5 Best Mattress Toppers (padding) in India (2021)

Good sleep is not just essential for you to have a good day, but it also has a lot of clinically proven health benefits. Now, to get good sleep it is imperative for people to have a good mattress. The kind of mattress you sleep on plays a crucial role in the sleep you get.

best mattress topper

People often make big investments on mattresses, buying the best ones available in the market. However, to make your mattress last longer, you need one more thing. Can you guess what that is? The best mattress topper!

Best Mattress Toppers List

Product NameFilling MaterialThicknessWashableBuy Now
AVI Soft Mattress Padding/TopperHollow fiber2 inchesYesView on Amazon
Jaipur Linen Mattress Padding/TopperMicrofiber3.5 inchesYesView on Amazon
Linenovation Mattress Padding/TopperHollow fiber2 inchesYesView on Amazon
AMZ Mattress Padding/TopperMicrofiber1.5 InchesYesView on Amazon
FITMAT Mattress Topper with Cover Memory Foam2 inchesNoView on Amazon
Rajasthan  Mattress Padding/TopperMicrofiber2.5 inchesYesView on Amazon

What is a mattress topper & why you need one?

A mattress topper is a thinner mattress padding that protects the top of your mattress from different damages it may go through overtime. Since a mattress is something that is used each and every day, it becomes difficult to save it from dents and deformities.

Furthermore, if your mattress is used in excess, it may get tough for it to last even for a few years. That could make a person feel annoyed because a good mattress in the market costs a few thousand and that is not an investment one would want to make again and again.

So an ideal solution for this kind of problem is to buy a cozy and comfortable mattress padding.

Let’s dig deeper and figure out what makes each mattress topper different from the other.

The larger bifurcation ranges include the best memory foam mattress topper or the ones that help with back pain, thus, identifying the best ones in India in 2021:

1. Cloth Fusion FluffyCloud Mattress Padding/Topper

Cloth Fusion FluffyCloud

Filled with 600 GSM Microfiber, polyester, and made from a 110 GSM Micro peach outer material, the Cloth Fusion FluffyCloud is a popular mattress topper in India in 2021.

Almost 2-inches thick, this padding comes in different sizes and fits up to 8-inches of matters. The mattress padding has elastic in 4-corners to hold it in place.

Adding a certain softness to bed, this mattress protector is skin-friendly. It can absorb sweat and provide you gentle support. It is also a great mattress topper for back pain and has proven to be useful for people facing back issues. 

A quick look at the best features of this mattress topper: 

  • Available in 11 sizes
  • Provides extra gentle comfort to the skin
  • Offers sound and undisturbed sleep
  • Helps the mattress last longer
  • Quilt stitch surface for a beautiful look
  • Dust resistant so it keeps bacteria away

Customer ratings: 3.9/5

2. FITMAT Memory Foam Mattress Padding/Topper

FITMAT Memory Foam Mattress Padding

Arguably the best memory foam mattress topper in India,  FITMAT memory foam mattress topper offers you ultimate comfort. It reduces pressures on certain points and evenly distributes your weight throughout the mattress.

It is also partner-friendly, allowing you a comfortable sleep. This memory foam padding also takes the shape of the body to provide the best support. The layer of memory foam is covered with plastic to protect it longer.

The product has been a market leader and offers a 3-year warranty. Let’s take a quick look at the top features of this mattress topper:

  • Provides amazing body contouring
  • Offers a better life to your existing mattress
  • A removable cover with an elastic strap
  • Comes in 12 sizes

A quick note- once you first buy this padding, it seems 3-4 inches short. However, keep it in a place with ventilation for 2-days and it will come to a size that perfectly fits the mattress.

Customer ratings: 4.2/5

3. Rajasthan Crafts Mattress Topper

One of the good ones, the Rajasthan Crafts mattress topper has an inner filling of microfiber. Much better than a hollow fiber, this padding is 2.5 inches thick and offers a soft cushioning to your mattress.

Not too extensive in colors and sizes, this mattress padding fits a king-size bed perfectly. For its limited provisions, it costs slightly higher.

It is easy to wash and does not contain any odor. It also has an equal distribution of fibers so that it lasts longer and keeps your mattress safe.

Some of the most notable features include:

  • Can be machine washed and easily maintained
  • Elastic straps to keep it fixed to the mattress
  • Odorless foam mattress
  • Evenly spread baffle boxes for equal fiber distribution

Customer ratings: 3.7/5

4. Daksh Super Soft 700GSM Mattress Padding

Daksh Super Soft 700GSM

A very customer-friendly mattress topper, Daksh Super Soft 700GSM is available in 10 pre-designed sizes but also offer a provision of customizable padding.

With a thickness of over 2-inches, this padding fits up to a 12-inch mattress.

One of the best memory foam mattress toppers, the product is odorless and available at a reasonable price online. So if you are looking at giving your mattress an additional layer of comfort and make it last longer.

Some of the most notable features include:

  • Not just maintaining the shape of your current mattress, this mattress padding offers a new life to your old sagged one as well
  • Comes with a premium cotton fabric shell
  • Is hypoallergenic, anti-dust and anti-mites
  • Box stitch for evenly spread fibre

Customer ratings: 3.8/5

5. AVI Soft 700GSM Mattress Padding/Topper

AVI Soft 700GSM Mattress Padding/Topper

The AVI Soft 700GSM Mattress Topper is another one of the best mattress toppers in India 2021. Not just offering a great shape to your mattress, this padding also ensures that it is soft and takes care of your health.

It is hypoallergenic and keeps dust and mites at bay. It comes in a 2-inch thick setup, which often drops to 1.5 inches after prolonged use.

This is a smart topper, which knows how to not disrupt your sleep. It is also odorless and gives you ultimate comfort at a rather reasonable price.

Made from cotton, it is filled with hollow strand polyester fiber. This is a great bedding choice, which is easy to protect and maintain.

A quick look at its best features:

  • Available in 10 sizes and 11 color options
  • It is one of the more reasonably priced toppers in the market
  • Odorless
  • Does not wither over prolonged use and keeps the mattress protected for years

Note: Keep it in sunlight once every two months to retain its freshness.

Customer ratings: 4/5

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Bonus Points:

Other than these, two more mattress paddings that have been very popular among users are Linenovation 500GSM Hollowfibre Mattress Padding and AMZ Mattress Topper. These two paddings are known to be good mattress toppers for back pain.

They are available in multiple sizes and colors too. Both have elastic straps and filled with microfibre to ensure maximum comfort and usage. You can check these out too, if you want to be spoilt for choice when buying your mattress padding or topper.

AMZ Unique Features:

  • Can be used on both new and old mattresses
  • The top layer is made of 100% cotton
  • Baffle box stitch to ensure the filling is evenly spread
  • Easy upkeep and very durable
AMZ Mattress Topper

Lineovation Unique Features-

  • Elastic straps to hold the padding in place
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Good quality hollow fibre filling
  • Skin-friendly and weather suitable

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Buying guide: Checklist while buying a mattress topper

It is a common notion among customers that if they have an expensive mattress or even a mattress protector, they don’t need a topper. However, that is far from being true. Things to consider while buying a good mattress padding are:

Understand the thickness

The thickness of a mattress topper ranges from 1.5 to 5 inches. The ideal padding should be 2 inches and above to protect your mattress best.

The durability of the mattress increases if you have a thicker mattress topper, which can be identified by the GSM it offers.

Choose the material well

Ranging from latex to memory foam to fibers, mattress toppers come in various materials.

  • The best memory foam mattress toppers in India have been extremely popular for the past few years. 
  • A close second is feather, which lends a softness to the padding, making it loved by people. 
  • The most commonly found, though, are the ones with fibers further divided into two types- hollow fibers and microfiber

Check for heat retention

Some mattress toppers capture more body heat than others. In fact, some mattress paddings have seen reviews from customers complaining of excess heat.

This can be a cause of massive discomfort. One should pick a fiber mattress padding to keep the temperature well regulated and not let the material capture more heat.

Consider size and elastic panels

It is essential that your mattress topper fits your mattress well and has elastic straps to have a firm hold on it. Getting the wrong size mattress padding may lead to an uncomfortable sleep or you sliding down your mattress. To keep these problems away, know your mattress size and then invest in your mattress padding or topper.

Pro Tip: Check the top layer material of the mattress topper as well. It should be soft and skin-friendly, so cotton is always a safe option.

Summary – List of best mattress topper:

Mattress TopperProsConsCustomer Reviews
Cloth Fusion Fluffy Cloud– Easily fits an 8-inch mattress
– Skin-friendly absorbs sweat
– Easy maintenance
No information on the warranty3.9 out of 5
FITMAT Memory Foam Mattress Topper– Memory foam
– Good for people with joint and back pains
– 12 size options available
Higher price compared to others4.2 out of 5
Rajasthan Crafts Mattress Topper– Microfiber filling
– Contains no odor
– Is very soft and comfortable
Has shrinking tendencies 3.7 out of 5
Daksh Super Soft 700GSM Mattress Padding– Fits up to a 12-inch mattress
– Made from memory foam
– No odor
– 2-inches thickness
No warranty information available3.8 out of 5
AVI Soft 700GSM Mattress Padding/Topper– Odorless
– Hypoallergenic
– Easy upkeep
Preserves body heat making you feel warm overtime4 out of 5

Final words on Mattress padding:

A mattress topper or padding is something that one believes they don’t need, but use it once and see the difference for yourself. All the big investment that one makes of buying a mattress goes for a toss if the mattress is not protected.

It is possible for a mattress to be easily distressed owing to its prolonged and extensive usage. However, with a mattress cover, a topper or padding, it becomes easier to make it last longer. From the above mentioned list of best mattress toppers in India 2021, you can choose any to make your mattress have a longer life.

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