10 Best Washing Machines Under 20000 in India (2021)

Nowadays, doing household chores amidst the busy work schedule is no less than a task.

Among all, Washing clothes is quite boring, but there are brands which offer best washing machine under 20000 at affordable rates thus make the job easy and interesting.

To maintain our work-life balance and to make things easier, many companies come up with world-class home appliances which are affordable and make the job for working females simple.

In this hustle culture, looking up-to-date is a tough business and for that clean clothes are mandatory, while washing clothes is hectic work. What’s there to worry, when you can do multiple tasks while washing your dirty linens.

There must be questions in your mind, which washing machine brand is best suitable for your family. Where to buy them and how you can get all the details. You don’t have to worry about it.

Things are now just a click away. You can get the details of all the Washing Machine here, now you don’t have to rush to electronic shops to get a home appliance of your choice.

The E-commerce business offers you a whole new level of comfort. 

There are various elements based on which you can buy the Washing Machine of your choice-

1) Family Size
2) Economical
3) Features
4) Budget
5) Wash Load
6) Activities of family members
7) Type of washing machine

Know About 10 Best Washing Machines within 20000 

1) Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter, Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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Samsung is the most committed and established brand in India. Most of the Indian families buy Samsung appliances.

The Samsung washing machine comes with a 6.0 Kg Inverter with 5-star ratings.

Though it is a few bucks more than the 20,000 it can be considered as one of the leading brands which are offering the best deal at affordable rates.

1) It is a completely automatic front-loading washing machine
2) It has a 6.0 kg capacity 
3) Its energy rating: 5 Star
4) Samsung is giving 3 years guarantee on product and 10 years guarantee on its motor 
5) It is suitable for nuclear families with 4 to 5 members

This machine gives your linen a deep and hygienic clean. Its high-tech steam cycle releases steam from the bottom of the drum. So every cloth in the tub is thoroughly drenched. It eradicates germs to a large extent.

Its ceramic heater is a penny saver upon repairs and gets rid of the scaling that happens because of hard water. As it requires less energy to warm up the water, you can save numbers.

You can easily clean your clothes in 15 minutes with its quick wash technology. It has a digital inverter which consists of a strong magnet for the effective and noiseless process.

Its 5-star ratings are enough to convince customers to buy it before giving it a second thought. One of its unique features includes child lock.

In most of the Indian families, children try to tamper the setting of the electronic gadgets which they find amazing. This child lock feature doesn’t allow your kids to have access to the machine settings.

Samsung’s machine is woollen friendly, you can wash your sweaters and cardigans easily and the machine ensures to retain its gentleness and softness.

Its Hexa Storm Pulsator helps you to get the amazing feel. It makes the process smooth and gives the clothes a clean and shiny look. The clothes look new and ravishing.

Child Lock availableNot for joint families
Quick & delicate wash availableComparatively, it’s a heavy machine
Eco drum clean
5 star ratings
Samsung front load washing machine

2) LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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LG has been in the home appliance business for the last few decades. It has been a part of many houses and families. LG 6.5 kg automatic washing machine is perfect for the families with 4-5 members. It is easy to handle and it is quite economical.

1) It is an automatic machine
2) LG ensures its customers with 10 years warranty on its motor and 2 year warranty on the product
3) Clothes gets dry quickly
4) Transparent Window Glass
5) Auto Restart
6) Stainless Steel Tub
7) Power Saving Mode
8) Smart Inverter Technology

LG Washing Machine provides a rust-free drum that works for a long duration. The tub clean feature cleans the tub immensely whenever needed and it does not consist of harsh chemicals.

It cleanses the machine inside and outside without putting much effort. Its child lock feature is another safety feature which the company is offering.

The closing process of the lid is quite polished. The lid doesn’t shut down immediately and doesn’t hurt your hand.

When the power or voltage fluctuates, it saves the motor as the motor is protected. Dirt and stain get stuck to the motor. The user manual helps you to practice it better.

Compared to others, it is one of the Best Washing Machines available in Indian market. The punch 3 system ensures the removal of dirt and stain from your clothes.

You are getting another advantage of buying this washing machine, that whenever you get any issue regarding the working and using, you can connect it with the SmartThinQ app.

It will resolve your problem within a few minutes. That’s what a smart machine does right? 


1) Long Motor Life

2) Stainless Steel Drum; Rustproof

3) Smart Diagnosis; saves times and money

4) Tub clean; gives the hygienic wash

5) Auto Re-start


1) No Hot Water Option

2) Buzzing Volume is low

3) IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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IFB washing machine is manufactured with 8 wash programs. Capacity of 6.5kg makes it perfect for a family size of 4-5. Itts high spin speed gives faster drying.

Consider it to be the Best Washing Machine Brand to be included in your home appliances. One of the best to buy in your budget.

Its deep cleaning provides bacteria removal and gives stainless clothes. 

It adjusts automatically to save water and detergent, its in-built smart sensor helps to weigh the load on the machine.

Its best feature is the lint tower filter, which stops the lint and small microfibers to go into the drain.

It can be removed from time to time and can be cleaned easily. 

It consists of soft scrub pads, which gives soft wash to the clothes and removes dirt and stain gently without damaging the clothes.

Its Mechanical Centre Punch action helps to get rid of the dirt from the clothes. Its filter helps to dissolve the detergent properly in the water and clean the clothes thoroughly. 


1) Its special feature includes 3D Wash System

2) Aqua Spa Therapy; It rejuvenates and deeply clean your clothes

3) It consists of a smart inbuilt weight sensor

4) Triadic Pulsator wash; Helps to remove stains

5) Its maximum rotational speed is 720 RPM


1) Deep Cleaning

2) Smart sense

3) Lint Tower Filter

4) 3D Wash

5) In-Built Aqua Engine


1) No in-built Voltage Stabiliser

4) Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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A fully-automatic Top loading washing machine which is economical and gives great wash quality standards, makes it a great product to be purchased.

User friendly, well designed and classy are some of its special features and thus includes it in the list of Best Washing Machine.

With a capacity of 6.5 kg, it is a perfect fit for a family of 4-5 people. People who live away from their families can buy it, as it is another helping hand for them. 

The product will be easily accessible for 2 years and  you don’t have to worry about the motor for at least 10 years.

Its spin speed is 680 RPM and because of it, it gives faster drying of clothes. It consists of 8 wash programs.

Equipped with a lot of features which makes it a perfect home appliance for a nuclear family.  

This 6.5kg capacity washing machine has a Power wave wash system. It also has a one-touch start, Delay/ start option; power-off memory, tub clean.

This 6.5kg limit clothes washer has a Power wave wash framework. Likewise has a one-contact start, Delay/start choice; power-off memory, tub clean.

Bosch’s washing machine has all the highlights which a completely programmed machine ought to have, an LED show, childproof lock.

It gives profound cleaning of garments and eliminates the dirt and stain. Capable of handling low water pressure, as it works effectively and doesn’t let hard water ruin the nature of the garments. 


1) It is fully automatic

2) It is of 6.5 kg capacity

3) Perfect fit for families of 4-5 people

4) It consists of 2 separate dispensers, one for the powdered detergent and the other one for liquid detergent.

5) It works smoothly even during low-pressure issues.

6) It doesn’t let the microfibers to get trap, filters stop it from going into the drain.

7) It also has a soft closing lid, which helps to get things done properly.

8) Its child lock feature saves your machine setting to get changed.

9) It dissolves the detergent in the water properly

10) Removes dirt and stain thoroughly. 


1) Deep Clean

2) Child Lock

3) Separate Dispenser for different kinds of detergents

4) Smart Filters

5) Smooth working during low pressure

6) Autostart

7) Power-off memory function

8) Power Wave wash system


1) It doesn’t consist of any water heating system

2) No-inbuilt voltage stabiliser

3) Not so good for families with 7-8 members

5) Whirlpool 7.0 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Whirlpool is a brand known for its reliable products. Most of the families consider buying its products as it is a company which has been in the market for years and it is the first choice for many customers.

It has a good fan base in the Indian market. The machine comprises 12 wash programs. With profound cleaning, it has 5-star appraisals.

It is of 7.0 kg limit, easy to move, and simple to put in compact spaces, magnificent for small families and bachelors. Convincingly, it is a savvy machine that comprises a spa wash framework and makes it the Best Washing Machine.

It doesn’t let the clothes get tangled during the washing as it is one of the problems we face while washing clothes.

One of its features includes tough washing express mode, which is for dirty clothes. Mostly we see that detergent particles remain on the clothes and it looks wacky.

Whirlpool 7.0kg capacity washing machine doesn’t let the detergent particles remain on the clothes.

You don’t have to worry about the product for 2 years and the motor will work fine for at least 10 years. It consists of a powerful motor which helps to get hard water wash and clean laundry.


1) 3 click process; with just 3 clicks you will get clean clothes as good as new

2) You can choose the wash program according to your convenience from the 12 provided.

3) Child lock doesn’t let your kid tamper with the settings

4) Detergent Sensor; it senses the amount of detergent according to the number of clothes

5) Powerful motor for perfect washing

6) It gives 20% better cleaning due to its better features and techniques


1) Hard Water Wash Technology

2) Detergent Sensor

3) Child Lock

4) Powerful Motor

5) 12 Wash Programs

6) Low-Pressure technology

7) Effective Control Panel

8) Tub Clean


1) Noise problem

2) No automatic water heating feature

6) Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Another one on the table is Whirlpool 7.5 kg capacity Washing Machine. It has been given 5 star ratings. It is a pre-programmed and self-activating machine.

Whirlpool offers a variety of products and its washing machines are the most comfortable providing home appliances for Indian families. Just like the other variant this machine is equipped with a lot of durable features.

With the capacity of 7.5 kg, it is a perfect appliance to take home. It has 12 wash programs for all types of household clothes.

It ensures the quality of clothes and doesn’t affect the material. With its smooth and soft cleaning, it makes the linen look as good as new and shiny.

Outfitted with a sixth sense wash innovation. As its delicate cover shutting ensures a sheltered washing of garments, its different sensors, and an advanced control board assists with managing the machine without any problem.

Every member in the house can exercise it properly. 

It also gives detergent suggestions, like which one is suitable for your clothes and which one of making your clothes rough.

It ensures guaranteed dirt and stain removal. You can easily wash clothes with hard water with its hard water wash technology.

Try different drying methods according to the cloth material. This Washing Machine easily detects the low pressure and can change the voltage and other settings. 

The machine automatically goes back to normal functioning after the pressure changes.

It has an auto-start system and features. The company is giving 3 years warranty on the product and 10 years of warranty on the Motor. 


6th sense dirt wash technology.

Smart sensors.

Smart lint filter.

3D scrub technology.

Smart detergent Suggestions



1) 12 wash programs

2) Easy to use

3) Affordable

4) Different drying features

5) Detergent recommendations


1) The machine makes noise during washing

7) Godrej 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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One of the leading brands in the Indian Market, Godrej never leaves any chance to amuse its customers with its variety of affordable home appliances.

Its 6kg capacity 5 star completely automatic top loading washing machine is no less than a wonderful thing to ease your workload. Working females should get it without giving it a second thought.

As it is affordable and user friendly. There is no need to put much effort into understanding its working. And not a bad idea to call it the Best Washing Machine.

It has 5-star ratings due to powerful and effective features. It has a different variant with 6kg capacity, 6.2 kg capacity and 6.5 kg capacity.

You don’t have to look for the motor for at least 2 years and 10 years for the product. It spins with a speed of 700 RPM, your clothes get dried easily without causing you trouble.

It is suitable for hard water washing as well. Its effective features include Digital control panel, tough glass lid and effective tub cleaning. 

Its effective technology makes it a class option and makes it 30% better than other washing machines available in the market.

It has 9 wash programs and it is an Indian Product, it fulfils the motto of ‘Make in India’ thus making it stand out of the crowd.


1) It is completely automatic

2) 6 Kg Capacity with 5-star ratings

3) It is equipped with Aqua jet Pulsator

4) It consists of gravity drum for effective cleaning

5) Tub cleaning feature and strong glass lid

6) Stainless steel tub

7) It consists of a customized control panel


1) Quick and Easy Wash

2) Child Lock for safety measures

3) Get access to 9 different wash programs 

4) Stainless Steel Wash Tub

5) Gentle Scrubbing

6) Big and small contours for deep cleaning

7) Acu Wash Drum


1) No Separate wash option available

8) Haier 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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When we talk about Best Washing Machine, Haier with 7 kg capacity is a great option for a medium-size family. You don’t have to think about the product for 2 years and don’t worry about the wash motor for 10-year. Get access to 8 different wash programs.  

a) Oceanus wave drum

b) Near zero pressure, 

c) Two Bionic magic filter

d) Softball technology

e) Jet water flow

f) Balance clean pulsator, 

Its spin speed is 800 RPM which makes it 20% more effective and ready for a hard water wash.

It gives impeccable garments within a couple of minutes. Clothes get soaked completely prior to washing to make it more viable. Not even a single stain or dirt particle remains on the linens after wash. 

The cloth comes out clean and soft as it was before. It ensures the quality of cloth fabric during the washing. Its spin speed makes the drying faster.

It is manufactured to work at a voltage of 220 watts and wattage of 440 watts. Classic silver-tone, makes it look trendy.

Effective features make it a perfect appliance for modern-day usages. It is cost-effective and efficient to deep clean the dirty linens.


1) Two Bionic Magic Filters; ensures deep and hygienic cleaning of clothes

2) Zero Pressure; Near zero pressure technology to work effectively during low water pressure

3) Child Lock

4) Digital Display: It is equipped with digital display to make it smart and automatic

5) You will have access to 8 different types of wash programs.

6) Woolmark: You can easily wash your woollens as it is certified with Woolmark technology

7) Softball technology: Its lid weighs light and it allows an easy opening process to the user

8) Top loading: It has a storage capacity of 7 kg


1) Sleek Design; its silver grey colour makes it look more appealing 

2) Glass lid gives a clear view of the washing process

3) Oceanus Wave Drum; cube-shaped drum for strong water flow and gentle scrubbing of clothes.

4) Woollen friendly

5) Jet Water Flow

6) Affordable

7) Easy to use

8) Digital Display

9) Zero Pressure

10) Two magic filters


1) Drum Capacity is less

2) No automatic water heating feature

9) Samsung 7.0 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Next comes in the list is Samsung 7.0 kg. It is a self-activated washing machine. Samsung is one of the leading marketers of home appliances.

And it is available in silver shading which makes it look exclusive. Garments don’t tangle and make the cleaning cycle simple. 

It prompts a multi-directional wash, which doesn’t let the garments twist. This innovation gets the cleanser to spread equitably and mixes with water appropriately.

The cleanser doesn’t remain on the garments after the washing and the garments look new. 

This technology gets the detergent to spread evenly and let it dissolve in water properly. The detergent doesn’t stay on the clothes after the washing and the clothes look new.

In this Washing Machine a drum is manufactured with the help of diamond technology and it has diamond-shaped ridges on its walls. 

It provides gentle scrubbing to the clothes and gives a great user experience. Eco-tub clean technology works to clean the tub thoroughly and no harsh chemicals are used for it.

Samsung is one of the best washing machine brand, with its active wash technology it completely soaks the cloth before wash process and can treat any stubborn stain effectively. It removes dirt and gives clean and good smelling clothes after every wash.

Many times people complain about the detergent remaining on the clothes even after washing, but in Samsung washing machines the detergent gets mixed with water properly and never gives the user a chance to complain about the detergent remaining on the cloth. 

It consists of the separate dispenser which mixes the solid and liquid detergent thoroughly. Its magic filters don’t let the lint and fluff get stuck and don’t allow it to move into the drain. 


1) It consists of features like wobbly technology, magic filters, detergent dispenser and eco tub clean.

2) The Washing Machine is 540 mm broad, 1002 mm in height and 568 mm deep.

3) It also includes bubble soak and easy iron.

4) Its spin speed is 680 RPM 

5) It provides 6 wash programs or washes cycles

6) The company also provides a user manual

7) Digital display

8) Digital control panel

9) Transparent glass door


1) Magic Detergent Dispenser

2) Magic Filters

3) Diamond Drum

4) Eco-Tub Clean

5) Child Lock

6) 5 Water Level

7) Wobble Technology

8) Active Wash


1) The machine doesn’t dry the laundry properly

10)  Godrej 7 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Last but not the least, Godrej is a brand which is not only trustworthy but is also reliable. Godrej is providing 7 kg capacity with 5 stars ratings, self activating washing machine in the market.

Sleek Design and dark grey colour make it look more exclusive and elegant. And undoubtedly increases the value of your laundry room. 

Inside the gravity drum, this technology leads to a roller coaster movement of water. It helps to get the gentle scrubbing of clothes and gives clean clothes after every wash.

It washes the dirty linens perfectly and gets the detergent mixed evenly in the water. If we talk about the design, the lid of the machine is transparent and helps to witness the washing process.

The lid of the Washing Machine is tough and strong and ensures safety. The lid is closed softly and makes the closing process smooth.

The digital control panel is effective and anyone can use it. It is easy to understand and use, and thus makes it a user-friendly and smart machine for modern use. 

The panel is rust and dust-free, works perfectly to make us term it the best washing machine.. You can customize your washing machine according to your preferences and according to the laundry, you choose to wash.

This washing machine has access to 8 wash programs. It also consists of a tub cleaning technology and  helps to clean the diamond drum and does not let it rusted.

All these technologies make it a perfect fit for comfortable usage and of great importance to the families of urban households.

This machine is one of its kind and its strong features make it way better than other brands available in the market. 


1) Its Spin speed is 800 RPM, thus making the drying way faster

2) The Washing Machine is 98.5cm in height, 54.5 cm broad and 62 cm deep.

3) It has Aquajet pulsator technology and a gravity drum. It consists of a roller coaster wash technology, it doesn’t make the cloth rough and retain the gentleness of the laundry.

4) You don’t have to worry about the product for 2 years and the product consists of a 5 years warranty.

5) Its noise level is 65 dB

6) It can be accessed up to the voltage of 230 watts

7) It is made of stainless steel

8) Its weight is 37 kg and 500 gm.


1) Turbo 6 Pulsator

2) 6 Star Energy Ratings

3) In-built soak technology

4) Stainless Steel Wash Tub

5) It consists of 9 wash programs

6) Quick Wash

7) Child Lock

8) Acu Drum Wash


The machine doesn’t have access to different types of laundry washing

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Final Verdict

This information and details about the Washing Machine Brand must have sorted a lot of your confusion.

These Washing Machines are upto Rs17000-Rs18000 and accounted as top brands in the Indian Market. LG, Godrej, Whirlpool, Samsung are some of the names that have been part of the households for years. 

Buying home appliances seems easy but is a tough business, as there are numerous options. But choosing the right one for your home is your priority.

Washing Machines have always been the need of the hour and keeping this in mind, we have come up with the list of 10 Best Washing Machines. After doing a lot of research, surfing and going through a lot of detailed description, customer reviews, we shortlisted some of the trusted brands. 

All the Washing Machines mentioned are Fully Automatic Washing Machines and consist of powerful features, minimum 2-3 years of warranty on product and motor.

You can go through the details, as we have added the features, pros, cons of every washing machine.

Choose according to your requirement and the links given after every description will help you get the left out information. Get one according to your family size, workload and your budget. 

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