Direct cool refrigerator Vs Frost-free refrigerator

In India, it is essential to own a good refrigerator for every household. Having a nice refrigerator nowadays leads to a healthy and fresh lifestyle. Therefore, to purchase a refrigerator you should have the knowledge of types of refrigerators available in the market. Hence, we made it easier for you by explaining it in detail.

Direct cool refrigerators Vs Frost-free refrigerators

Here we will discuss the basic feature of the refrigerator. That is if the refrigerator is Direct cool or Frost-free. As both of them works on a different principle and have distinct qualities.

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So, this article will give you an account of these different types of qualities, that these refrigerators can offer. And maybe make it more clear for you to purchase the refrigerator you want or need.

Direct Cool Refrigerator vs Frost Free Refrigerator

As, the principle on which this work is different, the cooling provided is also different.

Direct Cool Refrigerators

The direct cool refrigerator uses the cooling mechanism i.e., natural convection process. In other words, the fridge produces cool air, and this further circulates in the whole fridge with the help of the natural process of convection. Furthermore, the circulated cool air depends on the natural process. There is no guarantee that the cooling is even throughout the volume.

This uneven cooling can sometimes lead to the formation of ice from the water vapors inside the fridge. Hence, it is not wrong to say that you will see the ice more often. Because of the uneven temperature distribution.

Thereby, these refrigerators come with a knob or button for defrosting the fridge. Whenever you find there is excessive ice, you can easily defrost it manually as per your requirement. This kind of system you will generally find in Single Door refrigerators.

Frost-free Refrigerators

There is no difference in the basic cooling produced in frost-free refrigerators from the Direct cool refrigerators. Nonetheless, these frost-free refrigerators come with electric fans fitted in them to properly controlling natural convection. Actually, the fans inside the fridge help the cool air to evenly distribute throughout the volume of the fridge. Thereby, effectively preventing the formation of ice in the refrigerator.

Also, these frost-free refrigerators include a timer along with a thermostat. So, these frequently cut the power supply of the fridge whenever it attains the required temperature. Also, some refrigerators feature a heating system, which helps in melting if any ice forms.

Mainly these are Double door refrigerators but nowadays some of the Single door refrigerators also come with Frost-Free Technology. It is useful for refrigerators in several ways discussed below.

Some Differences and Similarities

Let’s talk about some of the features that each of the refrigerators comes with. And also their performance because of the different working.

Also, we will give some time to the discussion about Advantages and Disadvantages of having them briefly.

Energy Consumption

For the Direct cool technology, we have already seen that it does not come with any extra fans fitted for the effective circulation of the air. Hence, it is obvious that the energy consumption is less in this case.

On the other hand, the Frost-free technology refrigerators come fitted with electric fans and a heating system. Hence, making them consume more energy in contrast to Direct Cool refrigerators.

Therefore, the refrigerators with the Direct cool technology are pocket-friendly and will be definitely easy on your electricity bills. This might affect your choice, but do consider other factors too before deciding.

Freshness of Food

Just because of the same reason that the direct cool refrigerators are not able to effectively circulate the air throughout the refrigerator. The food and veggies kept inside remain fresh only for a short time.

Whereas, to tackle this problem people prefer the Frost free technology among the households. The Frost-free refrigerators make sure the even cooling of the fridge in every corner. And the heating system melts the unwanted ice formed which affects the cooling performance. Hence, ensures the freshness of the food that is stored for a longer time.

Family Size

A family of 3 members or less can very comfortably go for the Direct cool refrigerators. Because these come with a capacity between 50 and 240 liters usually. Small families will find no problems with them.

On the contrary, the Frost-free refrigerators mainly flexible and have features to increase the capacity according to the requirement. They come in the capacity of 50 liters but go to 650 liters. Hence, it makes them very excellent for large families, as they can opt for higher capacities. Thereby, these form an amazing and optimal choice for every type of family.

Doors and compartments

The Direct cool refrigerators are simply based on the cooling that is not equally distributed throughout. So, it will not work with the double door or multiple door refrigerators. The cooling will not be sufficient for the whole fridge. As the cool air will not be able to move effectively to other door compartments.

That said, the Frost-free refrigerators effectively move the cold air throughout with the help of fans. Also is more advance in terms of feature that direct cool technology refrigerators. Therefore, the Frost-free technology can easily handle double-door and side-by-side doors refrigerators. Or even the triple door refrigerators come with Frost-free technology.

With the help of included fans and an efficient system of supplying the air embedded, the frost-free technology forms the basic feature for the double door refrigerators. The heating system makes it more efficient for further operation.

Heating issues

There is no heating issue is seen in the refrigerators with Direct-cool technology. As no external system or mechanism is used for the distribution of cool air. Despite this, the natural process of convection is the main principle.

But if we take into account the Frost-free refrigerators, it gives a small amount of heating. Because they use the additional heating system which melts the ice while stopping the ice formation. And also the embedded fans in the fridge have motors, so they need extra electricity consumption. Hence, these motors heat up as a result of the natural working required.

You just need to check the refrigerator at regular intervals and examine the freezer annually for any discrepancies. Also keeping the space between the backside of the fridge and the wall will properly dissipate the heat.


Nowadays, if you see for the price of both of them. The Direct cool refrigerators cost way less than the Frost Free refrigerators, having approximately the same capacity and features. Maybe, the consumption of energy is higher for Frost-free, but Direct cool technology is so backdated.

Actually, the prices of Frost-free refrigerators are decreasing day by day. This is because the competition in the market is making it possible.

Buying Guide – related to the Direct-cool and Frost-free refrigerator

Till now we discussed a lot about the various features of these two types of refrigerators. Even you might have understood that the Direct-cool technology refrigerators are less efficient than the Frost-free technology. Now let’s discuss in detail the various aspects you should consider while searching and purchasing the refrigerator.


Talking about the aspect of the freshness of the refrigerator. We should definitely consider the circulation of the air throughout the fridge. The Frost-free refrigerators have the capability to uniformly circulate the fresh and cool air. Thus, makes it more efficient and suitable for the food kept in the fridge. But the ineffective working of Direct cool refrigerators results in the decreased time to keep the fruits and veggies fresh.

To clarify, Frost-free refrigerators are always an obvious choice over the Direct cool refrigerators is the longer freshness is your basic requirement for the food.

Durability and Long term reliability

You still might think of going for the Direct cool refrigerators because of the less electricity bills. But today, you will easily found refrigerators of higher BEE ratings and these consume less energy.

Also, the Direct cool refrigerators are old-fashioned, and not many users are left. So the availability of their part after some time will be a difficult task. You might end up paying more for some parts. But the Frost-free production is booming because of the rising demand, and the parts and other components will always be easily available.

Furthermore, modern techniques are used to make Frost-free refrigerators more reliable and durable in long term. As the demand is increasing day by day as the prices are becoming more reasonable due to competition in the market.


Now, honestly saying purchasing the Direct cool refrigerator for your home, will result in considerable effort requirement. Obviously, you need to do the defrosting of the refrigerator manually. You need to be careful about the frequency and when it is in dire need of defrosting. Moreover, this type of defrosting will leave drops of water that you will clean yourself thereafter to prevent the damage by water.

In addition to that, the backside of the Direct cool refrigerators is exposed to dirt, smoke, and other pollutants. Hence, after the accumulation, the cleaning of the coils becomes significant for the productive working of the refrigerators.

But on the contrary, Frost-free refrigerators may cost a higher. However, they clean their frost on their own and also comes with the cover on the rear side. So, saves you a lot of effort, which can be productively used elsewhere.

Several features and settings

The Frost-free technology refrigerators come with a surplus of features and settings. These are present to suit your needs and requirements at various times. Hence, making this fridge a more suitable choice for you. The timers, thermostat, and temperature control settings are some convenient parts included in these.

Whereas, the Direct cool refrigerators come with no such features or merely one or two sometimes. Hence, you can mostly see Frost-free refrigerators in households.

Design (Double-door/Single-door)

If you go with the refrigerator with the Direct-cool technology in it. You can only get ahold of Single door refrigerators. On the other hand, the Frost-free refrigerators can be Single Door, Double door, or Triple door as well. Besides, the side-by-side refrigerators also work on Frost-free tech.

And in the modern world, where everyone wants their home to look more attractive and modern. Having a single-door fridge is just a drawback. The several compartments in the Frost-free refrigerators and different aesthetically appealing designs. Thus, make them worth the purchase for enhancing the appearance of the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does a Frost-free refrigerator needs manual defrosting?

Ans. Particularly, the Frost-free refrigerators come with an automatic timer and thermostat, which helps in defrosting automatically. This is done when the desired temperature is reached. The whole of this process does not need any type of user interaction at all.
But, sometimes there might be some technical problems. Any malfunction will affect the defrosting process, then you should call customer service. But these unexpected problems are very rare in new models. It is only in case if your fridge is very old.

Q2. Why is my frost-free fridge forming ice?

Ans. Mainly, there must be some problem with the functioning of the thermostat. Or there might be a leak in the gasket of the refrigerator. This leak let the hot air inside the refrigerator. The mixing up of cold and hot air results in ice formation.

Q3. Why is water leaking from my refrigerator?

Ans. It may be because of the blockage in the defrost drain pipe. If some food or ice got stuck there, the defrosted water then moves to the bottom of the fridge and gets collected. With time it starts coming out and leaks out of water. Check for the blocked defrost drain.

Q4. What is the life of a frost-free refrigerator?

Ans. Normally, frost-free refrigerators last for about 15 years. But it mainly depends on how you use them, the voltage fluctuations, and the service is given to them at the required times. These are covered coils on the backside which gives the coils more life and efficiency.

Q5. Do Frost-free refrigerators make a loud noise?

Ans. Usually, these come with the fans having motors along with the compressor motor. The noise is continuous and very soft. It cannot be heard from the distance and from close it is like humming not something annoying.

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