Top 10 best mattress for back pain in India (2021)

best mattress for back pain

One should never undermine the importance of quality sleep. Sleeping peacefully is known to have positive effects on one’s health.

There have been multiple studies that prove the importance of good sleep. Some of them are reducing the chances of depression, reducing the risk of obesity and making you active and healthier.

But how does one achieve this? It is often noted that people sleep on the wrong kind of mattress, which is a leading cause of back pain in India. Therefore, we will help you find out the best mattress for back pain in India with this list of top 10

The impact of sleep on back pain

Usually, when we are sleeping, our movement is involuntary. We just choose to sleep in the posture we find comfortable, not knowing whether or not it is in synch with our bodily posture needs.

Thus, when we usually find ourselves with paining back problems when we wake up in the morning, it is because of a poor posture.

Sometimes, our mattresses are also to blame. This is true because people don’t always buy mattresses that fulfill the requirements of offering good sleep. In many reviews, people have accepted that they chose a mattress for its price.

While some people depend on the best orthopedic mattress in India, as claimed by the mattress websites, the others just go on the cost. But this is something that needs to stop!

How does this help?

If you have this mattress list with you, buyers can make an informed choice about the kind of mattress they need. This decision can be based on the back issues one is facing.

Some of the best mattress brands in India have started building products tested by the best Orthopedics in India. This ensures that your back is not only protected on the pain but also healthy.

Posture correction, body contouring, and pressure division are some components that they keep in consideration while making mattresses.

List of 10 best orthopedic mattresses in India

1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

On the list of the best mattress in India for back pain, one of the first names in Wakefit Orthopedic memory foam mattress. To make the mattress and the product unique, many designers have come together.

Consequently, they designed this Wakefit mattress made with memory foam offering extra comfort and durability. Usually, it is assumed that a mattress of this quality will be costly. But nothing is far from the truth.

This cost-effective mattress is medium-firm and takes the body shape. Therefore, it releases the stress of back by offering body contouring. This comfortable experience is elevated by the fact that this mattress reduces the motion disturbance to a minimum while you sleep.


  • Great quality
  • Retains shape after body shape is lifted
  • Temperature regulation 
  • 10-day replacement
  • Can be easily packed


Has a strong stench in the initial days. Keep in the open air for some time before use.

2. Sleepyhead 3 Layered Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress

One of the best mattress brands in India, Sleepyhead has a 3-layered memory foam mattress for its customers. Neither very soft nor very hard, the top of the mattress is a soft, breathable top. Perpetually maintaining a level of firmness, this mattress with 3 layers also has an easy, washable outer cover.


  • Medium-firm
  • Three layers- inner foam, memory foam, and the outside cover
  • Removable external wash cover
  • Maximum firmness while you sleep
  • Easy unboxing


The light color of the outer layer demands more hygiene checks.

3. Springtek Orthopedic Pocket Mattress

Springtek Orthopedic Mattress

Arguably the best mattress for back pain in India, Springtek Orthopedic Pocket Mattress is known for its back pain support.

The most essential component a mattress offers is spine support. Springtek Orthopedic Pocket mattress has this as its USP. With its non-woven fabric on top, the mattress lends a new freshness to the customer, each day they sleep on it. However, despite being a firm mattress, it mattress offers an unbeatable sleep experience.


  • Usable on both sides
  • Flexible despite firmness
  • Engineered with the best technology
  • Post-sale services
  • High-density pocket spring


It is the most ideal for a queen-size mattress, which can be a bit limitless

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4. SleepyCat Gel Memory Foam Mattress

SleepyCat Gel Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for an amazing mattress that keeps your body temperature regulated, look no further. SleepyCat Gel Memory Foam mattress has a crystal cooling technique to offer you this provision.

Consequently, it also has gel-based memory foam to not be too stiff on your back. It allows you to move while you sleep comfortably, without getting into a posture that will hurt your back.

This mattress also has zero disturbances because of motion transfer. Owing to this, it becomes one of the best mattress brands in India.


  • Easily washable and usable top cover
  • No motion transfer
  • Engineered with no harmful chemicals
  • Money-back guarantee after 30 nights. 
  • Made with a crystal cooling technique to regulate body temperature


According to reviews, the cooling technique isn’t as effective.

5. Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress

Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Mattress

Offering exceptional comfort and support to back pain, Dreamzee Orthocare has been designed to make your life back-pain free. With an advanced support system, the high-density foam of this mattress reduces motion transfer and cuts down on noise. Thus, providing great orthopedic support, this mattress comes is also in the lead for being the  best mattress for back pain in India.

The mattress also regulates body temperature to offer blissful sleep and has a soft top layer and a firm inner layer.


  • The inner foam offers the perfect support to the back and the entire body
  • It is a reversible mattress
  • The knitted fabric is very comfortable for the skin
  • Relieves discomfort on different pressure points


The outer cover is not washable

6. Extra Sleep Premium Memory Foam Mattress

Extra Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Just like its name, the Extra Sleep Premium mattress is made from smart memory foam. As a result, you get restful sleep due to its high-quality products used in its making.

The mattress is engineered in such a way that the body contours, causes better blood circulation, and also regulates pressure points in the body.

The core of the mattress is firm that supports you from head to toe. Wake up with a new energetic feeling when you wake up in the morning. Probably the best orthopedic mattress in India.


  • Premium memory foam mattress with immense back support
  • Amazing body comfort with the material used 
  • Amazing 25 years warranty
  • Worth the money


The upper cover is not removable or cannot be interchanged.

7. Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress

Comforto Pocket Spring

Seems like the best mattress for back pain in India, Comforto is a high quality spring mattress with reasonable prices. Furthermore, the springs in the mattress allow no disturbances while you sleep.

A luxurious sleeping experience, you can be sure to get a mattress at a good price without compromising on the quality.


  • The mattress comes in many sizes for standard size beds. 
  • Pocket springs in the mattress ensure ultimate comfort 
  • Comes with an 11-year warranty
  • Economically priced


Don’t let its lower price compared to its counterparts demotivate you to buy the mattress.

8. Springtek Dual Comfort Mattress

Springtek Dual Comfort

One of the best mattress brands in India, the Springtek Dual comfort mattress comes with a great lifespan and advanced features. Some of the best orthos and sleep engineers have come together to prepare a mattress for you. For that reason, it is a popular choice among customers of different ages and sizes.


  • Great air circulation and a high-density foam
  • Regulates pressure points to evenly distribute body pressure
  • 6-year fantastic warranty
  • Known for its post-sale services
  • Zoned comfort, which means the mattress is divided into different zones to ensure all parts of the body are duly supported


Not as effective as its counterparts in terms of pain relief

9. Urban Ladder DreamLite Mattress

Urban Ladder DreamLite

A mattress that successfully stands out in the market, the Urban Ladder DreamLite is a very light mattress than enhances airflow. It improves back support and is also known to reduce back pain over prolonged use.

The company works on the sole effect of providing health-friendly furniture to its customers, making it one of the best orthopedic mattresses in India.


  • Comes in a 6-inch queen mattress size
  • Available in the lovely white color
  • Bonnell spring enhances airflow keeping the mattress fresh
  • Available in a 5-year warranty


Get softer with long-term use.

10. Flo Ergo – Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Flo Ergo Memory Foam Mattress

The most noteworthy component of this mattress is the Gel infused memory foam, which makes it stand out in the market. Furthermore, its soft yet firm qualities due to its responsive foam helps in maintaining the shape of the mattress.

It is easy on the spine and also absorbs body heat to make you feel natural. While you may worry that the gel will sink you in the mattress, but nothing is far from the truth. There is optimum support for you. 


  • A top layer of gel infused foam
  • Motion minimizer for minimum sleep disturbance
  • A trial of 100 nights is also available
  • 10 days replacement policy
  • Aloe Vera infused top cover for freshness


May not be easily available online.


So which one of these mattresses would you pick? One should select the best mattress for back pain in India depending upon their requirements and budget. There is an exhaustive list available in the market but there’s one better than the other. So what factors should you keep in consideration for your choice?

  • Mattress firmness
  • Price of the mattress
  • Mattress thickness
  • Customer reviews 

Get selecting!

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