Best Microwave Ovens Under Rs.15000

You can easily purchase a best Microwave oven under 15000 ideal for 4-6 members of the family. They mostly fall within 23-28 litres of capacity, and all have ample characteristics for baking, grilling, and more.

Best microwave oven under 15000

We bring to you our top 5 choices of microwave ovens from leading brands in this article. Moreover, we have also addressed its features, characteristics, and user reviews as well.

Which are the Best Microwave Ovens Under Rs.15000 in India?

Model View Capacity
LG MC2886BRUM Check Price on Amazon 28 L
Samaung MC28M6035CK/TL Check Price on Amazon 28 L
Panasonic NN-CT645BFDG Check Price on Amazon 27 L
IFB 23BC4 Check Price on Amazon 23 L
Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL Check Price on Amazon 28 L

1. LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2886BRUM, Black)

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You can term this 28 L microwave oven from LG as one of the top-rated options available. It comes with various features and functionality.

Design: The oven is quite a beautiful addition to a modern Indian kitchen because of its floral style.

Stainless Steel: Unlike buttons, the jog dial makes changing the timer and temperature pretty fast. You can see the progress of food inside the oven. Also, thanks to the LED light inside, it shows the cooking progress.

Besides, for faster cooking the stainless steel interiors seem quite useful in reflecting the microwave rays.

Steam Clean Function: Immediately after frying, you will have to clean up to clear off the sputtered oil on the sides. For this, you will get assistance from the steam cleaning feature to keep the interiors clean.

Diet Fry Option: It is possible to set this oven temperature up to 230 degrees Celsius. To cook a range of food, it also has sufficient preset functions. 

You have a Diet Fry option in addition to 251 auto cook menu choices. Therefore you can fry with minimal oil that only an air fryer can do. Besides, you will get Patented Indian Roti basket to cook a variety of Indian Rotis. Moreover, it keeps the food warm for up to 90 minutes. Also, you can pasteurize milk, ghee and paneer as well.

Other Functions: You can use a barbecue, and combi functions to bake, roast, grill and defrost. Besides, you can grill whole poultry with ease with the motorized rotisserie.

User Review: User reviews states that you can make different Indian cuisine easily. It will be a delight to bake cookies and cake.

Additions: The recipe booklet that comes along is handy if you are a newbie. You help to minimize trial and errors while setting the oven temperature and duration. 

2. Samsung 28 L Black Convection Microwave Oven (MC28M6035CK/TL)

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If you use the oven extensively to cook an extensive range of foods, this Samsung oven will make you very happy.

Power Levels: With a 28 L size, it is adequate for a family of 4-6 members. You will get six power levels in the oven and a temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius. It has functions like microwave, convection, grill and combi. You can barbecue, reheat, defrost and prepare different foods with it.

Cook Different Cuisine: Besides, it involves functions like Hotblast, a variation of convection cooking. For this, it uses hot air and circulated for crispy exteriors and juicy interiors. The technology of slim fry behaves like an air fryer where you can cook with minimal oil. Besides, you can do tandoor, curd fermentation as well.

Get a Demo: Users were able to use the oven to make different types of food conveniently. It came out pretty well with dishes such as paneer, chicken tikka, tandoor, roti etc.

The auto-cook menu is not that intuitive to use. You will find it challenging to use all cooking functionalities without a demo. Trials and mistakes may also result in a few cooking disasters. So, if you’re a newbie, keep insisting on a demo.

Easy to Clean: Now, coming to washing, cleaning the interiors is a breeze thanks to the ceramic enamel design. Without having to clean vigorously, even oil that has splattered a week ago falls off quickly.

Cons: Comparatively, it is a little surprising that it does not have a motorized rotisserie. There is also no steam cleaning or disinfecting operation. This oven will undoubtedly serve you well. You will enjoy experimenting with a variety of Indian cuisine.

3. Panasonic 27L Black Convection Microwave Oven (NN-CT645BFDG)

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The next one on our list is Panasonic’s oven, intended for medium to large families.

Design: The black aesthetics with white and grey buttons produce an aesthetically appealing picture. It is large, and you should position it on a fixed spot on the countertop.

Easy to Clean: There is a steel finish in its inner cavity that not only looks elegant. Besides it is rust-resistant and easy to clean. It also helps to spread hot air efficiently and uniformly for healthier cooking. Also it can comfortably cater to a large family. In addition, it comes with volume capacity of 27 litres.

LCD Monitor: As a convection model, it helps to bake, barbecue, roast, defrost, etc. It also has an LCD monitor and touch buttons for easy use. 

5 Power Levels: It helps to set the temperature and timer for flexible cooking needs. For this, it has five power levels. You can also use the microwave, grill, or convection mode.

Auto Cook: Besides, you will get 101 preset auto-cook menus to help you cook like a pro. You have to click the button for errorless cooking.

Magic Grill: It has a unique feature of the Magic Grill that holds any grilled food outside crispy, but juicy. The oven flaunts revolutionary Japanese technology. Moreover, it has strong 1400 W and 1000 Watt double grills at the top and bottom. Besides, it rapidly increases the temperature for faster cooking.

Water Drop Collector: It has all the superior features like defrost, fermentation, etc. A unique feature of this oven is the water drop collector. It is also integrated with a back cover. You can use it for easy elimination of all condensed vapours formed inside the oven.

Additions: Oven comes with a starter kit such as complimentary idli stand, measuring tumbler, steamer, etc.

Warranty: It comes with a one-year standard warranty on the product.

No Child Lock Feature: The absence of a child-lock feature is a significant downside of this appliance. It often generates too much water vapour and always causes its glass to go misty.

Power Consumption: This oven consumes 1400 watts of power. Also results in hefty electricity bills as it carries a slightly higher price tag of about 12.5K.

Nonetheless, the oven is a fantastic buy with good customer service.

4. IFB 23 L Black Convection Microwave Oven (23BC4)

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IFB microwave is another one on the list. Its unique characteristics will surely impress you.

Design: The microwave features a sleek and trendy black style with rose print. It can easily cater small to medium families with its 23-litre size. It is crafted to last for a long time.

Flexible Cooking: It can do flexible cooking as it is a convection model. Besides it removes the need for any separate appliance.

Premium Features: It has almost all the premium features that we have discussed so far. For example, the preset menus, child-lock, LCD monitor, high-sensitive touch buttons. In addition you get auto defrost, fermentation, child lock as well.

Preset Menus: For simple and quick cooking, it provides you with 71 preset menus. The timer guarantees you non-contaminated food.

Express Cooking Option: Looking at its unique features, it has an express cooking option. Besides, you can speed up cooking by choosing the weight of the food.

Steam Cleaning: The steam cleaning and deodorizing tab is another unique and standout feature. Place a bowl of water inside and then press the auto-clean button. After this the oven self-cleans with the steam produced. What you need is to clean the dirt away.

Safety Feature: For safety, it has the security feature of overheating. It  automatically cuts the power when the temperature gets too high.

Power Consumption: The oven consumes 1400 watts of energy and thus results in hefty electricity bills. It comes with a three-year guarantee on the magnetron. Besides you will get a standard one-year warranty.

Cons: Besides, the device is also noisy and appears to overheat quickly. Also, the keypad is not of good quality and requires careful handling. The grill racks are missing here as well. Considering that, this over is slightly overpriced.

5. Samsung 28 L Black Convection Microwave Oven (CE1041DSB2/TL)

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People know Samsung for developing a reputation for delivering spectacular features at affordable prices. This convection microwave oven will also be a breeze for your cooking duties.

Design: Its excellent black style gives aesthetic appeal and will add oomph to the interior.

Capacity: The oven has 28 litres, which makes it ideal even for large families. It can do flexible cooking as it is a convection microwave. Also, you can call it a one-stop kitchen appliance.

Digital Display: The digital LCD and touch panels  makes it easy for you to run the microwave.

Slim Frying: The furnace boasts many distinctive features. Moreover, it comes with slim frying that allows you to get healthy food. You use less oil and it also gives the same taste and texture.  

Tandoor Technology: Tandoor technology is another distinctive aspect of the oven. It drools out naans and rotis comparable to any restaurant, heating up to 200 degrees. It also has a fermentation feature to help you make curd, dosa batter, etc.

6 Power Levels: The oven has six power levels of 40 to 200 degrees Celsius. The hassle of cooking Indian and Western cuisine is taken away by many preset auto-cook menus.

The ceramic enamel cavity is sleek, hygienic, simple to clean, and extremely bacteria-free. The oven also has all other regular functions, such as defrosting and child lock.

Quartz Convection Heater: Its Quartz convection heater and sheath grill heater are of the highest quality. Besides, it offers quick and even hot air delivery for fast cooking in record time. The appliance consumes 2900 watts of power.

Warranty: You get the usual one-year warranty on the product, but a five-year warranty on the magnetron. Besides you get an impressive ten-year warranty on its ceramic cavity. 

Cons: The lack of a starter kit and high energy costs are the only disadvantages to point out.

Price: This is one of the best convection microwave ovens you can lay your hands on. Also, it comes for less than 12k and has excellent quality and efficiency.


  • Disinfect Feature: Disinfect Feature also known as a “steam clean” feature. With the use of steam, it automatically cleans the interior of the oven.
  • Affordability: If you want to get the best deal, check the microwave oven’s price. You must check if you are paying the right amount and that too for the right product.
  • Warranty: Always ensure that the oven has good warranty terms. Make sure it provides free servicing when there is a problem with the item.
  • Power Consumption: In this price range, ovens’ power usage is very surprising. As you get energy-efficient and a powerful motor at the same time.
  • Tandoor Function: It helps you to cook high-precision Tandoori chicken, prawns, and many more. Roller ring ensures that your meals are cooked uniformly. Thereby, resulting in a more appealing taste and texture.
  • Touch panel: Check the oven you are going to buy if it has a sensitive touch panel.

Advantages of Microwave Ovens

  • The materials used in these microwave ovens are of high quality. Moreover, it assures you that it will last for a long time.
  • It has a disinfecting mechanism to ensure that the inside of the oven is clean at all times. Besides, it provides much healthier food, such as steam cleaning and deodorizer.
  • You can cook great varieties of food as it has a Tandoori feature. Also it allows you to cook chicken and prawns.
  • Usually, they have a roller rink, which will cook the food more uniformly. 
  • With the use of the fermentation tool, you can make yoghurts and condiments. 
  • Typically, the microwave ovens in this price range are spacious, which is suitable for large families.
  • The microwave ovens in this price range have a complete starter kit in addition to the cookbook. Also, it makes your cooking sessions much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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