9 Best Water Purifiers in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Looking for the best water purifier in India? A very smart idea because everything around us, from air to water, is massively polluted now. Furthermore, so many different brands have water purifiers now, it can be confusing for anyone to pick out just one.

best water purifer

There are multiple kinds of filters like RO, UV, UF, et al, available in water filters now-a-days to make the water contamination free. But which of these should you buy? We are here to help you.

List of best water purifier in India

Let’s find out about the best water purifier in India, from this list of 9 best purifiers in India in 2020 along with a buying guide. Let’s jump into without wasting any time.

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus 6-liters RO + UV + MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus Water Purifier

One of the oldest companies in India to produce reliable water purifiers, Aquasure water purifier comes with a double purification technology. It promises 100% safe an\d good quality drinking water.

Essentially, this 6-liter filter is made in a way to deal with water from all kinds of sources whether its tanker or borewell or a tap. The water purifier comes with a six-stage water purifier technology that follows a good process for purification. 

The beautiful looking model has LED indicators to inform you about the different water processes. Also, there are carbon granules available in filters to make the water clear and enhance its taste.

Best Features:

  • First of all, it is easily surmountable on a wall because of its sleek size
  • The water purifier has a 6-liter storage tank, which indicates water levels to mark the availability of purified water 
  • Another great feature of this water purifier is the advanced RO+UV+MTDS technology that removes disease-causing bacteria from the water
  • The power consumption is also very low- 230 Watts
  • The clarity cartridge ensures double water purity


  • Firstly, the water purifier has a membrane life enhancer that does not allow scaling of calcium and magnesium, ensuring uninterrupted water flow
  • The LED indicators make sure you are aware of the proper functioning of the water purifier
  • The 6000-liter cartridge life makes water protection hassle-free 
  • Also, this model comes with a sensor to inform you once the tank is full, thus, saving water wastage


  • 6-liter capacity is small for a big family 
  • According to customer reviews, the installation process is a bit delayed

Warranty- 1-year warranty

Customer Ratings: 4 out of 5

2. Havells Digitouch 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier

Havells Digitouch 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier

Another one of the popular brands for appliances, Havells has a lot of trust from customers and for all the right reasons. Although it is a digitally smart water purifier that has a futuristic design, the water purifier uses conventional double UV protection.

This RO water purifier also has a UV layer protection. Evidently, it comes with a lot of unique features and also LED indicators, which informs users about the maintenance and purification needs.

The sleek model comes in two colors- champagne and black, which enhances the look of your kitchen space.

Best Features:

  • Firstly, 7-liters of capacity ensures you get clean water to drink at all times
  • Significantly, this water purifier uses 8 stages of RO+ double UV technology with pre-filters and activated carbon
  • Also, it is made from food-safe plastic, which is good for health and lends further durability 
  • The convenient multi-fill option minimizes water wastage and does not allow water to splash
  • Lastly, the purification capacity is 15 liters per hour, which means ample drinking water for everyone
  • Furthermore, power consumption is 60 Watts while the UV lamp consumes 4 Watts 


  • The ingress protection tank prevents dust and insects from entering the water purifier 
  • Also, the revitalizer restructures the water molecules to increase hydration and mineral absorption
  • In addition, the cartridge life indicator offers smart maintenance alert  
  • The mineral cartridge maintains the pH levels of water and dispenses tasty water all the time
  • What’s more, the double UV protection offers water sterilization every 4 hours, enhancing the oxygen levels in the water


  • The water filtering capacity is slightly slower compared to its other counterparts

Warranty- 1-year warranty

Customer Ratings: 3.7 out of 5

3. Blue Star Aristo 7-Litre Water Purifier

Blue Star Aristo 7-Litre Water Purifier

Probably the best water purifier for home in India, Blue Star Aristo AR4WHAM01 provides you and your family with the best quality drinking water.

The water purifier comes with a 7-liter capacity and an aqua taste booster. Not to mention, this booster regulates the pH level of the water, thus, enriching the drinking experience of customers.

The water purifier has odor-free water, which also tastes great.

Best Features:

  • The double-layered RO + UV protection offers great drinking water 
  • Secondly, the 6-stage water purification process has a pre-sediment filter, a UV lamp, pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, and a post-carbon filter
  • The power consumption is super low at 36 Watts
  • With many indicators such as purification on and the tank full keeps a person apprised about the movement of the filter 
  • When the UV lamp needs changes, there is UV fail alert to do that


  • When the input of water supply is low, there is an alert to inform people of the error
  • The child lock feature ensures the water is not wasted
  • However, the best feature of this water purifier is its aqua taste booster, which improves the taste of water and regulates water pH
  • The 10-inch filter cleaner promotes efficient purification
  • The copper carbon filter makes the water odor-free and also has antibacterial properties


  • The noise made by the water purifier is loud while it is in functions

Warranty- 1-year warranty

Customer Ratings: 3.7 out of 5

4. Kent Ace Mineral 7-Liter 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Kent Ace Mineral 7-Liter 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Ruling the water purifier market and known to be making the best water purifier in India, Kent Ace is an RO + UV + UF water purifier. Together with various models and capacities, you will be spoilt for choice looking at the Kent purifiers.

Evidently, its mineral RO technology is responsible for providing you the best quality pure water. It also comes with an in-built TDS controller that replaces minerals in water that is lost in the purification process.

Best Features:

  • The 7-liter capacity of the water is enough for a medium-sized Indian family
  • Owing to its compact size, it is wall mountable
  • The sleek design further adds quality and beauty to your kitchen
  • Potentially, it cleans 15-liters of water per hour
  • The plastic storage tank is very high-quality, ensuring it is safe for everyday use


  • The purification technology of this water purifier removes all dissolved salts from the water
  • Also, the RO membrane removes heavy elements from the water such as lead and arsenic
  • Furthermore, the UV and UF purification technique removes bacteria, viruses, and the smallest impurities
  • The water purifier is well-equipped to clean water coming from different sources such as wells, borewells, taps, and tanks


  • The water wastage per cleaning session is relatively high compared to other purifiers

Warranty- 1-year warranty

Customer Ratings: 3.8 out of 5

5. R.K. Aqua Fresh 15-Liters Water Purifier

R.K. Aqua Fresh 15-Liters Water Purifier

R.K promises the best water purifier and it comes in the form of Aqua Fresh. The multi-stage RO+UV+UF technology can easily fit on any kitchen wall and gives you clean water.

With many automated functions and leak-proof performance, this water purifier notifies you about the levels of clean water available. It does it through the transparent cover made from high-quality plastic.

Let’s find out about its pros, cons, and main features.

Main Features:

  • It is made from high-grade plastic, which ensure better life quality for the product
  • With a cleaning capacity of up to 15-liters per hour, it provides you clean water consistently
  • Some of the best-automated functions of this water purifier include a filter change alarm and a UV fail alarm
  • The clean and safe water is absolutely bacteria and virus-free owing to the triple cleaning technology


  • Needless to say, the water purifier comes in an attractive design making your kitchen corner look beautiful
  • Also, the transparent cover allows you to check the levels of clean water available. This, therefore, minimizes any power wastage
  • The water purifier also has leakproof components to enhance water safety
  • It comes with a user-interaction technology that understands your water patterns and adjusts accordingly


  • Does not have very impressive after-sale services

Warranty- 1-year warranty

Customer Ratings: 3.5 out of 5

6. Aquaguard Eureka Forbes Enhance RO + UV + UF with TDS Water Purifier

Aquaguard Eureka Forbes Enhance RO + UV + UF with TDS Water Purifier

This Aquaguard water purifier by Eureka Forbes has multiple advantages. The cleaning technology is RO membrane + UV cleaning along with UF and TDS. Such technology allows increased safety.

A very special feature of this water purifier is that it allows you to choose the purification process manually. Thus, it is the best choice for treating any kind of water, whether it’s from the borewell or a tap.

Best Features:

  • The storage capacity of 7-liters is ideal for a medium-sized family
  • Also, the Biotron Cartridge breaks down water molecules for enhanced cleaning and clarity
  • It comes with a filtration capacity of 20 liters per hour
  • Made from ABS plastic, the product promises a longer life span
  • The power consumption is minimal at 45 Watts 


  • It is important to realize that the product comes with a taste enhancer 
  • A universal purifier which covers all kinds of water sources to clean the water
  • As per customer reviews, the manual choosing feature for cleaning technology, which is either RO + UV + UF or UV +UF tailor makes your water cleaning needs
  • Suspended particles are removed using the i-filter and mineral guard protects calcium and magnesium from depositing


  • The customers feel that the installation services are not up to the mark

Warranty- 1-year warranty

Customer Ratings: 3.8 out of 5

7. Hindware Elara 7-Liter Water Purifier

Hindware Elara 7-Liter Water Purifier

Another company promising the best water purifier in India, the Hindware Elara makes the water go through a seven stage water purification process. Including RO + UV + UF + Mineral Fortification, this purifier is one-of-a-kind with many unique features.

There is a post-carbon filter to enhance the taste of water while mineral fortification allows the mineral levels to be regulated in the water.

Important Features:

  • Comes with a 7-liters capacity
  • Has smart LED indicators that notify you when the water cleaning process is on or even when the tank is full
  • The models are beautiful and elegantly designed
  • The power consumption is on the lower side compared to its other counterparts at 36 Watts
  • Also, the seven-stage purification process makes the water 100% safe for consumption


  • The servicing of the product is easy due to its detachable cover
  • Another feature is the drip tray that can hold up to 1 L of water
  • The taste enhancer improves the taste of the water drastically
  • The mineral fortification regulates the level of minerals in the water, thus, making it tasty and even healthy


  • The cleaning process leads to lots of water wastage

Warranty- 1-year warranty

Customer Ratings: 4 out of 5

8. KENT Grand 8-Litres Water Purifier

KENT Grand 8-Litres Water Purifier

One of the top-rated water purifiers in India, Kent Grand is a delight to own. This RO water purifier has a double purification process with RO+UV/UF. Thus, it ensures the removal of all sorts of contaminations from the water. 

An in-built TDS controller retains the essential minerals in the water. The design is durable and transparent for you to know what’s going on inside your water filter. The high storage capacity also makes it a widely liked choice in the water filter market.

Important Features:

  • The film composite RO membrane is known to clean water impeccably
  • Also, it has a high purification capacity of 15-liters per hour
  • Interestingly, the filter cartridges include carbon block filter, sediment filter, UF & post carbon filter to ensure massive water cleaning
  • It comes with alarms that tell whenever something needs to be changed 
  • Another interesting feature of this filter is the UV fail alarm, which tells you its time to fix your purifier


  • Kent has a patented RO technology that keeps the good minerals in the water intact, therefore, enhancing the water drinking experience
  • Whether its kitchen tap or borewell or even wells, it is capable of cleaning all kinds of water 
  • Made from good grade plastic, this water purifier ensures both you and your water purifier live a healthy life


  • Requires higher maintenance compared to other water purifiers

Warranty- 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years No Service Charge

Customer Ratings: 4.1 out of 5

9. Livpure Glo 7-liter RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Livpure Glo 7-liter RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

A relatively new entrant in the water purification market, the Livpure Glo RO water purifier is exciting nonetheless.

Despite being new, they have perfectly understood the Indian market and make purifiers that cater to the needs of Indian families perfectly. How? Let’s find out.

Important Features:

  • Double purification technology: both RO + UV filtration
  • Mineralizer available to restore the taste of water
  • Comes with 6-stages of advanced purification 
  • Also, compared to others, is a budget-friendly RO water purifier


  • Consequently, the water purifier comes with an in-built indicator process, which gives you updates on when the water tanker is full
  • Impure water up to 1500 ppm can be cleaned with this water purifier
  • The six cleaning stages include sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter, RO membrane, UV disinfection chamber, silver-impregnated post activated carbon filter, and mineralizer
  • The RO replenishes vital minerals in the water making it fit for drinking


  • The water wastage is high while the process of purification is on.

Warranty- 1 Year Warranty

Customer Ratings: 3.9 out of 5

Seeing that we have a list of the best water purifiers in India in place, let’s go through a buying guide to know what one needs to focus on while buying a water purifier.

Water Purifier Buying Guide

We’ve heard many terms such as an RO water purifier or a purifier with mineralizer but what exactly does all this mean? 

Here we have the water purifiers in India 2020 buying guide for you to help you understand the nitty gritty of buying a water purifier.

Filter and Cartridge

How does one decide which the best water purifier in India is? Well, one of the main elements of the same is the filter and cartridge used in the purifier.

The most commonly found in the market are with sediment and carbon pre and post filter, which clean the water thoroughly.

The sediment reduces coarse particles from entering through the filter and carbon activation removes bacteria and viruses from the water. This also includes the removal of other volatile components.

There’s also Biotron cartridge and mineral cartridge. While the former breaks down the water molecules to preserve its nutrients, the latter regulates minerals in water to ensure its good taste.

Purification Technology

Another very important element in water purifiers in India is the purification technology that they come with. Some water purifiers use the RO technology, a.k.a, the Reverse Osmosis technology while some use UV filtration, which is Ultraviolet filtration.

These two deal with low levels of TDS in the water and also ensure that the disease-causing organisms are killed effectively. Some water purifiers come in a combination.

Both RO + UV filters, this is the most efficient form of water cleaning because it does not leave any cleaning component out.

There are many other combinations one can find which include RO+UV+UF, UV+UF, and RO+UF among others.

Storage and Purification Capacity

In the view of your drinking needs, the storage capacity of a purifier should be decided. If you have a big family with over 5 members, anything with 7-12 liters of storage capacity is ideal.

However, if you have a family of 4 members or less, 6 liters or lower water purifier storage capacity will work for you.

Similarly, the purification capacity of a purifier varies from brand to brand. An average of 9 liters per hour purification capacity can be found in a quintessential water purifier.

One must remember that a standalone UV purifier does not come with a storage tank. Nevertheless, ones with RO technology or a combination definitely have storage capacities as high as 12 liters.

Indicators or alerts and tank type

Two of the very important components of water purifiers are the indicators and alerts that it has.

While most of them available in the market come with LED indicators that inform you when the tank is empty, full or in the process of filling, some also come with sound effects for the same.

A UV fail alert is a very common feature in any best water purifier for home because that means that it is time for you to change your UV lamp or other filters.

Moving on, the tank type should be made from good grade plastic which ensures a longer life for your water tanker and consequently for you as well.


When you go to the market, you will always be spoilt for choice when it comes to water purifiers. This is because there are many brands competing with each other to give you the best products.

However, this is where we come to help. Our list of 9 best water purifiers in India in 2020 along with the buying guide will help you make the right choice of water purifier.

In case you still feel confused, drop us comments and we will be happy to help you. Happy shopping!

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