10 Best Laptops under 50000 in India

Owning a laptop is like having a 3rd arm lately. It is a necessity in today’s scenario. In this article, we have listed down the 10 Best Laptops under 50000 in India so that you can have your best pick with good information at your fingertips.

Best Laptops under 50000 in India

Whether you are a working individual or a student, Laptops are a must. Today, with most offices choosing to work remotely and most schools and colleges holding online classes, laptops have created a heavy demand for themselves lately. Although desktops too get the job done, the space constraint and the lack of portability makes the laptop the best option for any household.

Gone are those days when owning a laptop was just a luxury. And most individuals do not require a heavy-duty laptop as their usage involves basic operations such as browsing the internet, a few document preparations, viewing movies etc. With such requirements, you do not need to invest a bomb on laptops.

List of Best Laptops under 50000 in India

1. HP Pavilion x360 HD Touchscreen Laptop 14-dw1036TU

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The HP Pavilion x360 HD Touchscreen Laptop 14-dw1036TU is a sleek and stylish laptop. The highlight of this laptop is the convertible 360-degree display. You can use it as a laptop and as a tablet when you please. It supports the in-display keyboard for when you want to use the laptop as a tablet.

HP Pavilion x360 HD Touchscreen Laptop 14-dw1036TU


This laptop comes with the 11th gen Intel Ci3 CPU and a dual-core processor. It is more than enough to carry the causal operations executed on a daily basis. This laptop is not built for professional gaming but it can handle some light gaming with no difficulties.

Multitasking is also not a problem with the HP Pavilion x360 HD Touchscreen Laptop 14-dw1036TU as it features 8GB RAM. It is upgradeable up to 16GB but that would mean shelling out over the budget. The 256GB SSD included offers high-speed processing. The internal space might seem to fall short but it is usually enough for the casual user.

This laptop offers decent performance when you are indulging in light gaming, movie watching, or watching videos on the internet as it sports the Intel UHD graphics. Wi-fi 6enables you to experience better internet speed and ultimately a better browsing experience.

It comes with a USB type C port for connectivity and data transfer with speeds up to 5GBps. Bluetooth v5.0 allows you additional connectivity at decent speeds. 


The system does not come with a stylus pen.

2) HP 15 11th Gen Intel Core i3 FHD Laptop15s-fr2006TU

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The HP 15 11th Gen Intel Core i3 FHD Laptop15s-fr2006TU is built for students and office-going professionals. It sports a base level 11th Gen CPU which supports some light programming and casual day-to-day functions with ease.

HP 15 11th Gen Intel Core i3 FHD Laptop15s-fr2006TU


This laptop has a comparatively larger screen with the dimensions being 15.6 inches. Movie or any other multimedia viewing experience is automatically enhanced thanks to the larger screen. It is also very convenient for homemakers and office professionals as the large screen mean better visuals and is easy to handle.

8GB DDR4 2666MHz SDRAM allows you to experience lag-free operations. And the 512GB SSD further supports the lag-free operation with faster data handling performance.

This laptop’s i3 1115G4 CPU supports an additional discrete graphics card if you want to upgrade but that would mean extending your budget. But, on the stock configurations, this laptop comes with integrated Intel UHD graphics which does a decent job for the regular uses of light gaming, movie watching, programming, and more.

This laptop has an evenly spaced keyboard and weighs 1.69Kgs, making it a good choice for students and working professionals


No backlit keyboard

3)  HP 14s-fq1030AU Ryzen 5 5500U FHD Laptop

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While most people opt for Intel processors, AMD processors are gaining popularity rapidly mainly for the price and performance aspect. The HP 14s-fq1030AU Ryzen 5 5500U FHD Laptop has an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor with a clock speed range of 2.1GHz to 4.0GHz which is sufficient for the average user.

HP 14s-fq1030AU Ryzen 5 5500U FHD Laptop


This laptop showcases speedy performance thanks to the AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor which is built with 7nm technology. It also features multi-threading with a Hexa-core processor, adding noticeable efficiency and performance in terms of clock speed.

For internal storage, the laptop comes with a 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD which offers speed and performance for reading, writing and processing data. On the RAM front, this laptop sports 8GB RAM with a 512MB VRAM which is upgradable up to 16GB in the future, if needed.

A 14-inch display with FHD makes the laptop pretty handy and convenient for students and working professionals. The display comes with anti-glare but it is not very great to work within the bright sun as it has just 250 units of brightness.

The integrated AMD Radeon Graphics can easily handle some gaming like FIFA 19, and GTA V. On the whole, this laptop has a decent build quality and with the backlit keyboard feature being a bonus, it is almost perfect for the modern professional. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wi-fi, HDMI and USB ports.


  • The speakers are not loud enough.
  • The trackpad could have been better.

4) HP 14s-dy2501tu 11th Gen Intel Core i3 Laptop

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The HP 14s-dy2501tu 11th Gen Intel Core i3 Laptop comes with a 14-inch 14s-dy2500tu display but it is available in 15-inches 15s-fq2075tu display option as well. This laptop is built for the common man with common usage functions and cannot handle high-end gaming with high resolution online.

HP 14s-dy2501tu 11th Gen Intel Core i3 Laptop


This laptop comes with an 8GB 2666 MHz RAM which clocks a speed of 2666 MHz and can be upgraded up to 16GB if needed in the future. The stock internal storage comes with 256GB SSD but that too is upgradeable up to 512GB SSD if needed.

The integrated UHD graphics G4 with Ci3 CPU gives you decent overall performance and still allows you to enjoy gaming online with games like Far Cry 5 ( 19 fps), Horizon 4 Forza Motorsport (30 fps), GTA V (30 fps), Battle Royale (64 fps) and more.

This laptop enables quick charging with a 65W charger so that you can be on the go with minimal disruptions. It also offers a pretty good battery backup of five and a half hours once fully charged. Battery drainage is also reduced as the G4 graphics consumes comparatively less power.


  • No backlit keyboard.
  • No camera shutter
  • The system can heat up quickly.

5) Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 (2021) – 82H700KAIN

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The Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 (2021) – 82H700KAIN is truly one of the Best Laptops under 50000 in India especially for students and working professionals. The laptop comes with a 14-inch FHD display with IPS anti-glare and allows you to work comfortably in brightly lit conditions.

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 (2021) – 82H700KAIN


The laptop is equipped with 8GB DDR4 RAM which is upgradeable up to 12GB if necessary in the future. The stock RAM clocks a decent speed for regular multitasking. The 11th gen Ci3 1115G4 given in this laptop allows you to experience some satisfactory gaming pleasures as well. Furthermore, the laptop comes with a 256GB SSD which is adequate for most users with light student and professional usage.

The keyboard on this laptop is comfortably spaced to allow ease of typing and it is backlit too. Safety features such as a fingerprint scanner and webcam shutter are a bonus in this price bracket. The UHD graphics included is enough to let you enjoy some movie viewing and regular gaming. But, high-end professional gaming and video editing are not supported.

The laptop comes with quick charging which allows you to charge your laptop up to 80% battery with half an hour. It gives a battery life of up to 6 hours once charged completely which is pretty good. Connectivity options include a C-type USB port, 2 A-type USB ports, and an HDMI port.


After-sales service is not up to the mark.

6) HP 15 (2021) gr0012au Thin & Light Ryzen 3-3250 Laptop

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If you are out there looking for a laptop that will take care of your student and work-life needs while also taking care of your pocket, the HP 15 (2021) gr0012au Thin & Light Ryzen 3-3250 Laptop is a perfect choice. It fits right under the 40K budget and is capable of letting you do the regular multitasking and also enjoy some mid-level gaming.

HP 15 (2021) gr0012au Thin & Light Ryzen 3-3250 Laptop


The laptop comes with a 15.6-inch screen, which is the general preference of people in business and working professionals. The laptop comes with an 8 GB DDR4 2400 SDRAM, upgradeable to 16GB but we would suggest upgrading it a bit as the stock RAM is a bit of an underperformer in terms of speed.

The AMD Ryzen 3 3250U consumes less power and allows you to enjoy decent power backup. This laptop also allows you to enjoy yourself with some light gaming. It features dual storage options such as a 1TB HDD and 256GB M.2 SSD which is more than enough for the average user.

The keyboard comes with a full numeric keypad thanks to the 15.6-inch display. The keys are evenly spaced for your typing comfort but do not have backlighting. The laptop also feature fast charging with decent connectivity options such as 1 HDMI, 2 USB Type-A, and 1 USB Type-C port.


Webcam picture quality is less than adequate.

7) Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 – 2021 – 82KT00BXIN

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The Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 – 2021 – 82KT00BXIN comes with a 14-inch screen. It supports the regular use requirements such as multimedia, light gaming and some office work too. It is one of the lightest laptops available in its segment and is suitable for students and working professionals.

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 – 2021 – 82KT00BXIN


This laptop comes with the 5th gen AMD 5 5500U processor with integrated graphics. The graphics card can be upgraded to Nvidia MX 450 graphics if needed. The laptop runs on 8 GB DDR4 RAM but it is upgradeable up to 12 GB if the need arises. For internal storage, the laptop is loaded with a 512GB SSD which should suffice for the regular user.

You can expect a decent gaming experience as this laptop offers 1080p resolution and custom settings for gaming. The Radeon graphics works hand in hand with the AMD Ryzen processor to provide you with the pleasure of gaming. Games such as Warzone and Fortnite can be experienced with 45 to 59 fps on average.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 – 2021 – 82KT00BXIN offers good battery life. A fully charged battery, under normal usage, will last up to 6 hours. But if you are using the laptop for gaming the battery will last up to two and half hours. It comes with quick charging and reaches 80% within half an hour.

Safety and security are handled with the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner. Another wonderful feature is the backlit keyboard with even spacing that allows you to type comfortably even in darker settings.


Users have complained about the blank screen at times.

8) HP 14 – 14s-dk0501AU

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This laptop is built for casual gaming, light office use like MS office, and internet browsing. It features a decent 14-inch display with anti-glare. The HP 14 – 14s-dk0501AU comes equipped with a 3rd gen AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor and AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics to carry out everyday functions with ease.

HP 14 – 14s-dk0501AU


The laptop offers 1080p resolution and 30fps at medium settings for most games. The RAM performs at a peak speed of 2400MHz with 8GB on the stock. It can be upgraded to 16GB if required. Dual storage is offered with a 1TG HDD and 256 GB NVMe SSD.

Working under the bright sun might prove to be a bit tough as the 14-inch display offers only 220 nits of brightness. The keyboard has decent spacing to aid in comfortable typing. The

The AMD Ryzen 5 3500U is a battery-efficient CPU which makes this a good choice for working professionals and students.


  • No keyboard backlighting
  • Display brightness is not sufficient at times.

9) Lenovo ThinkPad E15 – 20TDS0A400

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The Lenovo ThinkPad E15 – 20TDS0A400 is a pretty durable laptop to invest in as it comes with a 12-grade military certification. The system comes with good connectivity options such as one USB 2.0, one USB 3.2, one Thunderbolt 4, and one HDMI 1.4b. It is a good laptop choice for working professionals.

Lenovo ThinkPad E15 – 20TDS0A400


This laptop is one of the most secure laptops in its segment. It offers features like the Discrete TPM 2.0 Chip and inbuilt fingerprint reader infused with the standby button.

The display can be rotated up to 180 degrees which is a good feature to have. It offers good image and colour clarity with its 15.6-inches FHD display furnished with anti-glare.

A decent gaming performance can be expected of the Lenovo ThinkPad E15 – 20TDS0A400 as it comes with Intel Iris Xe graphics with the stock 8GB DDR4 3200 MHz RAM. The RAM is also upgradeable up to 32GB if necessary in the future. For internal storage, the laptop comes with a 256 GB M.2 SSD.

This laptop comes with a quick charging feature which allows you to charge up to 80% within one hour and the bonus feature; ‘always-on’, allows you to use the laptop as a source of power if you ever need to charge your phone or something.

The Harman Audio speakers included offers good sound delivery to complete the pleasing movie viewing or gaming experience.


  • Single RAM slot
  • No backlight for the keyboard

10) Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 – 82H700J8IN

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The Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 – 82H700J8IN is a good option for multi-use purposes. Whether you are an IT professional or a homemaker or a student this laptop comfortably handles it all. Light to moderate gaming isn’t a hassle for this Lenovo Laptop. It comes with a 14-inches FHD display furnishing anti-glare and IPS for a satisfying display.

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 – 82H700J8IN


This laptop is the thinnest and lightest laptop available in this category. With a thickness of 19.9mm and a weight of 1.4Kgs, the portability of this laptop is a breeze. It is truly one of the Best Laptops under 50000 in India.

Casual gaming is possible with no issues even though this laptop does not have a graphic card. But if you wish, you can connect an Nvidia MX450 graphics card with much ease. Windows 10 Home OS is the general offering that can be upgraded to Windows 11 when it is released.

80% battery is reached within half an hour of charging with the fast charger. It has a good battery backup of up to 6 hours under normal conditions. Connectivity options include USB Type-C port, USB Type-A and HDMI ports.

Some other attractive features that make this model the best choice are: backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader, IPS panel, and Dolby Audio support.


  • The laptop gets heated with long hours of use.
  • Now that we are done with our list. You can go through the points to remember while buying a laptop.
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Points to remember while buying a laptop under 50K


Processor: You can try anything up to the 5th generation AMD Ryzen 3 and AMD Ryzen 5 series CPUs and under the Intel processors, you can go up to the 10th gen Intel Core i5 and 11th gen Intel Core i3 processors with U and G1-G4 series.

Cores and Threads: The AMD Ryzen 5 5500U offers the best performance with a Hexa-core processor and 12 threads. The higher number of cores and threads, the higher the computational power.

Clock Speed: The clock speed decides how fast a processor handles data and functions.

Cache memory: Cache memory enables the system to retrieve data faster as it does not have to visit the main memory every time. Hence, the bigger the cache memory, the faster the load time.

RAM: Higher the RAM size, better the functionality. Most laptops around 50K budget offer RAM with 8GB which is sufficient for generic applications and usage.

TDP: Any CPU with a 15W TDP is a decent option if you are looking for a system that is more on the energy-efficient side.


Usually, a laptop used for casual work or light gaming, movie viewing does not require a graphic card. But if you wish to indulge in professional gaming or photo-video editing, the need for dedicated Graphic cards is evident. Most laptops under the 50K budget offer integrated graphic cards which enhance usability to a certain extent. If you do not find the stock configurations enough, you can always upgrade.


Options of 256GB SSD, 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD are available in the 50K budget. The 256GB SSD is usually sufficient for light office and student use but if you need more storage, the 512GB and 1TB are available. You could also consider using the SSHD storage comprising HDD and SSD which are available with 10th and 11th gen Intel and 5th gen AMD Ryzen 5 series processors. But keep in mind that the HDD is slower than the SSD.

Other factors

Display: You can get FHD display up to 15.6 inches large with IPS, anti-glare and 1080p resolution under the 50K budget. Look out for brightness nits as this determines the usability of the laptop under brighter set-ups.

Backlight: Backlit keyboards offer better aesthetics and usability under dimly lit room conditions.

Connectivity: Most laptops in this category offer USB Type-A & Type C, HDMI, AUX ports. Wireless connections such as Wi-fi and Bluetooth are also standard offerings. But do make sure of their availability as they do make your life easier.

Battery: Most of the laptops come with fast charging that reaches 80% charge within an hour tops while also offering a battery backup of up to 6 hours under regular functioning conditions. Manufacturers often advertise battery backup up to 10 hours but that is just a façade. The 6 hours battery backup is also possible based on your usage. If you have upgraded the RAM and graphics and are using the laptop for video editing or gaming, the battery is consumed faster.  

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