13 ways to save electricity at home

With the onset of the new era and constant development in the world. The electric appliance industries are booming, as people are more attracted to them. Hence, they purchase these electricity-consuming appliances and gadgets. Thereby, to enjoy these they need the power to charge or run them simultaneously.

ways to save electricity

The aforementioned leads to the consumption of the energy in form of paid electricity in large amounts. Also, this usage is increasing day by day. Therefore, this article is jam-packed with pieces of advice and some dos and don’ts. Those are the ways to save electricity at home.

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It is also responsible for climate change. That is the bigger problem we are facing today, which affects our home i.e., Earth. So owing to the place where we live it’s our onus to take care of the mother earth. And that too in every possible way.

Hence, we bring you several beneficial ways to save energy wastage. The money that you have to spend on the long electricity bills. Thereby, this article is helpful for people who are finding simple and effective ways to save electricity at home.

Following are the reasons responsible for wasting energy along with the ways:

1. Leaving the appliances plugged when not in use

You might be familiar with the notion that if you are not using electrical or electronic devices. Certainly, they will not waste any electricity if not used. But that’s not the case. 

While it might seem weird to remove the plug of your microwave when not in use. And plug it again in the switchboard to use.

But let’s be aware of the fact that let it be the charger, hairdryer, microwave, or any other appliance. It will surely consume power even when turned off while it is plugged.

2. Leaving devices and appliances switched on when not in use

When you sitting in the hall or room and you have to leave for 5 minutes. Just don’t leave the lights, fans on for the time being. It just adds to your electricity bill.

This is the most known and advertised way, but it actually works. You just need to be mindful and attentive towards the switched-on appliances. Maybe seeing you, your other family members will develop the same habit. Thus, making it a more effective way.

You might think what those 5 minutes will do. But inadvertently you repeat those 5 minutes’ multiple times a day. Therefore, it aggregates for the whole month and eventually costs you very handsomely.

Just being a little careful, can not only save the bill that you don’t have to pay in the first place. But it also increases the life of your appliance.

3. Allow and enjoy the natural light

It’s not like you need to use the lights at all times. Especially in the daytime, if you are in a room with windows that can provide sufficient light from outside. You can always open the windows every now then. This will not make you feel fresh and connected to the outdoor environment and help you be happy and relax.

Try to make use of the natural sunlight and turn off the lights of your room. You can also arrange your working space or desk where an ample amount of natural light is available.

You can also purchase curtains that are of light colours or thin enough to let some amount of light enter your place. 

All these can be exercised for around 4-5 hours or less as you feel comfortable. And those at least 2 hours a day will bring a considerable drop in the bills.

4. Not using energy-efficient bulbs and lights

Nowadays if by any means you are not aware of the positives of the CFLs or LEDs over the incandescent you might need to consider again.

Using the LED lights and bulbs in your rooms, lamps, halls, etc. will save you a lot. You just need to replace all the bulbs with LEDs. This will not only decrease the billing amount for electricity. But these also have a longer lifespan.

The CFLs are less expensive than LEDs, but LEDs have a long life, and the absence of mercury also makes it a more preferable choice in the long run. These LEDs are an amazingly energy-efficient choice for your home.

5. Holding the refrigerator door open while deciding

You trying to decide the stuff you need from the fridge while just standing holding the door open. This might sound normal or for some refreshing as cool air from the fridge kisses them gently. Honestly, yes it feels nice to stand in front of an open fridge. But you need to know that this costs you.

Indeed, according to some studies, 6-7 percent of the electricity consumed by refrigerators is because of the opening of the doors and holding them.

This somehow also affects the performance of your appliance and may decrease its life. Just be more precocious and decide what you want before you open that fridge of yours.

6. Keeping the warm food in the fridge

While we talked about holding the door open of the fridges. One more thing to take care is of what you stash in your fridge. 

According to some studies, keeping warm/hot food in the refrigerator is not at all a smart step. You might think that keeping the warm food in the refrigerator to cool it faster is harmless. But It takes me pain to say that it decreases the efficiency of your fridge.

It’s like keeping the boiled milk in the fridge to cool is wasting 80-90 times the energy wasted in opening the door.

You just have to be careful before placing any food. And also make sure that the stuff is cold enough before putting it in the fridge.

You care for the appliances; they care for you in return. This always works in tit for tat kind of fashion.

7. Not using the lids while cooking

This might sound like nothing, but this will considerably help you in saving. If using the induction stoves for cooking the amount of electricity consumed decreases only if you cover the container with a lid or something. 

The covering of the container with anything will not let the hot evaporated liquid or water escape. Furthermore, this will increase efficiency while cooking as the food will cook earlier. And the amount of electricity saved will be manifolds for the whole month.

Additionally, you should also consider using a pan of the same size or less as compared to the heating element or platform.

Using the bigger pan or container will result in less energy efficiency as it will take time to become hot. Because the heat source contact area will be less in comparison.

8. Adjusting your TV, PC monitor, or laptop brightness

Perhaps it is a matter of preference, but wherever necessary you should lower down the brightness of the appliances aforementioned. Particularly, you should always lower down the brightness in dark or at night when the light is switched off.

Otherwise keeping the brightness at the optimum level. And cutting out the excessive brightness will always help you in cutting the cost of the electricity bills you receive every month.

More importantly, the Department of Energy has issued an advisory. In which it is mentioned to set the level of your TV’s brightness up to 30% level or lower.

9. Washing your clothes with hot water?

Many people use hot water to wash their clothes for better washing and cleaning. But nowadays, many modern washing machines are available in the market. That can easily and efficiently clean your dirty clothes with cold water. 

You can also use good quality washing powders that are actually efficient for cleaning and washing clothes.

This saving on the electricity consumed by the geyser in warming your water for the clothes washing. It is more step in saving power.

10. Taking really long showers

Yes, taking long hot water showers can be a stress-relieving activity to do. But you should always avoid it as much as you can. Taking the hot water shower for a short and required duration as necessary should be your goal. Just saving the energy that was consumed in heating the cold water. And turning it into steaming hot water.

According to the Department of Energy, the power consumed in heating the water of your home amounts to 12% of the total consumption.

In short, you can either cut time and hop out of the shower as early as possible. And also you can use the aerator in the showers to reduce the flow of water. Furthermore, saving the water consumed.

11. Air vents left dirty

You might be feeling responsible after cleaning the AC yourself or by calling service support. This might be a good thing for once. But no cleaning the AC, heating, or ventilation system vents at required intervals is going to cost you.

The vents left uncleaned are also responsible for wasting energy. Actually, this deteriorates the energy efficiency of the system by making them work more than needed. In fact, the more energy required results in increased expenses.

Moreover, the accumulation of dirt can lead to the growth of harmful microorganisms like bacteria or vermin’s. Thereby, causing further health problems whatsoever. Hence, cleaning them is double advantageous.

12. Purchasing energy-efficient appliances

If you are going to purchase any new appliance just consider the energy rating for it. Going for the appliances and devices with a low star rating of power consumption is like a long-term cost increment. Just for some more money always go for the quality and high star rated appliance (5-star being the highest energy saver as of normal standard). 

This might feel expensive at the time of buying, but these will prove to be best in the long run. After years of use, you feel the ease they will provide on the utility bills. Hence, the electricity savings will save you more money than you have paid for the 5-star ratings.

Also, the old appliance should be replaced if possible. This might sound absurd, but replacing the old more energy-consuming appliances will prove to a better choice. You can sell second-hand items and invest some money also. The new products are more modern and come with pretty handy features. The aesthetics provided will make your home look attractive as well.

Some appliances also come with a solar energy system. They convert solar energy into electrical energy for themselves. You can also have solar cell plates at your home.

13. Dishwasher and Laundry

To make it more efficient, just don’t do the dishwashing and laundry in small stacks. Try to use full loads.

To clarify, don’t use the Dishwasher when it is not full or has a small number of utensils in it to wash. Running it multiple times for small loads is not all efficient. Just stack it up to the nearly maximum it can hold easily and use. This will make it use less often and more energy efficient.

Also the same with the washing machines, while doing laundry.

Opening the oven while in use will make it use more energy than required. Thus, increasing electricity consumption. 


We have discussed the most important and efficient ways to save electricity at home. You can follow them to see a real change in your daily bills that you have to pay. Just make sure you make them a habit and make the most out of these.

Electricity saving is not only a beneficial thing for saving money. But doing this you save the environment and earth. This reduces the amount of global warming and climate change. That is happening due to the production of energy by using various resources.

So, reduce power consumption. Contribute towards the greater good. Help save the environment. Help save yourself.

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