Split AC vs Window AC – Find out the difference before buying!

Are you one of those people, who think a lot before buying things? And are you thinking currently what kind of Air Conditioner you should buy Split AC vs Window AC?

The fight between the two will go on for a long time. Maybe there is no end to it.

Split AC vs Window AC

But choosing the right one for the house is important, though your decision may vary after reading some facts which we are going to tell you here.

Air conditioners are considered a luxury and getting one at home may increases the value. People think a lot before getting this luxury as it a big blow to the expenses and also to the electricity bills.

As it requires maintenance. Before buying you should know which AC is better. The choice should depend on the conditions and your need.

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If you are willing to buy one of the two then update yourself with these details. 

Mulling over the question which AC to buy? Your decision should depend on the following factors:-

1)  Various factors assume a basic function in choosing which one to purchase for your home. You can get the information about everything below.

2) Cooling Devices can chug power as no other apparatus can in the house. We mostly get hefty electricity bills during the summer season, though a lot of things depend upon the type of AC. Thus, we can say that energy proficiency is a basic factor that legitimizes your choice. 

3) Most of the people don’t have enough space in the house and in that situation shoehorning a cooling device can be difficult. So, it is advisable, buy the AC keeping in mind the space in your house. 

4) Budget is an important factor which can influence your decision, choosing Split AC vs Window AC. As the cost of both differ.

5) There are other elements as well which can’t be ignored. It should be energy effective and other features like power utilization are to be taken care of while deciding which AC to Buy. 

6) At Present, style plays an important role, it might even change your decision. As for choosing which Air cooling device you ought to select in your room. 

7) Solace and comfort are similarly significant, too. 

8) Another fundamental factor is the brand of it. There are brands which have been in demand and they usually gain trust as they are in the market for years. 

9) It also depends upon the family size, as large size is not required for small family.

10) Last but not least, the other factor is the services which the company is providing. The guarantee period plays an important role.

            Comparison between Split and Window AC on the basis of different parameters




       Energy Consumption
      Consumes More Energy
     Less Energy Consumption
        Requires more space
    Suitable for compact spaces


High Quality brands available

Also available in local brands


Suitable for every family size

   Suitable for small family size


      More Stylish and classy

           Less Stylish


        Makes Less Noise

Uncomfortable user experience and makes a lot of noise


Comes with different modes

             Less Features



             Budget Friendly

Which one to buy Split AC vs Window AC?

We hope you must have got the idea about the elements or factors, according to which you can buy one of your choice. Now we can discuss in detail and it will definitely help you reach the conclusion of Which AC is better.

Energy Efficiency Ratio:

The measure of cooling an AC can give for every unit/watt of power it devours and it is known as the Energy Efficiency Ratio.  Energy Efficiency Ratio decides the force utilization of it. 

At this point, you should know that the star appraisals decide the energy productivity of the Air cooling device. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has made it mandatory for all electronic machines producers to rate their electronic products for energy productivity and notice the evaluations on the gadget.

The ratings varies from 1-5 and it is directly proportional to the Energy Efficiency Ratio, more the energy efficiency ratio more the ratings of the electronic device. The Air cooling devices which consists of 5 star ratings are considered the best in the market. 

Split and Window AC both comes with 5 star ratings, but Split ACs with BEE’s 5 star ratings are higher in number. You can find one of your choice in the market.

We suggest that if you want to keep 5 star ratings as the parameter to buy Air cooling device, then you should definitely go for another one.

Space as parameter

Space is also an important parameter, when you want to buy to an electronic device which comes in variety of sizes.

Cooling Devices occupies a large space in your house. The Split differs from the Window AC, not only in the terms of energy efficiency ratio but also in terms of size and features. 

Split Air cooling devices are bigger in size compared to Window AC. It occupies more space than the usual. If you live in a small house you must go for the Window AC, but on the other hand if you have enough space in the house, then you must buy Split AC. 

Though the size of it matters. Bigger the size, more cooling it will do. If you planning to buy it for the hall or King Size bedroom, must go for Split AC. As its cooling process is better than the Window one.


                Split AC

             Window AC

    Size of the room 

     Occupies more space

   Easily fits in a window
  Outdoor Unit
Need dedicated place for outdoor unit

Requires large space for installation


Need no big opening for pipes

Need big opening for pipes
comprises a single unit housing

Multi-unit appliance with indoor and outdoor unit

  Family Size
 Suitable for medium size families
Perfect for small families

Brand Matters:

When it comes to buying Electronic device brand matters the most. There are a variety of brands in the market, which gives 2-3 years of guarantee and ensures to provide better service than the other.

Most of the people go for the brand which has been in the market for years. And also mouth publicity plays a huge role in increasing the brand value in the market.

There are brands like Hitachi, LG, Voltas, and Carrier etc. There are many more and all these brands provides both Split and Window Air conditioner.

If you are planning to buy based on the brand, look for the guarantee period, free services they are offering to the customers.

As sometimes more brand value helps to sell the product better and but still the fight of Split AC vs Window AC continues even if you go for your favourite brand. 


Every air conditioner has a cooling capacity, which is represented in BTU/hr. It is the BTUs of heat that it can remove in an hour.

If the heat coming in the room (in BTUs) is more than the heat that cooling device can remove, then the air conditioner will not be as effective.

Thus an undersized air conditioner cannot remove heat effectively and the compressor of the air conditioner will continue running all the time thereby consuming more electricity. 

With an undersized cooling device, the compressor will keep running all the time and the temperature will not reach the desired level. They will not only be ineffective in cooling, but will also consume more electricity. 

An oversized air conditioner will not only over cool your room but also will be ineffective in removing the humidity in a room.

So if you set it to 25, the extra energy that the compressor provides will cool it beyond 25. It will have shorter run cycles but all cooling devices are designed for optimum run cycles and if the cycle is shorter than that then the efficiency is reduced.

There are certain factors will affect the cooling capacity of the AC:-

Room Size: 

The size of the room affects the cooling capacity of the AC, the bigger the room the bigger the size of the AC is required. 

Family Size:

The size of the family matters, if your family size is more than you should check the cooling capacity of it before buying.

Electricity Load: 

Electricity consumption depends upon the electricity load. More the electricity load of the AC more the electricity consumption and thus it results in hefty electricity bill.

Number of Windows:  

Lot of windows at your place can force you to buy high capacity air conditioner. If you want the room to get cooled faster than you should close the windows to get faster cooling.

Style and Décor:

At present, it is important to have a pleasant décor at home. Mostly people buy things which can complement the interior of the house. Even while buying the electronic items, much attention is paid to the style and design.

There are brands which offer sleek design Air conditioners which not only add value to your house but complement the house décor.

The style of Split AC is much better than the Window Air conditioner. So if you are among those people who are planning to enhance your house interior then there are many Types of AC available in the market.

Comfort Comes First:

Most important element which cannot be looked upon, is comfort. It is the basic need for which you must be buying electronic device. You need comfort and convenience, to get rid of the heat during summers.

You should buy the cooling device which doesn’t make noise, because while sleeping we need utmost silence and of course proper temperature to get us sound sleep. 

If we compare the two, that is the Split Air conditioner and the Window Air conditioner, we would recommend you to go with Split Air conditioner, as it doesn’t make much noise. The compressor unit and condenser is placed outside. 

While in the other hand, Window Air conditioner makes a lot of noise due to its setting and arrangement, the outside unit requires space and thus give uncomfortable experience.

Overall, if we see Split Air conditioner is perfect in every aspect, it comes in different sizes, so as to give comfort and convenience to every size of families. 


With the growing need and demand in the market, the manufacturers come with new features and keep updating the electronic products. The cooling device with multiple features are in huge demand in the market. 

There are different modes will make the brand different from the rest. They are designed and manufactured according to the climate and weather conditions.

Domestic brands manufacture ACs according to the climate of the particular city. If you live in cities like Chennai, Mumbai you can set the mode.

There are many modes and features available which let you the set the features according to your mood and weather in your surroundings.

Comparing the Two Types of AC, Split Air conditioner comes with a number of features as compared to the Window Air conditioner. As they are specially designed for the high society and thus consist of features accordingly. 


If we talk about the Split AC, they are of higher price as compared to the Window AC.

Because of their sleek design and features they hold, they will cost you more comparative to Window AC.

Though, in today’s time whether it is Split or Window AC, both comes with the Energy Saving Mode.

A Window of 1 star ratings can be purchased at the lowest cost, while in the other hand, Split Air conditioner of even 1 star ratings is way more costly. 

So, if you are running on a low budget and still want to buy a good one, you can go for Window Air conditioner.

But if you have enough amount then investing in the Split Air conditioner with 5 star ratings won’t be a bad idea.

Still confused which one to buy?

Read out the quick fact check to get the clearer picture and then decide by yourself Split AC vs Window AC, which one you should prefer, considering all the parameter.

1) Budget: If you have a low budget, go for the Window AC, instead of the Split AC. As both the Air conditioners will give you cooling but you have to compromise with the exclusive features and different user modes.

2) Space: If you are living in a compact space then you must go for Window AC, because Split Air conditioner requires delicate space and occupies a larger area. 

3) Design: If you have enough money that you take design as a parameter in consideration, then you must go for Split Air conditioner. These consist of way more better designs than Window AC. You will get multiple options and deigns according to the home interior.

4) Family Size: If you have a small family then buy Window Air cooling device, you don’t have to think twice as it will also come with Energy Saving Mode and will be perfect for a family of 4.

5) Room Size: If you are planning to buy for the living room, which is spacious then go for the Split AC, as they have better cooling capacity, they come in variable sizes. Perfect for every room and space.

6) Energy Consumption: Nowadays, Air conditioner is an electronic device, which let you pay a hefty electricity bill. Its energy consumption is much more than other electronic items at home. Many smart AC are available in the market, which save you money and also their energy consumption is less.

7) Brand: If you are one of the brand freak, then you don’t have to think twice before buying the Air cooling device of your choice. Many brands offer various sizes, multiple features and also with different modes. They will add value to your interior and house with their design and magic features.

Now you must have got an idea, as to what you should keep in mind before buying it. The above article answers the question Which AC to buy. By going through all the parameters you can guess which one is better for your family and according to you comfort, buy the best one.

The air cooling device must fulfils all the requirements and should give comfort to your family.

It is not a thing which we can buy within intervals. Once you buy it, you use it for years. The company gives warranty of years. And you should use it at the showroom and see if it works properly.

The seller provides you with exchange guarantee in case of any fault. They also credits you with several services, like free servicing and checks if you find any fault after taking it to home. 

It uses variable electricity units, a normal Air conditioner uses 10-20 units of electricity in a day and 300-600 units’ electricity in a month. Some brands provide devices which consumes less electricity units. 

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