10 Best Side by Side Refrigerators in India (2021)

Refrigerators are our closest companions in India throughout the hot summer months. Particularly, in certain parts of India, the year is divided into three seasons: Hot, Hotter, and Hottest. So, the need for a refrigerator with ample space is rising to keep the food fresh in summer. And we bring you the list including some best side by side refrigerators in India.

best side by side refrigerators in India

Consequently, in India, side-by-side refrigerators have become extremely common. Because they provide ample space and delivers outstanding cooling.

Subsequently, they are pricey, but you still have to pay a price for the things that make life easy. In contrast to the advantages they have, the expense is negligible indeed. So, let’s look at some of the best side-by-side refrigerators available in India.

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List of best side by side Refrigerators in India

Any of the most well-known refrigerator manufacturers in this category are usually Haier, LG, Samsung, BPL, Panasonic, and Bosch. Furthermore, the best refrigerators in this category are mentioned below (in no special order).

1. LG Side-by-Side Frost-Free Refrigerator (Model 687L)

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If you’re searching for the perfect combination of style, achievement, and beauty, look no further. LG’s side-by-side refrigerators are indeed among the best side by side refrigerators in India.


– 687L volume, ideal for large Indian families with children.

– Energy-saving linear inverter compressor

– Several different cooling vents

– Another is Analytical diagnosis

– An assortment of digital sensors

– Including one year guarantee.

Besides, this refrigerator has cooling, freshness, quality, packing, energy use, and a beautiful appearance. Moreover, this refrigerator has the added benefit of being designed at eye level on the inside. And then enabling you to display your entire food inventory with a single glance.

Also, the inverter linear compressor outperforms other inverter compressors in terms of performance. In addition, saving up to 51% of energy and generating 25% less noise.

Furthermore, this kitchen refrigerator has a 5-step anti-bacterial deodorization feature. Thus, destroying 99.9% of bacteria and eliminates foul odours within the fridge.

The LG refrigerator’s most intelligent feature is its integration with SmartThinQ, a one-of-a-kind mobile software. Further, it helps you to control all of your home appliances from every location on the planet. The Smart Diagnostic feature assists in the detection of any problems, saving time, labour. And, most significantly, money.

Also, the Moist-n-Fresh function allows excess moisture from the food to evaporate. And simultaneously condense on the lattice rather than hovering around it. Consequently, the box’s optimum moisture balance is preserved.

Additionally, the Fresh Balancer functionality on this LG refrigerator takes it a step further by maximizing humidity levels by sealing the vegetable box to keep vegetables fresh for longer.

So, this platinum refrigerator deserves to be on the list of the top 10 best side by side refrigerators in India.


-The inverter linear compressor saves energy while improving efficiency.

-Due to its wide storage ability, this refrigerator is common among Indian housewives.

-In terms of aesthetics, this idea is indeed well ahead of the competition.


-Pricing seems to be a problem, as it approaches Rs 1 lakh.

2. Samsung 700L Inverter Frost-free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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This Samsung 700L refrigerator is more spacious thanks to the Volume Max technology. Thereby, it allows for maximum interior space. Furthermore, it compares favourably to other top models in terms of energy use and efficiency.

It has a 700L capacity, so it’s very roomy.


-Technology called Space Max

-Cooling from both sides

-Compressor DIT

-Frost-free refrigerator with side-by-side doors

-A one-year warranty is included.

The stylish and streamlined architecture fits in seamlessly with the kitchen’s atmosphere, elevating it to a whole new stage. Hence, it leads to a harmonious kitchen interior décor by giving the kitchen an elegant look.

The compressor’s speed is adjusted through seven stages by the Digital Inverter Technology, further depending on the cooling demands. As a result, this compressor uses less energy and produces less noise. It also decreases wear and tear, ensuring long-term effectiveness.

Moreover, Space Max technology is a standout feature of this refrigerator. Since it uses a small volume of high-efficiency insulation, the walls can be thinner. As a result, more volume is created without losing energy efficiency or extending the exterior dimensions.

variety of odours, which combine within the refrigerator to produce a foul odour. This refrigerator has a deodorizing filter that cleans the interiors while preserving the food’s initial fragrance. When the air flows through activated carbon filters, the fibre-built fibre deodorizing filter removes heavy odours.

Other basic features include sufficient door space and toughened glass cabinets. In conclusion, this deserves to be among the best side by side refrigerators.


-This gadget performs admirably while retaining a beautiful look.

-An energy-saving feature is the DIT compressor.

-The deodorizing mode isAlso, the energy-saving advantage of the All-around cooling feature is that it allows for uniform cooling of every corner of the appliance. Particularly, the Multiple vents on each shelf help ensure even ventilation and, as a result, a consistent temperature, allowing food to last longer.

Food and cold drinks stored in the fridge benefit from the Power Cool function, which conversely keeps them fresh. This feature speeds up the cooling of food by 31%, while the Power Freeze feature speeds up the freezing of ice by 31%.

Usually, the food emits a  a unique feature.


-There are no convertibility options.

-There is no special water dispenser in this refrigerator.

3. Side-by-Side Refrigerator LG 679L Frost-free Refrigerator

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In almost every way, this LG 679L side-by-side refrigerator matches the model reviewed above, offering high standards of comfort and convenience to rank as one of the most attractive side by side refrigerators available in India.


-679L capacity, perfect for Indian families of five or more.

-Frost-free refrigerator with side-by-side doors

-An inverter compressor that saves energy

-Shelves made of toughened glass

-Cooling of many airflows

-Intelligent diagnosis

-A one-year warranty is included.

Included compressor not only performs flawlessly, but it also uses up to 51% less energy than a traditional inverter compressor. It also produces 25% less noise, making it a near-silent performer in your kitchen.

Furthermore, this refrigerator performs admirably, thanks to its multi-airflow cooling technology, which ensures that cold air reaches all corners of the appliance. The fridge’s cooling output is aided by carefully positioned cooling vents.

Warm food is detected by multi-digital sensors in the refrigerator, which immediately unlock the doors to preserve the desired interior temperature.

The SmartThinQ smartphone app’s connectivity allows you to monitor this refrigerator and other compatible LG appliances in your home from afar. Furthermore, the Smart Diagnosis function guarantees that assistance is close at hand.

Moreover, the Moist Balance Crisper arrangement is a fantastic invention since it allows the extra moisture to accumulate on the lattice pattern cover, allowing the refrigerator to retain optimal moisture levels. This feature certainly makes it one of the best side by side refrigerators to consider.

Ample door storage room and toughened glass shelves are just a few of the standard features. These shelves can comfortably support the weight of even the heaviest kitchen appliances. Furthermore, they prevent spilled food from seeping into other compartments and spoiling the food stored there.


-In terms of efficiency and design, this refrigerator is a one-stop shop.

-An inverter compressor saves energy when producing the least amount of noise.

-The frost-free mode saves you a lot of time and effort.


-With prices reaching Rs 90,000, it is a little pricey.

4. Haier 565L Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Twin Inverter Technology

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Because of their smart architecture, Haier refrigerators have elegance, luxury, and convenience. The twin inverter technology guarantees peak output while reducing power consumption to a minimum.


-Compare and Contrast Refrigerator with inverter technology on both sides

-565 litres of storage space, suitable for big families

-An energy-saving compressor

-PDF (Polyurethane Foam) Insulation

-Shelves made of toughened glass that are spill-proof

-The compressor comes with a ten-year warranty.

The highest fridge-freezer ratio is one of the most intriguing features of this Haier refrigerator. The clever concept meets all of your refrigeration needs while still making food storage easy.

When you’re not at home, the Smart Holiday mechanism helps maintain a consistent temperature range within the appliance. As a result, the diet will stay fresh while you are gone.

It features sophisticated technologies such as Super Cool and Super Freeze. With a single push of a button, these technologies allow instant cooling. The best part is that this feature will quickly cool any form of the product.

Smart sensors in this refrigerator make the compressor run more smoothly and use less than a unit of energy per day. As a result, it’s one of the most energy-efficient refrigerators available.

This refrigerator is the most comfortable to use since the doors open at a 90-degree angle, allowing direct access to the inside. As a result, it is simple to put or extract food from the interiors.

This Haier refrigerator stands out from the competition thanks to its Noise Control Technology. It guarantees that this refrigerator operates quietly.


-It’s one of the most fashionable home appliances.

-Outstanding results

-Excellent energy efficiency


-Difficult to incorporate into small kitchens

-It doesn’t come with an icebox.

5. Amazon Basics 690L side-by-side refrigerator with frost-free interior

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Because of its A+ energy ranking, this side-by-side refrigerator qualifies as one of the best in its group. It not only saves energy but also ranks high on the efficiency index, providing the highest level of satisfaction.


-690L size, making it suitable for large families.

-Side-by-side cabinet with a freezer on the left and a refrigerator on the right

-Multi-airflow machine -LED Touch Screen monitor built-in

-Function of Super Freezer

-Temperature regulation that is precise

To meet your varying storage needs, this refrigerator includes a high-rated freezer as well as tempered glass shelves in the fridge compartment.

Because of the existence of numerous air vents located at strategic levels, the Multi airflow technology ensures a reliable cooling efficiency. It keeps you maintain a healthy and nutritious diet for longer periods. It also saves you hours that will otherwise be spent throwing out expired products.

The warning mechanism is a one-of-a-kind feature that sounds as if the door is left open by mistake. It is not only a safety feature, but it also saves resources.

The A+ energy-saving technology cuts down on energy demand and makes the appliance more cost-effective. Indeed, you can consider this as the best side by side refrigerator as your choice while purchasing a new fridge.

Another great feature is the Super Freeze alternative, which speeds up the freezing process. When you have celebrations at home, it comes in handy. Your refrigerator saves you money by preventing you from buying ice to cool your fruit juices. Furthermore, making ice at home is safe and sanitary.

At the tap of a button, the built-in LED touch screen panel helps you to monitor and set temperature settings. You don’t have to open the refrigerator to adjust the settings because this screen is mounted on the door.


-When it comes to balancing efficiency and aesthetics, this refrigerator is one of the best.

-Due to its durable construction, it is a long-lasting appliance.

-Because of improved heat dissipation, the refrigerator walls do not get hot.


-The most obvious weakness may be Amazon Basics’ lack of decent after-sales support.

6. Side-by-side refrigerator Haier 531L Inverter Frost-free

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Haier brings the concept of convertibility to the next step by launching India’s first 100 percent convertible refrigerator. Although this choice is not only versatile, it also provides 100 percent fridge capacity.

Its power of -531L makes it suitable for big families.


-Side-by-side refrigerator with no frost

-Twin Inverter Compressor

-Energy-saving unit -PUF Insulation

-Convertibility of 100 percent

-A one-year warranty is included.

It also has a twin inverter compressor is a one-of-a-kind design that offers superior cooling while using less energy. Hence, it provides consistent ventilation to keep food fresh for longer.

In addition, this refrigerator stands out from the crowd especially because of the Smart Holiday feature.  That keeps the temperature at 17 degrees Celsius when you’re out on vacation. As a result, the diet will remain healthy until you return from your vacation.

Moreover, the T-ABT module is a one-of-a-kind feature that keeps food healthy and odour-free. This sterilization module includes natural minerals and emits negative ions. It doesn’t leave any toxic traces behind, so food stays fresher for longer. Certainly, no doubt we included this in the list of the best side by side refrigerators in India.

Furthermore, the inclusion of dual cooling fans is another excellent feature of this refrigerator. It not only improves overall cooling efficiency but also guarantees the food odors are separated. Also, the use of LED lighting inside the appliance saves space and reduces energy consumption. Therefore, they have superb lighting.

The advanced PUF insulation is the refrigerator’s standout feature. Subsequently, it keeps the interior temperature stable by stopping cool air from leaking to the outside. As a result, it improves the appliance’s total utility and lifetime. Hence, for these reasonable features we added this model to our best side by side refrigerators list.


-It’s a fantastic refrigerator to have and it’s 100 percent fridge convertible.

-The one-of-a-kind glass finish elevates the external look to a new degree.

-The no-wall partition feature maximizes interior space while reducing cooling costs.


-This refrigerator is heavy in comparison to other refrigerators in its class.

7. Hisense 566L side-by-side refrigerator, frost-free technology

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Your refrigerator is a kitchen appliance with a lot of uses. Simultaneously, it can double as a focal point in the kitchen, adding to the overall ambiance. The Hisense side-by-side refrigerator has premium elegance and is considered one of the most beautiful models on the market.


-566-litre capacity frost-free side-by-side refrigerator, ideal for big Indian families

-Moisture fest crisper

-Multi-airflow technology

-Super Freeze feature

-Sleek water dispenser 

-10-year compressor warranty

The freeze-free technology prevents frost from forming on your fruits and vegetables, keeping them good. This technology distributes cold air evenly within the appliance, preventing ice crystal formation.

Further, the humidity levels are regulated by a slider in the Moisture Fresh Crisper cabinet. Depending on the things you store in the package, you can change the climate inside.

Additionally, refilling the tank daily ensures that you have a steady supply of cold water anytime you need it.

This refrigerator is perfect for providing superior cooling. Multi airflow technology is an intelligent and uniformly spread air device that keeps the food cooled to perfection while maintaining a steady and optimum temperature.

Also, the Super Freeze functionality is ideal for freezing food products more quickly than normal. It’s ideal for non-vegetarian and dairy-based foods. The Twist Ice Maker, which is reusable, allows for a smooth array of ice cubes inside the tub without them sticking together.

Two-litre bottles fits easily in the extra-large balcony feature. Another feature is that this Hisense model is distinguished by its big door pockets. The larger drawers give you more space to store your fruits and vegetables. The interiors of this Hisense refrigerator are illuminated by a bright LED lamp, which adds to the comfort aspect.

Hence, with all those features embedded, it can therefore be considered the best side by side refrigerator.


-High-quality efficiency though being appealing 

-Excellent energy savings

 -An impressive aspect is the water dispenser.


– For the average Indian kitchen, the scale can be excessive.

-Any customers who have expressed dissatisfaction with the app.

8. BPL Frost-free side-by-side refrigerator 564L

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This BPL 564L frost-free side-by-side refrigerator sets itself apart from the competition by including a water dispenser. To get a bottle of cold water, you don’t have to open the refrigerator. As a result, you save a lot of energy.


-564L size, perfect for families of five or more people

-Refrigerator with no frost 

-Shelves made of toughened glass

-External cold-water dispenser

-LED touch screen built-in

-An engine that saves energy

When opposed to its competitors, the external water dispenser makes this gadget look nice. It is a comfort feature because it saves resources in addition to improving the exterior look. Since the doors are only opened once in a while to get your ration of cold drinking water, the food stays fresh.

The Fast Cool feature on this BPL refrigerator keeps food fresher for longer. It cools food stored inside the fridge quicker than other ones, meaning that it lasts longer.

The appliance’s Fast Freeze feature allows it to easily create ice. As a result, you won’t have to wait long to make your ice cubes. It’s a handy thing to have if you go out a lot.

Furthermore, an intelligent control system with LED Touch Button is included with this refrigerator. At the click of a button, you can view and monitor temperature settings. Since this panel is installed on the door, there is no need to open the refrigerator to change the temperature settings.

It is critical to maintaining uniform cooling for optimal efficiency. Because it has a multi-airflow mechanism with cooling vents strategically located at each shelf level. So, it circulates cool air in the appliance, ensuring that the food remains fresh for longer.

Another great attribute is the operation’s silence. The high-quality compressor runs quietly while supplying the appliance with plenty of fuel. It also conserves energy.

The pull-out drawer mechanism is a one-of-a-kind design. It not only provides extra storage but also simplifies the role of food storage. It allows you to easily enter the food contained in the back without disturbing the vessels in the center.


-The option for an external water dispenser is the standout feature.

-In terms of efficiency, this refrigerator is right up there with the best.

-Extra room is possible thanks to the unusual pull-out cabinet setup.


-The compressor is exposed on the backside because it is not sealed.

-BPL’s after-sales operation needs to be improved.

9. Samsung 657 L with Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Apart from the standard refrigeration features found in Samsung refrigerators, this side-by-side model has several outstanding features that will change the way you think about refrigerators.

This refrigerator provides ground-breaking functionality based on cutting-edge technology to have a never-before-seen experience. This fridge’s Room Max technology particularly helps it to make the most of the space it has to meet your every need.


-657-liter size frost-free side-by-side refrigerator

-Digital Inverter compressor

-Internet connection

-Voice assistant compatibility

-Family Hub utility

-Ice and water dispenser

With the Food Management functionality, you can use your mobile app to see what’s inside your refrigerator. As a result, it aids in the synchronization of the family’s shopping list.

On the fridge panel, the Morning Brief feature on the Family Hub shows weather updates, diet alerts, and your calendar. You will use the memo, to-do, and gallery software to chat with other family members.

You may use the SmartView feature to watch TV or your tablet when cooking. Accordingly, on the Family Hub, you can even listen to music and listen to the radio. You can also browse the internet and other online resources without having a phone or handheld computer.

When you use the Family Hub’s Recipe and Meal Planner feature, meal planning becomes a breeze. The Bixby voice assistant is compatible with this refrigerator. You can use your voice to talk with the fridge and control it.

Using the Family Hub’s Bluetooth Call function to make and receive calls is easy. Also, the Ice and Water Dispenser feature instantly offers frozen water.


-The most up-to-date equipment renders it a wonderful gadget to have in your kitchen

-The refrigerator’s interior space is maximized

-A slew of innovative features that completely transform the refrigeration experience


-Basic functions include compatible smartphones and smart TVs.

10. LG 594 L Wi-Fi Inverter Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator

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LG provides an elegant side-by-side refrigerator style with cutting-edge features such as Wi-Fi compatibilitydoor ventilation, and smart app compatibility, among others.


-594-liter frost-free side-by-side refrigerator, perfect for big Indian kitchens

-Highly efficient linear inverter compressor

-New Hygiene+ technology

-Compatibility with the Smart ThinQ software

-Door Cooling technology

-Access to Wi-Fi -Smart Diagnosis

-The compressor comes with a ten-year warranty.

LG refrigerators are distinguished by their inverter linear compressor technology. Thereby, it is now a much-advanced technology that can save up to 51% of electricity while still reducing noise by 25%.

This LG ThinQ software lets you monitor your refrigerator and other Wi-Fi-connected home appliances from anywhere. Furthermore, the Hygiene Fresh+ feature uses a 5-step anti-bacterial deodorization process to destroy 99.99 percent of bacteria. It also prevents noxious odours from circulating inside the refrigerator.

This refrigerator has an Express freezing function that allows you to freeze your food quicker than any other refrigerator. Therefore, you will get a glass of cold water from the water dispenser on the door without having to open the appliance.

This LG refrigerator has a smart diagnostic feature that aids in the diagnosis of issues or problems with its use. It also helps with simple maintenance by communicating with the designated service center through the registered smartphone app.

When children are not at home, the Child Lock mechanism prevents them from tampering with the refrigerator.


-Very effective cooling and energy conservation

-The smart diagnostic feature is fantastic.

-The door cooling feature keeps food products in the door compartments cold.


-It is not ideal for small and portable kitchens; -It is a costly appliance.

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Buyer’s Guide for Side-by-Side Refrigerators

In this buying guide, we’ll focus on refrigerators with multiple doors, especially Side-by-Side refrigerators.

As the name implies, this refrigerator has two side-by-side doors, similar to those used in cupboards and bureaus. The freezer compartment is usually on one side, while the refrigerator compartment is on the other.

The freezer-to-fridge ratio varies depending on the brand. Brands like Haier have the highest freezer to refrigerator ratio in the industry.

This mixture makes it suitable for those who enjoy non-vegetarian cuisine. Refrigerators with more freezer capacity are needed for such citizens.

Important things to keep in mind

1. Capacity:

Usually, the Side by side refrigerators are often available in capacities ranging from more than 500 liters to even 800 liters. In the second place, these refrigerators have larger freezers than regular double-door refrigerators.

Any of them have extras such as water dispensers. You don’t have to open the refrigerator to get your bottle of fresh water. Big boxes for storing vegetables and fruits are used in these refrigerators.

2. Energy efficiency:

The vast majority of these refrigerators are energy efficient, with others using less than one unit of power per day. Of necessity, the amount of electricity used is determined by demand habits.

3. Types of compressors:

There are two types of compressors: reciprocating and inverter compressors. Standard compressors have only one rpm. If the temperature inside the refrigerator varies, they turn off and on at regular intervals.

Features to Look for in Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Fast Cooling and Freezing

A refrigerator’s usefulness is determined by its ability to cool the food and at the same time keep it as fresh as possible. Hence, the Quick Cool and Quick Freeze technology are included in the side-by-side refrigerators, which can reduce the temperature from 32 degrees to 5 degrees and -18 degrees in just a few minutes.

A system with multiple airflows

The interiors of these refrigerators have vents to allow for uniform cold air circulation. It aids in maintaining a constant temperature in all areas. As a result, your food stays fresh for a longer period.

Vegetable and fruit boxes should be kept separate

In contrast to standard refrigerators, side-by-side refrigerators have more space. As a result, you have separate boxes for your vegetables and fruits. Also, standardized cooling means that they do not lose moisture content and, as a result, stay fresh for longer.

More spacious freezers

The freezer is on one side of the oven, while the refrigerator is on the other. Thereby, for a vegetarian household, the optimal ratio is 80:20 in favor of the refrigerator, whereas non-vegetarians need a 70:30 ratio. Further, refrigerators with a higher fridge-to-freezer ratio, such as Haier’s, are indeed available.

Ice and water dispenser

Frequent opening of the doors to place and remove water bottles will increase power usage. So, a water/ice dispenser on the door of side-by-side refrigerators helps you to get a bottle of cold water without opening the fridge.

Usually, to get a constant supply of cold water/ice, you must have a replenishable tank inside the refrigerator filled with water.

Feature of Door Cooling

LG side-by-side refrigerators have a special Door Cooling feature that keeps the door compartments cold and fresh even though the fridge is opened to place and remove food.

When you open the flap, the technology also acts as an air curtain, thereof, preventing cold air from inside the unit from escaping to the outside.

Refrigerator with a door in the door

The top-of-the-line LG side-by-side refrigerator has a special feature called door-in-door viewing. And this feature helps you to see what’s inside the fridge without having to unlock the lock to this end. Hence, this device takes the shape of a translucent door that opens when you press it twice, revealing the contents inside the appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the average life of the side by side refrigerators?

Ans. On average, it is nearly 14-16 years. Furthermore, depending on your usage and care of the appliance. Also if you are providing regular service.

Q2. Which side by side refrigerator is more reliable?

Ans. Actually, the brands with experience and reliability factors simultaneously are usually good to go for. Besides, you can always check our list given above for detailed elucidation of various features of the refrigerator.

Q3. How close a side by side refrigerator can go to the sidewall?

Ans. First for the side walls – usually the space of 1 to 1.5 inches is enough. Second for back wall – usually the space of 2 inches will be ample for heat dissipation.

Q4. What is the first thing to check if the refrigerator stops working?

Ans. At first, always check the circuitry supplying the current to your refrigerator. And afterwards, you can call the service maintenance company for further problems diagnose.

Q5. Which is better side by side or Bottom freezer refrigerator?

Ans. Side by side refrigerators are best for kitchens that need a modern look and have ample space. Whereas, on the other hand, bottom freezer ones have a freezer at the bottom. Therefore, making it easier to access food without bending.

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