11 Best Window AC in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

India is a tropical country where the summer season is really hard to surviveCertainly, Global Warming is one of the main causes of the rising temperatures in the summer. In India, maximum days are governed by the Summer season starting from March to August or September. 

Best Window AC in India

So, to meet the requirements of the people in this summer season, Air conditioners are the best way out. Because they help us to overcome the summer swiftly.

But in this market, it becomes confusing to choose the correct Air conditioner as per need. Since many companies in the market are ready to provide you with air conditioner services. Choosing becomes hard!

In order to clear this confusion and to help people out, we’ve taken a small initiative. That said, we provide you with a Buying Guide along with the list of chosen ACs. Certainly, it will help the people to pick out the required kind of Window AC machines. 

India is seen as a traditional landmark all over the world. Thereby, people in India want everything to be done in a traditional way. That is why Window AC is popular in India.

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Best Window AC in India

1. LG Window AC, 5-Star Inverter, 1.5-ton, Wi-Fi, (2020), JW-Q18WUZA

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LG Electronics is a South Korean company founded in 1958.

Also, it is the only company to introduce inverter compressor technology. Moreover, they provide you with high-quality parts at an affordable price. 

Dual inverter compressor is counted as the main technological advantage of this AC machine. 


  • AC machine is unique and is capable of operating outside the range of 20Hz to 100Hz 
  • The power Range of this machine is below 20 Hz. 
  • High-speed cooling range is over 100 Hz can go up to 120 Hz.
  • Also, the machine ensures excellent power-saving and operate noiselessly. 

Furthermore, the machine provides you with copper components that are anti-corrosive in nature and durable. In addition, they have black protection layer

Further, this AC is compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity, works with Google assistant. SmartthinQ app is needed only. Google Play is a place where you can find this app.

It doesn’t make any extra or unnecessary noise. Even more, it is lightweight and has a unique BLDC motor. Because of this it helps save a considerable amount of electricity. 

Key features:

  • Dual inverter compressor
  • BLDC motor
  • Black protection layer

In addition, the AC helps you to sleep comfortably. As you don’t have to look around for the remote. Because, you can control it from anywhere using Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc. As a result, this is the best AC for Indians as Indians want comfortable lives. This makes this, the best window AC in India. 

Furthermore, LG being the best company in the market provides you with excellent service. Moreover, the product components are of the best quality for a longer lifespan and efficiency.


  • Its installation is quick and easy
  • A rating of 5 stars, along with ISEER Value = 3.5
  • Low power consumption and huge saving


  • Moreover, it has Installation charges

2. Voltas Window AC, 5-Star, Fixed Speed, 1.4-Ton, 2021 model, 175 LZH

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Voltas Limited is a company under Tata which was founded in 1954. Furthermore, the AC also includes an effective instant cooling function. 

Pure Copper components – form the main features of the AC machine.

Beyond that, in India during the monsoon immediately after summer, this AC is perfect. Since it has an active Dehumidifier that can sense the humidity outside and helps in keeping a moderate temperature in the room.


  • Power output – 1423 watts
  • Optimum cooling levels even at a temperature outside about 50° c.
  • Features different cooling modes other than Turbo-mode.

This machine is capable of saving the energy consumed. Further, it has an Eco-mode that helps in reducing the amount in your electricity bill. So, it helps reduce expenses. 

Additionally, the machine has a 5-star rating which indicates that it has great features.

Also, it has a two-stage filtration capability. More importantly, this filtration helps to eliminate Bad smells, dust particles, and harmful contaminants from the air inside the room. Thus, provides the room with extra purification. 

Key Features:

  • 100% copper elements
  • Dehumidifier 
  • Different Modes
  • Two stages filtration

The maintenance cost of this AC is also low. As the Self Diagnosis feature used in this device helps to check the disabilities in the machine and anyone can reset it at once. Therefore, it is all over a great Window AC machine at a reasonable price. Easily available and Excellent machine with high efficiency. This is indeed the best Window AC in India. 


  • Commendable performance 
  • Innovative modern air filtration
  • Stunning designs look aesthetic


An external voltage stabilizer is the main issue of this AC machine.

3. Blue Star Window AC, 1.5-ton, 5-star, 2019 model, 5W18GBT

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The blue star is a company that was founded in 1943 which began as a modest 3-member team. As the AC machine mentioned in the heading is an overwhelming and popular AC in India. It is also on the list of the Best Window AC in India. Therebythis machine possesses several amazing features.

Environment-Friendly window AC – the main feature of the AC machine.

Also, this machine is 5-star AC available at a cheap price compared to the others. 

Further, the AC plays role in air pollution but being an eco-friendly AC machine, it doesn’t cause any harm to our mother nature. Additionally, it features an R32 refrigerant which makes it different from the others. Thereby, it’s an environment-friendly AC machine.

It also has a Sleep mode which can determine the variation in temperature within the room and outside. 


  • Sleep mode – sense variation of temperature and control immediately 
  • Ensures no accumulation of dust and water in the condenser 
  • Low energy consumption 

Further, the machine is loaded with a Rotary compressor with an inbuilt accumulator. That gives a high-efficiency work of cooling.

Also, the indoor components of this machine are made of copper (100%). The presence of hydrophilic blue evaporator fins ensures that no water and dust may accumulate in the condenser. That is why the durability of this AC machine is very long.

It also has the unique feature of an anti-freeze thermostat. Hence, it automatically goes into cool mode. Therefore, no further frost formation.

Key Features:

  • It comes with an excellent R32 refrigerant 
  • 100% full copper components 
  • Rotary compressor with inbuilt accumulator
  • Anti-freeze thermostat 
  • PCB circuit comes with PCB metal enclosure 

Especially, Blue Star is an outstanding company to have such a great AC machine at an affordable amount. And there’s no doubt that it’s the best window AC in India.


  • Outstanding performance in cooling at such a cheap price 
  • ISEER value of 3.4
  • Doesn’t cause any harm to nature (Environment-friendly) 
  • Contains safety features 


No inbuilt voltage stabilizer in the appliance. 

4. Voltas Window AC, 1.4-ton, 3-star, Fixed Speed, (2021), Model No. 173 DZA

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Here’s another model from the same company Voltas. It’s also a good AC machine but bearing a lower rating than the above one.

That said, no one has to go anywhere distant in search of these parts. This feature makes Voltas seriously the best window AC in India. 

Though having fewer star ratings, the machine provides an efficient cooling effect. Even if the temperature of Nature outside remains 50°C.

Active dehumidifier – the main feature of the AC machine. 

Further, this 3 star rated machine has got Eco mode which is ideal to ensure that the cooling is done without consuming much power. Thus, the power consumption rate is reduced and financially beneficial.


  • Super cooling consuming less power
  • Enables the moisture in the atmosphere to dry out for comfort during monsoon
  • Excellent mechanism in heat transfer

This machine is the right choice for the season when there is water everywhere outside, that is in the rainy season. It also features a dehumidifier that helps dry out the moisture. And further, you’ll get superb comfort inside when it’ll be raining outside.

Moreover, Copper is used in the indigenous parts which help in the exchange of heat. The AC provides copper pipes.

Another is that, you’ll get peaceful sleep without any disturbance using the Sleep Mode.

In addition, this machine has got two-stage filtration. Thereby, helps reduce the dust particle, allergens, harmful substances, bad smells, and odours in the room. Also, the turbo cooling mode makes the room cool instantly within a couple of minutes.

Key features:

  • Dehumidifier
  • Eco mode
  • Copper pipes as condenser

Surely, this Volta’s model might be an ideal choice for those who love sleep. Particularly, for any defect in the AC machine, you have to go to the mechanic so that they can fix the problem for you. But all over it’s an astonishing appliance to deal with.


  • An Affordable Window AC
  • Instant cooling and high power saving
  • The diagnosis feature is also unique


  • An inbuilt voltage stabilizer is not given. You have to look for one to run this machine.

5. LG Window AC, 1.5-Ton, 3-Star, Inverter Window AC, (2020), Model No. JW-Q18WUXA1

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This luxurious-looking window Air Conditioner is again from LG. The AC comes with a power-saving mode. And this feature is available only in the Air conditioners of the brand LG. Also, with the high cooling output, it is outstandingly Energy-Efficient. This 3-star AC may be recommended as the best window AC in India.

Top air discharge facility – the main feature of the AC machine. 

Furthermore, this machine comes with a feature of wide panel wings. That helps for more air to flow into the room. Therefore, it benefits in quick cooling of the room.

An extraordinary cooling effect is given by this machine. In general, dual inverter compressors are seen in split AC machines. Low level of noise production. Hence, makes them best suited for bedrooms.


  • Makes the room cool accordingly to the need
  • Save power as well as gives a huge effect of cooling
  • Wider airflow for quick cooling effect

In today’s industrialized world, as the pollution level is soaring every day. Actually, the industries are the main source of this residing pollution problem. So, those people who live near these areas face high pollution. Due to this, condenser tubes corrodes easily thereafter.

But there’s nothing to worry about this problem with this AC. As it features an Ocean black Protection on the copper tubes which effectively protects the condenser from any damage. Moreover, the copper tubes are 100 per cent copper.

Key Features:

  • Top air discharge facility
  • Dual inverter compressor
  • Clean filter indicator
  • Low gas detection feature

It also has an exciting feature – clean filter indicators. This feature helps the user to know the time when the filters are needed to be cleaned. Further, this Machine has a low gas detection feature.


  • Inverter Compressor
  • Decent ISEER value of 3.0 and 3-star rated
  • Top air discharge is fairly attractive
  • Well maintenance due to low gas detection facility


  • Huge installation charges

6. Panasonic Window, 1.5-ton, 3-Star, (2020), Model No. CW-LC183AM

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Panasonic, a Japanese company, was founded in the year 1918. And today, it’s one of the leading companies in the world and provides people with their best window AC in India. 

Moreover, this machine has got all the improved technologies like fast air cooling, display energy efficiency, easy temperature control, etc.

Display energy efficiency – the main feature of this machine. 

Having a ‘Made in Japan’ tag satisfies the user. Indeed, it ensures that you’re having the best quality product at your home.

Also, the Powerful-mode of this machine enables one to have an experience of a higher speed of fan than the normal mode. Thus, this machine delivers an excellent cooling effect in small time. 

Certainly, the user should use a power-saving mode.

Furthermore, this AC machine uses Copper for its coils. This helps in transferring heat faster. And this also helps in resisting corrosion.

The temperature display feature of this AC machine has a great visualizing effect. Here, you can see the reading in the display and control it too.


  • Excellent cooling of the room in less time
  • Heat resistance and transference of heat quickly
  • Known reading of temperature

As the PM2. 5 is an advanced filter that helps in purifying the air. It works in two stages. Firstly, comprises Catechin filter. Further, this is used to deactivate those bacteria which create a bad smell and odour in the room. Secondly, PM2. 5 filters itself.

Key Features:

  • Display energy efficiency panel
  • Powerful mode
  • PM2. 5 filters for better quality air
  • Temperature display

The dehumidifier is a common feature in this machine as in the previous ones. This helps to check the moisture in the air during rain. Certainly, the Best window AC in India.


  • Provides the best performance – excellent AC
  • Rating – 3 star, ISEER value – 3.01
  • Long lasting and durable for the copper product
  • Best Air filtration technology (advanced)


  • It is not an eco-friendly product. It has an R32 refrigerant.

7. LG Window AC, 2.0-ton, 5-star Inverter, Wi-Fi, Model No. Q24WUZA

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This model is again from LG which has a dual Inverter compressor. This makes the machine unique and the best window AC in India. 

Particularly, this AC has the capability of covering up to 180 sq. feet area. This area covers a large bedroom.

LG, being an outstanding brand, provides the user Wi-Fi compatibility, inverter compressor, and many more features.

Included Dual inverter compressor – forms the main feature of the machine. 

Also, the machine can operate at different speeds. The speed changes according to the load. Thus, the machine saves power and makes the buyer worry less about the power consumption. The silent performer! 

In addition, 100% copper components – makes AC durable. Hence, this ensures excellent heat transfer making the AC machine long-lasting.

Furthermore, the Corrosion of AC pipes is often seen as a result of air pollution. But this AC machine brings the advanced technology of the Ocean Black Protection. Therefore, this guards the machine against corrosive elements.


  • Can fit into less space 
  • Gives effective cooling 
  • Provides filtered air which is good for health 

Also, Wi-Fi can be used as a mode to control the AC machine. And the SmartThinQ is the app through which you can control the machine as an additional option. Voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant can be used also.

The clean filter indicator makes sure about the time of cleaning. This provides optimum performance.

Key Features:

  • Dual inverter compressor
  • 100% copper pipes
  • Ocean black protection layers
  • Clean filter indicator

Additionally, this machine executes uniform cooling. And the aesthetic design gives an excellent outlook to the machine. Furthermore, you can use smartphones to diagnose the machine using the Smart diagnosis feature. Hence, it can be said that this window AC machine can be included in the list of the best window AC machines in India. 


• Installation is quick 

• Rating of 5-star with ISEER value of 3. 50

• Excellent performance and high power saving capability 

• Ideal for industrial locations 


• In its niche, it is the most expensive one.

8. Haier 1-ton 3-star window AC HWU12C-CV3CNB1

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This Chinese company, Haier, was established in the year 1984. 

The climate of India is Tropical to subtropical. This AC is best suited to this climate. 

These AC machines are the favourite of the Indian homemakers. They come with an air filter that filters the air in the room without hindering the performance of the AC. This is overall the best window AC in India. 

R32 refrigerant and grooved copper condenser coil– the main feature of the machine.

This R32 refrigerant feature enables an efficient cooling effect. As global warming is a major issue now, this machine is built with low global warming potential.

Certainly, the grooved copper condenser coil of this machine agitates the refrigerant and helps in better heat transfer. Also, this feature protects the machine from corrosion. 


  • Excellent cooling in few minutes
  • Low global warming potential
  • Saves huge power making low expenses
  • Provides smart technology

The machine comes with three cooling modes – Cool mode, Dry mode, and Fan mode.

Cool mode is the default one. Dry mode is the only mode that can be used in the rainy season. Fan mode can be used at night to have a comfortable sleep. It maintains a consistent temperature.

The machine has the capability of throwing air at distance up to 15 feet which is unique. 

Key features:

  • It comes with the excellent R32 refrigerant
  • The grooved copper condenser coil
  • Three different types of modes
  • Long-distance air throw


  • Attractive outlook
  • Incredible performance in cooling
  • Saves a lot of energy
  • Powerful cooling modes to control


The AC doesn’t have any measure for the noise issue.

The ISEER value as low as 2.91

9. Blue Star 0.75-ton Window AC, 3-star rating, Model No. AC 3WAE081YDF

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As previously mentioned, Blue star is a well-known AC company in India.

This window AC machine of Blue star fits well in a room of area 80 – 100 sq. feet. These capacity ACs are well suited for this area.

For small Indian rooms, this 0.75-ton AC machine is perfect. No high capacity machines are needed for such small rooms. 

100% copper AC condenser and evaporator – the main feature of the machine.

The above-mentioned feature ensures maximum efficiency.

The machine also contains a 100% copper condenser and evaporator. It helps in the incredible transference of heat and makes the machine more durable.

Additionally, the detachable front panel of this AC helps the user to clean easily. This maintenance of the machine helps in gaining a life span.

Furthermore, The AC brings different modes. The sleep mode helps to have a great sleep after a Hectic day.


  • Transfer heat easily
  • Excellent cooling with no hazards
  • Easily fitted in small rooms

Besides, Frost formation often occurs at the coils which can damage the machine parts.

But this machine comes with an anti-freeze thermostat which disables the compressor as soon as it senses frost formation. 

 Key features:

  • 100% copper AC condenser and evaporator 
  • Detachable front panel
  • Dry mode and Sleep mode
  • Anti-freeze thermostat 

The self-diagnosis function alerts the user when the AC machines have malfunctioned. The user finds this helpful.


  • Condenser made of Copper
  • Less space-consuming 
  • Excellent display feature 


Payment of extra installation charges. 

ISEER value very low – 2.97

10. Godrej Window AC, 1.5 ton, 3-star, Model No. 18UTC3-WSA

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Godrej’s brand name has its rapport for being an excellent producer of quality appliances. Again one such product from Godrej is this model. And it comes with amazing features to boast of. Usually, the capacity of 1.5 tons makes this AC capable of cooling efficiently a 180 square feet room. 

Owing to the 3-star rating, it consumes about 4 units per day. Or to be precise saves you approximately 1266 units of electricity per year. Indeed, an option you can consider while purchasing.

Additionally, the amazing inverter compressor fitted is known for its excellent efficiency. Along with providing you with a decent performance as per your requirements.

Also, the condenser is 100% copper (Cu). That means enhanced anti-corrosive property and less resistance. The Bluefin coating is useful in protecting the condenser and evaporator from corrosion.


  • Saves huge power
  • Outstanding cooling performance 
  • Anti-corrosive components

Further, this comes with various modes for your convenience. Some of them are turbo-coolingDry Mode, which is the only mode that can be used in the rainy season. Also, a Fan mode can be used at night to have a comfortable sleep.

Key Features:

  • Anti-freeze thermostat
  • Dry mode and Sleep mode
  • Micro-mesh filter
  • Active carbon filter

The filters included like especially fitted Micro-mesh filter is mainly considered beneficial for health. As it extracts and filters out all the micro-pollutants from the room easily.


  • Odour filter, dust, and anti-bacterial filter are positives
  • Decent reduced noise-levels
  • Excellent Energy-efficiency


  • No digital display on the remote control

11. Voltas Window AC, 1.5-ton, 5-Star rating, Copper, 185 DZA

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The Voltas company as talked about earlier gives you the best household productsAlso, because of the experience, it holds it manufactures some high-Quality ACs.

So, here we have the 1.5-ton 5-star window AC which has unique features. The AC also includes an effective instant cooling function.

Pure Copper components – form the main features of the AC machine.

In India during the monsoon immediately after summer, this AC is perfect. It has an active Dehumidifier that can sense the humidity outside and helps in keeping a moderate temperature in the room.


  • Sufficient performance for around 200 sq. ft. room.
  • Optimum cooling levels even at a temperature outside about 50° c.
  • Sturdy rotatory compressor. 
  • Excellent savings of electricity

Apart from commendable cooling effects, it also features a two-stage filtration capability which helps in gaining such a huge rating. This filtration helps to eliminate Bad smells, dust particles, and harmful contaminants from the air inside the room. This provides the room with extra purification. 

Key Features:

  • 100% copper elements
  • Dehumidifier
  • 5-star rated motor
  • Auto-restart and turbo mode

Furthermore, this Voltage window AC has High Energy-efficiency and next-level performance. Moreover, the E-save mode adds to the power savings. 


  • Instant relief in summers and effective up to 50 Degree Celsius
  • Pure copper components of Compressor
  • High-Quality performance


  • A bit noisy sometimes
  • Not for rooms above 200 sq. ft.

Window AC Buyer’s Guide

Indeed, AC machines should be chosen correctly. As people prefer to run a single AC machine for about 6-8 years minimum without changing it. So, most of them demand a durable and long-lasting AC. 

Also, giving an excellent output while consuming less electricity should be the main feature of the machine. It should be budget-friendly also. Considering many factors, it’s indeed difficult to find the correct one according to demand. 

So, we have worked out the equation for you and given you the list and discussed some features.

Some of the factors are mentioned below:

  • CITY/ LOCALITY of Residence 
  • AREA of the ROOM
  • Daily Usage Time
  • MONTHS in a year the AC will be used

The atmosphere of the place of Residence:

Usually, the temperature may be taken as the main point of consideration to select the perfect AC. As every place in India has different temperatures. That is why while buying AC temperature should be kept in mind. Because the temperature in Mumbai is not the same as in Delhi. 

Area of the Room:

Here the area is the volume of the room. And as the size of the room varies, the Tonnage of the AC should be kept in mind. Larger rooms require heavy Therefore, this increases the prices.

Moreover, we provided, 

Preferred values of Room size to capacity

≤ 80 sq. feet à 0.75-ton AC 

10 – 20 sq. feet à 1-ton AC

120 – 190 sq. feet à 1.5-ton AC

190 – 300 sq. feet à 2-ton AC

≥ 300 sq. feet — Installation of 2 AC would be perfect.

Daily usage time and Months in a year the AC will be used:

Certainly, this criterion helps in the calculation of Electricity consumption.

The BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has identified each AC machine with a star rating. Thereby, this star rating is according to the electricity consumption rate. 

As we know a 5-star machine is the best in this category. But the prices of these machines are very high. But they are the most efficient AC machines.

Aluminium coil vs Copper coil

The materials that are used in several coils like condenser coils, evaporating coils, etc. should be kept in mind. Usually, aluminium or copper coils are used for this purpose. But copper coils are more effective than aluminium. As Copper has high efficiency of heat transfer. On contrary, Aluminum is economically cheaper but provides less efficiency. 

Features you normally encounter in AC:

Anti-bacteria filter:

Modern-day AC machines are provided with Anti-bacterial filters. Whereby, It filters the allergens, pollen, bacteria, etc. in the room.

Dust filter:

As we know, these filters remove the dust in the room. And they should be cleaned at a regular interval. Because the accumulation of this dust may decrease the life span of the AC.


This feature in window ACs helps to remove excess humidity. As humidity can cause sweating. So dehumidifiers help in controlling humidity to make it comfortable.

Auto clean function:

This function keeps a check on the accumulation of bacteria or fungi inside the AC machine. This, as a result, enhances the durability of the machine.


This advanced feature actually helps detect the number of people in the room. Consequently, adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Split AC / Window AC? Which will be a better option?

Ans. Certainly, Split AC machines are better than Window AC machines. Because they have higher ratings than Window AC machines. And also they save a lot of energy in long run. Whereas, the Split ACs have less Electricity consumption. 

Q2. Are higher tonnage AC better?

Ans. To enumerate the tonnage should be chosen according to the size of the room. On the whole, large rooms require more tonnage ACs. 

Q3. Which AC will be better on a small budget?

Ans. Definitely, Split AC is better than Window AC. And One should go for split ACs. But, if the budget is a matter then go for Window ACs.

Q4. Does every AC need a stabilizer?

Ans. Usually, a stabilizer helps in voltage fluctuations. And if you have input voltage fluctuations in your area, then a stabilizer is a way out. 

Q5. Does AC consume huge electricity?

Ans. Eventually, the calculation of the consumption of electricity includes the tonnage of the AC, the running time, the speed and many other factors. On average, 1450-watt AC consumes 1.16 units per hour for a fixed-speed AC.

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