Duroflex Mattress review(2021)

We’re committed to providing you good sleep, and what better than a review of one of the best mattresses available in the market? This Duroflex mattress review will give you insights into the best of what this company has to offer.

List of top 5 Duroflex Mattress

Mattress NameMattress RangeUnique Feature(s)Buy now
Duroflex BalanceDuropedicInnovative temperature regulation and heat absorption technologyBuy on Amazon
Duroflex RechargeEnergiseActive grooves for ample air circulationBuy on Amazon
Duroflex RiseEssentialA layer of Bonnell springBuy on Amazon
Duroflex Velocity PlusEnergiseCauses better blood circulation and enhanced muscle relaxationBuy on Amazon

So here’s a detailed analysis of the different kinds of Duroflex mattresses available in India in 2021. Before we proceed, here’s a little something about the company you should know:

With its advent in 1963 as a coir mattress company, Duroflex has grown exponentially and today manufactures a total of 21 products divided into 4 mattress types. In its journey of over 50 years, a Duroflex mattress has made its mark in India.

Certainly, there is a trust factor associated with this brand, which is why it is a market leader as one of the most selling mattresses in India.

Since Duroflex has a total of 21 types of mattresses, we can’t cover them all. Therefore, we have found the top-selling 5 for you. But we will touch on the other popular ones too, throughout the article. Read on: 

1. Duroflex Balance – 5 Zoned Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Duroflex Balance Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress belongs to the Duroflex Duropedic range. With an innovative heat absorption technology, this mattress regulates temperature while you sleep.

This, in turn, helps you not feel sweaty and hot but also not leave you cold and uncomfortable.

Any Duroflex mattress review will tell you about the orthopedic properties of these mattresses and this one is no different.

Duroflex Balance has a memory foam quilting and a rebonded foam for durability. This ensures firm support and lasting mattress life.

This mattress goes a step forward to prove its worth and displays a certification from the National Health Academy. The mattress is available in 12 sizes and also comes with a 7-year warranty. 

The 5-zoned full prone support is specially engineered to provide pressure relief to the five essential parts of this body. This prone support also offers an orthopedic layer to the mattress, lending it added comfort. 

Customer Reviews- 4.8/5

2. Duroflex Energise Recharge Coir Mattress

Duroflex Energise Recharge Mattress

A rubberized coir mattress, read this Duroflex Energise mattress review before making the choice of buying this mattress.

Firstly, an important thing to remember about the product is the back support it offers due to the high-density coir and active NGR layer.

This layer is also responsible for better air circulation throughout the mattress allowing it to stay clean and fresh.

Like the other Duroflex mattresses, the Recharge mattress too has 3 zoned body support, which leads to optimum pressure distribution throughout the body.

It also leads to deep enriching sleep and enhanced muscle relaxation. Another leading reason for better sleep is the better blood circulation this mattress offers.

Promising a warranty of 7 years in case of product failure, this mattress is durable and set to last you a long, long time. It is available in three different sizes and comes in 5-inch thickness.

Customer Reviews- 5/5

3. Duroflex Rise – Bonnell Spring Mattress

Duroflex Rise - Bonnell Spring Mattress

A Bonnell Spring and PU foam combination matters, Duroflex Rise is a part of the Essential range.

Furthermore, it comes in 12 different sizes and a 5-year warranty making it worth the money you spend on it.

Providing daily support and comfort, the layers of this mattress offer a side reinforced system.

This mattress has been specially crafted by sleep engineers to deliver quality sleep to customers.

They promise a rekindled love for good, long sleep once you sleep on Duroflex Rise. So, are you ready for it?

Customer Reviews- 4.1/5

4. Duroflex Velocity Plus Spring Mattress

Duroflex Velocity Plus

Another one from the Duroflex Energise range, the Velocity Plus mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

However, the brand tries its best that you don’t have to utilize that owing to the smart engineering that goes into making it.

This Duroflex Energise Mattress Review is known to regulate body temperature to give you a sweat-free sleep. It also ensures you are cool when you sleep so you don’t wake up abruptly at night, feeling too hot or cold.

The luxurious mattress comes with health absorption technology and is made with pocket springs and a euro-top.

Both these elements allow the correct posture while sleeping and give you a relaxed, enriching sleep.

The blood circulation is also better when you sleep on this mattress. The make of the mattress is such, it offers proper body contouring, thus, a better sleeping position.

Customer Reviews- 5/5

5. Duroflex Back Magic – 5 Zoned Orthopedic Coir Mattress

Duroflex Back Magic Orthopedic Coir Mattress

Another one of the very popular Duroflex mattresses, the Back Magic is true to its name. This is made from high-density coir and rebonded foam.

This mattress has a dense core and is another one of the mattresses certified by the National Health Academy.

This mattress, like the others in the Duropedic range in Duroflex, comes with spine alignment and posture correction features.

It also a 5-zoned orthopedic support layer, which has been tested by the leading Orthopedics in India, and might we add, approved.

Customer Reviews- 5/5

To divide it further and leave you spoilt for choice, here’s a list of products under each range and what each range offers:

– The Energise Range

These mattresses by Duroflex are particularly made for people who want to wake up energized and rejuvenated with their sleep. All the mattresses of this range include:

Velocity PlusNRG 20NRG 40

– The Duropedic Range

This kind of Duroflex mattress has been tested and tried by India’s most renowned Orthopaedics to ensure your back is pain-free when you sleep. This mattress range also ensures the correct posture and equal pressure distribution while you sleep. You will find these mattresses in this range:

Back MagicBalanceStrength
EmpowerPosture Perfect

– The Natural Living Range

Made from natural latex and 100% organic fiber, the Natural Living mattress range is environment-friendly. This Duroflex mattress range has Latex foam as its specialty, and these mattresses are usually biodegradable.


– The Essential Range

This range has been developed to provide enhanced support and offer comfort- all day, every day. The products in this range are:

RiseRise Up

But how do you decide which is the best mattress for you to buy? Here we have a buying guide that will tell you the best things to keep into consideration while considering a mattress:

Select your mattress type

Any mattress is made from different materials. Some of the most popular ones that are used in a Duroflex mattress are coir, foam, latex, and spring. It was an initial assumption that a mattress can only be picked by the material it is made of but that has changed now. However, this factor weighs in a little more than all other components of a mattress when choosing it. 

  • A spring mattress is a great choice if you move a lot in your sleep. This kind of material in the mattress ensures that the disturbance is minimized for your partner. 
  • If you are a fan of dense mattresses that are firm, choose a coir mattress.
  • To ensure body contouring and that your mattress takes the shape of your body, pick a foam mattress. That also distributes the body pressure evenly.
  • Latex mattresses are made of natural materials. This makes them eco-friendly and naturally cooling. Also, very breathable. 

Mattress Thickness

Another criterion to choose your mattress is its thickness. A 4-5 inch mattress is ideal to keep the firmness in place. But you could choose the thickness based on your sleeping habits as well.

Some people prefer a thinner mattress over a thicker one, which could be a matter of personal choice.

Choose the support you need

What is the most important when picking a mattress is to make sure what kind of support it offers you. While some people make do with soft or plush mattresses, others tend to like firmer mattresses more.

For people with chronic back pain, a mattress selected and tested by an Orthopedic is always a great idea. For mild pains, a 5-zoned or the 3-zoned mattress is also a good idea. If you don’t have particular pain points, choose a mattress based on your comfort and choice.

Your sleep style and level of comfort also play a crucial role in buying the right kind of mattress.


A very important consideration while buying your mattress is the budget. If you don’t set an upper limit, the sky could be the limit. The market is full of so many mattress options, which may go up to hundreds of thousands of rupees. 

Having said that, it is important for any individual to set their budget based on their pocket before they pick the mattress. If you have Duroflex mattresses, this should not come as a surprise.


What one often reads in a Duroflex mattress review about the kind of ease they offer to customers while selecting a mattress. Certainly, if you check their website, you will realize that they have taken many steps for the same.

There is a ‘Mattress Selector’ test. Which takes you through a sleeping process and decides the best mattress for you. 

Starting with the position you sleep in, to measuring your age and budget, they give you a detailed analysis of what kind of mattress you need and why.

People may not realize it but choosing the right kind of mattress is a serious decision. Consequently, you are choosing to sleep healthily and peacefully if you make the right selection.

So what are you waiting for? Now will be the time to get booking!

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