5 best water purifier under 15000

There are many countries where you can drink water directly from the tap. But it is not possible in India. Also, in India, most of the water resources are contaminated. Moreover, in some localities, people don’t even get water to drink.

best water purifier under 15000

The water which comes to our houses is not safe for cooking and drinking. Therefore it becomes necessary to have a water purifier at home. 

There are many brands of water purifiers available in the market. We have analyzed, reviewed, and segregated a few best water purifier under 15000. They can satisfy the needs of most Indian families.

You can find below the list of water purifiers that are under your budget. We have also mentioned their features and other essential details to help you out. 

Best water purifier under 15000

Water Purifier BrandView
KENT Grand 8-Litres RO +UV/UF + TDS Water PurifierCheck Price on Amazon
Havells Max 7- liters RO UV Water PurifierCheck Price on Amazon
Eureka Forbes Aquasure 6- Liters RO+UV+ TDS Water PurifierCheck Price on Amazon
Livpure Envy Plus RO+UV+UF Water Purifier with Pre-FilterCheck Price on Amazon
HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV Water PurifierCheck Price on Amazon

1. KENT Grand 8-Litres RO +UV/UF + TDS Water Purifier

First of all, the white plastic body exudes beauty and style, which can complement kitchen decor. The water container of eight liters is sufficient for a family of four to five members.

Water Tank: It is a  lightweight and beautiful machine, you can easily place it over the sink. The tank is made of high food-grade plastic that guarantees clean and safe water for use. You can see all the filters because of its translucent upper cover. Even you can see the dirt particles easily. 

RO Mineral Technology: The water filtered here boasts RO mineral technology, which is the brand’s proprietary technology. It adjusts the TDS to the optimal degree using a TDS controller and preserves vital minerals.

UV and UF Filters: UV and UF filters provide you with a dual filtration process. It extracts all dissolved impurities, debris, all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. It results in clean and safe drinking water.

Capacity: It can store up to eight liters of filtered water in the tank. It has a purifying power of 15 liters per hour and 100 liters a day. Thus, making it more than suitable for a family of 7-8 members.

TDS Technology: The whole filtration system is so strong that it can quickly purify water with TDS up to 2000 ppm. It cleans water from any source, such as borewell, public taps, water tankers, and storage tanks. 

No Leakage: There is no possibility of water leakage. Thus there’s no need to think about any mess. The toxins collected from the water washes out automatically. However, it makes for some additional loss of water.

Power Usage: The unit works on electricity and consumes 60W of power, which is decent. The whole unit comes with a standard one-year warranty and three years of free service, which means you remain sorted at all times. Moreover, it is one of the known brands. It provides exemplary and prompt customer service with over 1500 service centers all over India. 

Disadvantages: Lack of display and indicators for on-going filtration processor to know the tank’s water level. Its membranes might also require a frequent change in areas where water has high turbidity or is very hard. The cost of its filters and membranes are relatively high as they cost over Rs. 2000 each.

2. Havells Max 7- liters RO UV Water Purifier (Sea Green)

If you are looking for a water purifier at a reasonable price, then look no further than this deal from Havells. It has a lot of sophisticated features that you’ll like.

Design: Firstly, the eye-catching white and sea green dual-tone style makes it attractive. You can easily place it on the wall or even in the corner. You can keep it on the kitchen counter easily. 

7 Stage Purification: Most of the typical water purifiers provide five or six steps of purification. But Havells water purifier available in the market offers a seven-stage purification process. The first four filters, namely sediment, activated charcoal, RO membrane, and ultraviolet, are the normal ones.

Mineralizer Cartridge: It does not have a controller for TDS. Instead, it has a mineralizer cartridge that replenishes the water minerals and corrects their pH level. You will not find this function in other purifiers.

iProtect Purification Monitoring system: Another unique aspect is the iProtect Purification Inspection system. It ensures to give clean and sweet tasting water at all times under daily supervision. The faucet comes with a zero splash mechanism that ensures a steady, hygienic water flow.

Storage Capacity: It can store upto 6 liters of filtered water in the tank. However, the purifying capacity is up to 15 liters per hour. You can remove the water tank easily. Therefore you can clean it whenever you want.

Protection cover: It also has a thoughtfully designed protection cover. It keeps the purified water safe from any contamination like dust particles or even insects. 

Voltage Control: The unit has advanced technology to withstand voltage fluctuations and it saves the purifier from any damage. It also alerts you when the tank fills entirely and during the low water pressure, on-going water filtration, self-diagnosis, error alerts, etc. 

iprotection Feature: In any error, the iProtection immediately cuts off the water supply and preserves the purified water. It ensures that the water that comes from the purifier is pure and drinkable.

Warranty: A standard one-year warranty comes with the machine. Its AMC is more pricey than most other models. But it has below Average servicing, although its features make it an excellent water purifier.

3. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus 6- Liters RO+UV+ TDS Water Purifier

It is just another cost-efficient purifier to consider. It is not only economical but also consists of unique features and technologies.

Design: You can either keep it on the counter or mount it on the wall. The black color looks stylish, despite its appearance being a little old and rusty. Overall it is a pleasing and attractive kitchen appliance.

Filters: The filter also uses RO and UV water purifying technology, in addition to TDS technology for tasty and purified water. This water purifier uses a six stage purification process to give clean water. The tank can comfortably hold six liters of purified water.

Smart Features: The purifier can readily purify water from all sources successfully. Unlike the previous one, it comes with lots of metrics and smart features. It has a light that switches color to let you know about the on-going filtration process, low-incoming water pressure, full tank, or even an error. The system also automatically shuts off the power when the tank fills completely. In addition it adjusts itself to protect the voltage variations’ purifier.

Disadvantage: One big downside of the unit is that it doesn’t work when the incoming water pressure is low. You’dYou’d need to order and mount a booster separately. Its transparency cartridge is also mounted outside the device (with a purification capacity of 6000 liters).

Warranty: It also comes with a standard warranty of one year and no extended coverage. The cost of filters and AMC is close to that of Kent Grand Plus. Overall, if you want an inexpensive Black RO water purifier, it is an excellent option.

4. Livpure Envy Plus RO+UV+UF Water Purifier with Pre-Filter

It is another outstanding option to consider. The brand is a relatively new entrant, but it offers incredible features and comes under budget.

Design: The purifier has a very stylish appearance in a metallic gray color. You can place it on a table or you can mount it on the wall. Besides, it also utilizes the advanced RO and UV 7-stage double purification system. Therefore, it is powerful enough to purify water up to the level of 2000 TDS. Thus, you still get the sweetest and purest drinking water, no matter the water source.

Capacity: The unit can purify up to 15 liters of water per hour. At the same time, its tank can store up to 8 liters of water. The appliance’s maximum capacity is about 75 liters per day.

Sensor: The Purifier also has simple sensors and alarms. The device comes with a one-year warranty that includes both the sediment filter and the activated carbon filter. Two preventive maintenance kits are also free.

Service: As with most RO purifiers, having an AMC is a more economical and wiser choice. As a relatively new brand, it has few after-sales service problems, especially in remote areas.

Price: Compared to other purifiers like Kent, the unit is slightly expensive. It offers more features and better service in the same price range. 

5. HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier

The Pureit Advanced Pro Water Purifier is a competitively priced model without any aesthetic or functional compromise. The water purifier looks elegant and sophisticated with stylish black and white exterior elements.

Purification System: RO+UV encompasses the water purification system. At the same time, TDS technology takes care of dissolved pesticides and heavy metals. It eliminates the bacteria and viruses present in water.

The water purifier adequately impregnates the distilled water with calcium and magnesium. Thus makes it clean, and it also tastes great.  

Water Tank: The filtered water stores in a 7-liter tank made from food-grade plastic. In 1 hour, the purifier can purify upto 12 liters of water. So, in just about 30 minutes, you can have the tank filled, which is appropriate for a 4-5 member nuclear family.

TDS level: This purifier has a high TDS level and Almost 50% of water go in water. Although you can set the output level according to your requirement. 

Voltage Control: It works totally fine even during voltage fluctuations. Besides, it also handles the temperature between 10-40 degrees Celcius. All these amazing features make it one of the best water purifiers. 

How to choose best water purifier for home?

You must know the things which are essential to look for in a water purifier. Here are some points which you must pay attention to:-

1) Brand: Brand value matters the most. Because a more prominent and reputed brand offers amazing after services, they provide discount offers on festivals and never compromise with the quality. 

2) Technology- Before buying a water purifier, you must know what purification technology it uses. Most of the water purifiers use RO + UV purification technology to clean water. And all the purifiers mentioned below used the same purification technology.

3) Rating and Reviews: Most people ask their friends and relatives before buying any product. It is a good thing because customer reviews help a lot. Therefore before buying the water purifier, you can check the reviews and given ratings online.

4) Features: If you are spending money, then you must get the best product. Therefore check the features the purifier is offering. All the below mentioned purifiers comprises impressive features. They not only purify water but make sure to retain the minerals.

5) Design: Last but not least, the design of the water purifier makes a difference. Most of the people install the filter in the kitchen. Therefore not every family has an oversized kitchen. So, it would help if you keep in mind where you will place the cleaner.  Check out the designs and keep in mind your kitchen space.


You obviously can not do without a water purifier, considering the degree of water pollution present in India. Water purifier provides pure and clean drinking water. It saves you from getting ill and directly saves you from hospital bills. We hope that the information mentioned above will help to make a decision.

When you want decent after-sales and insurance service, you should buy a water purifier from a reputed company. Because all the purifiers need regular care, replacement of parts, and upgrades. We have included all the essential features that are available in every decent water purifier.

Most people believe there is little technical value to the nature of a water purifier. All these purifiers are under 15000 and hold all the essential features. You can have an idea after going through all the features mentioned in the article. Please read them and then buy the purifier which meets your needs. 

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