Kurlon Vs Sleepwell- Quick Comparison (2021)

The age-old debate about which is the best mattress has been a hot topic of discussion for years now.

It usually boils down to Kurlon Vs Sleepwell, and from the information available online, the question still remains unanswered.

Kurlon vs Sleepwell

Comparison table:

Kurlon Kurlo BondSleepwell Activa Firmtec
Dimensions (Single Mattress)72x36x5 inches72x35x4 inches
Warranty5 years2 years
Item Weight22.7 kg2.8 kg 
Sizes Available147
Mattress TypeKurlo BondActiva Firmtec
Customer Ratings4.3 out of 53.5 out of 5
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These two mattress companies have been the leading mattress choices in India for years.While other players come and go, leaving only 2 constants Kurlon and Sleepwell.

Let us first list down the basic differences between the two: 

To put a strong foot forward, both these companies keep releasing new products time after time to stay at the top of the game.

To increase their authenticity in the mattress business, the companies forayed into home furnishings and home comfort products, making it even tougher for customers to make a pick. 

Like most brands, these two companies also have loyalists, which are unaffected by the Kurlon Vs Sleepwell price comparison or any other parameter of judgement.

But the larger audience, like you reading this and us, usually get confused by the sea of information available about these two mattresses. So here we are, making an attempt to put an end to this confusion- once and for all.

We are making an in-depth analysis of two similar products from different companies, Kurlon and Sleepwell. 

The first one is the Kurlon Kurlo Bond mattress and the second one is Sleepwell Activa Firmtec mattress.

We are making the comparison of a single matter and will extensively cover different, and the most important parameters that are needed to consider the needs of customers when they think of buying mattresses.

Quick Comparison – Kurlon Vs Sleepwell

The table above can help you draw a tangible conclusion, but should that be all?

We will also look at all aspects of these mattresses other than a mere Kurlon Vs Sleepwell price comparison to learn about the best qualities of each company and the types of mattresses they offer. 

Our analysis will be based on: 

1. Sizes and Dimensions

The Kurlon Kurlo Bond mattress is 72x36x5 inches in dimension and the Sleepwell Activa Firmtec is somewhat similar with its dimensions as 72x35x4 inches.

The main difference lies in their thickness with Kurlon being one inch thicker, making it effectively more supportive for the back since it is also sturdier compared to the other mattress. 

In terms of sizes, both industry leaders make mattresses in Indian standard sizes, with Kurlon offering 14 readymade size options and Sleepwell, the exact half of it, 7.

More so, Kurlon is known in the market for making customized mattresses based on people’s size requirements.

So in this Kurlon Vs Sleepwell mattress war, we all know who won in this aspect. The common Kurlon sizes are 5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch, Sleepwell is also available in up to 11 inches. 

Analysis- Because of the customized options available, Kurlon Kurlo Bond mattress gets the edge in this category.

2. Material

Kurlon being the leader in coir mattresses, plays to its strength and is known in the industry for the best coir mattresses.

They introduced India to the world of coir in 1962 and the way India slept, changed forever. Using Austrian technology, Kurlon bought coir to India and we all know how that turned out.

The Kurlo bond mattress is no different, primarily made with coir along with three other elements including foam, spring and hybrid. No one is known to use mattress elements in a perfect blend as Kurlon. 

In this Kurlon Vs Sleepwell discussion, Sleepwell, in its Activa Firmtec Mattress, uses polyurethane form, commonly known as PU foam.

The company was the first in India to bring about PU foam, and their expertise is what they utilize in this form of mattress- the Activa Firmtec.

Read the detailed Kurlon Mattress review.

Four different forms of foam (Memory, PU, High Resilience and Rebounded), Sleepwell also uses coir, spring, and hybrid in varied combinations. 

Analysis- There is no clear winner in this category. The choice of mattress between PU or coir is completely dependent on what a person is looking for in their mattress. The choice of material also causes the mattress to be firmer or softer, which in this case is also true. Sleepwell is the firm one while Kurlon is softer on your body.

3. Strength

Other than the Kurlon Vs Sleepwell price comparison, another important aspect to figure out which of the two is a better mattress. Let’s delve deep into understanding the strength of these mattresses.

The Kurlon Kurlo Bond mattress has its core made of coir giving it a natural spring effect. Since they are vertically arranged, the mattress is sturdy yet soft.

What contributes to its softness is the PU foam, some part of it has been blended with coir. The fabric used in making the mattress, polycotton lends another layer of softness. 

The Sleepwell Activa Firmtec mattress has three layers within the core, which makes it ‘Firmtec’. Their very own smart technology, ‘Firmtec’ prevents sagging and keeps the mattress upright for a longer time.

Made of ‘rubberized coir,’ people who use this mattress get additional back support. The mattress has also adopted ‘HeathFresh’ technology that keeps the mattress free of mites and bacteria.

Analysis- So in comparison to Kurlon, Sleepwell gets the edge and is the preferred choice of users looking at buying mattresses.

4. Warranty

The kind of warranty offered by any company just goes on to build their trust in customer’s eyes and in case of buying a mattress is no different.

To keep this trust of their customers intact, Kurlon provides a 5-year warranty assurance if something goes wrong with the physical features of the mattress.

If it becomes disfigured or deformed, the company promises exchange for 5 years of buying the mattress.

On the other hand, Sleepwell offers 2 years of warranty, relatively shorter than Kurlon.

This difference makes a big difference to the Kurlon Vs Sleepwell comparison and the scales tipping towards Kurlon because of the higher trust that people showcase towards them. All thanks to the 5-year warranty period.

Analysis- Because of the longer warranty offered by Kurlon on the Kurlo Bond mattress, they win in this category as well.

5. Price

There is a stark price difference between Kurlon and Sleepwell. For a single mattress of Kurlon, one has to pay INR 8,226, but for a Sleepwell, the price goes down to INR 6,399.

This difference in price is due to the many factors that are contrasting between the two companies and the way they make their mattresses. 

The Kurlon Vs Sleepwell price comparison is a big factor in the audience decision making while buying a mattress. However, in this case, the higher price of one does not affect people’s choice of the mattress.

Because of the vast difference in its features, audiences have their choice pretty clear. Want to know what they say? Let’s take a look!

Analysis- Kurlon is costlier but a more dependable bet for the customers, making it the clear winner in this category too. However, to be fair, in comparison, Sleepwell is cheaper.

6. Customer Ratings

According to multiple sites on the internet selling these mattresses like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Indiamart among others, the Kurlon mattress is the clear winner in the Kurlon Vs Sleepwell comparisons. 

People often say that the Kurlon mattress is softer yet absolutely helpful for the back as opposed to the sleepwell, which may take this fulfilling experience a notch down.

Despite the Kurlon Vs Sleepwell price comparison and disparity, the audiences still choose the Kurlon mattress because it seems worth their money. 

So, the winner between Kurlon Vs Sleepwell is… Kurlon…

Over to you

So we’ve put all apprehensions to rest, once and for all, by providing you the information needed to know, which is the best mattress in the market.

What works for Kurlon over Sleepwell is also how they market the features of their mattress and what they have to offer.

To elaborate, here are a few key features that one will find in the Kurlon Kurlo Bond mattress. 

  • Centrally dense mattress to provide an even spread across its length for better back support
  • Anti-skid fabric to avoid superficial sagging of the mattress
  • Helical border support to keep the spring from ageing
  • 5 years warranty

In comparison, Sleepwell has relatively fewer aspects to talk about. These include: 

  • 2 years warranty
  • Keeps the bed bugs free
  • Firmtec technology for the bed to last longer

Official Website analysis:

We went a step forward and studied their official websites and learn how they sell their mattresses. A few differences clearly show us why Kurlon Kurlo Bond is the clear winner:

The beneficial qualities of the Kurlo Bond mattress are so clearly laid out, you don’t feel confused while making your choice. After one quick glance it is clear to us that- 

  • The Kurlo Bond is a bonded foam between a thick coir of high density giving it the spring effect and making it durable. 
  • It uses anti-microbial technology to microbes and other organisms away from the bed and offers you a hygienic experience.
  • There is also anti-dust mite protection, which as the name gives away, saves the bed from dust mites and other bugs. 
  • Thanks to the center densification, as mentioned above, the mattress stays in its shape and offers optimum back and body support. 

The mattress comes with 2 free pillows too- an added advantage. 

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If we talk about Kurlon Vs Sleepwell, only in terms of their websites, here’s what is different with Sleepwell’s product listing of the Activa Firmtec on their website- 

Link- https://www.sleepwellproducts.com/cms/page/about_us

  • The only three specifications available about the product include the warranty time (2 years), its thickness (10 cm or 4 inches) and the fact that it has a special Activa Firmtec core.

So we guess, it won’t be tough for you to make the choice, would it now?

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