Top 10 Best Mattress in India (2021) with Buying guide!

After a hard day’s work, you look forward to sound sleep at night. That’s possible only if you have a comfortable mattress that provides your body support in just the right places. Do you know how to choose the best mattress in India for your needs?

best mattress in 2020

Here’s a look at things you should consider to make an informed choice.

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List of best mattress in India

Best MattressTypeWarrantySleeping trial View
Emma Memory Foam MattressMemory Foam20 YearsN/AView on Amazon
Wakefit Dual Comfort MattressSoft Foam + High Resilience Foam7 YearsN/AView on Amazon
Sunday 100% Latex Mattress- LGA CertifiedLatex Foam10 years100 NightsView on Amazon
Livpure Regal 8" Latex Mattress with Memory FoamLatex +Memory Foam10 Years100 NightsView on Amazon
Sleepyhead Sense Orthopedic Foam MattressMemory Foam10 Years100 NightsView on Amazon
The Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho MattressSMART GRID (Stretchable Polymer Gel)10 YearsNAView on Amazon
SleepyCat Premium Orthopedic MattressOrganic Latex10 yearsNAView on Amazon
Springtek Ortho High Density Foam MattressPocket Springs + Foam6 yearsNAView on Amazon
Shagun Diwan Bed size Foam MattressHigh Density Foam5 YearsNAView on Amazon

Mattresses for Great Sleep

When choosing from among the best mattress in India, there are a number of things to consider, including brand, size, and specific benefits.

Probably the most important aspect is the material. So, here’s a look at the different materials that the best mattress is made of.

The Best Coir Mattress in India

Coir mattresses are made of natural coconut fibers and unprocessed rubber, which allow air circulation and maintain the perfect temperature for comfortable sleep.

They are known to be super firm and minimize cushioning to a great extent, which is great for the back.

Duroflex Back Magic 5 Zoned Orthopaedic High-Density Coir Mattress

  • Offers ultimate support for spinal alignment and postural correction; certified by the National Health Academy
  • Zone 1 supports the head and neck, Zone 2 supports the shoulders and upper back, Zone 3 supports the lower back and hips, Zone 4 supports the upper legs and knees and Zone 5 supports the lower legs and ankles.
Duroflex Back Magic Orthopaedic High Density Coir Mattress
Duroflex Back Magic
  • Provides pressure relief to all these 5 zones of the body
  • There are 7 layers to the material, Knitted Fabric with PU Foam Quilting, 5 Zoned Full Prone Support Layer, PU Foam, High Density Coir, Rebounded Foam, High Density Coir, Jacquard Woven Fabric
  • High density layer of coir keeps the mattress cool
  • Plush finish offers overall comfort
  • Rebonded foam provides firmness and high durability
  • The mattress comes with a 7-year warranty

Coir FIT Health Boom 4.5 Inch Double Size Coir Mattress

Coir FIT Health Boom Double Size Coir Mattress
Coir FIT Health Boom
  • Inner shell is made of extra firm active bond material with biotech technology, which provides excellent spinal support for great sleep
  • Provides protection against allergies, bugs, and mites
  • Unconventionally quilted to add the required mush and design to the mattress
  • Quilting also provides great support for long hours of undisturbed sleep
  • Perfect for all weather conditions

Kurl-On Ortho  5 Inch King Size Coir Mattress

  • Made of high-density bonded foam and polyurethane foam
  • Advanced Center Densification increases material density in the center of the mattress to provide ultimate body support
Kurl-On Ortho King Size Coir Mattress
Kurl-On Ortho
  • The vertical arrangement of coir fiber ensures that each fiber acts like a spring to provide good bounce
  • Offers back support and keeps the spine shape neutral, regardless of the position you sleep in
  • Has a quilted pattern and cotton satin tapestry for the perfect look
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress 4 Inch Back Support Orthopaedic Care

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress Back Support Orthopaedic Care
Extra Sleep Coir Mattress
  • Quilted premium cotton gives a great feel and breathability to the mattress
  • Cotton fabric is also known to provide the right temperature to the bed and your body
  • A PU foam layer supports the base to provide a comfortable sleep
  • A balanced distribution of coir ensures that there are no bumps on the mattress
  • Available in Single, Double, King and Queen sizes
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Pros and Cons of Coir Mattresses

Perfect ventilation allows airflow in and out of the mattress, which keeps the temperature of the mattress cool.They sag easily because they do not push back the pressure on them and sink at the places where you sleep mostly
With minimum amount of foam, coir mattresses are naturally springy, which provides strong support to the entire bodyCoir mattresses are usually quite hard and might not give luxurious sleep
These mattresses can survive on zero maintenance for yearsYou might wake up with body ache because these mattresses don’t relieve the pressure points 

The Best Memory Foam Mattress in India

The most unique quality of memory foam is that it becomes softer when in contact with body heat and gets back to its original shape when it cools down. This kind of foam is known to provide great spine support and effectively reduce motion disturbances.

Solimo Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress for Superior Back Care

  • Each mattress is put through over 50 tests, including 60,000 cycles of durability to ensure zero sagging
  • High-density memory foam moulds to your body shape and minimizes pressure points
  • 250 GSM knitted fabric provides a premium feel
Solimo Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress
Solimo Memory Foam
  • Big enough to provide ample space for you and your partner to reposition yourselves throughout the night
  • The first layer is made of knitted fabric, while the second layer is the memory foam comfort layer. The third layer is a soft foam transition layer and the fourth layer is the HR foam support layer. The last layer is made of anti-skid fabric to avoid movement of the mattress
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty

Wink & Nod -7 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Wink & Nod -7 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Wink & Nod
  • Made of internationally certified CertiPUR US Foam and OekoTex standard hypoallergenic grade material
  • The top layer is made of 2-inch cool gel memory foam, breathable bamboo fiber, 5 inches higher density support foam and a removable outer cover
  • Anti-skid base reduces any movement of the mattress when you sit or sleep
  • Infused with cooling gel to regulate temperature and give you rejuvenating sleep
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty

Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive Foam Mattress

  • Made of responsive poly foam to ensure that your body does not sink excessively
  • The layers provide optimal support, according to your body pressure
  • The natural shape of your spine is maintained by the top layer of gel-infused memory foam
Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive Foam Mattress
Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam
  • The top layer minimizes partner movement disturbance by 80%
  • White gel micro capsules absorb heat from the body and release it into the periphery of the mattress through the 3D air flow fabric
  • The high quality cashmere cover is infused with aloe vera gel, which keeps the mattress protected and your skin looking fresh and beautiful.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam


  • Relieves pressure points and eases neck and back pain
  • Made up of high-density foam, which makes it durable
  • Provides great ventilation, which keeps the temperature cooler, giving you peaceful sleep
  • Firm foam base, offering optimal support to your spine
  • Pushes back when you lie down, giving optimal support and making your sleeping experience a comfortable one
  • High quality quilted cotton fabric gives a soft and soothing feel to the skin
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses

Responds well to pressure to keep your neck, spine and waist alignedGiven its density, the mattress can be really heavy and lifting it might be a task
There is absolutely no sagging or sinking, since they push back against the pressure exerted by your bodyNot waterproof and contact with moisture can reduce shelf life
Resists dust and bugs and is good for people with respiratory issuesThe foams retain body heat, which heats up the mattress rapidly and might disrupt your sleep

The Best Spring Mattress in India

Spring mattresses are made of natural materials that allow great airflow and prevent sweating while sleeping. Springs are provided inside the cushioned area, which pushes back the body on top of the mattress and provides the ultimate support. They are affordable and highly durable.

Peps Springkoil Bonnell Pillow Top 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress

  • Bonnell Spring is used as the core material, known for extreme comfort and support
  • Border wires are also used in the construction to prevent the mattress from getting misshapen
  • Both sides can be used to sit or sleep on
Peps Springkoil Bonnell Pillow Spring Mattress
Peps Springkoil Bonnell
  • Polyurethane foam and woven fabric, combined together, are known to offer great comfort and strong support for years
  • An inbuilt elevated layer of PU foam quilt for extra softness
  • Corner springs attached inside to prevent sagging from sitting on the edges 
  • Spiral lock technology prevents breakage of springs due to pressure
  • Cotton felt is infused between the foam and spring units to prevent breakage due to friction
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

SpringtekEurotop Pocket 6-inch Queen Size Mattress

Springtek Eurotop Pocket Queen Size Mattress
SpringtekEurotop Pocket 6-inch
  • Premium foam covering provides support on the edges so that you don’t roll-off
  • Specially designed to accommodate any body type and sleeping position
  • Five different high-density layers of foam, including polyester,for great comfort and support
  • The top layer is quilted and absorbs moisture well
  • Hundreds of coils provide support and reduce disturbance due to partner movements
  • Multiple layers of foam and 3D knitted fabric facilitate air circulation and prevent bacteria buildup
  • Euro Top design is known to provide optimum support to 7 body parts, including the back and spine
  • Comes with a 6-year warranty

Read the detailed review of 5 different ranges of Sleepwell Mattress

Coirfit Ortho Luxury Pocket 6-inch Single Size Spring Mattress

  • Innerspring technology provides great bounce and back support
  • Top layer is made of soft foam, which provides superior comfort and minimizes motion disturbance due to the tossing or other movements of your partner
  • Springs are anti-corrosive and made of carbon wires, which are highly durable
Coirfit Ortho Luxury Pocket Single Size Spring Mattress
Coirfit Ortho Luxury
  • Reinforced corners of the mattress ensure that you do not fall off 
  • Pocket springs make up the base layer and the other layers are of Turkish felt and foam 
  • Anti-fungal and hypoallergenic features keep the mattress hygienic
  • PU foam layer is strong enough and does not form pressure points, relieving stress and fatigue

Hypnos Value Bonnell Normal Top 6-inch Double Size Spring Mattress

Hypnos Value Bonnell Normal Top 6-inch Double Size Spring Mattress
Hypnos Value Bonnell Normal
  • Spiral lock technology helps to retain the shape of the mattress
  • Firm support offered by high tensile and high carbon bonnell inner spring
  • Premium quality polyurethane foam gives a super soft feel to the skin
  • Borders are wired with edge springs to prevent accidental falls while sleeping
  • Excellent workmanship and materials make the mattress highly durable
  • Comes with a 5-year domestic warranty

Pros and Cons of Spring Mattresses

Proper construction with space in between, allowing smooth air flow, keeping the mattress cool Layers underneath are made up of fiber and wool, which might breed dust and mites
Great support at the edges, with extended coils that prevent accidental falls Does not protect from motion transfer and can disrupt sleep due to partner’s movements
They are affordable and if you want to shop on a budget, they are perfect for you. The springs lose support over time and the mattress wears away easily

The Best Rubberized Coir Mattress

Made of coconut coir fiber and latex solution, rubberized coir mattresses are super firm and provide great support to your body, with minimum cushioning. These mattresses allow proper air circulation, which keeps the body cool. They are highly durable and one of the best in the industry.

Sunidra CR200 – Natural Orthopedic Rubberized Coir Mattress

  • The layers are made of 210 GSM Belgian knitted fabric, PU Foam andOrthopaedicNatural Coir, which act as a cushion between the body and the support core
  • High density natural rubberized coir allows air circulation and keeps the temperature cool enough for comfortable sleep
  • Provides great back support, prevents sagging and is highly durable
  • PU foam layer adapts to any body shape and ensures relaxed sleep
  • The top is also made of PU foam that is soft enough for extra comfort while sleeping
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Kurl-On Kurlo Coir Rubberised Mattress

  • Natural coir layer with ACD and VCT technology
  • Rich coir density, right at the center, provides optimum support to the spine and back, as well as the rest of the body
  • Made of advanced coir orientation for extra bounce and support
  • Protects against dust, bacteria, and fungi and keeps away bad odour
  • Exclusive knitted fabric is used in the making of this rubberized mattress, ensuring a peaceful sleep
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years

NapCloud Coco Nap Orthopaedic Rubberised Coir Mattress

  • Rubberized coir forms the core of the mattress, which is firm enough to provide great body support
  • Natural coconut fibers ensure air circulation and keep the temperature cool
  • Made of 100% natural fibers, which are free of harmful chemicals
  • Great anti-allergenic properties keep away dust and mites
  • Made of highly durable materials to prevent wear and tear 
  • Double-sided, quilted, premium jacquard fabric cover gives it a luxurious look 
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years

Pros and Cons of Rubberized Coir Mattress

Because of its hygroscopic nature, it easily retains 8%-10% moisture, which cools down the mattress temperatureCoir sheets are low on latex and sag quite easily
Made of natural materials, these mattresses are comfortable to sleep on in all weather conditionsThey are extra firm, with minimum cushioning, which might not be comfortable and cause body pain
Durable in nature, due to the higher amount of coir used in the construction of the mattressNatural materials are often unhygienic, attracting mites and bugs

A Guide to Buying the Best Mattress in India

There are multiple factors that go into determining the type of mattress that would be best suited to your needs. The first aspect is the type of sleeper you are.

Mattress for Various Types of Sleepers

Every individual has a different sleeping style. Depending on this, you need to choose the right mattress.

Stomach Sleepers

If you tend to sleep on your stomach mostly, make sure you choose a firm mattress that supports the lower back.

best mattress for stomach sleepers

Inner spring coils are known to provide extra support and comfort and reduce backaches. Latex mattresses are also a good choice because they are not prone to sagging, are responsive to body pressure and maintain an even shape for the longest time possible.

They are also known to provide the right amount of bounce, which allows easy movement on the mattress. This is a great benefit, particularly for stomach sleepers, because they tend to move more than people sleeping in other positions.

It is always recommended to choose a balanced design that provides the right amount of firmness and comfort, at the same time.

Firm mattresses are best suited for stomach sleepers but you can also choose from soft and medium mattresses, depending on your weight.

Foam mattresses are also a good option because they prevent excessive sinkage and accommodate the pressure points quite well. 

Side Sleepers

High density foam mattresses are extremely durable and strong enough to carry the weight of even the heaviest side sleepers.

best mattress for side sleepers

They also offer great cushioning and relieve pressure points, which means a comfortable sleeping experience, without any sores or body ache.

Latex mattresses are also great if you are looking for a long-lasting product that will keep up with your side sleeping style. They reduce motion transfer, which lets you sleep peacefully without being disturbed even if your partner tends to toss and turn.

Side sleepers tend to struggle with pressure points and end up with multiple aches and pains in the body. A latex mattress prevents this and offers the right amount of pressure to keep such pain at bay.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers need to choose mattresses that will be comfortable for them in all sleeping positions.

Standard memory foam mattresses in India are the best for you, if you keep changing position while you sleep.

Good spinal alignment is offered to side and stomach sleepers, while people who sleep on their back get even support throughout their sleeping time.

Foam mattresses also reduce motion transfer, which is great if one partner moves significantly throughout the night, while the other remains in the same position.

Foam mattresses are also low on noise, which prevents disrupting the sleep of one person when the other changes positions.

Pregnant Women

Foam and memory foam mattresses are best suited for pregnant women because they are neither too soft nor too firm.

Also, the cell structure of reticulated foam is such that it allows extensive air flow and drives away moisture from your body, making the mattress cooler and more comfortable to sleep on.

best mattress for pregnant women

Foam is usually built to adapt to your body shape and weight, which is one of the most important features to look for while choosing a mattress for a mother-to-be.

Hybrid mattresses are also a good choice during pregnancy, mostly because of the right firmness and cushioning they offer. These are mattresses made of a combination of coil springs and foam.

While the coils have excellent cooling properties, foam gives the appropriate bounce, which is essential for pregnant women while lying down or getting off the bed. Make sure, you choose a mattress that has an edge-to-edge support system to prevent falls.

Mattress for Children

While choosing mattresses for children, pay extra attention to ensure that they are made of natural materials and are less likely to cause any allergic reactions.

best mattress for children

Children are continuously growing, so it is best to get a mattress that will continually adapt to their changing body shape and weight. Memory foam is a great choice in this case because they mould according to the body shape and offer comfortable sleep all night.

Latex mattresses could also be a good choice for your child because along with providing great support at all the right places, they offer excellent air flow to make sure your child does not wake up feeling hot and sweaty.

These are also hypoallergenic in nature, keeping your child safe from allergies and skin irritation. Hybrid mattresses made of coil and foam are great for kids too.

Memory foam offers the appropriate cushioning needed for the child and the coil springs provide comfortable support all night long.

It is best to choose gel-based foam mattresses that have cooling properties to help your children sleep comfortably. You can consider avoiding spring mattresses because children might be tempted to bounce on them, making them prone to injuries.

Mattress for Couples

When you are mattress shopping for you and your partner, the first thing to consider is motion transfer, particularly if both of you tend to make move frequently and change positions throughout the night.

Memory foam works best for couples because it has great motion isolation properties, which prevents one partner from waking up when the other is tossing and turning.

These mattresses also offer the right kind of bounce and are extremely quiet, which is ideal for sexual activities too.

Moreover, foam mattresses are known for excellent air flow, which keeps the mattress temperature down and lets both of you sleep peacefully.

Coil on coil designed mattresses are also great because they push back against the pressure exerted by your body and relieve pressure points to a great extent.

Make sure you choose a mattress that also offers great support at the edges, which is essential while you are too engrossed in physical actives and might reach the utmost corners of the bed.

Mattress for Heavy Weight People

If you are heavily built, consider purchasing mattresses that are ten to twelve inches thick. High density memory foam is best suited for heavier people.

They do not sink or sag, offering the ultimate comfort and support. Some mattresses also have coil support at the edges so that even the heaviest person can be protected from falling off the bed while sleeping.

Pressure relief and proper alignment of the body is something to be considered before purchasing a mattress if you are heavy built.

The level of firmness is also something to be considered and for that you need to ascertain your sleeping style. Traditional memory foam mattresses are known to retain heat, which might make it uncomfortable to sleep on, especially during the hot Indian summers.

In addition, weight is known to impact the temperature of the body. Therefore, it is best to choose mattresses with open cell memory foam and cooling gel layers, which can regulate air flow and prevent the mattress from heating up through the night.

Lastly, make sure you choose a mattress that has strong base support, which is useful for heavy built people. 

Mattress for People with Back Pain

Memory foam is one of the best materials for pressure relief. So, if you suffer from persistent or frequent back pain, this type of mattress could work best for you.

They adapt well to your body structure and curves, and offer the right amount of support to your spine, neck, hips and joints. Memory foam mattresses are great for maintaining the right posture and preventing excessive sinking, keeping your spine aligned perfectly with the rest of your body as you sleep.

High quality latex mattresses also work well for people with chronic backache because they tend to push back against body pressure, which supports the spinal cord and helps the sleeper remain comfortable in any sleeping position.

These mattresses also have the right amount of softness to contour with the body well. Whatever material you choose, make sure it isn’t prone to sagging or excessive sinking. Foam, latex and memory foam are the best for people with orthopaedic disorders.

Other Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mattress

Here is a list of a few basic things to consider before buying any type of mattress.

Shelf Life

Experts say that you should ideally change your mattress every seven to eight years to prevent uncomfortable sleeping experiences and medical conditions.

How long a mattress will last also depends on the amount of care taken. The lifespan of a mattress is basically the time period for which it retains its original shape and comfort, along with offering good support.

Latex and foam mattresses usually last longer than other types of mattresses. Latex mattresses are known to last the best, followed by inner spring or memory foam mattresses.

Hybrid ones last up to six years, while Futon and Waterbed mattresses last up to five years. The lifespan of a mattress also depends on how frequently it is used, the activities done on it, the body weight of the people sleeping on it and so on.

Regular cleaning and using good quality mattress toppers can increase the durability of your mattress.

Comfort Offered

Comfort is one of the most important things to consider while buying a mattress, otherwise you might end up with severe body ache. Consider two factors here – support and firmness.

While firmness means the level of softness, support refers to how perfectly a mattress can hold your spine in place. Firmness has nothing to do with support because no matter how soft a mattress is, it can still relieve pressure points and keep the body in perfect posture.

Comfort is subjective. A soft mattress can be comfortable for one person, while a hard one could be better for another. You know your weight and sleeping positions the best, so you are already in a good position to know what will work for you.


It is a common misconception that high priced mattresses are better in quality. A mattress that is lower in price is not necessarily cheap in quality.

Make sure you stick to your budget and find the mattress that is best suited for your needs. Keep in mind that cheap quality mattresses do not come with sleep trials or quality certifications. So, it is better to not keep your budget too low.

Customer Reviews

If you are considering mattresses from not-so-well-known brands or local brands that you have not really heard of, make sure to read customer reviews before making a purchase decision.

Read authentic reviews to understand the pros and cons of the mattress. Although all products will have both benefits and drawbacks, choose one with benefits that suit your requirements the best.

In conclusion, it is always recommended to not compromise with the quality of a mattress because in doing so, you might also be compromising on a happy and healthy life ahead.

Best Mattress in India – FAQ

You won’t buy a mattress every day hence it’s very important that you go through the options mentioned above. We have dealt with each type of mattress in detail above however there might be few myths that will be answered in the below FAQs.

Is Memory Foam Mattress the most comfortable ones?

Well, that depends upon an individual choice. No doubt that they are exceedingly comfortable but that doesn’t take anything away from other mattress types. Few customers found coir mattresses extremely suitable.

Which type of mattress is best?

That depends on your sleeping style. Ideally, a combination of soft and firm is better. Firm to support your back and soft enough to balance your body shape.

How long should I use a Mattress?

Preferably, after 7 to 8 years you should change your mattress. But if it starts to lose its elasticity early then you shouldn’t wait for it to sag it completely.

Is turning the mattress every few months extend its life?

No, it’s not applicable to the present generation mattresses as most of them are one-sided. But you should rotate the mattress in 6 months to ensure proper support to your back.

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