Summers are here and so does the load shedding. We all have faced hours of power cuts during the summer season and it is frustrating because of the sweats. Moreover, during this pandemic, people have realized that continuous electricity is an essential part of their “work from home”. Apart from this, though the load shedding is less in metro cities we can’t ignore the fact that it still exists and thus we have brought the list for the best Inverters for a home in India.

Best Inverter for home in India

While discussing the inverters, we found that there are many places in India where there are up to 10 hours of power cut/failures and people can’t do anything but suffer. But, not anymore as we have made a list of best inverters from the Indian as well as international markets.

Now let’s directly jump to the list and see their features, pros, and cons.


Before directly jumping to the list, we want to explain what inverter is and how it works for our new readers, so that they may be able to grasp the features with ease.

An inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current for standalone systems or to supply power to your home. In other words, the inverter converts the electricity coming from the powerhouse and store it into the batteries and when the power failure occurs, the Inverter starts using the power from the storage area and sends it to your appliances.

Having said enough, let’s move to our list.

1. Luminous Cruze+ 2KVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Recyclable Tubular Inverter Battery

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Luminous is a very famous brand in India and most homes prefer this. Thus, we wanted to start with something that is Indian. The product caught our attention because it is the highest-rated product on the e-commerce website and has good reviews.

Features – 

The unit comes with a pure sine wave output that ensures the safety of sensitive appliances. The company claims that it has a high over-load handling capacity that can handle air conditioners, Washing machines, microwaves, Deep Freezer, Geysers, cyber cafes, etc. It comes with advanced battery management which increases the battery life up to 70%. In short, in normal cases, the battery gets over probably in 18 to 24 months, but with this product, the battery works for a longer period.

Luminous has used advanced tubular plate technology that ensures uninterrupted and regulated power availability. And to fulfill its promise, it has provided the unit with installation and maintenance-friendly procedures for Indian conditions.

It has a Recyclable tubular inverter battery with 6 water level indicators.


– Useful for both homes and commercial establishments that have higher power needs.

– it is practically noiseless.

– Rugged construction helps in sustaining tough conditions


– We didn’t find any but it would have been better if this unit comes with a trolley.

Luminous has perfected the stage for himself and thus there are many buyers of this product in the market. If you have a heavy load and frequent power cuts in a day and you can shell out a little extra, then definitely this is the product.

2. Microtek EB1900+HB1125+Trolly Tubular Inverter Battery (160 AH)

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As we know, this is the second most selling inverter brand but it is second to none and has always delivered its promises. As a result of its best performances, it has maintained the top spot. We have selected this unit as the next best thing on the list.


Microtek has used the tubular batteries with the inverter. Further to keep an eye on the status of the appliance, it comes with 6 indicators on the LED display. For instance, if there is a high load or any fault, the light will blink and beep to notify the user. It has provided the additional features of power maximization, battery charging, and protection of circuitry.


– National network of over 355 service points and 150 service centres spread across India.

– No noise while it’s working

– Ultra-low maintenance


– Sometimes when the indicators go down in the battery, it creates some noise while recharging the battery.

– No Sprinkling water is provided with the unit for the batteries. 

We have many people who use Microtek inverters and they’re really good. So if you can’t shell out as much as Luminous but need a good product that comes with all the features, then you must go for this product.

3. Okaya XL5500T+EB900VA Tubular Inverter Battery (140AH)

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Okaya is a household name because most of its batteries are mostly used in shops. It provides services mainly to shops because they have huge power demand and its batteries come in the lower price range. Our research found it to be suitable for those who are low on budget.


First things first, the battery comes with fast charging feature, therefore the battery is charged for the next power cut cycle. Moreover, there is low maintenance cost on the battery and having low antimony alloy to make sure that the battery lives long. Secondly, the company has added an additional feature of a Puncture resistant separator which does not allow the nodes to touch each other, so as to prevent any mishaps.


– Can replace old inverter battery with new one and get discount on the price.

– Easily available in the market

– Low maintenance cost

– Easily accessible service center


– Noise while charging

Okaya is a brand that you can trust and it has been among us for a long now. We found this product worth the money as it does the work pretty well. The long battery life and the extra features mentioned above have made it a buyable product.

4. LUMINOUS RedCharge RC16000 135Ah Short Tubular Inverter Battery (135Ah)

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Luminous being one of the ideal inverters for home brought another strong competitor in the market. The company has launched this heavy-duty inverter for your home or office. The features are also too good at this price point.


The company has used low antimony alloy to make sure that it remains at very low maintenance. Apart from this, it brings robust advanced tubular plate technology to provide an uninterrupted power supply to the connected devices. 

Moreover, the company has launched this project for areas having long power cuts and has provided an excellent overcharge tolerance limit to accept very deep discharge conditions. This makes this device very useful in rural areas.

The company claims that you can run up to 2 Tube lights, fans, TV and still can get up to 5 hours of backup.


– Less maintenance

– Provides power to heavy loads to sustain frequent power cuts.


– Weight is heavy when the batteries are charged.

– Do not come with Distilled water.

– No water level indicator  

We have said earlier and we will say one more time. Luminous has made its name in the market because of its good battery backup and capacity to handle higher loads. This product has entered into many homes and houses during the lockdown period and if your requirements, you can go for this product.

5. Livfast MXSTJ 1848+FC650 Tubular Inverter Battery (150 AH)

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Livfast is the fastest-growing company in the batteries market and has launched many long-lasting batteries. To match the standards, the company has launched different types of tubular batteries.


Livfast has used Jumbo tubular technology in its batteries and this has resulted in 25% higher backup and 25% longer life. With the use of this technology, the batteries retain more power and thus reducing the charging/discharging cycles. Moreover, the unit can easily sustain up to 500 watts of loads for almost 2.5 hours. This comes in handy when you face rare power cuts but need your appliances to be up and running.

Additional Features

– Capacity of 150Ah

– Jumbo tubular battery

– Charge Indicator available

– Electrolyte level indicator is present with the unit.


– 48 months of warranty on the product which is more than its rivals.

– Old batteries can be replaced with this product

– Up to 300 watts of load can be sustained for 4 hours.


– Customer service is still growing and you might not be able to resolve any issues immediately.

– Battery weight when wet is around 60kgs.

Livfast is growing fast and currently with its pricing policy it is trying to capture the market. So you could be the early bird. If you are satisfied with the features, you can buy this product.

6. LUMINOUS Eco Watt 650 VA+RC15000 Tubular Inverter Battery (120AH+650 VA Inverter)

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Luminous has all the options for everyone who wants to associate with it. And now even people with low budgets can afford the luminous inverter and batteries. And Eco Watt 650 VA meets the purpose.


Firstly, it is an efficient inverter built with advanced PCB programming and microprocessor, thus it works efficiently. Moreover, there is an in-built intelligent thermal management system to shut down the system when it overheats to prevent any mishaps. Further, there is a three-stage charging mechanism for safe and efficient charging and longer battery life.

Similarly, for the safety of sensitive appliances, it comes with ECO Mode (180V to 260V).


– Supports all types of batteries

– Suitable for areas with frequent power cuts

– It has a longer life and less maintenance


– Being a square wave inverter it produces a very loud noise.

Now, we found this luminous product worth mentioning for its advanced microprocessor and three-stage charging mechanism. This product is useful for small homes that have a lesser requirement such as up to 2 lights, 2 fans, a TV, and a fridge. So if you’ve occasional power cuts and a tight budget, you can go for this product.

7. LUMINOUS Zelio 1100 + Red charge 15000 120 Ah Tubular Battery+ Trolley

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When we reviewed the luminous products for making the best inverters in India list, we found it to be one of the highest-rated products and the reviews were impressive.


It is a sine wave inverter. In short, it is very close to alternating current and thus your appliances will be safe in case of power fluctuations. Most importantly, it comes with an intelligent 32-bit DSP processor which acts as a battery management system. In short, the advantage of using such a processor is that it adjusts as per the situation and loads and ensures optimum charging.

In addition to the above features, it has an inbuilt MCB for safety from overload and short-circuits protection. It is highly efficient and ideal for heavy-duty applications and you can easily run a fridge of up to 250 litres capacity, along with it a TV, fans, and tube lights.

And as always, it provides superior performance during long and frequent power cuts.


– Minimum maintenance

– Max bulb load of 756 watt

– Comes with a digital display

– Sturdy construction to remain durable for a longer period

– Handle higher loads


– Water level drops quite fast and thus it requires distilled water from time to time.

We have never doubted the capabilities of a luminous product and this product keeps up the high standards as well. If you’re a little higher load requirement, then go for this product.

8. Exide Technologies 850Va Home Ups + 150Ah Battery

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If you are a car owner, you must have seen the Exide batteries. And yes, Exide is quite old. It has been in the industry for a long period and has one of the highest-selling batteries. 


Firstly, the company claims that it has a maintenance-free tubular battery which provides you more battery life and less expenditure of your hard-earned money. It has been housed in the tall EL/DIN containers keeping the space in mind and thus it occupies less floor space. Moreover, instead of using a liquid, the company has used gelled electrolytes. As a result of that, there is no requirement of topping up and no issues of spillage.

On the other hand, to keep the safety it has been bundled with unscrew protected durable valve for pressure regulation with filter disc.

This device has remained most suitable for deep cycle application i.e full charge to deep discharge.


– Zero Maintenance

– 48 months of battery warranty compared to other sellers.

– Pure sin wave inverter to keep appliances safe

– Electrolyte level sensor indicator

– LCD Display


– We didn’t find any cons with this except a little noise while charging sometimes.

Exide is with us for a long time and it knows how to satisfy a customer. Exide has extensive sales to the car companies and now it wants to explore the home market. If you’re tight on budget but do not want to compromise on the quality, then Exide is your solution.

9. V-Guard VJ145 135AH Flat Tubular Inverter Battery

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You might not have heard about this brand among the Luminous and Microtek inverters. But V-Guard is a leading brand manufacturer of batteries and inverters. It has a friendly pricing policy.


This unit comes with pure sinewave output which almost matches the alternating current and thus securing your home appliances. This product became the choice of many because of its high loading handling at this price point. Further, it provides 10-15% higher backup than its rivals at this price.

To keep up with the new trends, it has selectable charging modes for different battery technologies.

As we have mentioned earlier that it is consumer-friendly, and thus the company has provided battery water topping reminders with this. This device can be used in up to 2BHK homes.

In addition to the above technologies, it comes with overload with auto-reset and battery overcharging tolerance.


– Consumer-centric price and features

– Short circuit protection

– LED display for faults

– High output voltage models.


– Customer service is still in the early phases as compared to Luminous or Microtek.

V-Guard is a slightly new product in the market and continuously improving itself with new technologies. If you need an inverter and battery for maybe up to 3 years, you can definitely go with the product.

10. Microtek Home EB1100 Square Wave Inverter with EB 1900 Battery (160AH)

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Microtek inverters are not a new thing for someone who is using them for years. Many of the users who have used Microtek, go for them again until and unless something big has come up. Moreover, this product is one of the largest selling inverter models in India which operates between the voltage range of 100V to 300V. We found this product on a discount offer, currently going on Amazon.


Microtek’s EB Series is a smart sine wave UPS that keeps it in the market alive. It is bundled with smart features such as Display status having 6 indicators. The company has further added the battery charging voltage selection for longer backups.

In addition to that, the company mentions that it is based on Intelli Pure Sinewave technology which keeps the noise to the minimum and efficient performance along with longer backups.

Microtek has bought out the in-house CCCV Technology with Auto Trickle Mode. In simpler terms, trickle charging means charging a fully charged battery at a rate equivalent to its own discharge rate, this helps in keeping the battery to remain at its fully charged level. And this unit comes with a multi-stage battery charger.


– LED Display Indications

– Short circuit protection

– Silent operation

– Fast in providing backup, no delay.

– Easy installation


– Though it has a silent operation, it makes noise when charging from a very deep discharge.

– Trolley does not come with the unit.

In conclusion, we would say that this product has been sold to maximum customers during the last couple of years because of its good battery backup. If you have a 2BHK or less, then during the power cut it will provide you up to 6 hours of battery backup with 1 fan, a TV, Fridge, 2 Tube lights. Apart from these, if you want to use a cooler then, you can expect up to 4 hours of battery backup.

11. Amaron Current AR200TT54 200AH Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

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Yes, we have all heard about Amaron in the advertisements but may not have used them because you may not have researched much on it. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. We were looking for a product that matches the “Work from Home” requirements and we finally reached this Amaron unit.


This comes with ultra-modified hybrid alloys for its grids which helps the unit to remain at ultra-low maintenance. There is one special feature that was bundled into it i.e. the use of Panoptic spines. In other words, these Panoptic spines are cast under high pressure with other elements to protect the lead from anodic corrosion. This prevention of corrosion increases the life of the battery.

Apart from this, it has been designed to keep Indian weather conditions in mind. The company has used high heat tolerance capacity so that it sustains high temperatures and rugged handling.

Now, the unique selling proposition is that it gives 6-8 hours of battery backup on 300-400 watts’ load. The reviewers have mentioned that its general life is up to 6 years.


– Less prone to losing water, thus low maintenance

– Comes as fully charged unlike other brands in the market

– 54 months warranty

– Best in class vent design.


– Battery runs out easily on heavy electricity load. 

Amaron has released this product for a specific set of customers i.e those people who are working from home. This product will provide you an easy 8 hours of battery backup with 1 fan and 1 tube light along with charging the laptop up to 4 times which we would say is enough.

So if you want a longer battery backup, you need to check this product.

12. POWER TECH PT900(TT)+EB800 Tubular Inverter Battery (220 AH)

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We know, that you’ve heard a little about this brand, and some of them may be reading it here for the first time. But this is an Indian brand and these batteries are mostly used in e-Rickshaws, solar applications, and industrial units. Maybe you’re not as skeptical as you were before. Now let’s jump over to its features.


Powertech has bought next-generation tubular batteries, that are specifically designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts. What makes them unique is their long-lasting batteries as they use more Acid per volume per ampere hour which ordinary batteries don’t use. 

Apart from these, these batteries can withstand overcharging and uses an inbuilt short circuit protection component. This unit comes with LED Display for showing faults and statuses.

Moreover, the battery has six water indicators that help customers in knowing the status of the batteries.


– Company appointed trusted dealers

– Environment-friendly batteries

– Prompt and reliable services


– A little maintenance when compared to others.

– Noise can be heard easily.

In short, if you’re looking for an Indian brand that provides you good battery backup at a good price point, you might consider buying this.

We have delivered our promise above by providing you with the list of the best inverters in India along with batteries. But we do not want to stop here and want our new buyers to understand how to buy the inverter and battery as per their requirements. In the below section, we have provided the buyer’s guide and general frequently asked questions.

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A buyer often remains confused on how to decide which product will suit my requirement as there are a number of factors. In this section, we will try to remove these doubts.

1. Types of inverter batteries

Lead Acid batteries – These are economical batteries and thus helpful in keeping the price of the inverter low. These are rechargeable batteries and usually last for 4-5 hours and require regular maintenance. They need to be installed in a well-ventilated place.

Tubular plate batteries – They are also rechargeable but they’re popular because of their capability to sustain in long power cut areas and operational life.

2. Calculation of power requirement

This is the most important factor to decide the product. You must have a rough estimate of how much power you require at home. We have provided a table below to calculate the watts of different appliances.

Lamps CFL25
LED Lights3-30
Tube Lights60

Now for instance, if you have a requirement of 2 Tube lights, 2 fans, a fridge and a TV to be used during a power failure, then the total power requirement will be 

2*60 + 2*70 + 150 + 120 = 530 watts. 

Thus in this scenario, you can go for the product that takes a load up to 600 watts.


1. What is the VA rating required for the inverter as different inverters have different values?

VA stands for Volts Ampere which in simpler terms means the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to your equipment. So to find an efficient inverter for your device, you need to calculate as below
VA Rating of inverter = Power requirement in watts / 0.7
Now for the above requirement, the VA rating should be 757VA. Thus an inverter with 800VA will be the perfect choice for your home.

2. How do I select the ideal battery?

Everyone has different needs and requirements and there are different values of an ideal battery. But we will explain how you should select your battery.
Now, the battery requirement depends on how much time of the backup is required for our appliances to run. For instance, if you have a backup requirement of 3 hours, then follow the below formula
Size of the battery = (Total load in watts * Hours of backup required) / (Voltage of Inverter * Battery depth of discharge * Inverter efficiency)
Battery required = (530 * 3)/ (12V * 0.8 * 0.8) = 207Ah battery
Thus if you have a requirement of 530 watts, then a battery of 220Ah will suit your requirement.

3. How do I keep my battery and inverter protected so that they have a longer life?

Every battery is the backbone of an inverter system and if it is protected and safe, life increases. Below are some guidelines to increase the life of a battery.
– Place the battery in a well-ventilated area so that heat can be dissipated easily.
– Use a battery on a regular basis. If you do not face a power cut, then make sure you discharge the battery completely and charge it again.
– Keep the surface and sides of the battery clean.
– Make sure you have distilled water with you and you top up the battery with that.


We have shared the information that we researched over the days for you and we hope you’ve understood it as well. In the concluding part, we would like to mention that calculating the load requirement is the most important factor and all other things depend on it. So make sure you understand your requirements first and then go for the products as per the needs.

If you feel, you require more information, then just drop us a comment, we are happy to help. 

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