Peps Mattress Review (2021)

Finally, the only mattresses that matter! As you go through our Peps Mattress review, you will find all kinds of mattresses. The ones that make you feel like you’re at a hotel even when you’re at home, the ones that take care of your back.

Peps Mattress review

Similarly, some of those who take the posture of the body to provide you ultimate comfort. You name it, they have it! It seems like it and we are, in fact, talking about Peps Mattresses.

Range of Peps Mattresses in India

Mattress NameThickness (in inches)WarrantyView
Spring KoilB- 5,6,8,10 T- 6,85 yearsView on Amazon
RestonicB- 6,8,10 P- 6,8,106 yearsView on Amazon
Spine GuardB- 5,6,8 F- 610 yearsView on Amazon
Double Decker16N/AView on Amazon

Making mattresses for over 30 years now, Peps has established itself as the largest inner-spring mattress manufacturer in India.

We would certainly elaborate on the mattress range available but first, let’s take a quick look at the four we would talk about.

The total mattress range from Peps is 9, which is as follows.

Top 4 Peps mattresses based on customer reviews

1. Spring Koil

Spring koil Peps Mattress

First of all, let’s talk about the anatomy of this kind of mattress.

This world-class mattress is cost-effective and also takes care of your back.

With a flexible core and balanced edges, the mattress offers the right kind of support to the mattress. Furthermore, this Peps spring mattress does not lose its shape, even after prolonged use.

Available in two types of springs, Bonnell and Pocketed, this mattress has a super edge plus technology.

Due to it, there is more support to the back and it does not feel pressured.

The mattress has also incorporated no disturbance technology, which minimizes the noise that reaches you through a mattress.

One of the most noteworthy of its elements, the mattress comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Some of the most heard of reviews about this mattress are, “Cost-effective,” “Unbelievable comfort for the price,” “Look no further for comfortable at an affordable price,”

So make your pick- you wouldn’t want anything other than this!

2. Restonic

Restonic Peps Mattress

Another mattress in two variants, the Peps Restonic mattress comes in Bonnell and Pocketed.

This fancy mattress makes you feel like you’re in a hotel. Moreover, when you wake up on this mattress, you start your day rejuvenated and fresh.

The mattress is made in such a way that it creates pressure in the center to ensure that it provides ample support.

This Peps mattress review also tells us that it has a high-density polyurethane foam and has a knitted fabric on top.

Due to this, the mattress offers sufficient comfort and contours according to your body needs.

Going a step further, this mattress also has noise insulation and friction to ensure your sleep is not interrupted by external noise and your partner’s movements.

The mattress seems totally worth the investment since it is reversible.

This always helps a product last longer, which was the idea behind making it reversible. It comes with a 6-year warranty.

3. Spine Guard

Spine Guard Peps Mattress

Unarguably the most popular of all Peps mattresses, the Spine Guard collection comes in Bonnell and foram variations.

Made from the revolutionary Memory Foam, this mattress instantly takes the shape of your body as you get to bed.

The mattress specializes in treating spinal issues and keeps it healthy.

This technology helps in creating the right kind of pressure of the back’s soft spots, thereby letting get a good night’s sleep without sore backs.

The Super Edge technology ensures that the edges are in synch with its marvelous middle support so that the sleeper wouldn’t feel lumps on the edges.

A Peps mattress with a 10-year warranty, the company’s certainty about the benefits of this product is proven furthermore by the reviews from customers.

“I have been using this mattress for quite some time and I can safely say that my back has never felt better. The pain is gone and I don’t wake up with a stressed back anymore.”

This is a common review of this mattress, which is what makes it one of the top-selling Peps mattresses in market.

4. Double Decker

Double Decker Peps Mattress

In contrast to all other mattresses, the Peps Double Decker mattress is 16 inches of indulgence for your body.

Made from the revolutionary Talalay foam, the mattress offers excellent elasticity.

It is highly durable and regulates temperature to keep you cool in summers and warm in winters. Moreover, the Super Edge Plus technology and Zero Disturbance technology adds a feather to its cap.

This Peps mattress ensures a without disturbance and comfortable sleep, perfect for your back and body.

Other than the top 4, Peps mattresses have 4 more types, listed below:

Peps King Vivah Mattress

Peps King Vivah Mattress

A mattress with independent springs in each pocket of textiles, the Vivah range is perfect for couples.

The long durability and unmatched comfort of this mattress offer it a unique finishing. It only has a single variant.

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Peps Grand Palais Ultra 8-inch King Size Spring Mattress

Peps Grand Palais King Size Spring Mattress

Peps Grand Palais deserves to be a part of the Peps mattress review for more reasons than one.

Other than being available in scientifically placed pocketed springs, this mattress also ensures unhindered night’s sleep.

It is exclusively designed to offer a luxe sleeping experience. More so, it has a lush Belgian knitted fabric on the outside, giving it a soft feature like touch.

An experience on its own every time you sleep on it, the Grand Palais is generously thick, which sets it apart from the other Peps mattress.

Peps King Organica Mattress

Peps King Organica Mattress

Imported from Belgium, the material of this mattress is environment-friendly, just as its name. Made from eco-latex and chemical-free bio cotton, this mattress has many other qualities.

It is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. It also regulates air improving circulation and keeping you fresh, even while you sleep.

Lastly, it only available in one variation, which is pocketed spring. In Peps spring mattress reviews, this is one of the most highly rated ones.

Peps King Crystal Mattress

Peps King Crystal Mattress

A lush, knitted and antibacterial Peps mattress, Crystal is smooth and silky, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Made from 100% memory foam, this mattress takes the shape of your body to keep it comfortable and easy.

The pocketed spring adds a layer of comfort and furthermore, it keeps you from getting disturbed while sleeping. Thanks to the zero disturbance technology.

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While Peps Mattresses are costlier compared to their counterparts, they have some stellar customer reviews making it worth the money.

The Peps mattress review tells us how not only they excel at making mattresses, their ancillary products are also a hit in the market.

From pillows to pillow covers and even blankets, these mattresses have been ruling the market for all the right reasons and should be on your list of purchases, whenever you want a sleep upgrade.


Is Peps a good mattress?

Making mattresses for over 30 years now, Peps has established itself as the largest inner-spring mattress manufacturer in India.
The ones that make you feel like you’re at a hotel even when you’re at home.

Which is better Kurlon or Peps?

Both are equally good in terms of comfort. Kutlon mattresses are bit costlier than peps.

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