IFB vs LG washing machine|Which is better in 2021

LG and IFB are the two most trusted brands in India. There are a variety of models available in the market. And there has always been a competition between IFB vs LG Washing Machine. The innovations and included highlights in washing machines have made families’ lives a lot simpler than it was ten years prior. These new features not only make work easy but are comfortable and easy to use. 

IFB vs LG washing machine

So let’s understand how these two washing machines are different from each other. And how IFB and LG Washing Machines are making the lives of many Indian families innovative. We have mentioned all the essential details which will help you make a decision. Read the article to know more about IFB and LG washing machines.

IFB Washing Machine review 

IFB is known as a projected world-class brand. It has topped the market with the design of front-load washing machines beside top-load. The washing machines account for about 40 percent of the Indian market alone.

When we talk about the features, IFB is equipped with some notable technologies. Although, there are some features similar to other brands available in the market. 

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Aqua Energie to handle and Treat Hard Water 

The problem of hard water is common in different places across India. It is also unsafe for the washer because of the ill health effects that hard water creates. Dissolving detergent in hard water is quite tricky.

White powder residues often deposited around the drum and the supply shaft and choked them. IFB has come up with Aqua Energie technology to overcome this problem that emerges from hard water.

Aqua Energie technology’s main aim is to process and transform hard water into soft water. Models equipped with this technology have an aqua filter built-in. It breaks down the bicarbonates into minutely fine crystals in hard water. 

Aqua Energie to handle and Treat Hard Water

Because of the small size of these generated crystals, they eradicate alongside water flow with ease. Therefore, this way, it lowers the risk of scale accumulating on critical machine parts and getting choked.

The processed water revives the potency of detergent for washing.

O2 Wash Program

O2 wash is the IFB’s technical breakthrough. In this, the washer creates millions of air bubbles that go deep into the cloth to extract the sticky debris and give a clean wash. 

Later, with the 3D laundry system’s help, the washer pushes all the detergent out of the clothes through the rinse cycle. Therefore the clothes come out of the machine clean.

Steam Wash Program

The high-end IFB washing machine forms a dynamic duo of water and steam. To produce a lot of steam, even a small proportion of water works well, expanding to take up more space. By keeping the loaded laundry soft, gentle and wrinkle-free, steam wash works quite well.

Smart Washing Machine 

IFB’s front loaders are also known as the smart loaders because they help you insightfully render your clothes. It deals with the suitable needs you have. It removes residue, and the jetsam, the bacteria, even the fur of your cat immediately.

Moreover, intelligent creativity assists with sparing power. It shields the machine from power alterations in India; smart loaders accompany a power indent framework. Therefore makes these washing machines incredibly useful.

Available Washing Modes  

IFB Available Washing Modes

Besides, to deliver a wide variety of washing methods, IFB utilizes German technology. Moreover, it provides several wash programs-

  • 360-degree Wash Program
  • O-2 Wash Program
  • Support Wash Program
  • Air Bubble Wash Program
  • Steam Wash Program

Its motion makes sure to soak the clothes properly—the O2 Wash is designed so that air pockets supplies give a flawless wash.

At the same time, the Support wash program works well for sensitive clothes. Besides, Steam wash produces steam inside the drum and keeps the texture delicate.

Cradle Wash Program

Revolutionary washing styles such as 360 ° and O2 are trendy. It allows stain-free cleaning for a big pile of laundry that is deeply stained. But what about the elegant clothes?

IFB’s Cradle wash is the solution. The cradle wash is uniquely built to wash delicate clothes. For instance, it keeps the washer and the detergent from being too hard on the laundry. 

Bi-axial Rotation 4D Swirl Jet 

IFB top load washing machines equipped with different technologies that offer deep and detailed cleaning. Firstly, the technology of bi-axial motion that initially lets the clothes spin horizontally. But they also tumble vertically later on.

360-degree Wash ensures stainless and clean clothes. Four dynamic water jets are complementing bi-axial rotation, which creates clean deep washing. Therefore results in clean and dirt-free clothes.

Sometimes the stickiness of oil secreted by our sweat or soil traps deep in the clothing. It is where IFB’s deep-clean washing machines come to the rescue.

Modern IFB top load washing machines offer soft scrub pads. It uses strong swirl jets, to scrub off these sticky dirt particles. The middle punch mechanical motion softly squeezes the adamant soil fragments out of the clothes using these swirl jets.

Water Energy Technology 

IFB has precisely developed this breakthrough in water vitality to turn to delicate soft water. As this is a typical problem in India, it is incredibly pleasing to see that a brand of washing machines has solved this issue.

Various IFB models have worked on this feature. In hard water, it separates bicarbonates into fine gems. It even initiates the cleanser. However, his innovation is capable of preserving a lot of texture and keeping it clean and durable. 

Triadic Pulsator 

IFB is the front loader market leader, and it aims to cater to the public who prefer top loaders. In the last few years, IFB has also been manufacturing top loader washing machines

IFB washing machines equipped with the high-end Triadic Pulsator. For the gentle removal of stains, it has lightweight scrub pads. The powerful 3D water swirl jet triggers and helps to dislodge dirt from every corner of the garments.

Convenient Washing 

IFB washing machines allow you to add extra laundry during the wash cycle if you fail to add them earlier. Therefore you don’t have to wait until the water cycle completes.

You may think that putting clothes in between would mess with the load balance, but you don’t have to worry. There is an Auto Balance feature that would automatically balance the load by redistributing the laundry elements.

Other Significant Features 

  • Short Wash Time- Compared to other well-known brands, such as LG or Samsung, IFB has short wash time. 
  • Fast Wash settles on it as a definitive decision.
  • The quick and variable 1400-rpm drive recurrence engines win over numerous brands. 
  • IFB comes with adjustable engines

LG Washing Machine review

Without a doubt, LG is the biggest name in the machinery industry. Users are pleased with the service LG offers. LG washing machines make up 32% of the industry, but similarly, the rate of procurement is not quite upto IFB.

Their washing machines are usually a better choice to suggest when seeing consumer polls and highlights offered.

Top Loading or Front Loading 

LG front-loaded washing machine comes in the top 10, as seen by the smash hit washing machines on Amazon. in. Nevertheless, LG is well known to be fundamentally detached because of its immediate invention push.

Top-loaded machines have a lot of notable highlights. LG has made various new changes, particularly in its fully automatic top-loaded washing machines.

LG various washing styles

Included Various Motion Styles 

  • Tumbling 
  • Swinging 
  • Rolling 
  • Scouring 

There are also up to six movement styles of those machines. It increases the ability to wash and makes sure you have clean laundry.

Auto Restart 

LG’s washing machines consist of the auto-restart function as LG produces highlights based on the Indian market, due to the power cuts that can upset the wash cycle program. You can use the auto-restart function. Not only it saves time but also electricity.

Inverter Direct Drive

Inverter drive technology does not use the old traditional belt and pulley system. Instead, a motor attached directly to the drum works fine. Thanks to lower mechanical components, this helps minimize noise, friction and increases engine durability.

Turbo Drum

In traditional top load washing machines, only the plates spin and not the drum. The drum plate and the drum spin in opposite directions in LG washing machines. It increases the efficiency of washing overall.

Twin-wash Technology 

In its washing machines, LG has added another element called Twin-wash, which has not yet been duplicated by any other manufacturer. It entails the use of two independent washing drums, the concept drum, and the scaled-down drum. It provides improved productivity by compacting the washing space.

LG smart digital panel

Steam Allergen Cycle 

LG has implemented its various models with the steam allergen cycle, Including three steps, Allergen Sanitization, Allergen Dissolution, and Allergen Elimination. It ensures that no natural allergen remains on the clothes.

TrueSteam technology

The technology of TrueSteam combines allergy treatment, steam refresh and steam softener features. Bacteria sterilize using this, and up to 99.99 per cent of allergens eradicates.

The allergy treatment cycle also sterilizes steam, while going loose on the cloth, usually non-washable objects such as pillows, stuffed toys.

The Steam Refresh cycle eliminates wrinkles to a great degree that you don’t need to iron the clothes. However, one should put only five garments inside at a time.

Overall, this technology is instrumental in extracting up to 99.98 percent of dust mites and hair from bed sheets, and bath towels. It is also very efficient to sanitize baby clothing while keeping it warm.

TrueSteam Technology is famous for its efficiency in reducing allergens by the British Allergy Foundation.

Turbo Wash Program

Turbo Wash is a technology that helps to decrease the wash time. Strong jet spray nozzle, twin spray for improved water penetration, quicker spin and greater temperature used in the washing machine.

It saves up to 20 minutes to wash a whole load. Turbo Wash can comfortably accommodate full loads, while Fast Wash only used to wash half loads. It is the crucial difference between the two wash programs.

Customer Service

Throughout India, LG has an extensive network of distributors and service centres. Installation and operation after-sale completed promptly. The company tries to solve most of the complaints Within 24-48 hours.

In the event of frequent grievances, you should expect reasonably fast service. If you face extreme problems, you can contact senior officials or try to reach out to them with social media.

The installation process delays due to strong demand during the Diwali and Great Indian Festive Sales.

Which washing machine is best? IFB vs LG

In the above article, we have mentioned the washing machine brands and their mechanical inventions that fit the Indian market better. Therefore, you can pick the one that suits your requirements without much of a stretch.

LG is a renowned brand and known for its efficiency and creativity. LG has analysed the needs of its customers and therefore equipped advanced technologies into their washing machines.

The brand continuously refines the technologies of their washing machines and other products available in the market.

IFB has come out time and again with goods at a fair price with good construction quality and good cleaning efficiency. It’s a tricky Indian brand, investing a minimum of its goods on ads and marketing. The main market appeal of IFB was mainly due to word-of-mouth ads and frequent consumer sales.

The design efficiency of the IFB washer is not as superior as those provided by LG or Whirlpool. While IFB is a reasonably reliable and durable brand, it lacks Samsung or LG washers with revolutionary features. For instance, no tangible alternative from IFB is possible to tackle FlexWash by Samsung or TwinWash by LG. 

We can assume that we have cleared your doubts and confusion. The above article consists of all the essential details, functions and technologies of the two washing machines.

IFB and LG washing machines come with various features and therefore make them renowned brands in the market. You can go through the details and make sure that you buy the product of your choice. All the features mentioned above are the product highlights. 

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