voice assistant.

Overall, considering all the features, this machine is an outstanding one enlisted as the best Inverter AC in India.

3. LG Inverter Split AC, 1.5ton, 5-star (2021), Model – MS-Q18NYZA

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LG brings us excellent ACs with extraordinary performance. 

This AC possessing a capacity of 1.5ton is ideal for medium rooms. In addition, it has a variable speed compressor.  It adjusts different speeds. Thus, this machine saves huge energy. Other than this, it works creating less noise.

Because of the presence of ocean black protection, this AC is best suited for coastal region areas. This feature protects the condenser and evaporator from corrosion.

The AC machine comes with different air filters.

Also, it has various cooling modes.

Himalaya cooling mode – instant cooling

Monsoon comfort mode – has a dehumidifier for monsoons

Sleep mode – electricity saving mode

Furthermore, some functions such as Smart diagnosis, stabilizer free operating system, low gas detection help in resulting in low maintenance.


  • 4.73 – ISEER value, 5-star AC machine
  • Excellent compressor with variable speeds 
  • Ocean black layer protection 
  • Air filters 
  • Different cooling modes
  • Self-diagnosis methods
  • Compressor warranty of 10 years
  • 5-year warranty on PCB and one year of the product 

So, In accordance with all the features, it consequently has made it to the list of Best Inverter AC in India. 


– BEE 5 stars rating ensure it saves a lot of energy

– Cooling demands are fulfilled by a range of cooling modes

– Excellent Ocean black protection


– ACs’ initial installation costs are huge.

4. Daikin Inverter Split AC, 5-star rating, 1.5-ton capacity, Model – FTKG50TV

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Daikin’s ACs have fame all around the world.

Neo swing compressor technology – the most outstanding feature of the AC. It has efficient operational capabilities.

Further, the smooth rotational feature of the AC decreases friction. Thereby, it increases durability. The machine also ensures us about no leakage in the refrigerant gas.

In addition, this Daikin Air conditioner also has a technologically advanced mode – power-saving mode (also called Econo mode). Because of this, you can limit the maximum power consumption by this. Also, the power chill mode reduces the temperature when it is too hot outside the room.

Silent performer! The indoor unit of this AC machine works noiselessly. And the speed of the Air-flow variates along with the noise levels.

The AC also features an In-built stabilizer. Therefore, it can endure voltage fluctuations and regulates the input voltage.


  • Neo swing compressor technology
  • Smoot rotational feature
  • Econo mode
  • Power mode
  • In-built stabilizer

To conclude, the AC serves excellently consuming less power.


– Saves huge electric energy

– Huge Airflow as compared to the other machines 

– Cools a room of 120-150 sq. feet area

– Affordable price


– The AC has no digital display to show temperature

– Though having great features, customers have various complaints

But the AC has great features compared to other ACs in the market. This makes the AC one of the best Inverter AC in India.

5. Hitachi Inverter Split AC, 5-star, 1.5-Ton, Model – KASHIKOI 5 RSB51HBEAZ

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Hitachi is a Japanese brand that has a huge market in India. The Compressor in this AC machine can control power consumption depending upon heat load.

In addition, the machine has copper condenser coils. Consequentlyit prevents corrosion and increases durability. As we know, copper does not gather rust and it also has high heat dissipation capability. Thus, it’s the best material for an AC. 

Furthermore, the AC brings an expandable wide-angle deflector. Thus, it has advantages in the split of the AC. The AC has a switch on/ off technology. It also helps to keep the AC in power mode. Thus, it can run with less energy.

The has an In-built stabilizer. Thereby, this feature helps to overcome huge fluctuations in voltage.


  • Compressor
  • Copper condenser coils
  • Wide-angle deflector
  • Switch on/off technology
  • In-built stabilizer
  • One-year warranty 
  • Controller warranty of 5 years and compressor warranty of 10 years

Thus, this AC serves high-quality performance.


– In reality, it’s a 1.8-ton AC

– Less noise production

– Aesthetic looking outlook

– Worth the money


– No temperature displays in it.

– Installation costs are required separately.

Being the best Inverter AC in India, the machine has superb features.

6. Voltas Inverter Adjustable Split AC, 1.4-Ton capacity, 5-Star rating, 2021, 175V ADJ

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Most of the bedrooms in India have AC machines of Voltas. They provide an extremely comfortable life.

Split ACs can control the cooling according to need. Also, they save maximum energy. Furthermore, the Different modes of this machine can determine different tonnages. It’s provided with two adjustable modes.

The coils are copper. So, they transfer heat better than any other element. Thus create a comfortable atmosphere in the room. They are also more durable than any other metal.

In addition, this model of Voltas has a modern and advanced air purifier. It also makes the air dust-free. As a result, it reduces maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the AC machine can work at an external temperature of 52°C. It also features a 4-way auto Louver technology. As a result, it gives ample air and can work at various capacities consuming less energy.


  • Two adjustable modes
  • Copper coils
  • Advanced Air purifier
  • Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant
  • ISEER value – 4.51, rating of 5 stars
  • The compressor has a 4-year warranty and the product has one year.

This AC fits well in regions with high temperatures.


– AC has a stabilizer-free operation. So, no external stabilizer is required for this AC machine. 

– Super Dry mode of this machine helps in removing excess moisture


– Compressor doesn’t have an extended warranty on them.

Hence, This AC is one of the best Inverter AC in India that has extraordinary features.

7. Panasonic 1.5-ton capacity, 5-star rating, Wi-Fi, Twin Cool Inverter Split AC

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Panasonic offers an artificial intelligence facility in their machine. The AI feature allows you to have wireless control on the machine from anywhere. Simultaneously providing a comfortable lifestyle. The machine also has Wi-Fi Compatibility. 

A noticeable feature of this AC machine is shielded blu protection. It protects the copper condenser coil from rust and corrosion. This enhances the durability of the machine. 

Further, the PM 2.5 filter of this machine is responsible for purifying the ambient air effectively. Thus, it gives clean air in the room. The smart diagnosis enables us to know the issue in advance. 

The power consumption is about 840 units in a year. Hence, you can save a huge amount of energy.

People in India demand different cooling modes. To fulfil this demand, this machine indeed is an ideal one.

Additionally, this machine works on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Shield Blu Technology
  • 5 in 1 cooling
  • PM 2.5 filter
  • Smart diagnosis
  • Manufacturer warranty of one year, PCB warranty of 5 years, and compressor warranty of 10 years

Actually, this AC is famous for its AI facility.


– Smart AC with AI

– Power saving feature having Inverter compressor

– Range of cooling modes


– Time is needed to become compatible with the AI

– No protective grill panel on the outdoor unit

In spite of having these minor Cons, the machine has the best features indeed. This machine is considered the best Inverter AC in India.

8. Whirlpool 1.5-ton capacity, 5-Star rating, Inverter Split AC, 1.5T Magicool PRO 5S

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Whirlpool machines work on IntelliSense Inverter technology. Subsequently, this provides extreme coolness with low power consumption.

It works well inside the room when it’s 55°C outside.

6th sense cooling – this technology in Whirlpool AC machines provides an instant cooling effect. Also, the IntelliSense Inverter Cools according to the need of the user.

Also, the Whirlpool AC machines have 100% copper tubes. This helps in better heat transfer. In addition, the MPFI cooling technology brings you the facility of more comfortable cooling. Hence, this saves huge power.

Furthermore, the R32 refrigerant embedded in the appliance provides you with eco-friendly services.

No External stabilizer is needed for this machine. Consequently, it gives its best performance even at a voltage of 145-290V.

The smart diagnosis feature helps in the easy maintenance of the machine. Further, you’ll be notified about the defect of the machine.

Also, the ISEER value- 4.75 denotes that it saves a lot of power. In addition, the machine makes little noise. Thus, you can get a comfortable sleep. 


  • IntelliSense Inverter 
  • 6th sense cooling 
  • 100% copper tubes
  • MPFI technology 
  • R32 refrigerant 
  • Smart diagnosis 
  • Warranty of 10 years on compressor, one on the condenser and one of the product

Hence, the machine fulfils People’s desires. 


– Saves huge power

– Works noiselessly

– Has better customer service.


– Any Advance purifier is absent (example – PM 2.5 filter)

Thus, this machine is an incredible one. And it has such features which helped it in making the best Inverter AC in India.

9. LG 1.5-ton capacity, 3-star rating, Inverter Split AC

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People in India love the ACs from LG. Most of the rooms have LG AC machines. 

The AC machine has 4 in 1 cooling technology. In addition, it also makes cooling of the room a sublime experience. It is ideal for the Indian climate as it can work in different capacities.

Furthermore, an ISEER value of 3.68 denotes that it needs 1050 units per year to run perfectly.

The ocean black protection on the copper coils makes it durable. And it also protects the copper from corrosive elements.

The AC machine has different Air filters like HD dust filter, anti-bacterial filter, and EZ filters. They purify the air. The machine has an auto cleaner feature.

The AC has different cooling modes – Himalaya mode, Monsoon mode, and Sleep mode.

It also has a smart diagnosis and low gas detection features. It helps in maintaining the AC. The R32 refrigerant helps in reducing global warming.


  • 4 in 1 cooling technology
  • Ocean black layer protection
  • HD filter, anti-bacterial filter, EZ filter
  • Auto cleaner
  • Himalaya mode, Monsoon mode, sleep mode
  • Smart diagnosis
  • Low gas detection
  • R32 refrigerant
  • 10-year warranty on compressor, PCB – 5years and product – 1 year

Hence, the AC machine is the best in the category.


– Fits in 200 sq. feet of area

– So many air purifiers give clean air

– 4 in 1 cooling feature is an advanced technology


– Installation costs are a bit high.

10. Carrier 1.5-ton capacity, 5-star rating, Inverter Split AC – CAI18EK5R39F0

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Carrier is one of the leading companies all around the world. Further, this AC machine comes with Flexi cool hybrid jet technology. Thereby, it controls a comfortable temperature even there is 55°C outside. 

There are different operating modes in this machine – 50%, 75%, 100%, and the free operating mode. As a resultthis controls energy consumption. Usually, the AC machine works at a voltage of 195V. Furthermore, it has a 5-star BEE rating and ISEER value-4.6.

Also, an In-built stabilizer – an important feature. This helps the machine to work at 150 – 280 v. 

Furthermore, the machine has an awesome outlook. It has various designs. 

Also, the included Copper condensers are important features of this machine. 


  • Flexi cool hybrid jet technology 
  • Different operating modes 
  • In-built stabilizer 
  • Aesthetic look
  • Copper elements 
  • One-year manufacturer warranty and 10 years on compressor 

This AC suite best for the climate prevailing in India. 


– Excellence in performance in adverse conditions 

– No need for an external stabilizer 

– Presence of dehumidifiers and dust filter give clean air

– Worth the money


– No presence of automatic on/off

– Mainly for small rooms. 

Thus, this AC is an extraordinary one, thus, has placed in the list of best Inverter AC in India.

11. Sanyo 1.5-ton capacity, 5-star rating, Dual Inverter Wide Split AC –15T5SCIA

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Sanyo ACs provide an amazing and sublime experience. They have features like full Inverter technology and another is PM 2.5 filter.

It also has dual cool Inverter technology which gives comfort within taking much power.

Furthermore, the Two independent rotors- mentioning feature of the machine. It is responsible for further excellent cooling along with energy savings. Further, the glacier mode of this machine increases the speed of the fan by 35%. Thereby, increasing the cooling effects.

In addition, you can have good health because it has PM 2.5 filter and also a dust filter. 

Also, the eco mode gives an optimized performance level. Particularly, the auto-restart function ensures the machine could run safely after a power cut. 

The self-diagnosis feature is also included for the detection of errors in the machine. And, it displays the error code on the temperature display. 


  • Rating of 5star and ISEER value – 4.6
  • PM 2.5 filter
  • Two independent rotors
  • Glacier mode
  • Dust filter
  • Auto-restart mode
  • Eco-mode
  • Self-diagnosis technology
  • R32 refrigerant 

To conclude, this AC is an ideal one in this budget.


– Innovative air purifier

– Creates less noise

– Outstanding cooling

– Low energy consumption


– No grill protection on the outside part of the machine having open fans

– Average remote provided

Overall, as per the need of people, this AC has a rank in the best Inverter AC in India.

12. Voltas 1.4-ton 3-star Inverter Split Adjustable AC, 2021, 173V ADJ

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The Voltas AC has a special technology of adjustable Inverter. It saves huge power. 

Further, this Voltas AC machine has multi-utility. You can use it as 1 ton also 1.4 ton. 

Usually, it needs 1050 units of power annually. Although having this power consumption, the AC gives optimum cooling. Steady cool compressor – another unique feature. 

Also, the Voltas AC gives an instant cooling facility. It works even with a temperature of 52°C outside. 

Furthermore, the active dehumidifier absorbs moisture in the rainy season and fives perfect cooling. It also features Different cooling modes that suit different seasons. 

Additionally, the AC machine has multi-stage air filtration. Because of which, this gives purified air. 

The R32 refrigerant indeed helps in saving the environment from harmful gases from AC. 

The 3-star denotes the price of the AC machines. 


  • Adjustable Inverter 
  • Instant cooling facility 
  • Active dehumidifiers 
  • Multi-stage filtration 
  • R32 refrigerant 
  • ISEER rating – 3.51
  • One-year warranty – products 
  • 4-year warranty – compressor 

This AC saves huge power consumption. 


– Capable of working in multiple capacities 

– Steady cooling effect 

– This company has an intrinsic brand value


– Not the best in saving power

– Installation costs may be high. 

These were the best Inverter AC in India. We’ve provided a list of the best Inverter ACs.

Buyer’s Guide

This is included to give an insight into the different features and working of the AC. And it will definitely help in deciding and purchasing the best inverter AC.

Also, we know, especially compressors play an important role in inverter ACs. Hence, we should indeed keep this factor in mind while buying ACs.

Introduction to Inverter ACs

Indeed, the compressor forms the vital part of an AC. Granted that, the compressor detects the set temperature, and it automatically turns off. Consequently, the compressor then again starts as soon as the temperature of your room starts increasing. 

But in Inverter ACs, the compressor never switches off. This feature doesn’t let the compressor fully switch off. On the contrary, it slows down its speed. 

Dissimilarities – Inverter AC & non-inverter AC

The main difference between an Inverter AC and a Non-Inverter AC is their compressors. Particularly, in Inverter ACs the compressor doesn’t stop at all. However, it completely shuts off in the non-Inverter Air Conditioners. In short, the non-Inverter ACs do not have any speed control but Inverter ACs have speed control.

The working of the split ACs

The split ACs are trending nowadays due to their advanced technologies. Furthermore, the working of these Inverter ACs comprises the principle of evaporation, compression, and condensation.

Further, the split ACs have two parts – the first one outside and the second one inside. Also, an insulator pipe is used to connect these two parts. Generally, the working of these ACs involves the circulation of compressed gases. And, the refrigerant re cools itself at regular intervals.

Thus split ACs work in a different way than the others.

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AC Power Consumption – Balancing Performance and Energy Savings

Major Parts of the split AC 


Surely, the Compressor is just like the soul of the AC. Because it looks over the circulation of the refrigerant between condenser and evaporator coils in closed loops.

“The Bureau of Energy Efficiency marked that a 3 star rated Inverter AC is 7% more energy efficient than a 5 star rated normal Split AC.”

Condenser coils

Particularly, these are tubes filled with freons. So, the condenser cools down the heated gas refrigerant. Hence, they throw this extracted heat into the outside air.


It pulls the heated air from the condenser and releases the heat. Also, they are a part of the outdoor machine.

Evaporator coils

These coils remove heat as well as moisture from the refrigerant. And they are placed in the indoor unit.

Air filters

This part of the AC machines removes the dust and other allergic particles from the air. Thus, it provides purified air.

Drainage system

This helps to stop the water to get clogged. Furthermore, this helps in the perfect working of the machine. Because these were the main parts of a split AC. Hence, they run together to give an optimum output of air.

Inverter AC – Functioning

The working process of an Inverter ACs is nearly the same as Normal ones. However, the dissimilarity is the presence of a compressor. In Inverter ACs compressor doesn’t stop totally whereas in normal ACs they stop completely.

The power consumption of the AC depends on the temperature of the incoming air. It also depends on the thermostat settings. To explain, an Inverter mainly controls the variations of speed in the compressor motor.

The system converts incoming Alternating current(AC) into Direct Current(DC). And the system can produce a current of desired frequency using a modulation process. However, the Inverter ACs can work at varying speeds, unlike the normal ACs. This gives a peak-level performance.

Inverter Air Conditioner Vs 5-Star rated “Normal Air conditioner”

Speed / tonnage

Inverter ACs work at various tonnages and speeds. Whereas, normal ACs work at a steady speed and tonnages

Automatic adjustment

Inverter ACs can adjust themselves according to the temperature of the surrounding. Whereas normal ACs can’t do this.

Power consumption

In fact, an inverter AC has less power consumption than a normal one. For example, a BEE 5-star normal AC is less energy efficient than a 3-star Inverter AC. 


Inverter ACs cost more as it has advanced and improved technologies than normal ACs.

How does an inverter AC save power?

The inverter ACs at first cools the room faster by doubling its capacity. But then it slows down to maintain that constant temperature. On the contrary, the normal ACs after cooling the room switch off the compressor. As soon as the room starts to become warm again, it again switches on the compressor.

As the temperature rises, releasing of power increases and thereby it helps in less consumption of energy.

Consequently, the Machines having more stars are more energy efficient. Hence, the price also rises high for Inverter ACs.

What is a dual inverter AC?

A normal Inverter AC with a dual rotary motor is known as dual Inverter AC. Also, it has a wider rotational frequency. Hence, these need less power to run. Further, it is responsible for the variations in the speed of the compressor.

Also, the Normal ACs works well with an outside temperature of 46°C but these Inverter ACs work even at an outside temperature of 52 °C. 

For this reason, they have better capabilities than normal ACs. 

Air Conditioner Capacities

Different sizes of rooms need different tonnages of ACs.

Small bedroom – 0.75-ton ACs

Small conference rooms – 1-ton ACs

And 10 seater conference rooms – 1.5-ton ACs

Living room / large office workspace – 2-ton ACs

AC tonnages should be according to the needs.

Hence, here we’ve given all the best Inverter AC in India and guidance to buy AC. The concept of Inverter is now clear so far. Indeed, it saves huge power. 

Now, I hope it’ll be easier now to buy a perfect Inverter AC for your room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does inverter AC actually save you electricity?

Ans. Of course, the motors of the inverter AC are, in short, runs at variable speeds. Therefore, shortening your long electricity bills.

Q2. Is inverter AC costs higher for maintenance?

Ans. The inverter AC system including the circuitry and other parts is pretty complex. Hence, they may cost you a little bit higher while paying maintenance costs and services.

Q3. Which AC is best for home usage?

Ans. Well, it again depends on your needs and budget. We have already provided you with the list of some chosen ACs above. And also several other articles are given on our website for the same.

Q4. Does inverter AC need a stabilizer?

Ans. Surely, a voltage stabilizer is needed for your inverter AC. It will safeguard it from voltage fluctuations. Furthermore, increasing the lifespan of your AC. 

Q5. Which AC brand is best in India?

Ans. In India, you should surely go with the LG, Daikin, Sanyo, Voltas, etc. brands. As these provide some high-quality and feature-loaded ACs.

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