8 Best Inverter Battery in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide and FAQs

As we know, in India people experience a lot of unanticipated power cuts. And to be precise, these are more common in small towns and villages which form a large part of India. Although the metro cities such as Delhi might not experience these cuts, they do suffer from voltage fluctuations.

Best Inverter Battery in India

Therefore, the aforementioned points create a need for an inverter in Indian households. In this article, we will discuss the best inverter battery in India.

As the battery of an inverter is the critical component determining the factors like lifespan, power, efficiency, etc. of an inverter.

So, we bring the list of some of the high-performance delivering batteries. Let’s discuss.

Best Inverter Batteries in India

1. Luminous Zelio 1100, Tubular Battery with trolley, RC-18000, 150Ah

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If you are looking for a battery company with some performance-giving products, you must have come across the name Luminous. The batteries that come with it, show compatibility with the Luminous company inverters. And, this model will be an ideal choice for your home inverter.


  1. has a capacity of 150 Ah
  2. For this, the usual voltage is about 12 Volt
  3. 6-levels for indicating water left
  4. Contains Tall-tubular battery
  5. At a single time, it can bear the load of 1 LED TV, 1 refrigerator, 1 LED bulb, 2 tube lights simultaneously.
  6. Convenient trolley included
  7. Weighs 27Kg when dry, weighs 42.3Kg when filled

Moreover, the battery is rechargeable and comes with a design having six tubular plates. Thereby, these tubular plates help in generating an ample amount of power. Thus, it can last about 3.5 to 4 hours at one go, without any further interruptions. Along with that, it can recharge fast and therefore, makes giving you the required power in time if needed.

Further, this battery features an alloy of low antimony (Sb). Thereby, helping in reducing the overall maintenance charges. Also, the six water levels provided in the battery, indicate the amount of water left in the battery. The included 6 openable MD fasteners further make the refilling of water easy for you.

The inverter Luminous Zelio 1100 has the input MCB, which very efficiently and swiftly trips down whenever there are damaging fluctuations in the voltages. Hence, it is responsible for protecting your home appliances from any fluctuation damage thereof. Furthermore, it features two types of normal mode and bypass mode. These features increase the ease of operability of the device.

The inverter combo also includes the trolley with it. And it protects the critical area that is exposed from the moisture and dust on the floor and in the air. Therefore, enhancing the battery’s lifespan.


– It is inverter-battery combo compatible.

– The trolley provided with it is commendable addition for protection and better mobility

– The battery has the capability to run for 4 hours on average without any interruption in between.


– Battery might be bulky for you to place

– Might seem expensive

2. Amaron Tall-Tubular Inverter battery, 150 Ah

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In India, Amaron is considered to be the most trusted brand for batteries. It gives you some commendable products. This battery is very effectively compatible with other inverters and can be diversely used with any inverter you have. Hence, you will face problems if you go with this one. Let’s discuss further why we included this battery as the best inverter battery in India.


  1. It is a tubular type of battery
  2. This model’s Heat Tolerance Capacity is very high.
  3. Here the nominal voltage of the battery is around 12 Volt
  4. The weight when the battery is filled is approximately 55 Kilograms.
  5. It comes with a sweet warranty of three years and also has an additional warranty of 1 year if you opt by paying some reasonable money.

The most appealing feature of this Amaron battery is the capacity to continuously work for hours without giving you any worries during the long power cuts. This battery supports diversity, as it can be easily used with almost all the inverters. Hence, increasing the odds of being used by numerous Indian households.

Further, it comes with the alloy of calcium which has a high resistance power. This alloy comes in the category of ultra-modified alloys, which are very efficient and sturdy. These in the long run will eventually decrease the costs of maintenance of the batteries considerably.

Furthermore, the included tubular battery in the inverter is also a positive point. This is responsible for the battery’s high heat tolerance capacity. Hence, making these batteries compatible and perfect for the Indians. This battery has the highest charging capacity among its peers and hence gives you long hours of backup.

The one striking feature of this battery is the easy charging capability. Besides, the battery is covered very effectively and thereby lessening the chances of water leaks. Also, the lead reserve in it is great for decreasing the maintenance cost.


– It is covered with some sturdy material, hence eliminating the problem of any water loss.

– Easy and quick charging is the positive of this Amaron battery

– The compatibility with all the inverters, no matter the brand


– Expensive if you compare it with other batteries in the same category

– Bulky and heavy to easily move

3. Luminous Inverter battery, Tall tubular, 150 Ah, Red charge, RC-18000

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This luminous battery is the best in its class. It comes with excellent reserve power to fulfill your battery needs during power cuts. Luminous is the brand that you always trust with the performance. Hence this battery makes up for this.


  1. Features six levels for indicating water left
  2. It has a capacity of 150 Ah
  3. For this, the usual voltage is about 12 Volt
  4. Contains Tall-tubular battery
  5. Convenient trolley included
  6. Weighs Dry- 27Kg, Filled- 42.3Kg

The amazing tubular-plate tech included in the battery enhances the quality of performance it delivers. The assured continuous power flow for the extended long hours to power your essential appliances. Further, these plates ensure the smooth supply of power for the areas where the power cuts are often.

Moreover, the battery is designed in an efficient way to make it super effective in delivering performance. Subsequently, increasing the life of the battery and thereby, the inverter. Additionally, it’s a cakewalk for this battery to run some heavy load appliances like TV, fridge, geyser, etc. The modern technology used in this is commendable.

Also, with the tubular technology embedded in the battery, and the alloy of antimony combined. This battery performs pretty well and makes sure to keep the cost of maintenance as low as possible. Besides, this model from Luminous features the overcharge tolerance, which is pretty useful in Indian households with power cuts happening oftentimes.

Talking of the Sturdiness, this has the outer covering of plastic which is strong and protects the battery from any damage and dust. The leakage of water is also taken care of. Along with that, the battery has some amazing scores in terms of reserve charge capacity.

Lastly, this comes with excellent water level indicators that inform about the water level in the battery. And the MS fasteners included in the battery make it an easier task to refill the water for the efficient working of the battery.


– Amazing reserve capacity, therefore pretty perfect for the areas suffering from long power cuts.

– Maintenance is very less

– Durable and excellent covering case


– You may feel heavy and inconvenient

– Little bit high price as compared to the other batteries

4. Luminous Inverter battery, RC-25000, Tall tubular

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If you are going to buy a new inverter battery, Luminous is the name that comes to mind in India. It has created its rapport in the inverter and batteries niche. This battery from Luminous features some amazing features that make it a top choice for you.


  1. The battery type is a Recyclable Tall tubular battery.
  2. Commendable six water levels to indicate the amount of water in it
  3. It features a capacity of around 200Ah, that too at 27 degrees Celsius.
  4. Weight of the battery when dry is around 35 Kg and when filled 59 kilograms.
  5. Includes the auto-reset option for protection from overload.

This amazing technology of tall tubular plates helps the battery to deliver unmatched performance along with the capability to last for longer hours in a single stretch. Furthermore, it has the low antimony (Sb) alloy used in the production of tubular plates. Hence, it makes the battery’s maintenance cost low in the long run. Thereby, saving your money.

The significant feature of these included plates is that they are sturdy. So, they last for a longer time and thus, provide you with commendable and uninterrupted service for years. Moreover, the great tolerance power for overcharging is one feature to boast of. It makes sure that overcharging the device dissipates the electricity. And saves the appliance from any further damage.

Additionally, the excellent feature of overload protection is also included. Further, this feature has the auto-reset option. So, this unique feature is responsible for saving the battery from frequent power outages and voltage fluctuations. Hence, making this battery, a performance beast with smart features to save itself.

Another useful function is the information it gives through the provided six levels of water indicator in the battery. And also the user comfortability is increased with MS fasteners. These particularly simplify the filling of water in the battery whenever required. That’s we counted this as the best inverter battery in India as of 2021.


– Sturdy performing battery with excellent reserve capacity

– Maintenance cost is low


– Price is on the higher side

– Large and heavy, as the weight is around 60Kg

5. Luminous Inverter battery, Tall tubular, 150 Ah, Shakti Charge SC – 18050

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Indian household’s foremost choice for the inverter batteries has mainly been focused around the Luminous brand. Because of the high-quality service and performance combination of the company. Thus, this brand’s battery has to be counted as the best inverter battery in India. This SC-18054 luminous battery is a performance master in its niche and you can go for it without any doubt.

Luminous Inverter battery 150 Ah Shakti Charge SC – 18050


  1. Excellent 6 water level indicators
  2. It has a capacity of 150 Ah
  3. The usual voltage is 12 V
  4. Contains Tall-tubular battery
  5. Weighs Dry- 27Kg, Filled- 42.3Kg
  6. Can take the load of 1 LED TV, 1 refrigerator, 2-3 Fans, 1 LED bulb, 2 tube lights simultaneously.
  7. It comes with a warranty of 4 years and 6 months

This battery from the luminous is recyclable. Thus, an easy option to be environment friendly. Furthermore, the high-level performance it delivers is praiseworthy. It also features innovative technology because of which you can enjoy excellent power backup along with a longer lifespan.

Another striking feature is those wider tubular plates of the battery. These enhance the performance of it and also ensures your convenience during the long power cuts. Another reason for this unmatched performance of the battery is the alloy of which those plates are made. The high quality, corrosion-resistant, and excellent sturdiness of the alloy are because of its marvelous composition.

The SC (Shakti Charge) – 18054 battery includes the covering of superior quality plastic. Further, assure you of longer sustainability and efficient performance. The useful six water level indicators make sure that the amount of water left is visible to you. And, also the six MS fasteners are openable and responsible for easy water refilling.

Moreover, the inclusion of advanced technology in this product ensures efficacious charging. Hence, it can easily be charged. But on the other hand, the overcharge tolerance feature saves the battery from any damage. Thus, the overall enhancement of the performance and life of this battery.


– Great performance with a rough look

– Load capacity is excellent

– Can easily bear the heavy electric shocks


– You might feel the heaviness while moving or rearranging

6. V-Guard Inverter battery, Flat tubular, Model – VJ145, 135 Ah

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Here comes another company that holds high brand value in the Indian market, if it comes to market. V-Guard is also counted in the popular and trusted brands in this niche. And, this V-guard battery might come in your budget, as this is less expensive than the above discussed.


  1. It weighs around 42 kilograms when it is filled.
  2. The capacity of this V-Guard battery is 135Ah
  3. It is capable of giving around 400W or nearly 2.5 hours
  4. It is a Flat tubular battery
  5. Included warranty of 2 years and optional 15months

The maintenance cost of this battery is particularly low. And it does not need more than 17 litres of distilled water per year. It is a versatile battery and can get connected to any inverter you have. Hence, make it a worthy choice when you need to purchase an inverter battery.

Furthermore, it can provide you with around 2 hours and 25 minutes of uninterrupted supply of power. And that too while bearing the load of 400Watts. Further, if you put less load on the battery, it will provide a longer run time.

One of the amazing aspects of this battery to talk about is the fast recharging capability it possesses. Hence, this battery will give you an excellent power supply while the charging time being less as compared to the other ones. Those sturdy tubular plates present in it, are responsible for its longer life and long-lasting endurance. Subsequently, this battery is counted in the list of environment-friendly options because of the low gas generation.

So, we included this in the list of Best inverter battery in India for the aforementioned features explained.


– Amazing performance it provides

– Costs you less than other counterparts

– Quick charging functionality is good


– You might need more space to keep it

7. Luminous Inverter battery, 120Ah, Recyclable Tubular, RC (Red Charge) – 14955

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As luminous manufacture various batteries with several capacities, this one with the capacity of 120Ah is one its usual battery. This standard capacity is mostly sought after by the customers and can easily be seen in Indian households.


  1. It is a recyclable tubular type of battery from Luminous
  2. The standard capacity – 120Ah
  3. The weight it has while Filled is around 39 kilograms.
  4. The usual voltage is 12 Volt
  5. It comes with a decent warranty of 3 years

Besides, this amazing technology of recyclable tubular plates helps the battery to deliver excellent performance along with the capability to last for longer hours in a single stretch. Furthermore, it has a low antimony alloy for the production of tubular plates. Hence, it makes the battery’s maintenance cost low in the long run. Moreover, it is the best choice to go for is counted in the best inverter battery in India for the reason.

The significant feature of these included plates is that they are sturdy. So, they last for a longer time and thus, provide you with its commendable and uninterrupted service for years. Moreover, the great tolerance power for overcharging is one feature to boast of. It makes sure that overcharging the device dissipates the electricity. And saves the appliance from any further damage.

Another amazing thing about this battery is its resistance to overcharging damage. And also the power it provides can easily handle the heavy-duty devices in the households while power outage. Hence, making this the best choice for the Indian environment.


– Low antimony alloy tubular plates

– Excellent performance

– That recyclable feature is a positive


– Capacity of the battery might be low for the big houses

8. Exide Inverter Battery, 150 Ah, New Insta Brite

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One of the most promising brands in India is Exide. It provides amazing power backups and that too at the low prices that just fit the budgets of many. This model from the Exide is manufactured with superb quality and sustain at high temperatures.


  1. The battery type is Tall Tubular
  2. The capacity of the battery is around 150Ah
  3. The weight while filled is around 40 Kilograms
  4. The warranty provided is for three years
  5. Life expectancy is 4 to 4.5 years

Furthermore, this battery comes with a body that is covered perfectly with no chances of unwanted spillages. Hence, it reduces the danger of the acid being leaking out and causing any further damage.

Those tubular plates are made of heat-resistant alloy engineered perfectly to give the required optimal performance. Also, the sturdiness of the battery makes it effective and long-lasting. It has a quick charging capability for giving you an uninterrupted supply of power during power outages.

In addition, this battery has the unique Hybrid Alloy technology in it. Further, it helps in minimizing water loss. Thus, requiring low maintenance. With all the features and that low price, it is included in the best inverter battery in India list.


– Low maintenance

– It features a spill-proof covering

– Nice after-sales service


– Sometimes you face problems in performance

Buyer’s Guide for Inverter Battery

As you know, in India due to frequent power cuts, the majority of households own inverters. And these inverters can easily last 7-8 years, mainly depending on the usage. On the contrary, the batteries used in these inverters merely last for 2-3 years. Also, the situation is worse in the small towns and villages. Hence, people need to replace their batteries more often.

Researching and then selecting the batteries very cumbersome in the market, where there are a lot of companies offering various inverter batteries with different price tags and features.

There are different requirements for different households. So you need to consider each and everything related to batteries.

So, let’s give you an insight into some points to consider while purchasing the inverter battery.

Your power requirement

Whenever you are purchasing an inverter for your house, you should always keep in mind the appliances you want to use. For example, a household on average has LED lamps, Fans, TVs, and sometimes refrigerators. Mainly people avoid the appliances like Electric Iron, geysers, mixers, etc.

Here are some of the power consumption of the appliances on average:

Ceiling Fan – 65 watts

Television – 120 watts

CFL – 25 watts

Tube lights – 60 watts

Particularly based on your needs, and how many appliances you need. You can easily calculate the watts and certainly choose the inverter and batteries accordingly.

What is the Volt Ampere rating?

Precisely, the VA rating consists of the current and the voltage supplied by the inverter into your connected electrical appliance. The power requirement of the appliance and the supplied power is equal only if we consider that the inverter is working with perfect efficiency.

But obviously, we know that is not the case. No inverter works with 100 percent efficiency. Hence, we should consider that they are capable of supplying around 70 percent of their power stored. Subsequently, the VA rating is always equal to the ratio of the power efficiency and requirement.

Now if you need around 500 watts of power for your appliances during a power cut. And the average efficiency is 70 percent. So, you will need 500/0.7, which equals nearly 716VA. Hence, you will need an inverter with a VA rating of 716 or above, if the requirement is 500 watts.

Types of Battery

We will discuss mainly three types of inverter batteries.

Flat Plate Battery

These Flat Plate Batteries are mainly Lead-acid batteries. And these mainly work excellently when your area is undergoing recurring power cuts but the duration is less.

Furthermore, these cost less than the other types of batteries. Hence, eases the pressure on your budget. Besides, the charging rate of these batteries is very good. On the contrary, these do not last for a longer time and thereby the warranties are given for a small period.

Tubular Battery

These batteries are also known as Lead-acid batteries. Generally, they are large in size and capacity as opposed to the aforementioned flat plate batteries. Because of their larger capacity, these are perfect for the power cuts for a longer time. These batteries need very low maintenance and are also have a longer life.

On the contrary, these batteries take a longer time to charge, are very large and bulky. Because of the bulkiness, they require large space in your house for storage. You can always pick the battery according to your convenience. As these are available in the market in several sizes.

Gel Battery

These batteries are on the expensive side of the Price spectrum. Further, these are more consistent in working Hence, these are capable of providing effective and continuous power backup for a longer time.

The main working of the Gel batteries is based on the crisscross gel structure present inside the battery. Further, this structure does not allow the acid to settle down at the bottom. Therefore, these are able to provide you with more backup time.

Furthermore, another advantage of this battery is its environment-friendly nature. To explain, these batteries emit a very small amount of harmful gases into the surroundings. Thereby, maintaining the tag of keeping the home and environment healthier in comparison. Also, these are entirely packed firmly. Hence, avoiding the spillage of acid.

Also, these batteries do not require the refilling of the distilled water. Thus, no maintenance, and thereby these batteries are also called SMF i.e., Sealed Maintenance Free batteries.

The only downside we can conclude for these batteries is the price tag. But the lifespan and performance may cater to your needs and therefore, compensate for the higher price you paid while buying.

Some common and useful steps to maintain your battery.

– Do not expose your battery to direct sunlight. The inverter batteries should better be sealed or covered entirely.

– Please be careful while placing the inverter and batteries. Keep them away from the children’s reach.

– Although there is lead-acid present in the batteries, do not ever add the acid to these. The acid in the batteries is very specific.

– Always keep checking the water level in the Tubular and flat batteries. And timely refill the water for better performance.

– Also, always close the battery after the refilling process.

– Most importantly, avoid placing the batteries near the heat emitting appliances, like refrigerators, ACs, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which battery is a good choice Gel or Tubular?

Ans. Eventually, everything will depend upon your needs and budget. Because, the Gel batteries are environment friendly, releases less toxic gas, and are also do not need water refilling. But the advantage of Tubular batteries is that they are less expensive. Hence, will be more budget-friendly.

Q2. Can you charge the battery while using the inverter?

Ans. It’s fine and safe at the same to charge while using the battery.

Q3. How do I know if my inverter is working?

Ans. Usually, you have the indicator that is Green and Red light on the inverters. So, you can always observe them. Greenlight means the working is just fine as it should be. But, the Red light means there might be any problem with the system. You can call the engineer or service company.

Q4. Does an Inverter use the power while nothing is plugged in?

Ans. Well, the inverters usually waste around 10-15 percent of the power while working. And if the inverter is not connected, it will draw some of the battery’s power until it is turned off completely.

Q5. How long will a 100Ah battery run a refrigerator?

Ans. Particularly, if you are using a fridge with an average wattage of 60 watts. Then, it will run for about 16 to 18 hours with a 12V battery. 

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