LG washing machine review 2021

Are you searching for a non-biased LG Washing Machine Review that will help you find the right washing machine for you? Here, we will address different characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of LG washing machines. We hope we will be able to answer all of your questions in this article.

LG washing machine review

In the home appliance industry, LG is a trusted brand worldwide. When it comes to washing machines, not just in India, LG is a leading company worldwide.

LG comes up with the best products for you, from semi-automatic washing machines to fully automatic machines. From top-loading washing machines to front-loading washing machines, LG has everything you need.

LG Washing Machine Review

LG has emphasized its clients’ needs from the outset and has integrated numerous modern technologies into their washing machines. The company is continually improving its washing machine technology. Besides, incorporating different convenient functions to ensure that customers get the latest technologies.

Best LG Washing Machines 2021

Washing Machine BrandViewWarranty
LG 8 kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing MachineCheck Price on Amazon2 Years
LG 7 Kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing MachineCheck Price on Amazon2 Years
LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineCheck Price on Amazon2 Years
LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineCheck Price on Amazon2 Years
LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Washing MachineCheck Price on Amazon2 Years

Latest Technologies used in LG Washing Machine

Twin Wash Technology

Twin Wash is LG’s new technology that comes with two different drums. It consists of a main or primary drum. Another small drum one situated below the main drum. The main drum is large and uses excessive power to wash large and heavy garments.

On the other side, the small drum below is generally meant for washing small and delicate clothes, handkerchiefs, inner garments, gloves, etc.

In this way, the Twin Wash gives you a more effective and advanced washing experience by splitting the washing space.

6 Motion DD technology

One of the most sophisticated and groundbreaking innovations invented by LG is Six Motion DD technology. Your washer will have tailored washing motion variations for different kinds of fabrics with this technology.

A conventional washing machine usually operates on one wash movement. LG’s 6 Motion washing machines are capable of six different kinds of washing movements. They are Tumble, Stepping, Scrubbing, Swing, Rolling, and Filtration.

Depending on the fabric type, it will provide you with improved washing efficiency because it picks the right washing motion and can take good care of your clothes.

For instance, it significantly decreases the risks of damage to your clothes by preferring swing or rolling wash movement for fragile fabrics. It uses scrubbing wash movement for stubborn stains and offers sparkling clean wash.

Turbo Wash 2.0

LG had previously created a TurboWash program that was able to minimize laundry time. And Turbo Wash 2.0 is an upgraded version of it.

Turbo Wash 2.0 splashes water on garments using dual JetSpray, which washes away the mud and excess detergent from the fabric. During the spin cycle, the high-pressure atomizing rinse spray accelerates the rinsing. Also, this technology allows the detergent to mix fast.

Turbo Drum

LG’sLG’s new washing machines come with a Turbo Drum and take care of your clothes from the detergent and soap. This technology provides you with impeccable cleaning.

Two rotating drums used in the turbo tank greatly decreases the risk of fabric clumping while washing. For a long time, it keeps the clothing untouched. Even, the turbo drum rotates in the reverse direction of the pulsator in this situation. As a result, the washing will be much easier for you.

Inverter and Direct Drive technology

LG has demonstrated its imaginative technical skills through the integration of inverter technology and direct drive technology.

Without depending on the internal load, a traditional washing machine still operates at the same rpm. So, this sort of washer absorbs the same electricity. In easy words, even though there is a significantly low load, the motor would use the same amount of energy.

Power use depends upon the machine’s m\s load. That’sThat’s where inverter technology comes in handy for you. The inverter technology enables the washer to work at an optimal speed depending on the internal load.

As a result, it lets you conserve power by reducing energy waste. Many moving parts such as belts and pulleys generate friction, resulting in power loss and noise.

Simultaneously, the engine is directly attached to the drum without the use of any moving components, such as a belt. Although the motor is heavy, it increases the machine’s efficiency, eliminates noise, minimizes the loss of power and, above all, reduces your electricity bill.

Smart Diagnosis

The world has been transformed with the invention of new technologies. Now, you can power your TV, AC, and appliances with a smartphone. Then how a washing machine can stay behind. LG also applied smart diagnostics to their new washing machines with NFC (Near Field Communication).

With the Smart Diagnostic app, you can connect the washing machine with your smartphone. The smart diagnostic software will warn you when you turn on your washing machine if there is a problem. This app can find up to 28 various kinds of technical problems.

Not just that, it will provide you with troubleshooting measures after diagnosing the issue. You can fix the problem yourself and do not have to contact customer service for trivial problems.

Why buy an LG Washing Machine? 

LG is a luxury home appliance brand that is world-class. It has outperformed other reputable foreign companies such as Bosch, Samsung, or Whirlpool in sales in the Indian market.

LG is certainly one of India’sIndia’s most popular brands of the washing machine. You never have to think about the efficiency of the LG washing machines. The after-sales support offered by LG is also very rewarding. If the brand value is important to you, then LG Washing Machines are just perfect for you.

Although, at the same time, the price of LG’sLG’s washing machine is relatively high. In this situation, we agree that LG can carry some low-budget versions of high quality to the Indian market. There should be cheaper models, to help customers searching for the good quality goods on a limited budget.

TrueSteam to Remove Allergens 

To eliminate typical household allergens such as pollen, mites, dander, etc., high-end LG models also have TrueSteam technology. LG also distinguishes becoming the first certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as asthma & allergy-free. It has three stages of elimination of allergens:

  • Allergen Sanitization: Atomized steam penetrates the fibres for sanitization in this step. 
  • Allergen Dissolution: Machine decides and uses the best temperature in this second stage to remove loosened allergens from the clothing. 
  • Removal of Allergens: Eventually, it also removes all the allergens during the rinse and spin cycle.

Rat Away Technology 

Semi-automatic LG washing machines come with Rat Away Technology. The rats can nibble and destroy the washing machine\ outer body. A 3 mm thick plastic cover covered with a repellent chemical that helps to repel nasty rats. 

Durable Design with Aesthetic Appeal 

Premium top-loaders such as T1232HFDS5 are elegantly designed with a premium architecture. It has a soft closing door to firmly close the lid without the irritating noise produced during service. The door made of scratch-proof broad diamond glass helps to protect you from accidental fall/ramming of heavy objects.

The modern LG washing machine comes with a waterproof touch panel so that there is no trouble even when operating it with wet hands. You can also set up a Child Lock, so the children at your home do not mess around.

To guard against the power shutdown scourges that are common in India. The Auto-Restart feature of new LG washing machines preserves the configuration of your computer in memory. In case of power cuts, the machine would recover the information from memory, and the system loop would resume from the point it stopped. 

Customer Service 

Throughout India, LG has a large network of distributors and service centres. Installation and operation after-sale completed promptly by the LG customer service executives. Within 24-48 hours, the LG company executives address most of the complaints.

Even the delayed complaints are taken seriously and resolved. In the event of frequent grievances, you should expect a reasonably fast resolution. If you face extreme problems, you can contact senior officials or escalate to resolution via social media.

LG Front Loading Washing Machine 

When it comes to the Indian market’s best brand of washing machines, we can see that LG is ahead of the pack. For decades, LG has been providing washing machines with modern technologies at fair prices, in line with the needs of Indian customers. Not just that, but the brand has also earned Indian customers’ confidence in offering adequate after-sales support.

Suppose you are looking for a washing machine with the construction efficiency and unique characteristics, but with low energy consumption. We’ve picked out some front-loaded washing machines for you. These are less energy-consuming and fully automated laundry machines.

Features- Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Inverter technology lowers power consumption. 
  • 6-Motion Direct Drive technology reduces vibration and noise. 
  • The inbuilt heater removes sticky dirt and allergens. 
  • It comes with a Waterproof touch control panel. 
  • LG front loading washing machine comes with durable stainless steel drums. 
  • It is user-friendly and consists of smart diagnostic features

LG Top Loading Washing Machine 

Known for its modern features and technologies, LG has garnered fame worldwide. Consumers have relied on LG over the past few decades due to its product quality, competitive pricing, and effective after-sales support.

Suppose comfort is a big consideration in deciding what washing machine you want to buy. We have some other options for you in this situation. The top-loading washing machines from LG focuses on achieving the highest comfort.

With this, during mid-cycle, you no longer have to lean over. It also comes with the quickest washing mechanisms provided by LG. We went through their other front loaders and learned that these have the best care for your clothes.

LG has also added a child lock option to its front-loading machine. You can disable the control panel with this feature.

Features- Top loading Washing Machine

  • Smart Inverter Motor lowers your electricity bill. 
  • BMC Motor Safety technology saves the motor from moisture, dust and insects.
  • The technology of TurboDrum gives you impressive efficiency in washing. 
  • The Jet Spray feature cleans all forms of soil, sticky stains and traces of detergent. 
  • Convenient feature for Auto Restart.

LG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 

If you’re trying to save some money; semi-automatic washing machines are an excellent choice. As they are not fully automatic, they take up less of the water supplies and save up a bit of energy. However, they’re still very inexpensive. Also, the other models are very compact and can be easily carried around.

Such washing machines conserve water and do not need a steady flow of water. Only a specific amount of water fills up in the washing machine. Resulting in clean clothes and excellent wash performance.

LG Washing Machine Top Models

All these washing machines consist of the latest technologies and features. You can buy them on Amazon with specific accessories. You can find below the top-loading washing machines, front-loading washing machines, and semi-automatic washing machines. LG has equipped all these models with the latest technologies and features. 


LG is a luxury brand that competes with other IFB, Bosch, Samsung, and Whirlpool washing machines in this market. Speaking of the pros, in the market, LG is one of the most popular brands. So, if your key requirements for purchasing washing machines are efficiency and durability, consider LG as your best choice.

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For years LG has been fulfilling customer needs and demands. Not only the product but the customer service is exemplary. You can go through all the details and features and lock your decision. We have tried to cover all the important points to help you decide to buy an LG washing machine. LG products and appliances are quite expensive, but they are worth every single penny. 

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