Kurlon Mattress Reviews & Ratings India (2021)

First of all, if you’re not sleeping on a Kurlon mattress, are you even sleeping on the right mattress? Of course, not! So do yourself a favor, read our Kurlon Mattress Review.

Kurlon mattress review

Did you ask why? So that you can get yourself the best mattress in town for a comfortable night’s sleep.

List of best Kurlon mattres

Kurlon Bounty Mattress5 yearsMade from springs and high-density foam in the coreCheck on Amazon
Kurlon Relish Mattress5 yearsDouble side usable, long lasting and durableCheck on Amazon
Kurlon Desire Top Mattress5 yearsAnti-dust mite, anti-bed bug, and anti-microbialCheck on Amazon
Kurlon Ortho Coir Mattress3 yearsdesigned for total back-and-spine comfortCheck on Amazon

The Kurlon mattress range is diverse and is made keeping in mind the multiple needs of customers.

While some mattresses take care of people’s back and body pains, others ensure your sleeping does not disturb your partner.

For those looking for health and freshness, Kurlon has a range of mattresses with anti-microbial and anti-dust mite technology.

The most noteworthy of this comparison is that almost all of these mattresses come with a 5-year warranty making it a product of great value.

In case your mattress causes a problem anytime between 5 years, it will be easy to replace. According to the many Kurlon customer reviews though, the mattresses “need no replacement” and “are extremely lasting and durable.”

Now let’s get into the details of which mattress one should select and why. But before the Kurlon Mattress Review.

Summary of Mattress range offered by Kurlon.

Spring Mattress:

Certainly, one of the most formidable mattresses, Kurlon’s spring mattresses are made from “A” grade Carbon & Manganese alloy to ensure body support and no disturbance while asleep.

Mattress Names in this category:

ValentinoPanaceaNew Luxurino5-Star
King & QueenMarvelDesire Top

Foam Mattress:

Available in different ranges, Kurlon’s foam range is firm, soft and durable.

This range takes the shape of the body for proper pressure distribution so that there is no problem for the person sleeping. 

Mattress Names in this category: 

MermaidRelaxMattress in a boxConvenio

Coir Mattress:

Using bonded firm in its core, the coir mattress range of Kurlon provides firmness support to the body and also regulates mattress temperature.

This kind of mattress is a recurrent part of the Kurlon Mattress Review.

Mattress Names in this category: 

Pure CoirMagnumKurlo BondKlassic
Spinekare RC

Therapeutic Mattress:

Likewise, Kurlon’s therapeutic range is designed to meet the ergonomic requirements of the body and ensure it adjusts to provide holistic comfort.

An ortho-specialty, the therapeutic range is the best kind for people with back issues.

Mattress Names in this category:

Spinekare Spring

Best Kurlon Mattress for your sleep needs:

Kurlon Bounty Mattress

Kurlon Bounty Mattress

A popular Kurlon mattress type, the medium-firm Bounty mattress ensures that your body weight is regulated throughout the mattress during your sleep cycles.

Made from springs and high-density foam in the core, this Bounty Mattress comes with a 5-year warranty and amazing customer reviews.

For this reason, Kurlon Bounty Mattress reviews narrate a beautiful story of customer reliability and great comfort.

The most common opinion, “Not too firm, not too soft, just perfect.”

Therefore, this product has 3.9 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.

Kurlon Relish Mattress

Kurlon Relish Mattress

Made from polycotton upholstery, this multicolored, fine mattress is available in king size and is a popular choice among mattress buyers.

Also, it is actually a pocket spring mattress type that can handle the different weights on people and a single mattress can handle more than one person at once.

A very pertinent feature of this mattress is its double side usability. In contrast to other products, this mattress is highly long-lasting.

As a result, a Kurlon Mattress review is never complete without the mention of relish.

Furthermore, this product ensures double side air regulation making it even more popular among customers.

Hence, it comes as no shock that the product is rated at a 3.4 out of 4 among the audience.

Kurlon Desire Top Mattress

Kurlon Desire Top Mattress

A Bonnell spring mattress with a pillow top, the Kurlon Desire Top mattress reviews talk about its top layer memory foam that ensures a great sleep each night.

Another important aspect of this mattress is its QCB in polyester jacquard encased within the mattress.

It ensures that a person’s movement doesn’t hinder their sleep or the sleep of the person sleeping next to them.

According to reviews, the most noteworthy element of this mattress is its Kurlopedic technology, which is also anti-dust mite, anti-bed bug, and anti-microbial.

It also comes with ultra-fresh air technology, consequently, making sure you have a sound, comfortable sleep.

The product is highly placed among the audience, probably because of its many unique features.

Kurlon Ortho Coir Mattress

Kurlon Ortho Coir Mattress

Bonded foam for extra support, the Kurlon Ortho Coir mattress is made from superior quality PU foam and high density bonded foam.

While the other Kurlon mattresses are on the softer side, this mattress is extra firm to ensure that the customers’ back has a firm grip.

With technology that is designed for total back-and-spine comfort, the Kurlon Ortho coir mattress consequently allows back support and great sleep.

The tapestry is made of silk and certainly ensures a premium quality product offered to you at your doorstep.

According to one Kurlon ortho mattress review, “you shouldn’t waste your time exploring other mattresses. The Kurlon Ortho coir mattress is the best.” 

Before buying any mattress, read the Kurlon ortho coir mattress review thoroughly. It is known to be a great option for people with or without a back problem.

As a result of all the amazing features, this mattress is rated 3.5 out of 5 by the customers.

Likewise, another reason Kurlon mattresses are a notch higher in the market compared to its competitors is the technology applications applied while making them.

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Technology used in Kurlon Mattress

The most prominent of these are:

MSI Technology: Known as Motion Separation Index, this feature allows the mattress no disturbance on one side, as a result of which the person on the other side can sleep disturbance-free.

Zero Pressure Point (ZPP): The ZPP technology reduces pressure around the spine, giving more support to the lower back.

The Buglock Technology: Simply saving you from bed bugs, dust mites, and other airborne organisms.

Ultrafresh Technology: Creates an antimicrobial process to keep the air around the mattress fresh and healthy and microbes-free.

The ACD or Advanced Center Desensification Technology: Ensures the mattress quality is maintained longer and it does not sag.

Other Reasons To Buy A Kurlon Mattress

Many Kurlon mattresses are appropriate for all kinds of people, but if it does not work, you don’t need to worry.

There’s always a huge range of sizes to choose from.

Probably, the best mattresses in the market, Kurlon products use Bonnell springs, memory foam, ortho coir, PU foam among other elements to make the best kind of mattresses.

Because of their experience as leading mattress makers in India, Kurlon Mattress reviews are almost always very positive.

They last long, suit the body needs of people and offers a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep.

As you reach back home and lay in bed, your muscles instantly relax. Due to the minimal disturbance caused by the mattress anatomy, your sleeping partner also enjoys a disruption-free sleep.

Kurlon mattresses may be relatively costly compared to other mattresses in the market.

But this kind of investment doesn’t pinch because of the lasting effects it has. People use it for years together and go without worrying about its repair or change.

Hence, Kurlon mattresses are a durable buy and a solid investment that you wouldn’t regret. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. It is not a good company for “After sales service”. I have registered complaint 6 months back. No response. Third class customer service call system

  2. Dont buy KIURLON MATTRESS , the stitching Quality is so poor , it will peel off within 2, years of purchase.
    I brought a high end mattress , encountered the defect, complaints raised, they just don’t attend , the customer care number just put the call on waiting.

    Finally I decided to go to a local bed stitching shop who can stich and fix the problem for an amount.
    Their claim of 10 years warranty is dubious, dont believe

    Really pathetic after sales support


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