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Do we all love our lives? Definitely! It would be really surprising if anyone says no to it. Because, we all love our lives that we have got, and no matter what we do, we try to save it with all our might. 

How to save water

Saving our lives means protecting our bodies from all sorts of harm that may cause damage to our lives. Once we lose our body we have nothing that we would be scrupulous about. Humans practice various tactics to protect their bodies. 

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So, what is our body made up of?

Our body is made up of 5 major elements that are earth, air, fire, water, and space. Here we are going to take into account one of those 5 elements which hold utmost importance in our lives and that is WATER.

Water is one of the most indispensable life-supporting elements that are in abundance not only in our body but also on Earth. Our body is made up of 60% water while its availability is 71% on Earth.

Despite being so essential for us to sustain our life, we never take care of it and waste it in vain. We ignore its importance in our life and also forget that “water cycle and life cycle are one“.  If we disrupt this natural process of the water cycle our life cycle will eventually collapse in the aftermath of the ecosystem imbalance. 

Its Significance

Let us take a look as to how “water cycle and life cycle are inter-related” –

Water cycle is a natural phenomenon in which continuous movement of water on, above, and below the Earth’s surface takes place. It consists of various steps such as Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, and Infiltration.

This phenomenon involves the exchange of energy that helps in advancing the balance of the atmosphere. It purifies the water and replenishes the land and freshwater.


Let’s hit the trail and see what they are?

We need water to live and for other various purposes:

Household Needs

  • The foremost use of water in our daily life is Drinking. As we know that our body constitutes 60% water, so to maintain that very level we need to keep ourselves well-hydrated. Keeping the right proportion of water in our body helps in maintaining body temperature balanced.
Save drinking water
  • We need water for Cooking and Bathing. The quality of dissolving things into it makes water the most useful entity on Earth. Bathing is also practiced with the help of water only.

Industrial Needs

  • Since Waterfalls under the genre of renewable sources of energy therefore with the development in technology the doors to generate electricity with water were found. The heavy flow of water was used as an essential means to generate electricity called hydroelectricityThis greatest discovery has reduced the use of conventional sources of energy and thereby saving them.
  • Such sites that have beaches and waterfalls have always been the cynosure for tourism. Ecotourism is a way to relish resources of water besides protecting nature. Spending vacations on beaches and coasts have seen an upward trend and is in vogue.
  • Water has also been one of the most vital forms in the transportation mode.  It includes the freights of goods, luggage, and passengers from one destination to another through boats, ships, etc. 
  • With the baptism of industrialization, the water demand has also upsurged at a rapid pace. Industries such as metal, paper, wood, leather, food, petroleum, and chemicals, etc., necessitate water on a major scale. Such industries include processes like washing, processing, fabricating, cooling, and diluting that require water.
  •  Water is an abode to many aquatic animals like fishes, turtles, crocodiles, echinoderms, etc. Since today’s people are more inclined to sea-foods hence fisheries and rearing of other sea creatures are in fad. Catching of fishes is also done for recreational pastimes.

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Miscellaneous Needs of water

In the world, there are two forms of life “LIVING AND NONLIVING”. Living includes those who can breathe, grow and need food and water to live on. Plants are also considered living likened Humans are. They also prepare food with the help of a natural process known as photosynthesis. This process includes the use of water on a major basis to prepare their food.

Keeping the right amount of water in our body will help in the proper functioning of the brain. The stipulated percentage of water available for it should be 75% or more. The proper functioning of the brain enables us to balance our body, enhance focus, and fastens the thinking process.

Along with the appropriate amount of fiber present in our body, there should also be the availability of an abundant amount of water. Both fiber and water together help in preserving costiveness and felicitating bowel movement.

Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. But the backbone of agriculture is water. Without water, agriculture would not have existed ever. Hence, it plays a vital role in building our economy directly as well as indirectly.

An Insight

Uses of water do not end up here, there are many more that we witness in our day-to-day life. Yet, we keep on ruining it which will result in Human life destruction later on. 

Water is “the elixir of life” but due to unfair human practices and carelessness, while using it for personal chores, the dissipation of water is taking place in the form of water pollution.

Before knowing the ways of how water pollution happens, let us first understand the term “Water pollution”.


Water pollution occurs when toxic matters often chemicals or microorganisms defile the water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, etc., degrading water quality and makes it impotent for human use.

Now that we are familiar with what water pollution exactly is. Let us now know

Causes of water pollution

There are many reasons due to which water gets contaminated.

a. The industries eject out impure and intoxicated water that enters into and mixes with big water bodies like rivers and lakes and some water forms a layer down underground that pollutes both water bodies above and below the surface of Earth.

How to save water

b. The agricultural sector besides bolstering up the economy it is also contributing to polluting the water bodies. Tremendous use of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides are polluting the water bodies. Sewage outlets also add up to water pollution.

c. Fossil fuels besides being useful to us, are hurtful too. The burning of fossil fuels turns them into ashes which dispose into water consequently polluting the groundwater and surface water as well.

d. Mining activities and marine dumping are also the major causes of water pollution, etc.


1) Groundwater

When rain falls and seeps deep into the earth fillings the cracks and porous spaces. So, the dirt and chemicals on the surface, pollutes groundwater rendering it unsafe for human use.

2) Surface water

The surface water includes lakes, rivers, oceans, and other water bodies that are present above the earth’s surface. Several factors that involve surface water pollution are wastes ejecting out from the industries, sewage outlets dissipation, and other solid wastes that are thrown directly into water bodies thus making them unfit for utility.

3) Point source

When the toxicity originates from a sole source, we define it as POINT SOURCE POLLUTION. While point source pollution originates from a specific place it can affect miles of waterways and oceans. This form of pollution includes legal or illegal dissipation of wastes from oil refineries, chemical or oil spills. 

As of now, we are well acquainted with the term “water pollution”, its genres, ways of pollution origination, whatnot. But do we know the ways to mitigate them? If thought of carefully, then hardly anyone cares about the ways to mitigate them.

Let’s put the care over here, and take into account a slew of steps and methods by which we can help alleviate the problem of water pollution. 

Steps to Save Water

It is nicely quoted by someone that “the way to start reducing pollution is to quit talking and begin doing”.

If people do in lieu of talk then more than half of the problems will eradicate just by mere efforts. Water pollution and wastage if not stopped now will endanger us in the days up ahead. Let us see what we people can perform that will contribute to conserving water and consequently us.

  • We often keep our taps open even while not using them which in turn wastes water, hence we should keep our taps off while not using them and also keep a routine check on their leakage to stop the wastage of water.
  • The running industries should formulate proper wastewater dissipation rooms so that it may not mix with freshwater bodies and thus prevent them from getting intoxicated.
  • While taking a bath we often take it for long which unnecessarily wastes water counting from five to ten gallons of water. Hence, we can limit our showers for a short span that will contribute to its preservation.
  • Install canals on your rooftops, to collect the rainwater. It is Rainwater harvesting and can be used in household chores in future use or contingency.
  • Installing Water treatment plants should be in various places to purify water when contaminated or intoxicated.

Other Important Methods

We can make people aware of the wastage of water and how to mitigate the wastage of water with the help of social campaigns and “NUKKAD NATAKS”.

While washing clothes the usage of fully loaded washing machines is one solution. Furthermore, to avoid less consumption of water and make full use of the machine too.

Water the plants and trees in the evening to avoid evaporation of water so that the plants may get sufficient water for their proper growth. We can educate children from an early age and others who are unwary about water preservation and make them literate about the mitigating steps.

We can exert pressure on the government and the authorities concerned to introduce some remedial measures and roll out some advanced technology that may aid in preserving water.

  • The water recycling process is also important. You can follow the different recycling techniques to maximize conservation.
  •  Government can make rules to oblige large companies and industries to measure and manage the consumption of water daily.
  • Use the garbage disposal sparingly. Instead, compost vegetable food waste and save gallons of water routinely.
  • Install water-saving aerators on all of your faucets and monitor your water bills regularly that will help in calculating the right amount of water used.
  • We require action plans to keep a check on the water pollution and avoid its wastage that is making it unfit for drinking.

Saving Water Cycle is essential

As we know that water cycle maintains the temperature of the atmosphere by creating the cooling effect in the form of precipitation.

If it would not happen then the temperature of the atmosphere would increase so tremendously that our sustenance on the Earth would be well-nigh impossible due to the rapid increase in Global Warming owing to the Greenhouse effect.

Hence, it helps in creating a soothing effect and helps the ecosystem to exist. Due to precipitation, the flow of water takes place which helps the water bodies replenish their water and purify it. Consequently, providing fresh water for animals and humans to support their lives.

Final Words

All you need is to be careful about the consumption of water and its intoxication. Water is no less than a magical potion. Therefore, its conservation is necessary to save the existing lives and the ecosystem. A drop of water is more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man because a man can live without gold but not without water. 

Every drop counts and every drop mattersTo save ourselves and our ecosystem from future jeopardy situations we need to protect water at present.

It is wisely said that “Water is the mother of the wine, the nurse and fountain of fecundity, the adorner, and refresher of the world”. 

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